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20 สิงหาคม 2018

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Cologne Bonn Airport: An unidentified backpack on the plane was destroyed by controlled explosion, 3 people arrested.
Re incident Amsterdam station - car hit wall, five injured, one man arrested, circumstances 'unclear' - police
Incident at Amsterdam Central train station as 'car ploughs into crowd of people'.
Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) is on lockdown after EasyJet U23246 landed immediately due to bomb threat.
Police confiscate laptops from Navalny campaign office in Stavropol after it was firebombed last night.
US Marines storm a beach in Latvia as part of the largest maritime exercises in northern Europe, #BALTOPS 2017
Flashfloods in Simferopol as result of heavy rain
Heavy rains in Simferopol
Chief Whip Gavin Williamson is in Belfast for talks with DUP "on how best they can provide support" to May's Government
One dead after car ploughs into Kensington basement
If we are heading into Tory-DUP formal coalition, Jonathan Powell's warning on peace process is even more pertinent
Ukrainian army is taking part in «Combined Resolve VIII» drill
Ukrainian army is taking part in «Combined Resolve VIII» drill
[email protected] at #EFWachau: Ukraine deserves credit for coping successfully with problems (IDPs etc.) and a great deal of support in EU!
Poroshenko: "I Believe that Ukraine will be in NATO and the EU"
General Joseph L. Votel recognizes the ongoing efforts of Italy in the ongoing fight to defeat ISIS.
Underconstruction building in Kharkiv was shelled with RPG last night
2 civilians in critical condition after night-time attack on Maryinka
Interior minister @AvakovArsen visited border-guards office in Bolgrad
Dagestani salafi account: "MMA fighter aren't our heroes, our heroes are our imams"
In Poltava region police seized weapons and drugs
Russian militants shelled Maryinka and Krasnohorivka last night. 2 civilians were wounded
MMA champion Murad Amriev is giving a press conference in Grozny after being returned from Belarus. Now out of custody with promise to stay.
B-1 at Fairford for European deployment
B-2 bomber deployed at Fairford, United Kingdom
71 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
Russian Su-27 Flankers intercept USAF B-1B and B-52H bombers during BALTOPS exercises over the Baltic Sea Friday
B1 at Fairford
B-2s deployed to RAF Fairford
President of the United States Donald Trump to visit Poland on July 6
Pres Trump's news conference with Romanian Pres Iohannis ran 27 minutes. Six reporters called on: 2 US and 4 Romanian.
@POTUS has spoken today with UK Prime Minister @theresa_may about GE2017, confirms @PressSec.
"I'm committing the United States to Article 5" @POTUS says when asked abt Russia "Certainly we are there to protect"
[email protected]: "We have people going over to Romania and investing... That shows very, very big progress."
“We do support the fight on anti-corruption” in Romania, says @POTUS. “We know everything that’s going on.”
"It's the best interest of you, Mr. President, to have a strong European Union as a partner" per @KlausIohannis "Vital for all of us"
"Partnership has to become stronger" Romania's @KlausIohannis tells @POTUS "We stand on the eastern flank...we cannot stand there alone"
Trump is now talking about “killer networks that treat me so badly … fake news” in the Rose Garden with the President of Romania
[email protected] and President of Romania hold joint press conference in Rose Garden
“We didn’t discuss it. But it will be something we will discuss,” says @POTUS of visa waiver for Romanians.
In response to another question, Pres Trump said he supports Article V - the mutual defense provision in the @NATO Charter.
@POTUS: “We’re going to make NATO very strong. You need the money to make it very strong.”
“I liked it” says Romania President @KlausIohannis of @POTUS NATO speech. “We have to spend money for defense purposes.”
“I fully agree” to "burden sharing,” says Romania President @KlausIohannis.
"Because of our actions, money is starting to pour in to @NATO" per @POTUS "Other countries are starting to realize it's time to pay"
"We hope our other @NATO allies will follow Romania's lead," says @POTUS
In praise of NATO, Pres Iohannis says "the trans-Atlantic link is vital...and together we will make it stronger and better."
