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21 กรกฎาคม 2018

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The medical examiner of Washington: Mikhail Lesin died from blunt head injuries, the circumstances of death unclear
#FreeSavchenko In Athens, yesterday
Russian militants reporting on 30 killed fighters in offensive on Avdiivka
IS files given to journalist contain names of members willing to carry out suicide attacks
[email protected] HRC:hum rights situation in Ukr will not improve until withdrawal of RF troops/mercenaries from Donbas and ARC deocupation
The number of victims at the explosion and fire in the house in Moscow has risen to 10 people
Two people were killed during the attack on the car of collectors in Odessa
Obama says Ukraine will always be vulnerable to Russian 'military domination'
Gunmen open fire near restaurant in Bastille area of Paris, casualties reported
Gunman open fire on Paris restaurant with one wounded
President @poroshenko tells @imrangarda: @NATO is the tool to guarantee security in Eastern Europe
President @poroshenko says Russia using propaganda against Turkey and international community
[email protected] tells @imrangarda in Istanbul that Turkey and Ukraine have "full trust"
Today in Diavata refugee camp near Thessaloniki
Rally in Vinnitsa against new police chief
Tank from Yasinuvata shelling industrial area of Avdiivka
Lavrov asks @JohnKerry to stop the "anti-Russian campaign" in Western media
Ukraine Investor Conference, @s_vakarchuk: "We should not rely on a single leader to save the country. People will. Civil movement will"
[email protected] Speaking in Canada Senate about #BorisNemtsov murder and repression in Russia
Speaking in Canada Senate is @vkaramurza calling for #Magnitsky and #BorisNemtsov sanctions against Russia
Camp in Idomeni
Rescuers yet fails to deal with a fire in Moscow
Activists burned tires at police building in Vinnytsia
Explosion in Moscow high-rise building destroy several apartments and cause a fire
Russian opposition activist Baronova accuse Kadyrov in murders
Fire after explosion in appartment house in Moscow
Picket of journalists in support of colleagues in St. Petersburg
Militants continue mortar attacks of the Ukrainian positions near Avdiivka. There was a clash with Russian scout group, - press center ATO
Fire after explosion in appartment block in Moscow
EU extends Russia sanctions
Event at Taras Shevchenko Monument. Washington, DC. March 9. Standing in solidarity for #FreeSavchenko
Turkey handed over five mobile military hospitals to Ukraine. They will all be transferred to the ATO zone
Ukrainian community in Jordan, in support of Nadia Savchenko urged the Russian Federation to release her
Krivak III class Ukrainian @DefenceU frigate Hetman Sagaidachny U130 transited Bosphorus and returned to the Black Sea
Pickets against the attack on journalists in Chechnya continue by the presidential administration in Moscow.
ECB chief Draghi hints interest rates could be cut still further
USS Porter DDG 78 successfully conducted live-fire tests for SeaRAM MK 15 MOD 33 off the coast of Huelva, Spain
Kosovo: Oppositon MPs are using laser beams to disrupt parliament session in Kosovo. Victim: Speaker of Parliament
Kosovo: Oppositon MPs are using laser beams to disrupt parlament session in Kosovo. Victim: MP Xhavit Haliti (PDK)
A haze of tear gas has again filled Kosovo's assembly
Russian tanks at Donbass
Russian tanks at Donbass
The police declared wanted the lawyer of the captured Russian special forces
The former head of Gokhran Vladimir Rybkin found dead in Moscow
Terrorist Pushilin today was at Russian presidential administration
Canada deploying 4 CF-18 jets to Romania for a month-long training exercises
Azerbaijan deploys MiG-29s fighter jets and Su-25 attack aircraft to Turkey
Briefing "Crimea. Occupation. Two years thereafter" has just started at MFA of Ukraine
#FreeSavchenko in Vienna yesterday
Aftermath of Russian shelling on Avdiivka yesterday
Croatia: according to govt sources, 408 refugees detained in Slavonski Brod camp are to be returned to Greece
ATO HQ: 49 ceasefire violations yesterday, ceased at midnight.
