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21 กันยายน 2018

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Some missile launcher in Crimea yesterday(S-300?)
Convoy of 40 military vehicles passed through Kerch
Convoy of 40 military vehicles passed through Kerch
Criminal shooting in Mykolaiv. Businessman Barashkovsky was killed near his house
#7700 #R2554 has landed back at Punta Cana PUJ poss number 1 engine failure
Orenair #R2554 to Moscow has declared an emergency after departing Punta Cana
Syrian Kurds open diplomatic mission in Moscow. Borodai welcomes them
#Bosnia's High Court and Prosecution Council persists on the ban of #hijab & other religious symbols at State Court and Prosecutor's Office
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Multiple reports/rumors from Crimea about wide mobilization in 48-52 hours
A map of Kurdistan in Rojava Kurdistan's Administration office in Moscow, Russia.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Russian-speaking Turkish citizen claims he's been called up for reservist training, suspects "big war", condemn Putin
In #Makiivka turned off the lights on main street
Central market is on fire in Donetsk
'The robot traders did it'. #Rosneft adds ‘robots’ to list of #oil crash culprits
Socialists protested outside the building of the Government of #Moldova
111 people evacuated From the hotel, burning in Ekaterinburg city
#Horlivka. Battle at #Mayorsk, mortars.
Military Ural truck in Donetsk
Kaczynski: We need to keep fighting for our independence and sovereignty.
Kaczynski at Smolensk "monthiversary": We are marching towards the truth.
[email protected] just arrived in Munich for the #MSC2016 #ISSG and @MunSecConf
Puppets theater in Barcelona against state censorship and cultural repression
Military operation #Chammal
#Maryinka. Loud BOOMs.
Barcelona in solidarity with 2 pupeteers charged for "glorifying terrorism"
TASS: Delegation of Israeli MPs visits Crimea.
#Poland: Protesters decry PiS’ constitutional changes outside parliament
Lifenews: parents of 17 y.o. girl are not against her affair with 58yo. Teacher of Donetsk University
Russian air strikes strengthen Daesh, Britain says
#Chammal - France committed 27 strikes against Daech in Iraq and Syria this week, 34 destroyed targets
#Nestle has terminated its partnership with the #IAAF due to the corruption and doping allegations linked to the athletics federation
Pelen Hussein from Syria stands on sinking refugee boat waiting to be rescued
London. 8 000 taxi drivers are blocking the government quarter in #Whitehall in protest against #Uber
The biggest #scout indoor event in Ukraine starts this weekend in Lviv
Russian plan is to fragment and federalise #ukraine this is point of strategy says @PavloKlimkin #CHEvents
Some supermarket chains in Vladivostok, Russia started selling food in credit.
20 ships of the Russian Caspian Flotilla sortied today for training exercises
Kosovo and Albania toward the removal of trade barriers
Over 300 protested in Dagestan's Derbent after arrest of Salafi imam
Turchynov: due to the increase of shelling. Checkpoint near Marinka could be closed
Boroday says he likes the Kurds because they are fighting Isil, who are basically the same as the Ukrainian government.
In Kharkiv the driver of the bus with a knife attacked the owner of "Lexus"
At the opening of the Syrian Kurdish office in Moscow was ex DNR chief Alexander Borodai.
#SBU detained two captains of the criminal investigation Department of one of departments of Lviv police on a bribe
#Poland is joining the #USA-led Coalition against #ISIS
Military of Russian South district held anti-terrorism exercises in Crimea
Laurent Fabius on the fail of the international community in #Syria
Police investigate extremist procession in Székesfehérvár
#Maryinkan Booms, very loud. Salvos towards #Krasnohorivka.
NATO Chief says alliance considering support request on refugee crisis, consultations underway
NATO Chief says Russian airstrikes undermining efforts to find a political negotiated solution in Syria
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Political games can damage the country a lot. It's about the future of Ukraine
French MPs vote in favour of post-attacks constitution changes
#Kremlin must free all Ukrainian political prisoners – Min Dion
#Croatia seaside tourist town #Rovinj battered by storm
#NATO defense ministers meeting Feb 10-11. Likely to approve steps to enhance forward military presence given more bellicose #Russia.
Russia Today presenter claims it's actually UK bombs that are displacing Syrians to the shores of Europe
Yesterday attack on Kasyanov in Moscow
Yesterday attack on Kasyanov in Moscow
Yatsenyuk: We praise the efforts of EU, USA, Canada and Great Britain in supporting the reform of the National Police and the National Guard of Ukraine
"A lot of what's going on in Russia today makes no economic sense and serves no economic purpose," says @Bershidsky.