@POTUS recognizes Romania Pres @KlausIohannis for anti-ISIS and Afghanistan efforts, and for spending more finance on defense
NATO and the EU do not have to compete against each other, they have to cooperate, adds Romania President @KlausIohannis.
Romania President @KlausIohannis.tells @POTUS in best interest for US to have a strong EU “as a partner.”
Trump: I want to thank Romanian people for "everything they contribute to our common defense" and fight against "evil menace of terrorism"
Romania partnership with US has to become stronger, says President @KlausIohannis.
Romania President @KlausIohannis says “Mr. President I’m glad we had such a good meeting."
Pres Trump says "money is starting to pour into NATO" because of his demands that all member nations meet their defense spending obligation.
"Qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level" says @POTUS in WH Rose garden with Romanian president
@POTUS recognizes Romania President @KlausIohannis for upping defense spending to over 2% and says hopes other NATO allies follow.
In @WhiteHouse Rose Garden @POTUS tells Romania President @KlausIohannis his visit “comes at an important moment.”
In @WhiteHouse Rose Garden awaiting @POTUS joint news conference with Romania President @KlausIohannis.
Pres Trump calls Romania "a true ally." Said US and Romania have a "great relationship" that's getting even better.
Pres Trump welcomes Pres Klaus Iohannis of Romania to the WH. By my count, the 25th foreign leader/official received at WH by @POTUS.
At 14:45 EDT @POTUS to hold joint news conference with Romania President @KlausIohannis.
In Oval Office @POTUS calls results of UK GE2017 “surprising.”
President Trump shakes hands with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis upon his arrival at the White House.
Pres Trump in the West Wing doorway to greet Pres Klaus Iohannis of Romania.
"Mr. President, welcome to the State Department," all Secy Tillerson said during 10 second photo op with Romanian Pres Klaus Iohannis.
All Senior Cabinet ministers; Foreign Secretary,Chancellor, Defence Secretary and Home Secretary are confirmed to remain in their posts
Russian "flanker" intercepted @usairforce B-52 bomber and KC-135 over the Baltic Sea
Manchester Airport terminal is evacuated over an unattended bag
Lithuania to continue providing medical assistance to Ukrainian servicemen wounded in the ATO area
Russia, Shoigu "priority tasks are rearmament of forces on Western and South-Western strategic directions and equipping of troops in the Arctic zone"
Poland charges Russian citizen with being ISIS mercenary in Syria
Cyprus reunification talks to reconvene in Geneva on June 28: UN
Gas cylinder in a car in the centre of Saint Brieuc. Bomb squad on the site
US sends batwing B2 stealth bombers to UK to reassure allies. 1st time B1s, B2s, B-52s all in European theater at same time.
Military helicopter crashed in Bulgaria, 1 killed
Two people died in a fire at the Kyivsky railway station
Tusk: Congratulations @theresa_may. Our responsibility now is to secure least disruptive Brexit. No time to lose
UK Prime Minister Theresa May says she'll stick to the timetable for Britain to leave the European Union
Prime Minister Theresa May says "I will now form a government" and says "what the country needs is certainty"
PM May: Brexit talks will start in 10 days, The conservatives and Unions party will lead the new government
Current PM Theresa May at 10 Downing St: I met the Queen and I will form a new government
The Queen has given conservative party leader and current PM Theresa May permission to form a new government
Pres. Trump's joint news conference today with Pres. Klaus Iohannis of Romania brings @POTUS count to 11 – only 1 a solo WH Q and A session (Feb 16).
