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18 กันยายน 2018

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Russia eyes sending Snowden to the US as a 'gift' to Trump, official tells @NBCNews
Rescue flights control system has failed
Damascus is lacking of fuel , mainly gasoline
Tillerson Offers 'Full Support' Of Georgian Sovereignty Over Territory Invaded And Occupied By Russia
Jarosław Kaczyński just used the words "seriously injured" when talking about Szydło's accident
Man accused of firing at Catahoula Parish, La., deputies with an assault rifle
DPR claims Ukraine Army will massively shell Donetsk city tonight
[email protected] asks for no US interference in EU affairs just as EU will stay out of US politics.
Blockade activists shutdown Kostyantynivka-Yasinuvata highway
[email protected]_Russia: No idea why British colleagues from @DefenceHQ consider shadowing even lone Rus.ships and warplanes such an important issue.
Oświęcim. Scene of accident with PM @BeataSzydlo car
Artillery pounding Krasnohorivka
Unidentified UAVs have been detected around Norwegian army training exercises. Same has happened in other Nordic countries
Informnapalm: Orlan-like Russian UAV seized earlier in Ukraine, before - in Turkey is AFM-Servers Ptero UAV (G0 modification)
Polish PM Beata Szydło injured in a car accident near Krakow, she's going through a medical check up at a local hospital
Polish government spokesman says Prime Minister Beata Szydło has been injured in a car accident near Krakow and is in hospital
OSCE SMM patrol has been delayed at "zero" CP of so-called "DPR" near Horlivka for one hour already
TASS: About 55,000 residents of the DNR said farewell to Somalia battalion commander Givi.
This morning, Secretary Tillerson met with the Foreign Minister of Georgia, Mikheil Janelidze.
ATO HQ: Krasnohorivka was attacked with MLRS Grad and tanks despite ceasefire agreement
Mogherini asks US not to 'interfere' in European politics
Russia 24 says DNR suspects 2 Ukrainian politicians: Zoryan and Shkiryak in Givi murder
Igor Myltsev on video denying his involvement in Givi death
Igor Myltsev on video denying his involvement in Givi death
Russian President Putin welcomes Slovenia's offer to host a possible meeting with Donald Trump
44 year old man was arrested by police at UK`s Gatwick Airport after returning from Iraq on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts
Aerial reconnaissance of Dnipro-1 - dozens of military vehicles in Donetsk
Aerial reconnaissance of Dnipro-1 - dozens of military vehicles in Donetsk
US official has confirmed that National Security Advisor Flynn spoke to Russian officials about sanctions before the inauguration
Peskov: Flynn actually spoke with Russian ambassador Kislyak before inauguration, while information regarding sanctions is wrong
Moscow, Washington differ on Iran nuclear issue in accents, not in essence - Russian ambassador to U.S.
First Meeting Between Lavrov, Tillerson To Take Place Within A Few Weeks - Russian Ambassador To US
U.S. soldiers from 503rd Airborne Regt training in Estonia with Russia's Ivangorod fortress in background across border
Outgoing MLRS GRAD shelling reported from Mandrykino, Donetsk to Maryinka
France Montpellier - Press release on this morning's arrests. Only 2 weeks of investigation prior to the arrest
MFA spox Zakharova:“Rus.hackers” hysteria lives on in few countries.We accused of so many covert ops we wouldn’t even have enough PC users!
Linas Linkevicius: Witnessing violations of Minsk agreements by Russia backed separatists from the first sources. Sanctions must remain
Le Pen wants all French dual nationals to give up non-EU passports - unless they're Russians
Ukraine to hold live-fire drills with Buk-M1 missile systems in Kherson region
Russian runner Maria Savinova stripped of Olympic gold; Caster Semenya in line to take title
France interior ministry says four arrested in Montpellier had been planning imminent terrorist attack, explosives found.
