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16 สิงหาคม 2018

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RuMOD: Strategic Forces (RVSN) launched "Topol" ICBM from Plesetsk training area
Helicopters over Beregove near Feodosiya
Poland Arrests Four Russians For Links To ISIS
It's propaganda
Russian Komsomolska Pravda published new docs "from Ukrainian ministry of defense", including docs on Ukrainian air defense units on July 2014 near Snizhne. 2 weeks to #MH17 inquiry release
IL 76 overflight over Russian drills in Crimea.
Russian Mindef video on airborne units during Caucasus-2016 drill
Eight freight train carriages fall into river as bridge collapses in Saratov Oblast.
Man severely beaten for wearing Ukrainian symbols in occupied Crimea
The Panamanian court arrested Kaskiv for 40 days - General prosecutors office
Ukraine expects to stop importing gas by 2020
Ukraine will publish an anthology of Ukrainian writers for the Junior school
Ukraine gave Merkel and Hollande a list of 45 of hostages in Donbas
Around 45 tourists are on their way to safety after spending a night stranded in cable cars over Mont Blanc
HMCSCharlottetown conducted a cooperative boarding during a NATO patrol in the Mediterranean Sea
Vitaly Zapeka made a series of photos about life on the frontline
The international poetry festival "Meridiаn Czernowitz" started in Chernivtsi
LifeNews: FSB found cache of explosives and ammunition at Kazantyp, Crimea
NATO E3CF Sentry monitoring Kaliningrad and western Belarusan airspace.
In Ukraine, to create own police Academy
Doctors starving in tents under the building of the Ministry of health
RC-135U COMBAT SENT Returning to Souda Bay from Baltic Sea mission via Bulgarian airspace.
"We are going to start building this big new wall very soon," the British immigration minister said
Film "Ukrainian sheriffs" nominated on "Oscar"
Drill of DNR group at Donbas
In Russia's Supreme Court it's demanded that PARNAS should be removed from election for hatred of Putinists.
Putin: The army should have the weapons and vehicles of a level that will reliably defend Russia from all threats.
Putin held a meeting on programme for armaments for 2018-25: discussed how much money needed to reequip the army
Crimean savagely beaten for Ukrainian symbols faces extremism charges in Crimea
US troubled by arrest of Azerbaijan opposition activist Natig Jafarli.
Russian defense minister Shoigu is in Crimea
Ukrainian forces have also started large-scale live fire exercises around Chernihiv area today
Kremlin doesn't know what caused Trasnistria decision to prepare to join Russian Federation
Moldova rejects call for Transdniester to join Russia
TASS: Russian Armed Forces use Syrian army’s experience at Kavkaz-2016 drills
FIFA ethics committee opens formal bribery case against former president Sepp Blatter
Airdefense System «Pantsir» at «ARMY-2016».
Trasnistria'n Shevchuk issue order on preparation on accession to Russian Federation
Russian ministry of finances: Reserve fund will be spent in 2017
Su-27 capsized from the truck in Belarus
New arrest made over car found with gas cylinders in Paris, source says
New arrest over car found with gas cylinders in Paris: probe source
Theresa May: "Universities should actively strengthen state school attainment"
Kyiv will host Eurovision-2017
ATO spokesperson: UA artillerists trained to deploy and conditionally shoot MLRS “Hrad”
KyivMiskBud construction company on strike, suspended all work amid clashes with activists
Col. Lysenko: In Chernihiv region, at a firing range, UA tankmen compete for being the best combat vehicle crew
ATO spox: In Sloviansk, a former female militant of so-called “DPR” surrendered to UA police
Dmitri Medvedev calls cases of delays in paying salaries awful.
