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22 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Horlivka: Fire in Mykytivka ds, landing was in the area of Stalsbyt
The head of Krasnodar region expressed his condolences to the relatives of the killed Rafyagat Habibulin and Evgeniy Dolgin
Chancellor Merkel spoke in Warsaw with @POTUS, @matteorenzi, @fhollande, @David_Cameron @poroshenko on Ukraine
Heavy fire at Heorhiivka near Maryinka with explosions
Fire in the area of Heorhiivka- west to Maryinka
Heritage Flight F-22 Raptor and P-51 Mustang @Flying_Legends at Duxford.
Heavy battle in Toretsk tonight, incoming and outgoing artillery, local report says floor is shaking.
Here's @realDonaldTrump Trump VP contender Gen (retd) Mike Flynn sitting at Putin's table in Moscow in 2015
Donetsk listens to outgoing fire, Pisky to incoming fire
Horlivka: flashes at North-West
Fighting in Horlivka started just after midnight
Pilot of the Russian army helicopter downed by ISIS east Palmyra Rifaat Habibolin killed and the co-pilot. Syria
Gorbachev: NATO Preparing For ‘Hot’ War Against Russia
Pan-Ukrainian Russian Orthodox church march in Kharkiv
Pan-Ukrainian Russian Orthodox church march in Kharkiv
Moscow Orthodox Church march
Sergei Mironov, leader of the 'Just Russia' party, has proposed removing constitutional ban on a 'state ideology'
Russian MFA Ryabkov: The US Embassy hooligan, who punched Russian police, and another similar CIA operative had to leave Moscow
G5+Ukraine in Warshaw
G5/7+Ukraine meeting
"Our 28 nations are united in our view that there can be no business as usual with Russia until it fully implements its Minsk obligations - Obama
Russian aggression began with annexation of Crimea. It should be ended by its de-occupation. So it is vital to continue sanctions - Poroshenko
Negotiations of G5 and Ukraine started
Never before has the partner country had not received such support as Ukraine - Poroshenko on the aid package
It was vital for us that NATO member states reiterated that they do not acknowledge Crimea and they condemn Russian aggression in E. Ukraine
Poroshenko: most Ukrainian want membership in NATO
Llamas blocking the Tour de France in the Pyrenees
Macedonia police release video footage of dawn raids in which four suspected ISIS members were arrested
FM Waszczykowski met with @poroshenko #NATOSummit.
Macedonia arrests four suspected ISIS members in Skopje and Tetovo raids, three still at large thought to be in Syria
2 day of #NATOSummit
The Communique of #NATOSummit
In Warsaw began the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO
President of Ukraine Poroshenko met President of Poland Duda
[email protected]: The four new rotational Nato battalions in the Baltic states and Poland increases stability for the entire region. Also for Sweden.
Russian MFA on deportation of diplomats: If US moves further along path of escalation, we won't leave it unanswered
Russia has expelled two U.S diplomats in response to US actions
Checkpoints near the Crimea works again
Russia expels two US diplomats in tit-for-tat move
British MPs to vote on renewing nuclear deterrent on July 18
APcs and trucks with Russian forces in center of Donetsk
[email protected]_russia confirms deportation of Russian diplomats from US
Angela Eagle confirms she will challenge Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the British Labour Party
Behind-the-scenes of #NATOSummit in Warsaw
Orthodox Russian Church organized march to Kyiv from Pochaiv
Italy promises the continuation of the sanctions in case of default by Russia the Minsk agreements
London refused to hold a second referendum on Brexit
Open platform of Unity-Maidan politicians create new party based on @demalliance. What will be Saakashvili's move?
