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21 กันยายน 2018

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Footage claims to show Armenian artillery targeting Azerbaijani positions
Footage claims to show Armenian artillery targeting Azerbaijani positions
Idomeni today. @MSF_Sea dealing w/ tear gas and rubber bullet cases
Mariupol. SPG's 7 landings at Shyrokyne
Police have fired tear gas at migrants on the Greece-Macedonia border, leaving at least 260 injured.
March of silence in Yerevan for memory of the killed soldiers/civilians in Karabakhn
Poroshenko: European integration course of Ukraine is unchanged
Greece fires diplomatic protest note to former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia over violent migrant clashes on border
Macedonian police entered Greek territory to fire projectiles at the refugees in Idomeni
Avdiivka. AA-gun fire at UAV
[email protected] Readout of @VP Joe Biden's call today with Ukraine PM @Yatsenyuk_AP
Roldugin unveils a Stradivarius cello, one of many instruments he says he's purchased for Russian musicians to use
Russian TV claims Panama Papers are part of American plan to earn "trillions of dollars" by promoting US tax havens
Shelling in Talakivka and Shyrokyne
Graffiti in Yalta with Putin
Rus TV running whole programme on @navalny recruitment by MI6, featuring "leaked" emails full of article mistakes.
Ukraine PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk resigns after losing majority
Greece: Clashes erupt as refugees try to break through Macedonian border
Greece: Clashes erupt as refugees try to break through Macedonian border
Macedonia police shield themselves from a barrage of projectiles thrown by migrants from across Greece border
Protest in Chisinau airport against Russian military delegaion
During the day, no one was killed, 6 were injured. 4 military wounded near Avdiivka, 2 - in road-side bomb blast near Novhorodske
Russian forces claims that they hit Ukrainian amminition warehouse near Verkhnotoretsk
Mohamad Abrini was "Planning new attacks in Paris" - Belgium prosecuter
Macedonian police to #refugeesGR "please leave peacefully"
Macedonians are more ready than ever. #refugeesGR 'want to cross peacefully'
Five #refugeesGR are going to negotiate with the Macedonian police
Nagorno-Karabakh MoD: Azerbaijan fires mortars in violation of ceasefire
There was a battle near Stanitsya_Luhanska at night around 12PM with small arms, 82-mm mortars
Hundreds have gathered in protest in Idomeni refugee camp, readying to cross over to Macedonia.
PM @BeataSzydlo took part in commemoration ceremony at Presidential palace in Warsaw
Protest in Idomeni. Refugees want to go to the border. Now or never, they said
Az-Americans in Houston protesting against occupation of Karabakh
NATO source tells newspaper that it's been made clear to Finnish gov't there would be no help without membership.
91 ceasefire violations at Donbass yesterday
This is the sound of the 'ceasefire' in Ukraine. Avdiivka as the sun sets.
Ukrainian forces spreading fliers in Dokuchaevsk urging militants to surrender
Nationalist protesters march against refugees in Magdeburg
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Attack on Verkhn'otorets'ke reported
Shooting in Maryinka non stop
Mayorsk is under artillery fire now.
Shelling From Horlivka To Dzerzhinsk Direction
Marseille by night! #NuitDebout
Several houses in Maryinka is on fire after Russian forces attack
Violence sparks in Paris as thousands protest against labour reforms
House hit by a mortar strike in Avdiivka. The woman living here was killed instantly
That's how crash site of Polish Tu-154 in Smolensk looks today
The @OSCE's Special Monitoring Mission come under fire from pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, no one hurt
Israeli Alexander Murinson: Israel supplied missiles to AZE Mar31
Young people protest in Yerevan for the international recognition of Karabakh Republic
OSCE Mission on Russian-Ukrainian border confirms the uncontrolled flow of military
Warsaw: Protest near Russian Embassy
Final figure from Met Police: 300 protesters took part in today's demo against plans to introduce ban on abortion.
@Karabakh_MoD: Some of the captured Azerbaijan army Special Forces' uniforms, communication equipment and weapons
Small protest outside 10 Downing Street against the tax avoidance
Documents, communication devices belonging to Armenian servicemen seized
Avdiivka today. UA 25th brigade
Avdiivka: footage from RU positions near Promka
Avdiivka: footage from RU positions near Promka
Bank car robbery near Melitopol, van was burnt after attack
Celebration of 2 years of "DNR" today in Donetsk
Demo in support of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia in Kyiv near Emb.
British PM says he should have handled offshore revelations better.
0 KIA, 5 WIA yesterday in ATO zone - Lysenko
The Pope will visit Armenia on 24-26 June
Russia is blocking the expansion of the mandate of the OSCE mission on the entire border and does not want to fulfill obligations - MFA of Ukraine
73 attacks on Ukrainian positions by Russian militants yesterday
EU High Rep @FedericaMog does ASEAN handshake with @ASEAN SG Le Luong Minh and CPRs
Protests at Azerbaijan Embassy, Washington DC
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