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20 อาจ 2018

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In Kherson protested against the attempts of the ex-regionals to return to power
Poroshenko held the phone conversation in the Normandy format: urged to immediately release Savchenko, Sentsov and Kolchenko
In 11th Edition Of its Dabiq Magazine, ISIS Offers 2 New Hostages - From Norway & China - 'For SALE.'
US officials: Russia sent 2 tank landing ships, plus aircraft to Syria & deployed a small number of naval infantry
Shooting between asphalt-bitumen plant and Krasnohorivka, already 3 times with mortar and RPG
Russia is building major military base near border to Kharkiv
Ukrainian PM Yatsenuk met President of Poland @AndrzejDuda
Doctors Without Borders @MSF delivered 22 tons of medical supplies to occupied Donetsk
Russian army in Luhansk communication equipment training
Russian army in Luhansk communication equipment  training
Spartak-Optyne battle, small arms, AGL shooting
Terminator-2 tank support combat vehicle goes on display at RAE-2015
Transnistria war veterans guarding tents camp in center of Chisinau
Volunteer Mochanov was beaten in Donetsk region
Volunteer Mochanov was beaten in Donetsk region
Poroshenko:If Minsk doesn't stop Russia, general mobilization+retract concessions
Poroshenko:If Minsk doesn't stop Russia, general mobilization+retract concessions
Record number of intnl. delegations attend Russia Arms Expo 2015
Roskomnadzor will block the Yahoo services
Relocation of Russian aviation during a surprise inspection of the Central military district
Relocation of Russian aviation during a surprise inspection of the Central military district
Seventeen hurt as bus hits bridge
A train of people arrive from Budapest into Munich train station. Welcome to Deutschland
McCain: Headed to the Senate floor to address the RefugeeCrisis
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg: "I am concerned by reports Russia may have deployed milt. personnel & aircraft to Syria"
Journalists taken away from MigrantMarch in Denmark
Germany warns Russia, France, Britain against military engagement in Syria
Denis Soldatov, a human rights activist involved with the project, detained in Moscow.
Free wifi and mobile phone charging for refugees at Keleti railwaystation
Hundreds of migrants march to Sweden on Danish motorway
Danish train operator DSB cancels trains to and from Germany amid migrant influx
Hegyeshalom, Hungary border w/Austria: No more special trains. People need to walk to buses on the other side
In Zvenigovsky district of Mari El unveil a monument to Stalin
Hungary police spent 1 mio EUR on feeding migrants - 600.000+ sandwiches, 18 tons bread, 2 tons apples and bananas
Refugees begin arriving in France from Germany
Tapir class landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov 152 transits southbound Bosphorus.
Crowds of newly arrived asylum seekers waiting 2 board buses 2 detention camps at Roszke. So many kids everywhere.
EU plans 1.8 bn euro fund to curb African migrants
Hungary border poses challenge to migrants and police
In Luhansk SBU found a cache of MANPADS "Igla"
Co.Lysenko: ATO forces repelled another sabotage& reconnaissance group attack in Luhansk reg. 1 Ukrainian soldier killed
Members of the national guard, police on his knees if front of the memorial to the Heavenly Hundred.
Immigrants offered limited access to westbound trains at Keleti
US Air Force’s F-15 Fighters Landing in Kecskemét Air Base
Budapest is also affected by Lufthansa strike
A sailor aboard the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Carney scans the sea-forward deployed to Rota,Spain
In Zaporozhye SBU detained two administrators of separatist websites
Yavoriv, Ukraine-US Army soldiers train Ukraine's Natl Guard during a platoon live-fire with 60mm mortar support.
A Hungarian human rights lawyer tells that a new law as of 15/9 will allow Hungary to "hermetically" seal border w/ police and military.
