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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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Ukrainian border guards detained Russian Colonel Valery Gratov (In June)
Rep. Adam Schiff says it "strains credulity" to believe that Trump pressed Putin on election meddling
Israel's Foreign Ministry retracts criticism of anti-Semitism in Hungary and strongly attacks Soros
Report: Trump Jr. arranged meeting with Russian lawyer during campaign
[email protected] on Eastern Europe: "You see people that understand what it means to live under the yoke of tyranny, the yoke of Communism."
German Chancellor Merkel closes the G20 summit with a rebuke of US President Trump's stance on climate change
Manchester, Pennsylvania shooting at 1100 block of Liverpool Street: 1 killed, 1 injured
[email protected]: President Trump "missed an opportunity to tell Putin 'we know that you did itand you can't do it again.'"
Sea Breeze 2017: Turkish submarine in Odesa port
[email protected] says he's sure Putin could be of assistance in Trump's effort to prevent election hacking "since he's doing the hacking."
1/2 McCain on Tillerson saying US and Russian strategy same in Syria: "I know what the slaughter as been like.
"I am sure that Putin could be of enormous assistance to that effort since he's doing the hacking." McCain on US/Russia cyber task force
"Yes it's time to move forward but there has to be a price to pay." Sen. McCain on Trump's strategy for dealing with Putin, Russian meddling
Ambassador Haley on punishing Russia for meddling: "I don't think this is over."
U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley says “Ask the President” about what consequences Russia will face for interfering in the 2016 election
Will Trump take father actions to penalize Russia for meddling? Haley: I think that they're going to wait and see how investigations play out
Haley: Trump wanted to make sure that Putin was aware that he was acknowledging it, that he knew it …Trump still knows that they meddled.
The OSCE PA called on Russia to end its occupation of Crimea, withdraw its troops from Ukraine.
[email protected] tells @GStephanopoulos: "I am certain Putin and the Russians did not like" President Trump's speech in Poland.
France's Macron hails troops after Mosul freed from Islamic State
[email protected] on working with Russia: We need to work with Russia on bringing peace to Syria. It’s yet to be seen what will be of Assad.
[email protected] on G20 Summit disagreements: Other than disagreements on trade and Paris Agreement, we have unification with our allies.
Schiff: Why would Trump “undermine his own position” on election hacking during his meeting with Putin?
[email protected] on @POTUS' importance at G20 Summit: “He was a star in Hamburg.”
[email protected] on @realDonaldTrump's meeting with Putin: @POTUS talked about Russian election meddling extensively. He asked maybe 3 times about it.
[email protected] on breaking news of meeting with Russian lawyer in 2016: I don’t know much about it. It was a short meeting about Russian adoption.
Rep. Schiff: If the US works with Putin on election hacking, “we might as well just mail our ballot boxes to Moscow”
[email protected]: Proposed US-Russia cybersecurity partnership a "very significant accomplishment" for President Trump.
UN Ambassador @nikkihaley: "We can't trust Russia and we won't ever trust Russia”
[email protected]: "We have sanctions that are already on the table, and we expect to enforce those sanctions."
UN Ambassador @nikkihaley: “President Putin did exactly what he thought we would do, which is deny it"
"Everybody knows that Russia meddled in our elections," UN Ambassador @nikkihaley
Strongest @USNavy presence in the BlackSea for a while: Ticonderoga class-guided-missile cruiser USS Hué City transits northbound Bosphorus
Farmers and ranchers in 51 Louisiana parishes could be eligible for grants from a $10 million program aimed to help with recovery from last year's flooding. Applications will be available online July 26.
Marco Rubio: Partnering with Putin on a "Cyber Security Unit" is akin to partnering with Assad on a "Chemical Weapons Unit".
Anti-globalization activists rioted for a third consecutive night in Hamburg early Sunday even after Group of 20 leaders had already left the northern Germany city.
Tillerson: not sure will ever come to agreemnt with Russia on cause of cyber attacks on US [Lavrov said Trump accepted Russia not responsible]
Tillerson: US disappointed by lack of progress on Minsk, hence appt of @kvolker special envoy. Hope it will change dynamic, make progress
Poroshenko: Trump has made it clear that Russia restoring Ukraine's territorial integrity is pre-condition for improving US-Russia relations
Tillerson: the Ukrainian government has made great leap on the path of reforms
Tillerson: sanctions on Russia will remain in place until Russia reverses the actions that triggered them
Tillerson: the Russian Federation should carry out the first steps for security including the cease-fire. We are unhappy that there is no progress.
Tillerson: it is necessary for Russia to take first steps in de-escalation in eastern Ukraine
[email protected] says Tillerson brought him up to speed on G20 talks, they discussed Ukraine war. 2 civilians, 1 Ukr troop killed in past 24hrs.
