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20 กันยายน 2018

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Celebration of #POR win in #EURO2016 final in Lisbon
Fan Zone at Eiffel tower
#POR celebrating already in Paris
#POR wins #EURO2016
Portugal beats France 1-0 in Euro2016 final, crowned #POR #FRA
Ukrainian military convoy in Sumy region
Ukrainian military convoy in Sumy region
Power and precision did it for POR goal scoring hero Eder
#Euro2016Final 1-0 for Portugal, which scores at the 109th minute against France
Horlivka, Mikitovka burnt house
"DNR" says Ukraine uses heavy artillery vs. frontline villages near Horlivka
DNR says Ukraine uses heavy artillery vs. frontline villages near Horlivka
Portugal, France draw 0-0 in Euro2016 final, match goes to extra time #PORFRA
Clashes between fans and security forces in Paris
Footage claims to show heavy UKR army reinforcements arriving in Sumy, 30 km from Russia
Footage claims to show heavy UKR army reinforcements arriving in Sumy, 30 km from Russia
Water cannon truck at the base of the Eiffel Tower. #PORFRA #Euro2016Final
Smoke rising from a fire near the Eiffel Tower in Paris where fans are clashing with police. #Euro2016Final
Stakhanov: outgoing fire
#Euro2016Final: @Cristiano Ronaldo leaves pitch in tears after sustaining injury
[email protected] on Ukraine at the NATOSummit in Warsaw
.@POTUS on Ukraine at the NATOSummit in Warsaw
Honoring inventor Nikola Tesla 160 years after his birth, Serbia's capital switches on replica of his transformer
PM Netanyahu and Egyptian FM Sameh Shukri watched together part of the #Euro2016Final at the PM's official residence
Riot outside Paris fan zone
Army HQ: is capsized SAM damaged? - no, we just load it back onto truck
The Armenian ministry of finance building is on fire right now
Riots right now in Paris #Euro2016Finale
#EURO2016 time at Ukrainian warzone
Police deployed water cannon near #EURO2016 fan zone #FRAPOR
#EURO2016 3400 police officers and constables are being put in place on the Champs-Élysées
Clashes at Paris Fan zone - people attempted to enter already full area, police used tear gas
Police used tear gas outside Paris #EURO2016 fan zone to calm rioters
Tear gas fired at fan zone ahead of France-Portugal Euro 2016 final
#Euro2016 : the situation is very tense in the Fan zone of the Eiffel Tower
Horlivka today, Putin's fans to OSCE: "Go out! We'll sell this car"
Uspenske reservoir, Luhansk region
Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo is injured and out of the European Championship final
Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo is injured and out of the European Championship final
UEFA expects $917M profit from European Championship
UEFA expects $917M profit from European Championship. #Euro2016
Incoming hits in Toretsk
Mortar mines hits at Promka
US transfers Yemeni inmate from Guantanamo to Italy: official
The guards recorded six drones during the day in ATO
Russian TV anchor Dmitry Kiselev todays monologue
Bandera tomb in Munich was vandalized with black paint
WizzAir ready to return to Ukraine in 2016 - Ukraine's Infrastructure Ministry
"DNR" ready to disconnect the connection of Ukrainian operators, if they do not want to obtain their license
1300 police officers will watch the order at the stadium on the final of UEFA Cup
#POR fans already filling up the Stade de France
Irresponsible Ukrainian lawmakers block the work of parliament one after another
New dress uniform for Ukrainian army
OpUnifier, Canada's training mission for Ukraine's defence forces, includes Advanced Combat First Aid training
Portuguese and French head to Stade de France for #EURO2016 final
Panoramic shot from inside Stade de France
#BlackLivesMatter protesters march through central London
Poroshenko explained prospects of expanded partnership between Ukraine and NATO
Fire in Botkinska hospital in Moscow
Russia Today: Shelling leaves at least 3 injured in Donetsk region
Canada PM @JustinTrudeau in Kyiv
[email protected] visiting with some of America's finest sailors aboard the USS Ross in Rota,Spain.