Video: Theresa May arrives at Buckingham Palace as she seeks permission from the Queen to form a government
Prime Minister Theresa May arrives at Buckingham Palace for meeting with queen
Theresa May heading to Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen for the permission to form a minority government with support of 10 MPs from NI
Keeping up appearances. @theresa_may on her way to Queen
'Hard Brexit' must be abandoned after election: Scottish leader Sturgeon
"We suffered some bitterly disappointing losses", says SNP Leader @NicolaSturgeon, while paying tribute to "friend and mentor"
Lib Dem Leader @timfarron says he is proud that the party is "bigger and more diverse" following GE2017 and praises "giant" @nick_clegg
Swedish neo-nazi extremists received military training in Russia. The training was organised by Russian reserve officers
Belarus handed MMA champion Murad Amriev over to Chechen police, who will take him to Chechnya
OSCE’s Hug: SMM regularly denied access to areas of fighting; mines/UXO still in place
Big fire near Kyivsky railway station in Moscow
@VP tells he's willing to assist both sides to help reach a resolution for Cyprus after talks, US official tells @VOANews.
Col. Lysenko: Over the previous day, 1 UA serviceman KIA, 6 UAF troops WIA, 8 border guards were injured
NATO Deputy Secretary General @Gottemoeller will visit Finland on 10 and 11 June
In Kharkiv started the meeting of the Presidents of Ukraine and Lithuania
Clashes between Mykhailivsky bank clients and police
Fire at oil depot in Yaroslavl'
[email protected] says he is standing down as leader of UKIP "with immediate effect"
Election result is "only temporary return" to two-party politics, says UKIP leader @paulnuttallukip
Paul Muttall steps down as leader of the UKIP part after the party failed to get into parliament
All the hostages in the Job Centre in Byker area of Newcastle have been released, hostage taker still inside
Putin about the plans of ISIS: According to our information, ISIS is preparing plans for the destabilization of Central Asia and the southern regions of Russia
British PM will seek to form new government: spokesman
British PM May will go to the Queen today at 12:30 to ask permission to form a government
Incident is ongoing with armed police on scene, the man who is holding a number of hostage is known to the job centre
BBC: TheresaMay to go to Buckingham Palace to seek permission to form government "with understanding of support from DUP".
Alexei Navalny: Crimea and Donbass are not related issues. Why don't you bring in the Falkland Islands too?
Tusk: We don't know when Brexit talks start. We know when they must end. Do your best to avoid a "no deal" as result of "no negotiations"
Man with knife holding employees hostage at job centre in Newcastle, northeast England, police say, specialist negotiators at scene
Leader of Spain's Catalonia announces independence referendum for 1st, October.
Azerbaijan's energy minister Natig Aliyev dies of heart failure in a clinic in Turkey.
A man armed with a knife is holding members of staff at a Job Centre Plus in Newcastle, Northumbria as hostages
EU's Barnier says Brexit talks should start 'when UK is ready'
Protesters against housing demolition remain outside the State Duma in Moscow.
Lukashenko passed KGB archives to Nazarbayev related to Stalin-era concentration camp for women in North Kazakhstan
Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says Theresa May should resign as prime minister
Tor-M2 SAM drill at Kapustin Yar firing range
Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says he is "waiting to serve" the country
'We are ready to undertake Brexit negotiations on behalf of the country' says @JeremyCorbyn
Rally of opponents of the "renovation" near state Duma. Police asking to go away. Detained Sergei Mitrokhin
London stocks rise 0.6% at open despite hung parliament
A 'weak' British negotiating partner 'bad' for Brexit talks: EU's Oettinger
German SPD chancellor candidate @MartinSchulz has called @JeremyCorbyn to congratulate Labour. Both want to meet 'very soon'
Scottish independence dealt a blow after nationalists suffer losses
Sterling extends falls after UK election, trades down 2.3 percent at eight-week low
UK vote result a surprise but does not call Brexit into question: French PM
According to the BBC, British PM May has no intentions to resign
Jeremy Corbyn is expected to make a statement when he arrives at Labour headquarters in Victoria, London
[email protected] says Labour wants to form a minority government and challenges SNP, Green and Liberal Democrats to support it
UK election: The results so far, with seven seats still to come
The UK may not have a government by 19 June when Brexit talks are scheduled to begin
Final Scotland result: SNP 35, Conservatives 13, Labour 7, Lib Democrats 4
45 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed, 13 wounded
Clashes near Popasna ongoing after midnight
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