Kremlin says Turkey provided intel for 'friendly fire' strikes
The car of Belarusian activist with the inscription "LNR is a strength"
Unrealistic to see UK/EU trade deal in two years - EU representative
Kremlin says Russian "volunteers" go to East Ukraine voluntarily. They don't send them there neither provide tanks
Col. Motuzyanyk: CIMIC Officers of OPCOM 'East' delivered humanitarian aid to residents of Avdiivka
UA mil intel reports that a growing number of Russian officers want to retire, due to the recent murders of militant chieftains
ATO spox: 22 enemy attacks, 2 of which - with heavy weapons, occurred in the Mariupol sector
Col. Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: enemy mortar fire of Pavlopil and Vodyane
Col. Motuzyanyk: Militants used heavy weapons near Svitlodarsk, Zaitseve and Verhniotoretske
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the past day, there were 15 enemy attacks in the Luhansk sector
ATO spox: Luhansk sector: militants were most active near Popasna
Col. Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian engineers are restoring damaged infrastructure in the near-front zone
ATO spokesperson: Previous day on the front line was less tense
Col. Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, UA AF incurred no casualties. However, a civilian tripped over a booby trap on a road near Chermalyk
Juncker: EU will impose visa-free regime for Ukrainians until summer
Lukashenko confirms readiness for Belarus-Russia army exercise Zapad 2017
Peskov: 700 tanks in the hands of DNR are not from Russia
Russian aviation checked Moscow region Air defense system
Eurogroup's Dijsselbloem: Greek primary budget surplus is 'on table'
Euro zone, IMF reach agreement on a common stance on Greece: official
FM Çavuşoğlu at joint conference with Ukrainian counterpart: Turkey does not recognize annexation of Crimea
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine February 10, 2017, 00:00 EET
Ireland asks EU for 'invisible' post-Brexit UK border
Training of Ukrainian pilots in Ivano-Frankivsk region
French security forces arrest four people including a 16-year-old girl in Montpellier on suspicion of planning a terror attack in Paris
French security forces arrest four people including a 16-year-old girl in Montpellier on suspicion of planning a terror attack in Paris
SMM and JCCC facilitated local ceasefire, result – electricity restored to 22,000 people in Avdiivka & to DFS, water - to 400,000 people
OSCE’s Hug: each side has and continues to use weapons in violation of agreements. Sides responsible 4 maiming and killing of civilians
Last week alone, SMM saw at least 106 proscribed weapons, incl multiple launch rocket systems, in violation of respective withdrawal lines
SMM confirmed 38 civilian casualties, 8 of them fatalities
Last week was the most violent over the last 13 months – SMM recorded almost 3 times more ceasefire violations
Russian Ambassador to OSCE: Ukraine increasing army deployment at Donbas
Funeral of Givi in Donetsk
Funeral of Givi in Donetsk
FBI investigating what Trump national security adviser said to Russian ambassador
According to #Russia state TV they have sent over 700 tanks to occupied #Donbass.
Senator rips Trump for not knowing about nuclear treaty with Russia
61 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday. No casualties
Emergency landing of Tu-22m3 in Russia
Emergency landing of Tu-22m3 in Russia
Unknown location
Emergency landing of Tu22M3
After meeting Flynn and Kushner, the EU's @FedericaMog tells "the US is committed to the full implementation" of the Iran nuclear deal.
Main topic of major RU talk-shows: what to do with Ukrainians, once UA is theirs
This week's cover of the Economist
#USArmy: Paladin artillery crews firing the first 155 mm rounds downrange at the training site in Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland.
Italian Prime Minister confirms that Putin has not been invited to the G7 summit
Zaharchenko of DNR says murder of Givi is "breakdown of Minsk agreements"
RAF pictures of the Tu-160 Blackjacks
Deadly Shooting Reported In Central Paris - 2 killed
Komsomolska Pravda now reporting that Igor Myltsev VK account was hacked a long ago, and he is not at Donbas at all
Former NATO commander Breedlove calls upcoming Russian military exercise in Belarus very alarming and says it could involve 200,000 troops
Sources say Trump paused call with Putin to ask what new start treaty was
This is the “best time in history” for China-Russia relations, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at press conference
In phone call with Putin on Jan. 28, @POTUS denounced US-Russia treaty limiting deployment of nuclear warheads, @Reuters quotes sources.
39 attacks on Ukrainian positions by Russian forces today before 6pm, no casualties
Ukrainian army shot down Russian UAV with small arms yesterday
British Prime Minister Theresa May calls Pres. Trump's travel ban "wrong" and "divisive"
Two U.S. government-funded news outlets launch TV network as alternative to Russian propaganda
EU to give 'virtually bankrupt' Gambia $340 million
UK scrambles typhoon jets to monitor Russian long-range bombers near UK airspace: Ministry of Defence
According to the Kremlin,Vladimir Putin did not apologises for an accidental air strike on Turkish troops near alBab.
UK scrambles Typhoon jets to monitor two Russian long-range bombers near UK airspace - Ministry of Defence
Lawyers for France's Fillon call for 'illegal' probe to be dropped
It's fakeAccount likely was hacked
Igor Myltsev VK page status: "Givi, what you seed is what you get, Donbas won't mourn you". Account seems authentic
US 173rd Airborne Brigade march down the street in Latvia today.