#1 requirement for US support is to clearly demonstrate this is a new #Ukraine
Meeting today between PM Renzi and PM Al Abadi. Italy will increase its support to Iraq in fighting Da'esh
$20M for @patrolpoliceua is perhaps the best foreign assistance US has ever spent
US will stand w/ #Ukraine as it continues on the difficult path of #reform
PYD Foreign Relations office opens in Moscow
PYD Foreign Relations office opens in Moscow
Three policemen from Chechnya reportedly detained for attacking opposition leader Kasyanov
11 citizens of Ukraine are living in Aleppo now, Embassy on contact to evacuate them if necessary
French authorities say 7 spelunkers trapped in Pyrenees cave have been rescued uninjured
JuMin Petrenko: 2 yrs turned Ministry of Bureaucracy into Ministry of Justice in #Ukraine
EU tells Greece to improve conditions for refugees
IMF rescue program for Ukraine under threat without government reform: Lagarde
Nadiya Savchenko at today's court hearing. Donetsk, Rostov region
Ukraine - Death Toll From Bus Blast Now At Four
In a shooting at the gas station in Moscow two people were injured
French foreign minister Fabius says he is leaving government
Russia has formally presented to the UN its claim to the Arctic Ocean seabed
The EU and NATO will sign an agreement to repel cyber attacks. NATO will continue to strengthen its military capabilities in the Black Sea - Stoltenberg
Sounds like #Shyrokyne is under (RU) mortars shelling right now #Mariupol
In Dnipropetrovsk the SBU detained Lieutenant Colonel of police on a bribe
In Dnipropetrovsk the SBU detained Lieutenant Colonel of police on a bribe
No #refugeesGr boats reported to have arrived in #Lesvos so far today. Waves are more than 1m high on north and east cost
#Dokuchajevsk - hearing something heavy.
Coastal flooding at Brittany, NW France
Iran to upgrade missiles, get Russian defense system: minister
Dzhemilev: Turkey is considering arming Ukraine
Belarus: Pesa signs order to supply DMUs
Cyberberkut attacked @bellingcat, hacked account of @CITeam_ru member @RuslanLevie
#Kurakhove. 4 heavy landings so far
Shirokine near Mariupol was shelled
Сivilian's van hit road side bomb near Mariinka checkpoint. 3 killed
45 violations of ceasefire yesterday. Small arms and RPGs
U.S. intelligence officials say Islamic State militants hiding among refugees from Syria and Iraq
Russian MP #Zhirinovsky on channel: "Troops of RU South District are moving towards Ukraine and Turkey. They'll have encircling they will have war"
French legislators pass measure to strip dual nationals convicted of terror offenses of their French citizenship
#Iran in talk with #Russia to buy Sukhoi fighter aircraft, wants to have role in manufacturing and production, DM Dehghan says.
Tank of Russian militants on Feb 8
SecDef Carter en route to Brussels for NATO and Counter-ISIL mtgs "The Pentagon’s message: it wants more from its allies."
Norwegian police says Russian intelligence targets defence, security and preparedness
This is what the cease-fire in Eastern Ukraine sounds like, following RPG fire from Separatist positions. #Mariinka
In car crash in Lviv region 2 killed
In Petergof activist Danila Alexandrov was beaten
Russia Sees $152 Billion Worth of Suspicious Financial Transactions in 2015
Aerial view of destruction in Moscow
Russia gave 4 S-300 SAM to Belarus for free. 2 are now deploying, 2 will be supplied in March
In Tula have kidnapped the Director of a trading network "SPAR"
#Iran DM Dehghan: S-300 system is ready to deliver, we'll receive 1st shipment in 1st quarter of 2016.
#NATO Chief Urges #Montenegro to Tackle Corruption
Turchynov: #Russian troops, militants prepare for aggressive actions against Ukraine
#US spy chief: US and Russia paranoia could spiral into new Cold war
In Russia on the border with Crimea disinfection post
SBU chief not against continued work of JCCC despite complaints about Center's RU officers
#MSC2016: Munich Security Report by @MunSecConf
#BadAibling: The head-on collision of two trains in southern Germany that left 10 people dead was caused by "human error"
#Bulgarian MFA has nominated Unesco chief Irina #Bokova as candidate for UN GenSec, ending months of speculation involving @KGeorgievaEU
A group of Chechens attacked Mikhail Kasyanov in the Moscow's restaurant, hit him with a cake
#Tunisia: Container seized in Nabeul loaded w/ weapons, ammunition, drones, diving gear. linked to Belgian citizen
Refugees to cross Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia without getting off trains
Group of 20 attacked Russian dissident Kasyanov in restaurant. He is safe, now at police station
Latest,08/02: SMM observed significant number of explosions in early morning in #Donetsk region compared to prev day
Russia refused to take part in tomorrow meeting of contact group
Novorossiysk, #Russia 108th Guards Airborne Assault
Novorossiysk, Russia 108th Guards Airborne Assault
#RS prez #Dodik says convicted genocide general #Tolimir, who died serving life sentence, was "a patriot."