The first plane with Russian tourists arrived in Turkey for the 8 months
Magic "Ukrainian night" in Munich's Nymphenburg Palace
Savchenko asks NATO to prevent war in Europe
Poroshenko formed the Commission on coordination of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine
Savchenko called on NATO countries to help in the liberation of the Ukrainian hostages in Russia
Ukraine urges the Netherlands to approve responsible decision on Association Agreement
Poroshenko met with the Prime Minister of Italy
The UN has named June the bloodiest month in ATO since the beginning of the year
Poroshenko discusses next IMF tranche with Lagarde
New Russian "Yelnya" Motor Rifle Div (1st Tank Army), HQ Yelnya, Smolensk Obl (255km from Ukraine/360km from Latvia)
The President of Austria leaves his post after 12 years of rule
The escalation in the ATO: The Russian forses fired 200 mines
At #NATOsummit between #Ukr and #Pol signed the Protocol on military-technical cooperation
3 killed in Russian forces attack on Troitske
5th day of Moscow Orthodox church march from Svyatogorsk
SBU: Russian special services wind voices under the petitions on the website of Poroshenko
One Ukrainian soldier was killed and six were wounded over the past day at ATO zone
NATO is increasing confidence in the perspective of Ukraine - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland
Ukrainian police will receive new Japanese cars
NATO defense ministers to discuss possible increase of presence in air and at Black Sea - Stoltenberg
NATO chief says 'we stand together' on Russia
#NATOSummit NATO leaders bolster collective deterrence and defence
NATO chief says 'we stand together' on Russia
Putin shows Ukraine is not his end-game. Balts, Poland, esp Kazakhstan - Eugene Czoliji @UWCongress #WSEF16
North Korean diplomat who escaped from Russia now got to Ukraine
PM Cameron met with Ukrainian President @poroshenko yesterday at the #NATOSummit in Warsaw.
72 ceasefire violations at Donbas on July 8
Russian Federation Council member accuses NATO of building new Berlin Wall
Russian Federation Council member compares NATO summit in Warsaw to Churchill's 'Iron Curtain Speech' -- IFX
Russian Mindef denied any reports on shot down helicopter in Eastern Homs
NATO takes command of US-built missile shield
"Stalin skyscraper" in Warsaw highlighted with NATO logo
Russian militants at Avdiivka Promka who believe that Poles and Czech fighters against them
Russian militants at Avdiivka Promka who believe that Poles and Czech fighters against them
Heavy booms at Mariupol. Loud and many
Russian tanks near Illovaysk
Illumination on the facade of the Presidential Palace. #NATOSummit #szczytNATO
The @thef35 @LightningFHQ and F22 Raptor side by side today at @airtattoo
F35B at @airtattoo #fairford #RIAT16
F22 at @airtattoo
Sevastopol "Governior" admitted that another referendum could be hold in Crimea
Carol Vorderman dresses to impress to meet Prince William and George at Royal Air Tattoo
US expels 2 Russians after US diplomat attacked in Moscow
A-10 Warthogs in Slovakia continue "excellent long-term cooperatn w/ Indiana Nat'l Guard" - Defense Minister Gajdos
NATO-Linked Websites Go Down, Cyberattack Suspected. NATO official: “This is a suspicious timing for a technical failure."
President @poroshenko visited memorial of "Rzeź wołyńska" - Volyn massacre
NATO AWACS at #NATOsummit as the sun sets over Warsaw
Today we recognized cyberspace as a new operational domain, joining land, air and sea - SG @jensstoltenberg at NATOSummit
CV-22B Osprey at @airtattoo 2016
CV-22B Osprey at @airtattoo 2016
British F-35B at @airtattoo 2016
Polish MiG-29 at @airtattoo 2016
Polish MiG-29 at @airtattoo 2016
Fields on fire near Mariupol
In mortar attack near Debaltseve after 6pm wounded 3 Ukrainian soldiers
Drive-by shooting in Colombes, Paris, 1 deaths reported
Obama urges NATO to stand firm against Russia despite Brexit
Ukraine's @poroshenko on NATOSummit sidelines meets @POTUS, @JustinTrudeau, @David_Cameron, @matteorenzi and Merkel.
Putin states personnel of Russian armed forces at 1.88 million, including 1 million troops - RIA.
Hungary adopts measures that severely restrict migrants’ movement; 1,300 on border
Moscow Orthodox church launched "All-Ukraine march" from Svyatohirsk
#DYK Ukrainians receive a Canadian kit at the end of combat #FirstAid training during #OpUNIFIER
The meeting of the NATO at the level of Heads of State and Governments and invited guests #NATOSummit
Montenegro PM Djukanovic : The Open Door policy must remain #WSEF16 #NATOSummit
Suspicious white powder sent to Islamic centres across London
France's Hollande says Russia a partner, not a 'threat.'