Black Lives Matter continue their protest in Berlin
Shelling in Verkhnotoretske
The Prime Minister of Canada @JustinTrudeau arrived in Ukraine
The fire in Marinka
Russian forces are shelling with self-propelled artillery in Mykolaivka Druha
The fire in Donetsk
Russian mafia expands in Germany
41 ceasefire violations by Russian forces at Donbas before 6pm
The number of thefts are increased in three times in Ukraine
Residents of Marinka reported about rifle gun shooting and incoming shelling
Fight in Yasynuvata. Incoming and outgoing - reports
Three-day 'Peace March' led by Srebrenica massacre survivors arrives in Potočari ahead of Monday's commemorations
The miners are protesting in Selidove, demanding a payment
Military equipment overturned in Konotop
Yasinuvata - fighting
A Russian military plane noticed at the borders of Latvia
A report on the situation in the Donbass will hear tomorrow in Strasbourg
Fire breaks out in forest on Mount Parnon in Peloponnese
Wounded 20-year-old solgier of ATO died in the Odessa military hospital
"The procession" with George ribbons was in Kharkov
On the Greek island of Leros fascists have attacked refugees and migrants with the support of cops
Moldova wants international observer mission in Transnistria instead of Russian forces
Serbia President Tomislav Nikolić unveils new monument to inventor Nikola Tesla, marking 160 years since his birth
Russian proxies intensify shelling in all sectors in Donbas in last day
Two passenger trains faced in the Czech Republic
Goods worth over UAH 1.6 million attempted to smuggle in Ukraine from the EU
In Sumy region Strela-10 SAM felt of the truck
Putin arrived at Valaam, where he will meet Patriarch Kiril
Apparently a Russian paid that £8.5M and bought Orion which is heading to Sochi from Limassol
Moscow church march in Kharkiv: Child "prayers" on the knees
Interfax: Russian Foreign Ministry accuses NATO of demonising Russia.
Russia's Foreign Ministry: NATO summit shows alliance is focusing efforts on containing non-existent Russian threat
Kharkiv: Some guys in Moscow Orthodox Church procession wear "Emperor Nikolay II" badge
First Russian tourist flight since crisis lands in Turkish resort
"Procession" is now in Pisochyn. Then plan on foot to Kyiv. At least so they say.
3 UA servicemen KIA and 16 WIA by in the warzone in E Ukraine over the last 24h - official
Processions Of Moscow Orthodox Church - Men In Camouflage Also Present
In Kharkiv, the Moscow Patriarchate staged a "procession for peace": a woman carries a George ribbon on a stick
Party in Serbia's ruling coalition demands immediate closure of border with Macedonia to stop influx of migrants
Poroshenko awarded deputy Secretary General of NATO Vershbow with Yaroslav Mudri order
Donetsk: Night "party" in Petrovskyi district, finished at about 03:30, Marinka faced [this attack]
Donetsk: Petrovskyi district 2 am
Athletics: Russia says IAAF rejected all but one athlete for Rio - report
2 killed in road accident with police car in Kharkiv
Clashes break out as 7,000 rally against eviction of left-wing squat in Berlin #Rigaer94
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Volunteers reporting that Russian forces started to use Guided mortar mines
Russian Far East: Blagoveshensk airport is on fire
51 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Horlivka: Footage of the battle in north Horivka
Horlivka: Footage of the battle in north Horivka
Horlivka: Fire in Mykytivka ds, landing was in the area of Stalsbyt
The head of Krasnodar region expressed his condolences to the relatives of the killed Rafyagat Habibulin and Evgeniy Dolgin
Chancellor Merkel spoke in Warsaw with @POTUS, @matteorenzi, @fhollande, @David_Cameron @poroshenko on Ukraine
Heavy fire at Heorhiivka near Maryinka with explosions
Fire in the area of Heorhiivka- west to Maryinka
Heritage Flight F-22 Raptor and P-51 Mustang @Flying_Legends at Duxford.
Heavy battle in Toretsk tonight, incoming and outgoing artillery, local report says floor is shaking.