Col. Lysenko: NGU cadets continue field mil exercises in Kharkiv region
Col. Lysenko: Militants opened fire at UA positions in the Mariupol sector for 11 times, including 5 with heavy weapons
ATO spox: Yesterday, 8 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded in the ATO area
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, militants of so-called “LPR” denied OSCE access to Pionerske village close to UA-RU border
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action, two UA soldiers were wounded in action
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: hostilities occurred in Popasna area; militants were active in the night time, snipers were active
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: Enemy opened fire at UA positions near Horlivka and Avdiyivka industrial area; no heavy weapons were applied
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, in the Mariupol sector, militants shelled UA positions with mortars having fired over 60 shells
ATO spokesperson: Main “hotspot” of the Mariupol sector – Maryinka where militants opened fire from 6 till 10 PM
International train derails in northwest Spain, killing at least 4 people
The number of people killed in the train derailment in Porriño rises to at least 4 at least 50 injured
Police and national guard are being deployed to Pechersky police station in Kyiv
Ongoing Counter-terror operation in Southern Dagestan. Another officer wounded
Croatia elections: Milanovic continues usual aggressive, even rude, style of communicating
Serb leader warns Serbs in northern Kosovo may refuse to take part in census
Polish, U.S. Soldiers work together to defeat armored ‘enemies’
2 law enforcement officers injured (now in hospital), 3 activists detained by police
3 dead, 15 injured in a train accident in Porriño, train going from Vigo to Valenca do Minho Portugal
At least two people are dead and others are injured after a commuter train derailed in O Porriño in Galicia in northern Spain
At least 2 dead, others injured after passenger train derails in northwest Spain - El Mundo
Train derailed in Porrino, Spain. At least 2 dead
Ukrainian unit take part in International NATO exercises AgileSpirit in Georgia
Train crash in Porriño, Spain
Paris attack suspect pledges allegiance to ISIL - investigators
[email protected] forest firefighters beaten by masked men in Kuban after Cossacks hassle them
Several members of "Azov Civil corps" were detained
Protest near Kyivmiskbud is over. Police and national guard and "builders" on the site
Russia's Finance Ministry suggests cutting defence spending by 6%
Putin finally removes children's ombudsman Pavel Astakhov
Main suspect in Paris gas cylinder car probe swore allegiance to Islamic State: legal source
Russian Minister of Defense arrived in Crimea to take part in "key part of Kavkaz drill"
Rescue under way to free people trapped in cable cars over MontBlanc - cables being untangled and people being brought back to base of ride
Trump gave an interview to a state-owned Russian television network RT
Clashes between police and anti-illegal construction activists near Kyivmiskbud, construction company
"Grad Sviyazhsk" patrol combatant launched Kalibr land-attack cruise missile
Russian Defence Minister Shoigu arrived at occupied Crimea
The Syrian government has said Boris Johnson is ‘completely out of touch with reality’
ATO HQ: Russian forces 24 times violated ceasefire. Shelling with 82&120 mm mortars in Talakivka, Vodyane and Shyrokyne
Putin sent Kim a congratulation message for today's holiday, the one North Korea just celebrated with a nuclear test
Head of Trasnistria issue order to follow 2006 referendum on accession to Russia
CAP missions appear to be in operation from Crimea during their exercises. R-73 and R-27 AAMs
Two young men are arrested over what police believe was an Islamic extremist plot to attack the UK
Activists of the civil corps of Azov and the locals went to the site on Svyatoshinsky lane
Suspect in Paris gas cannister car find, shot during arrest: inquiry source
110 people left dangling in French Alps in cable car mishap. Helicopter rescue underway.
Law banning burkini would be 'inapplicable' and could fuel Islamist attacks on France, warns Hollande in…
Boussy-Saint-Antoine, France: 3 women arrested, 1 pulled out knife, wounded
Norway started to build a metal fence on the border with Russia
Storm building in Kiev. Representatives of the "Azov" lit fireworks and started to break the fence
Storm building in Kiev. Representatives of the Azov lit fireworks and started to break the fence
Relative calm prevails over most parts of Donbas – OSCE SMM (@OSCE_SMM
"Arrival of a train". As railway Lviv-Chernivtsi celebrated 150 years
EU copyright overhaul sparks cultural 'apocalypse' warnings
Police operation in Boussy-Saint-Antoine, France amid information of suicide bomber
36% of Ukrainians know nothing about EU assistance toUkraine - poll
Ukrainian army had a training with artillery in the area of ATO
Sensory room for children with special needs was opened in Vinnytsia
Illegal construction site was stormed by CK AZOV
Activists stormed and captured illegal construction site in Kyiv
Council changed the boundaries of several cities and districts in the area of ATO
110 people stuck on cable cars in the French Alps
Switzerland: Turkish supermarket chain Migros attacked with paint in Bern last night.