#NATOSummit family photo
The UK remains committed to the security of Europe after exit from EU - Cameron
Photo of the Day from Berlin: Obama - doesn't see, Putin - doesn't hear, Merkel - doesn't say
France's Hollande says Russia a partner, not a 'threat'
Exercise #RapidTrident 16 concluded July 8 in Yavoriv, Ukraine with their closing ceremony
SBU found two caches with ammunition in the area of ATO
Lukashevich: Unfortunately, Kyiv appears unwilling to implement the Minsk Package and is playing for time
Russia warned the United States on the deployment of missiles in South Korea
The US and the EU want to negotiate a free trade area by 2017
Ukraine took first place in the ranking fights in the Parliament - head of Ukrainian parliament
Crimeans collected almost 34 thousand UAH for the children of political prisoners
Hug: Sides too close to each other: just few hundred m between UA Armed Forces and so-called “LPR” at Stanytsia Luhanska
Budget losses from the iPhone contraband in Ukraine is UAH 1 billion
Obama says to deploy 1,000 US troops for NATO battalion in Poland
OSCE’s Hug: Monitors last week saw 77 weapons in violation of the withdrawal lines. Previous week SMM saw 21
OSCE’s Hug: Sides are too close to each other in all hotspots. Sides have failed to withdraw all weapons from in and around security zone
LifeNews: Putin asks Merkel and Hollande to influence Poroshenko to stop his provocations.
OSCE’s Hug: along the Svitlodarsk-Debaltseve road 700% increase in no. of ceasefire violations compared to previous week. Ukraine
OSCE’s Hug: Sharp increase in level of violence last week: No. of explosions tripled compared to previous week, reaching 3000 Ukraine
[email protected] at NATOSummit: US and Poland are united in insiting sanctions remain in place until Russia meets obligations under Minsk Agreement
[email protected] said expressed to @AndrzejDuda "concerns" over "certain actions" taken by Polnd govt regarding the Constitutional Tribunal
[email protected] at NATOSummit in Warsaw: The U.S. will send a battalion to Poland as part of NATO's enhanced forward presence
[email protected] says US will be lead nation for NATO forces in Poland, and will deploy battalion of 1,000 soldiers on rotational basis
[email protected] at NATOSummit in Warsaw: Today, I'm announcing further steps to bolster NATO's deterrence and defense posture
Secretary @JohnKerry listens to Polish President @AndrzejDuda and @POTUS give statements on meeting
Cameron says UK will not play 'lesser' global role after Brexit
SBU headquarters ATO requests to take journalists accredited from the "Hromadske TV"
Kazakhstan calls on Russia to allow transit of Ukraine goods
Interfax: Putin congratulates Kim Jong Un on choosing head of State Soviet of North Korea.
The engineers neutralized almost 390 explosives near Mariupol
In the Spanish city of Pamplona running of the bulls has turned into a bloody drama
Journalists permission for Hromadske and Russian Nova Gazeta revoked after they shown Ukrainian positions
More than 3,000 hate crimes reported to UK police in second half of June - 42% rise on same period in 2015
Kremlin regrets about the appearance of Bandera Avenue in Kyiv
Newspaper for opponents Brexit on sale in the UK
Groisman: On the gas schemes, Ukraine has lost $53 billion
Petr Pavlensky has Havel award withdrawn after saying he would donate it to "partisans" who killed police.
[email protected], @JunckerEU, @eucopresident sign declaration giving new substance to NATO-EU partnership
Senate urged Polish Sejm called Volyn tragedy as genocide
The door to NATO for Georgia and Ukraine remain open – Stoltenberg
Juncker says EU won't negotiate in 'hostile mood' with Britain
Italian coach wanted to lead the national football team of Ukraine
NATO will maintain a dialogue with Russia - Stoltenberg
Poroshenko began talks with Erdogan in Warsaw
"Russia's aggression against Ukraine threatens our vision of a Europe that is whole," US President Obama
Cameron names ambassador Julian King as new European Commissioner: official
Russian forses transfer falsified data to the OSCE - intelligence
Federica Mogherini: EU - US leaders' meeting in Warsaw at NATOSummit, strong partnership and friendship
Sky Sources: An announcement is expected today to confirm British female soldiers will be allowed to serve in combat roles on the frontline
Stoltenberg: NATO responds to Russia aggression in Ukraine by increasing presence at its eastern flank
Stoltenberg: NATO’s door remains open to Ukraine, Georgia
Kremlin spksm Dmitry Peskov's in no doubt about NATO threat: "If it walks like a dog, smells like a dog, barks like a dog, then it's a dog."