Here's @realDonaldTrump Trump VP contender Gen (retd) Mike Flynn sitting at Putin's table in Moscow in 2015
Donetsk listens to outgoing fire, Pisky to incoming fire
Horlivka: flashes at North-West
Fighting in Horlivka started just after midnight
Pilot of the Russian army helicopter downed by ISIS east Palmyra Rifaat Habibolin killed and the co-pilot. Syria
Gorbachev: NATO Preparing For ‘Hot’ War Against Russia
Pan-Ukrainian Russian Orthodox church march in Kharkiv
Pan-Ukrainian Russian Orthodox church march in Kharkiv
Moscow Orthodox Church march
Sergei Mironov, leader of the 'Just Russia' party, has proposed removing constitutional ban on a 'state ideology'
Russian MFA Ryabkov: The US Embassy hooligan, who punched Russian police, and another similar CIA operative had to leave Moscow
G5+Ukraine in Warshaw
G5/7+Ukraine meeting
"Our 28 nations are united in our view that there can be no business as usual with Russia until it fully implements its Minsk obligations - Obama
Russian aggression began with annexation of Crimea. It should be ended by its de-occupation. So it is vital to continue sanctions - Poroshenko
Negotiations of G5 and Ukraine started
Never before has the partner country had not received such support as Ukraine - Poroshenko on the aid package
It was vital for us that NATO member states reiterated that they do not acknowledge Crimea and they condemn Russian aggression in E. Ukraine
Poroshenko: most Ukrainian want membership in NATO
Llamas blocking the Tour de France in the Pyrenees
Macedonia police release video footage of dawn raids in which four suspected ISIS members were arrested
FM Waszczykowski met with @poroshenko #NATOSummit.
Macedonia arrests four suspected ISIS members in Skopje and Tetovo raids, three still at large thought to be in Syria
2 day of #NATOSummit
The Communique of #NATOSummit
In Warsaw began the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO
President of Ukraine Poroshenko met President of Poland Duda
[email protected]: The four new rotational Nato battalions in the Baltic states and Poland increases stability for the entire region. Also for Sweden.
Russian MFA on deportation of diplomats: If US moves further along path of escalation, we won't leave it unanswered
Russia has expelled two U.S diplomats in response to US actions
Checkpoints near the Crimea works again
Russia expels two US diplomats in tit-for-tat move
British MPs to vote on renewing nuclear deterrent on July 18
APcs and trucks with Russian forces in center of Donetsk
[email protected]_russia confirms deportation of Russian diplomats from US
Angela Eagle confirms she will challenge Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the British Labour Party
Behind-the-scenes of #NATOSummit in Warsaw
Orthodox Russian Church organized march to Kyiv from Pochaiv
Italy promises the continuation of the sanctions in case of default by Russia the Minsk agreements
London refused to hold a second referendum on Brexit
Open platform of Unity-Maidan politicians create new party based on @demalliance. What will be Saakashvili's move?
The first plane with Russian tourists arrived in Turkey for the 8 months
Magic "Ukrainian night" in Munich's Nymphenburg Palace
Savchenko asks NATO to prevent war in Europe
Poroshenko formed the Commission on coordination of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine
Savchenko called on NATO countries to help in the liberation of the Ukrainian hostages in Russia
Ukraine urges the Netherlands to approve responsible decision on Association Agreement
Poroshenko met with the Prime Minister of Italy
The UN has named June the bloodiest month in ATO since the beginning of the year
Poroshenko discusses next IMF tranche with Lagarde
New Russian "Yelnya" Motor Rifle Div (1st Tank Army), HQ Yelnya, Smolensk Obl (255km from Ukraine/360km from Latvia)
The President of Austria leaves his post after 12 years of rule
The escalation in the ATO: The Russian forses fired 200 mines
At #NATOsummit between #Ukr and #Pol signed the Protocol on military-technical cooperation
3 killed in Russian forces attack on Troitske
5th day of Moscow Orthodox church march from Svyatogorsk
SBU: Russian special services wind voices under the petitions on the website of Poroshenko
One Ukrainian soldier was killed and six were wounded over the past day at ATO zone
NATO is increasing confidence in the perspective of Ukraine - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland
Ukrainian police will receive new Japanese cars
NATO defense ministers to discuss possible increase of presence in air and at Black Sea - Stoltenberg
NATO chief says 'we stand together' on Russia
#NATOSummit NATO leaders bolster collective deterrence and defence
NATO chief says 'we stand together' on Russia
Putin shows Ukraine is not his end-game. Balts, Poland, esp Kazakhstan - Eugene Czoliji @UWCongress #WSEF16
North Korean diplomat who escaped from Russia now got to Ukraine
PM Cameron met with Ukrainian President @poroshenko yesterday at the #NATOSummit in Warsaw.
72 ceasefire violations at Donbas on July 8
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