Azerbaijan holds large drills: 1000 military equipment, 500 art systems , 100 aviation and 65,000 troops. Reserves called
Now roughly 200 counter protesters incl. refugees against neo-nazis near Lageso Berlin Germany
Only 8 neonazis near Lageso Berlin including the party leader from the npd
Hungary police block and stop this latest small group refugees
Refugee march stopped, police surrounded, won't tell us where they want to take them
Refugees had broken through line of police near Szeged Hungary who were shouting "camp" and "registration," hence huge distrust.
[email protected] UK deletes tweet with what appears to be threat against Bulgaria's sovereignty
6 enemy drones spotted in ATO zone over the day – ATO Spokesperson
10-12 Hungarian Army trucks driving towards Röszke border crossing w Serbia. Seems Army is getting involved today.
Bulgarian FM @DanielMitov: "Bulgaria will allow RU overflights to Syria if RU submits planes to content verification in Bulgaria"
Alexander @Turchynov: Elections in the occupied territories should be held after the withdrawal of Russian troops
Yesterday a woman was wounded after being blown up by a mine near Berezove
New refugee march to Budapest as 400 refugees escape from police at Rozske makeshift camp
SBU seized a large Arsenal of weapons near Schastye
DNR Khodakovskiy: 70% of DNR budget is a direct money injection from Russia.
Kievsky Market is on fire in Mariupol
Fire in apartment block in Avdiivka
Group on security resumes work in Minsk
Russia sets up "Murmansk-BN" Electronic Jammer with 5000km range in Crimea
Italian MEP masked as Merkel interruped Juncker's speech
The Prosecutor's office of Kharkiv region summoned for questioning "the President of South-Eastern Ukraine" Anatoliy Visir
Juncker: Favour giving visa free right to travel to EU to Ukraine citizens if the conditions are right - it has to be done
Tent city in the center of Chisinau. Already 220 tents.
Norway's State Sec in Vienna: Russia holds the key to ending the conflict in Ukraine and must end occupation of Crimea.
Police reinforcements arrive - stand off continues on Hungarian border
Pics from inside refugee camp
Yatsenyuk starts visit to Poland to discuss reforms and countering Russia's aggression
Hungary Police expect 5000 new refugees today coming from Serbia
Juncker: Greece, Italy can't be left alone to deal w/ crisis. Europe will take in 160,000 refugees. No rhetorics, action is what is needed.
3 boats of refugees so far on the north coast of Lesbos from Turkey. Yesterday 27 boats land here
Automaidan Dnipropetrovsk support detained Odesa' colleague
Juncker: We are fighting the ISIS, why don’t we accept the people fleeing from it?
Europe is a continent where everyone has been at one time or other a refugee - @JunckerEU
Today in Moscow arrives Berlusconi for four days visit. He wants to invite Putin to create a Euro-coalition against ISIL
UNHCR offered help to the HU gov with registration and reception of refugees. Last week the gov wasn't interested.
Sudden battle readiness check in Russia
The criminalisation of illegal entry to Hungary in force next week. Refugees at risk of imprisonment
Hungarian police say 2770 migrants crossed into Hungary from Serbia yesterday. Estimated 7000 crossed from Macedonia into Serbia.
London Gatwick-bound Boeing 777 was taxiing at McCarran Airport when it burst into flames
Syria : KIL158 in Sevastopol (Sep 1st) being loaded with military equipment now heading for Assad in Latakia
First footage of Russia new Armata T-14 Main Battle Tank firing 125mm smoothbore main gun
First footage of Russia new Armata T-14 Main Battle Tank firing 125mm smoothbore main gun
Russia-Belarus joint air defense system to become functional by late 2016
Hungarian camerawoman Petra Lazlo from @n1tv that had offended refugees
Russian radar system at Sevastopol
Russians have reactivated/rearmed Sevastopol South S-300 defence base
Poland confirms EUR 100 million loan for Ukraine
Statue of Soviet Dissident Solzhenitsyn Vandalized With 'Judas' Sign
Minibus with sign "cargo 200"(KIA) at Izvaryne on the way to Russia
Hungarian videographer filmed tripping fleeing Syrians works for TV station belonging to radical right Jobbik Party.