The Crimea is constantly on the agenda - President on reaffirment of the Secretary of state
Poroshenko emphasizes importance of US-Ukraine cooperation and Minsk Process
Poroshenko: the Visit of US Secretary of State Mr. Rex Tillerson is an important signal of support to Ukraine
We coordinated our future steps regarding the de-occupation of Ukraine - Poroshenko
Poroshenko said that from the statements the two countries have go to practical cooperation. Discussed the G20 summit, coordinated actions, the behavior of Russia in the East
Poroshenko - Tillerson: Grateful for effective negotiations held in Washington and in Kyiv
Waiting for presser with President @poroshenko and Sec Tillerson.
Awaiting @poroshenko and Tillerson at @TheBankova. They're still meeting in next room, along with @kvolker. High on agenda is conflict in east
Secretary Tillerson is greeted by President Poroshenko before their meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Pizza Veterano" cafe was set on fire last night in Dnipro city. Owner is ATO veteran
Hamburg police have detained 186 people on remand and taken 225 into preventative custody during the G20 summit
Novaya Gazeta: at least 27 people were executed by authorities in Chechnya in late January
President Poroshenko- State Sec. Tillerson meeting in Kyiv
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's convoy heads into Presidential offices for talks with Ukraine's President Poroshenko.
Russia Today removes from video Lavrov 's phrase that Russia "participates" (uchastvuet) in conflict at Donbas
India facilitating external borrowings by start-ups to promote innovation and ease of doing business: G20 Action Plan post Hamburg Summit
Latest episode in Hungary billboard drama: opposition activists remove the govt's anti-Soros posters in a Budapest suburb
President Donald Trump said Saturday the U.S. would contribute $50 million to a new World Bank fund conceived by his daughter that aims to help women entrepreneurs access capital and other support.
UK-U.S. trade deal wouldn't be enough to make up for leaving the EU: UK minister
Famous Russian blogger Anton Nosik has died last night
27 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 2 soldiers were wounded
PM Modi arrives in Delhi from Hamburg
[email protected]: Leaving Hamburg for Washington, D.C. and the WH. Just left China’s President Xi where we had an excellent meeting on trade & North Korea.
[email protected]: Law enforcement & military did a spectacular job in Hamburg. Everybody felt totally safe despite the anarchists. @PolizeiHamburg G20Summit
An American tourist died early Friday after being beaten to death in a bar in Greece. Bakari Henderson, 22, from Austin, Texas, was visiting the island of Zakynthos, Greece, when a bar fight escalated into a brawl. Police arrested two men Friday night, both considered the main suspects in the investigation, NBC News reported. Seven others were also arrested.
A penis-shaped rock formation in southern Norway is up again after the popular tourist attraction was found badly damaged last month. Workers put back more than 12 tons of heavy rock that broke off the Trollpikken formation two weeks ago. They used iron wedges and concrete to reattach the broken promontory after winching it up inside 10-meter-high (33-feet) scaffolding.
Interfax: Putin accuses Kyiv of conducting a Russophobic policy.
31 Navalny campaign volunteers detained in Moscow
The front of today's big protest in Hamburg from above G20
A "world flag" 360 meters long. Anti-G20 protesters in Hamburg urge global leaders to end wars and work for unity
Large demo against the G20 on the march in Hamburg. Thousands of protesters, hundreds of police
+ man was killed in Staromykhailivka, 2 persons were injured in Bakhmut, a man injured in
Hamburg wakes up to scenes of destruction from looting and clashes that took place between anti-G20 protestors and police
"Don't sell the climate, end coal now," G20 protesters hang banner on a building in Hamburg
Ukraine's General Staff Head: Some of Russia's troops may stay in Belarus after West-2017 training
Italian firefighters say eight bodies have been pulled from the rubble of a five-story apartment building that partially collapsed in a seaside town south of Naples.
Billboard "Look Closely At Their Faces" at G20 venue in Hamburg was removed this morning
TASS: Peskov urges people to believe the words of Lavrov about the conversation between Putin and Trump.
Putin has arrived at today's G20 meeting. Migration is to discuss
Putin, Merkel and Macron confirmed importance of Minsk-2
A mass brawl between ethnic Avars and Chechens reported in Leninaul, Dagestan, in south Russia
Meeting of Macron, Merkel and Putin
In Hamburg began the meeting of Putin, Merkel and Macron, to discuss the situation in Ukraine
First detained in Irkutsk, 5 distributors of Navalny leaflets
Photo: MLRS of LNR group on 6 July
22 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 4 soldiers were wounded
Delegation of the Dagestan Muftiety visiting Syria, distributing 80 tons of aid in Homs Hama and visiting shelters.
Authorities have charged the boyfriend of an Englewood nightclub manager in connection with her murder. Raphael Lolos is accused of killing and dismembering 31-year-old Jenny Londono.
[email protected]: Great first day with world leaders at the G20Summit here in Hamburg, Germany. Looking forward to day two! USA
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