[email protected] training Ukrainians on new field litter ambulances
Serious fire at the store MrBricolage of Pontchâteau. 1 injured
Today OSCE SMM was denied access to Pionerske by “LPR” members
Clashes renewed at illegal construction at Svyatoshino Kyiv
Pavlo Klimkin met with President of the Bundestag Norbert Lammert
Rails between Skotuvata station and Yasynuvata were blown up
ATO HQ: Russian forces 11 times violated the ceasefire. Also used 82 and 120 mortars in Takakivka&Vodyane
Large military convoy near Shakhty in Rostov region on 7 Sept
Kyiv Svyatoshino illegal construction: Titushki used rubber bullets
Putin has appointed a new head and Deputy head of management of own safety of FSB.
President Barzani meets French President in France Paris
Ex-commander of the Armed forces of the US became the adviser of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine Poltorak
The US Pentagon and Ukraine signed an agreement on military cooperation
Armenia's prime minister resigns, says country needs a "new approach"
Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam again refuses to answer questions
In Vienna, the spectacular festival of Chinese lanterns began
Putin's aide Surkov car got into accident in Moscow, no wounded
Novaya Gazeta: Investigations Committee opens criminal case on genocide of Russian speaking residents of Donbass.
Austrian prosecutors charge 2 men in connection with last year's Paris attacks that killed 130 people.
Readout of today's US-Ukraine defense ministers' meeting
Flights of Ukrainian tactical aviation
The government is preparing for population census
Spanish hooligans held for assault on pregnant woman wearing a niqab
Russian ships used to harass Ukrainian border guards
Russia Buk-M3 air-defense system made an appearance at the Army-2016 military exhibition
In Crimea, Russia raised the alarm more than 20 fighter planes
ECB keeps interest rates at 0%
"ISIS" planned attack on children's amusement park in Netherlands
The IPC has cancelled the accreditation of the individual who carried the Russian flag as part of the Belarus delegation in the OC Rio2016
Hollande sets out stall for French elections with attack on identity politics
The family from Voronezh city gave her newborn son the name Stalin
Poland needs Ukrainian workers to compensate labour shortage
Tusk called British Prime Minister as soon as possible to start negotiations on Brexit
The Committee of the European Parliament supported the decision of viza free for Ukraine
The American experts will study the possibility of building the new Odessa airport
No one democratic country should not recognize the elections in Crimea - the Polish Sejm
The murder of Pavlo Sheremet: Ukraine expects from the FBI of the results of examinations
Albania will join the EU in 10 years, if the EU will be - Prime minister
The UN delegation checked the Department of the SBU in Kramatorsk
Putin visited Kalashnikov in Tula
Rada voted for the abolition of licenses for the export of alcohol and tobacco
Ukraine took 11th place in the ranking of countries with the best programmers
Ukraine police block largest smuggling channel in militant-held Donetsk region
Verhovna Rada dismissed 12 judges who "make justice" in the uncontrolled territories
Klimkin and Steinmeier agreed on further cooperation under the Minsk agreements
Rally near General Prosecutor office in Kyiv - protesters demand Military prosecutor to resign
SBSU released evidence of Russian seizure of Ukrainian property in Black Sea
Hug: 5/09 serious breakdown in ceasefire around Stanytsia Luhanska bridge: mortars,automatic grenade launchers,small arms,heavy-machine guns
Russian Investigative committee opened case against Ukrainian Mindef Poltorak and Head of Genstaff Muzhenko
Russian head of Staff again on the way to Crimea - RFF9007 85594
Ukraine military train w/ BTR-4, BTR-70 APCs, BMP-2 IFVs and 2S1 self-propelled howitzers - Brovary, Kyiv Oblast
"Ukrzaliznytsya" appointed an additional train Kyiv – Lysychansk
The EU will provide to help the refugees in Turkey €348 million
The EU will provide to help the refugees in Turkey €348 million
The Kremlin really believes that Hillary wants to start a war with Russia - Foreign Policy
The head of the criminal investigation Department of Lviv was detained drunk driving
Turkey allows German MPs to visit base after row: German minister
The government proposes to introduce legislative restrictions on the import of books from Russia
The court dismissed the first Deputy head of "Naftogaz of Ukraine" from office
Theresa May has told Conservative backbenchers that she supports lifting the ban on grammar schools
The occupied territory of Donbass owed for the Ukrainian electricity 24 bln UAH
Opening of the International military and technical forum ARMY-2016 in Samara Region, Russia.