Roszke camp
UK told UN of drone strike on militants in letter claiming it was 'necessary & proportionate'
Tent num. 189 depoyed at protest square in Chisinau, Moldova
Hundreds of lit candles in Westminster Cathedral, London in memory of died refugees
Stand off between Hungarian police + refugees tired of waiting next to Serbian border. Very cold
Press Secretary of Yatsenyuk Olga Lappo advised to check Bastrykin on the subject of mental disorders.
Hungarian camerawoman who tripped a refugee carrying a small child fleeing from police has reportedly been fired.
[email protected] of UNHCR warns of 42,000 people through the Balkans in the next 10 days, calls for Europe-wide solidarity and EU relocation plan.
Camerawoman for Hungarian (state) N1TV trips a refugee carrying a small child as he runs from policenv
The trailer for Netflix's Ukraine documentary "Winter on Fire" :
The trailer for Netflix's Ukraine documentary Winter on Fire :
A line of humanity stretches from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq seeking a life free of war & persecution. Tabanovce, MK
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Negotiations on the withdrawal of weapons of less than 100 mm and tanks in Minsk failed - RIA source
At the Urals launched the biggest military exercises of the Russian armed forces
In Mykolaiv region shooting - clashes between farmers, titushki,police and national guard
In Mykolaiv region shooting - clashes between farmers, titushki,police and national guard
Same woman with camera now unambiguously seen kicking man and young girl in Hungary
Refugees from Roeszke Hungary on the way to Budapest. Police could not stop them.
Russia's top investigator accuses Ukraine PM @Yatsenyuk_AP of torturing & killing Russians in Chechen War 20 yrs ago
Russian investigative committee: Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Dmytro Yarosh and Oleh Tyahnybok fought against Russia in Chechnya
Refugees in Budapest use TV station's satellite truck to recharge their cellphones
Latest figures from Munich police: 4,470 refugees arrived yesterday, 1,900 today, perhaps a few hundred more before the end of the day.
Petro Poroshenko: Good news. Our heroes Sergey Furaev and Artem Komisarchuk released from captivity
Crimean Tatars plan to stage picket at US embassy in Moscow
Buses came to pick up refugees at Gevgelija. 20 euros and they reach the Serbian borders
Leader of Automaidan is also detained in Odesa
Medvedev: Ukraine refused preferential prices for gas
Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz: We are ready to take responsibility, but it should be, part of a broader, integrated plan.
Activists burning tires near Odesa district court
Started consultations of the Trilateral contact group with representatives of special regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
Rally at district court in Odesa
Rally at district court in Odesa
During standoff on railway tracks near Szeged, a young refugee offers a cookie to a Hungarian police officer.
Police in Szeged, Hungary, question refugees after searching their bags.
Ukraine today officially recognized a jurisdiction of the ICC over crimes against humanity and war crimes.
Diversification in action. Ukraine imported 11bcm via Slovakia in past 12 months
German vice chancellor says country can take in 500,000 refugees every year
Police order refugees to sit down. They are surrounded. a helicopter is circling above. Hungary.
This child in red ran off the train, lay on the floor, and began crying. His father said it was because of the heat.
The EU calls for the immediate release of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia
Ukraine still faces threat of Russian military offensive: Poroshenko
Moldova has broke off relations with the Russian military attache
Moldavia breaks the relationship with the Russian military attaché
Meeting of representatives of the parties in the Tripartite contact group Ukraine-Russia-OSCE ended
UN: at Donbas killed nearly 8,000 people
Bus for refugees at the camp in Roeszke Hungary
Rotation of militants: Battalion Viking replaced by 336 Airborne storm brigade.
Polish President Duda in Krynica: "we must restore Ukraine in its former status quo!"