Proposal wasn't moved by India but by 3 UNSC members US, UK and France; It was classic counter-terror proposal meant to proscribe Masood Azhar: MEA
It's fakeMyltsev VK account likely was hacked
Igor Myltsev and 3 more "DNR" fighters are on the loose and also threatening Zaharchenko. "You are next"
Russia to send Anatoly Antonov, deputy MFA, under sanctions list to new Ambassador of Russia to U.S
NATO has shortfall of troops in Afghanistan: US general
It's fakeMyltsev VK account likely was hacked
DNR fighter Igor Myltsev "Francuz"(French) claims responsibility for attack on Givi
1501z: RUAF bombers are again off the coast of the Outer Hebrides heading north
Russian jets mistakenly targeted Turkish soldiers near Syria's al-Bab, killing 3 soldiers, wounding 11, Turkish military says
Chief Rabbi of Sochi deemed 'threat to national security', deprived of right of residence in Russia.
RAF Typhoon just scrambled from Lossiemouth to intercept 2 Russian bombers
British PM May says Trump's immigration order was wrong and UK would not adopt such a policy
Germany brings back 300 tons of gold from US, after storing them abroad in fear of a Soviet invasion during Cold War
Unicredit suffers net loss of 11.8 bn euros in 2016
RU opposition politician Leonid Gozman on FB: "What is happening on Russian TV looks like propaganda of future full scale war with Ukraine"
Ukrainian radio broadcast launched in Northern Crimea(from Kherson region)
Photos: brawl today in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Russia: Commander of the Southern MD troops Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov is inspecting military units/formations located in Crimea.
PM Groisman met Deputy Secretary General of NATO Rose Gottemoeller in Brussels
Moscow is ready to cooperate with the United States, when the team of the state Department will be formed - foreign Ministry
Poroshenko-Tsipras meeting
Poroshenko-Tsipras meeting
In Moscow near office of "Rosneft" with the help of the Ministry of internal Affairs and FSB have detained 12 pro-Limonov protesters for the banners "Capitalism – shit!"
Romania justice minister quits after anti-graft protests
Romania: Minister of justice Florin Iordache resigned, people continued to demand the resignation of the entire Government
Turchynov: Russia pushing more MLRS and Self-propelled howitzers to Donbas
Italy raised 19 billion euros from fighting tax evasion in 2016 - Economy Minister
Widespread blackout in villages East to Mariupol as result of Russian artillery attack
Pope says 'at peace' confronting Vatican corruption, sex abuse
Explosion at Flamanville nuclear power plant in France, 5 injuries.Officials say no leak
Ukraine military claims they destroyed Russian military truck with ATGM and shot down an UAV near Mariupol
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia: the balance of forces and equipment for NATO in Eastern Europe is a threat to us.
Have extradiction treaty with Britain and legitimate case against Mallya; We made request; Now, it's for British authorities to take further action: MEA
Police in Göttingen, Germany arrested two suspected Jihadist (Algerian, Nigerian) who were preparing to carry out a terror attack
We are grateful to our Greek partners for a constant support of sovereignty and territorial integrity of @Ukraine incl. Crimea – @Poroshenko
1123z: Two Russian bombers now off the west coast of Ireland
Russia calls NATO moves in Baltics, Poland and Germany a threat: RIA
ATO spokesperson: Servicemen of UA Air Forces continue training in cold winter. Pilots perform training flights at various altitudes
ATO spokesperson: Mariupol sector: Militants opened mortar fire at Lebedynske and Shyrokyne
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces incurred no casualties
DNR says they know the masterminds and perpetrators of Givi murder
Electronic Warfare: Russian EW station sending texts to Ukrainian soldiers urging to kill National guard fighters
Flamanville: Explosion hits French nuclear power station, Ouest France reports No risk of radioactive leak, authorities say
1014z: Two Russian bombers estimated position to be between the Faroe Islands and Shetland Islands
Kremlin says east Ukraine unlikely to be part of deal with Trump
After attack on a Turkish cafe: GER police raid 30 facilities,arrest warrants 17 suspected pro-YPG/PKK sympathisers
Media reports about the possibility of the transfer of the Kuril Islands for temporary use of Japan do not correspond to reality - Peskov
President awarded servicemen of the 72nd brigade: You are the “Black brigade” for them and a brave army for us
Russian state propaganda Russia Today declared Romania as a real threat to Russia.
82 attacks of Russian forces yesterday
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