U.S embassy issued security notice for Minsk, Belarus
Many displaced families with kids showed up today to pick up our #winter aid vouchers in #Kharkiv region
LITPOLUKRBRIG staff deployed a command post to learn how to perform humanitarian assistance operations
Underground pedestrian tunnel collapsed in Moscow during demolition of small shops
Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian Armed Forces receive five unmanned aircraft systems
Turkish Foreign Minsiter visited Budapest
Man killed in shelling on Donetsk street
18 ceasefire violations today before 6pm
EU to unveil new energy plan to curb reliance on Russia
In Nizhny Tagil will be rally against the reduction of 2,5 thousand workers of Uralvagonzavod
Russian warplanes perform sorties over Syria-Turkey border
Head of Moscow's metro: small shops near stations could be used in terror attacks
US Amb to Kosovo visit U.S. service members deployed to #KFOR
Booms heard in Krasnohorivka and Mariinka
Large battle in Mariinka outskirts. Shelling, grenade launchers, small-arms, sniper rifles.
Civil activist was attacked in Kharkiv, lightly wounded
SBU found cache of weapons in Novotroitske
Large military convoy in Simferopol
Aerial view of train crash in Bad Albing
A #Rostrenen, the base Intermarché is blocked since yesterday evening by the #farmers
UN court confirms Bosnian Serb general Tolimir has died in Hague jail
NATO will take requests to help with refugee crisis 'very seriously', @jensstoltenberg says
German police confirm 9 dead in train crash, revise number of injured down to 108
#NATO SecGen: we strive for constructive and cooperative relationship with Russia; we have never suspended political dialog with Russia
Russian officers at Joint Control Center in Donbas train and command militants, proof obtained - Ukr Security Service
#NATO SecGen: US decision to quadruple European Reassurance Initiative shows strong leadership; also signal to European Allies to step up
Man dies after being found on fire outside Kensington Palace, in London, police say
Tusk: #Russia makes already bad situation in #Syria worse. Assad regime gains, moderate opposition loses, 1000s more refugees flee to Turkey and EU
ATO spox: In Lviv region, mechanized units of UA Army undergo drills guided by military instructors from US, CA, LT
In Obolon district of Kyiv there was a conflict between a group of men, there are victims
Ex-President of #Slovenia Danilo Turk has been nominated as candidate for UN GenSec, regional media report. He's supported by PM and President
ATO spox: Yesterday, 3 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded in the Mariupol sector and over the Azov sea
ATO spox: Luhansk sector: militants shelled UA positions near Troitske village with 120-mm mortars
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; not a single UA serviceman was wounded in action
Turkish PM: Russia should not forget Afghanistan
76,000 migrants arrived in Europe by sea during the first 6 weeks of 2016; daily average nearly 10 times as high as last year - IOM
Putin's spox Peskov urged Merkel to choose words when saying about Russian actions in Syria
Sweden's foreign minister condemns all violence against civilians in Kurdish towns in south east
Secret service of Ukraine: Russian officers JCCC are saboteurs
Secret service of Ukraine: Russian officers JCCC are saboteurs
The SBU showed seized from Russian military chevrons, flags of "DNR", "LNR" and other propaganda
Swedish prosecutor says UN report does not change assessment of Assange investigation, will seek to question him in London
On 2 Feb. SBU seized military teaching materials and lectures from the Russian officers
On January 27 SBU seized 14 classified military "playbooks" from Russian officers of JCCC
#Donetsk "Periodically small arms and heavy single shots. Was quiet for 3 days."
Ukrainian soldier raised flag over occupied territory near Zaitseve on his birthday
Police confirm the number of killed in the train accident near Bad Aibling stands at Eight and likely to rise, 15 listed critical
Poroshenko with anti-corruption SOF
Nearly 150 injured in Bad Aibling after two trains crash
German rescue teams at scene of train crash in #BadAibling, passengers still trapped
Photos Emerge From Site Of Deadly Train Colission In Germany
At least 8 dead 100 injured with 10 of the injured listed in serious condition after 2 Trains collide and derail near Bad Aibling
Moldova: In the morning Chisinau protester stormed the upper chamber of Justice of Moldova
2 dead, over 100 injured in train collision in southern Bavaria
Large Rescue Operation Underway After Nearly 100 Injured In Head-on Train Collision In Germany
Two passenger trains Bad Aibling, Germany; casualties reported
Destroyed small shops at Akademicheskaya in Moscow
Morning in Moscow: destroyed small shops across the city
Russia began exercises in the Black sea and the Caspian sea
Multiple people killed, many injured in German train crash, police confirm
45 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
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