Dmitry Medvedev: Congratulations to Kyrgyzstan on becoming a full member of the Eurasian Economic Union
Woman asks Russian internet watchdog asking why porn sites blocked; watchdog suggests she meet people in real life
Taxi drivers waiting in Gevgelija to take refugees to Serbia for crazy amounts of money
Moscow Exchange down due to "abnormal situation"
Police detained Right Sector activist in Odesa
1000+ refugees arrived in Tabanovtse, Macedonia, walking to Serbia. Total chaos. 24000 expected to cross
Hungary's new defence minister confirms: army will not be authorised to use deadly force against unarmed refugees, only to help police
Refugees escaping police cordon at Roszke camp
Danish police sends refugees back to Germany: The first 20 are now at the Federal police in Flensburg
Ibrahimovic fit for Austria clash
Netanyahu to visit Britain facing pressure on stalled peace talks
Britain and other Europeans seek U.N. mandate to confront human smugglers on the high seas
Macedonia- Serbia border, where 2,000 refugees will be arriving by train shortly.
That's why resigned defence minister?
Switzerland approves plan to buy Israeli drones
So far 169,337 illegal migrants, 955 people smugglers caught
In Moscow at the Parking lot killed lawyer Stanislav Vetchinkin
In a week we plan to start blocking of deliveries to Crimea - Refat Chubarov
UNHCR says it expects 400,000 people will cross the Med this year, rising to 450,000 'or more' in 2016
The Minister of defence of Greece, received the Ambassador of the USA
Bulgaria closed its airspace to Russian aircrafts to Syria
Working groups meet in Minsk, Belarus behind the closed doors before the Trilateral Contact Group meeting
"DNR": supply of coal to Ukraine is suspended
ATO HQ: the Enemy plans to use the lull to prepare provocations and destabilization
The former "people's Governor" of Donbass Pavel Gubarev's will visit Omsk
At Budapest-Keleti, a constant crowd of a couple hundred migrants waiting to travel westward, about 2 trains an hour
Trolleybus hit OSCE car in Luhansk
ATO spox: Another cache with great number of weapons and ammunition was found in Vodyane village
ATO spox: At "Sea Breeze-2015" military training, servicemen exercised evacuation of the wounded with helicopter
Col. Motuzyanyk: In Dzerzhynsk, Donetsk region, UA law enforcers found 2 arsenals with ammunition and explosives
Col. Motuzyanyk: As the result of the armed contact near UA-RU state border 1 UA serviceman KIA, 2 were wounded
30,000 refugees now on Greek islands, 20,000 on Lesvos
Meeting of Croatian President and President of Poland @AndrzejDuda in Krakow
Lavrov: the Countries that launched conflicts, should bear the responsibility for the refugee problem
One of the speakers at the rally said that Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko need to be "withdrawn". Protesters applauded
Refugees waking up to freezing morning in Roszke Hungary
Svoboda rally mear the interior Ministry building
Contrary to this anti-refugee propaganda,, Laith Al Saleh was never an IS fighter. He fought against IS.
In the district of Bolotene in battle killed two Ukrainian soldiers of 128 brigade. 2 more wounded
Rally of pensioners party in Kharkiv
Sea Breeze: Sahaydachny heading out to BlackSea for the at sea phase
PM Viktor Orbán says the souther border fence against refugees needs to be built faster.
In Zaporozhye SBU detained a conspiratorial group of "DNR" terrorists
Putin aide prepared plan to fight sanctions - convert reserves to gold, restrict currency, fix prices
Azov drills
SeaBreeze15 Land Component- US Marines & Ukrainian Partners practice defensive techniques
Putin at UN will make a speech. Subjects: "How to uphold international law" and "human rights in the Crimea and E. Ukraine."
500 refugees, half of them women&children had to spend a cold night in the fields near Röszke, 'cause camp is full.
ATO forces twice repulsed the enemy attack near Syze
Over 1000 refugees have now arrived in Denmark. The police says they have lost about 300 of them.
UK lawmakers approve an EU Referendum Bill to the upper house, paving the way for a referendum of UK’s EU membership
Denmark has begun an advertising campaign aimed at deterring refugees from arriving in the country
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