Pictures of Norwegian journalist after attack on press trip on Chechnya border yesterday
Almost 3am, and shelling not ceased. Heavy salvos
#FreeSavchenko rally in front of Russia's embassy in Ottawa
Russian journalists VGTRK deported from Lithuania
Russian Navy Frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" transferred from Yantar Shipyard to Baltiysk area today
Avdiivka 1am: battle continues, many explosions, machine guns
Avdiivka: incoming shelling, at least 5 hits in 10 seconds
Avdiivka: MTS mobile connection down
#FreeSavchenko protests in Bulgaria - in Sofia and Varna
Øystein Windstad, Norwegian journalist, 1 of attacked: "It was horrific, I thought I would die"
#FreeSavchenko Demo at Columbus Circle, New York
Mediazona reporter @eskovoroda: "Sitting by the road watching the bus burn, with all our belongings and documents"
Outgoing shelling from Yasinuvata heard in Makiivka
Donetsk Kyivskyi ds: series of salvos
Thousands of documents, with 22000 names, addresses and telephone numbers of ISIS fighters reportedly leaked
Norwegian foreign Ministry demanded an explanation after the attack on the journalist on the border with Chechnya
Bill Browder: Speaking at #FreeSavchenko rally in Toronto calling on Canada to impose Magnitsky sanctions on her hostage takers
Avdeevka. Sedova 11, a direct hit in the house
Direct hits of private houses in Avdiivka by artillery from Yasinuvata
Norwegian journalist reportedly had teeth knocked out in attack on press trip in Ingushetia by people w/ truncheons
Rally in support of #FreeSavchenko in Munich
11 more Savchenko supporters arrested in St Petersburg Russia
Armed man trying to get in apartment of Ingushetiya Human rights org. in Yandare
Ukraine mining Sea of Azov coastline near Mariupol due threat of landings
Fighting in the area of Yasinovata road junction
Fighting in the area of Yasinovata road junction
Idomeni tonight: mud, rain, more than 12000 people and a closed border
Ukrainians in Denmark urged Russia to #FreeSavchenko
Yasinuvata: splashes seen in the direction of Avdiivka, no sounds
In Mariupol protesters demand to release Savchenko
Poroshenko: It's very important for Ukraine to feel sincere and effective support of friends and partners. Turkey is such a friend and partner
Poroshenko: Thankful for a great friend of Ukraine @RT_Erdogan for the warm welcome and the excellent organization of the negotiations
CCTV footage of attack on Human rights organization office in Ingushetiya
The rally near the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv #FreeSavchenko
Human rights organization office is under attack by armed men in Karabulak, Ingushetia
Avdiivka: heavy fighting, small arms, machine guns, possible howitzers shelling
Russian fighter at Nova Maryevka
Russian Defense Ministry wants to buy 5 dolphins
Fighting in industrial area of Avdiivka
The queue for food yesterday at dusk at Idomeni Torrential rain and huge flooding today
Polish parliament today. #FreeSavchenko
"Real men don't abuse women, Putin: #FreeSavchenko" - Demonstration at Houses of Parliament London
Russian Embassy in Warsaw today #FreeSavchenko
Explosions on the South of Avdiivka
#FreeSavchenko demonstrators outside Russian embassy in Brussels
Activists of "Committee against tortures" were severely beaten
Now #FreeSavchenko from Russian Embassy in Helsinki
Journalists and Human rights activists were attacked in Chechnya, car burnt
@UkrEmb_inCanada joined GlobalDay #FreeSavcehnko
Kurdish Pêşmerga fighters begin 10 week training course by the German and Dutch military on new equipment.
Russian Embassy in Kyiv now #FreeSavchenko
Kharkiv. Activists of Azov came to Russian consulate
In Schastye SBU detained Russian terrorist
President Erdoğan greets his Ukrainian counterpart Poroshenko at the Presidential Complex in Ankara
PM Oreskovic says "zero migrants is a positive result for Croatia," as EU's newest member shows zero compassion
The picket of the Russian Embassy in Riga with the demand to #FreeSavchenko was attended by the Minister of justice of Latvia @DzintarsRasnacs
Horlivka: Smoke in NW Horlivka after a shot/explosion
Protesters hung and burnt effigy of Putin in Odessa
US and other OSCE diplomats today calling on Russia to #FreeSavchenko - unjustly held now more than 600 days.
Russian militants group ~50 fighters in Ukrainian uniform staged attack on Yasinuvata, Russian media filmed this
In Odessa Russian consulate was attacked with paint and eggs
US Navy USS Ross (DDG-71) Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer has arrived in Souda Bay, Greece.
Condoleezza Rice now in Kyiv
In Riga at the Russian Embassy the picket participants demand that Russia immediately release N. Savchenko #FreeSavchenko
UK beats target of training 2,000 Ukrainian military personnel by end of the financial year
MP Parasyuk trampled the Russian flag during the demo in Lviv
#FreeSavchenko - now In EU Parliament (Strasbourg)
Ukrainians in Geneva participate in the international campaign #FreeSavchenko
Russia's oil output may drop by 46% - Energy ministry report
Poroshenko urged Turkish Parliament to recognize the deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 a genocide
In Kramatorsk a rally in support of Savchenko
Smoke at metro station Shosse Entuziastov in Moscow
In Schastye SBU found cache of weapons
Savchenko "last word" in Russian "court"
Ukraine and Turkey are stepping up efforts to protect the Crimean Tatars in Russia-occupied Crimea
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties in ATO area, 8 soldiers were wounded in action
Kremlin: EU individual anti-Putin sanctions are interference in Savchenko trial
[email protected] highlighting human rights abuses in occupied Crimea+Donbas. In Kherson for #FreeSavchenko day
Rally in support of #FreeSavchenko in Kharkiv
Some Kharkiv activists offer to employees of the Russian Consulate to leave the city
Mogherini goes to Baku, pals around with Aliyev, says "our shared interests exceed by far our differences"
Students gather in Paris for anti labour law reform protests and marches, moods determined, unions to join
The court refused to issue the visit permission to her sister and mother Savchenko and Ukrainian doctors
Russian consulate in Kharkiv: heavy police presence
In Stockholm held a rally in support of Nadiya Savchenko #FreeSavchenko
An-26 plane crashes off Bangladesh coast, Russian pilot dead
In court, Ukrainian pilot Savchenko says will continue refusing food, water
PM @Ahmet_Davutoglu says Turkey's European identity won't be questioned anymore with a visa-free regime for Turks by August
Savchenko broke into Ukrainian national anthem as court announced verdict will=21 march.Vows to cont hunger strike
Rally in support of #FreeSavchenko in Odessa
In Bangladesh crashed An-26 with the Russians on Board
At court in Donetsk, Rostov
#FreeSavchenko at court
43 attacks of Russian militants yesterday, near Trokhizbenka scout group attacked Ukrainian checkpoint
Idomeni refugee camp,raining.63% of the camp woman and children
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