Interpol has officially confirmed the arrest of Kaskiv in Panama- Prosecutor General
Report: Russian forces accidentally shelled Bezimene village during drill, possible casualties among civilians
State border service: Russia harassed Ukrainian boat with bombers and warships in exclusive Ukrainian maritime zone
State border service: Russia harassed Ukrainian boat with bombers and warships in exclusive Ukrainian maritime zone
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: NGU servicemen from Oleksandriya performed training with helicopters in the Carpathians
Col. Motuzyanyk: UA reservists undergo mil training to maintain defense capability of UA Armed Forces
ATO spox: In Mykolayiv, NGU servicemen underwent training on NBC protection
ATO spox: SBU detained a former militant of so-called “DPR” in Druzhkivka village and “DPR” informant in Toretsk
Col. Motuzyanyk: In Starobilsk district Luhansk region, SBU found a cache with 7 rocket launchers, TNT and ammo
ATO spokesperson: In abandoned house in Toretsk UA police found another arsenal
Col. Motuzyanyk: Enemy losses: 2 militants wounded as a result of a land mine detonation
Col. Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: Enemy shelled with mortars UA positions near Shyrokyne
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, in the Donetsk sector, militants violated cease-fire government for 9 times
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Othe hotspots: Avdiyivka, Luhanske and Novoselivka Druha
ATO spox: Enemy sniper was active yesterday near Toretsk
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: As a result of enemy shelling of Verhniotoretske, 2 civilians were seriously wounded
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector: three enemy cease-fire violations in Popasna area; no heavy weapons were applied
ATO spox: Other hotspots in the Mariupol sector: Maryinka, Starohnativka and Hranitne
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties yesterday in the ATO area
ATO spokesperson: Three flights of enemy UAVs were recorded yesterday in the Mariupol and Donetsk sectors
In Maryinka, Donbas Ukraine battalion artillery strikes DNR separatists' ammo/fuel depot, sends it up in fire
Kavkaz2016 drill in Black Sea
UK's Micro Focus and Hewlett Packard agree £6.6bn software deal
Kaskiv wanted to change appearance - Prosecutor General
Armenia's Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan resigned on Thursday.
Two arrested in west London anti-terror raid
Zakharova: The global community has unanimously condemned the violence against journalists in Ukraine
"It's the Russians who cause problems with OSCE in Eastern Ukraine" -Ukrainian FM Klimkin
Joint press conference of @PavloKlimkin and FM Steinmeier in Berlin
Voting system of Rada is down, [email protected] joking about cyber attack
IMF executive board approves €553.3mn loan deal with Bosnia
Zakharova: Now we have our new hero. Thank you so much, Belarusian friends!
IMF approves 553-mln-euro loan arrangement for Bosnia
Romania introduces compulsory military service for men and women aged 18-63 years
Armenian PM Hovik Abrahamian tells a cabinet meeting that he has decided to resign.
Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam to be questioned Thursday: probe source
US Navy P-8A 168852 VVPS083 departed Sigonella at 0607z - Black Sea mission
Rescuers of State Emergency Service extinguish a fire on peat
Army2016 forum exposition in Rostov-On-Don
Lot's of contrails east of Luhansk these days
20 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
RUAF strategic bombers noted airborne 0453Z
Trump on Putin
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