ATO spox: Intelligence: Commander of the militants’ “9th Brigade” reprimanded for hiding real casualties. In June 2016: 14 KIA, 37 WIA
Bulgaria Nationalist Patriotic Front Which Supports The Government Calls For Return Of Compulsory Military Service
ATO spox: In Mariupol, UA artillery units underwent training on shooting cannons
Putin spox Peskov: Renaming of Moscow Avenue in honor of Bandera is unfortunate
ATO spox: Intel: Largest casualties in the militants’ “3rd Brigade”. Commander refused to give fuel that resulted in deaths of 2 militants
Col. Lysenko: UA mil engineers continue defusing explosives in Avdiyivka
ATO spox: Militant casualties: 7 KIA, 9 WIA yesterday
[email protected]: I am confident that the UK and the EU will work together in a pragmatic, cooperative fashion to ensure transition is orderly.
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, 2 Ukrainian servicemen were killed in action, 6 UA soldiers were wounded in action, 2 more – in a land mine blast
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: For a single time, militants shelled UA positions in Popasna district
Presidents of Turkey and Ukraine meet in Warsaw
Another suspected arson: this time an Eastern European food shop in Norfolk, UK
#Euro2016 A man died in Belfort after the match France-Germany
Poland FM Waszczykowsk: "Nobody misled Russia. Moscow was never promised imperial governance over its neighbors"
Poroshenko is in Warsaw for #NATOSummit
#NATO #NATOSummit J-B MATTEÏ: “Apart Montenegro, no other possible candidates in Warsaw”
Albright at #WSEF16 - Putin cannot be provoked because he is the provocateur
NewsWeek Jacek Pawlicki got accreditation at NATO Summit after complains
[email protected] Our military presence is a response to Russian aggression in Ukraine #NATOSummit #WarsawSummit
Stoltenberg: "Today, we will agree to enhance our forward presence in the east of the Alliance. #NATO
Azerbaijani defense Ministry: Armenian Leadership tries to escalate the situation on the front line
2 members of PEGIDA joined Bulgarian nationalists border patrols. You can see Bulgarian Nationalist signs on them.
Albright at #WSEF16 - Putin's worldview is colored by toxic fictions
Refurbish of military airplanes at Mykolaiv plant
Turkey's Erdogan calls on NATO to do more on fighting militant attacks
[email protected] Albright: Brexit is a result of miscalculation and political incompetence
President Obama is meeting with heads of the European Union in Warsaw. He'll give a statement afterward, likely including Dallas.
Reactive strategy of imposing sanctions after violations has exhausted itself – @Poroshenko at #NATOSummit Warsaw
Elections in Donbas region to be held only after complete CeaseFire state
UEFA has announced Mark Clattenburg will referee Sunday's Euro2016 final between France and Portugal
“The Cold War is history and it should remain history” We don’t want a new Cold War says SG @jensstoltenberg at #WSEF16. #NATOSummit
Newsweek Poland foreign editor says he is banned from @NATO #natosummit "on request from host country"
Britain To Send Troops To Eastern Europe writes
Police detained head of Novosibirsk PARNAS party
4 garages were destroyed in Novomoskovsk in gas cylinder explosion
Suspicious parcel found in southern Stockholm
Two more refugee boats arrived today on Lesbos island.
Poland's president @AndrzejDuda starts #WSEF16 with a plea for unity in times of security crisis in Europe
[email protected] at #WarsawSummit #NATOSummit
Russia warns of 'irreparable consequences' over US missiles in S.Korea
Drone on display outside #NATOSummit in Warsaw
56 ceasefire violations yesterday At Donbas
Putin wants 'encryption keys' for 'the Internet' in two weeks.
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