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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Odessa regional police will be headed by a General from Georgia
Shelling on Dzerzhynsk
RAF #Typhoons intercepted and shadowed two #Russian planes over the #Baltic Sea
Rally against war with Ukraine in Voronezh
#Kostyantinovka - loud explosion heard in the east
#Donetsk, residential district Oktyabriskiy after shelling
Saakashvili said that ferry terminal will built in Odessa for delivery cargo to Europe, to bypass Russia
Security camera captures shells exploding at train station in Donetsk
Security camera captures shells exploding at train station in Donetsk
Belarussian military shot down a Russian drone near Mstislav
3 tanks and 3 Urals went to Mykytivka station in Horlivka
Saakashvili spoke about plans to strengthen Ukrainian border with Transnistria
[email protected] and @jkenney discussed areas of Ukr-Pol-Canada cooperation in Warsaw
We have consensus on need to continue pressure on Russia to implementation conditions of #MinskAgreements - #Obama
The rain flooded Simferopol
Destroyed building in #Krasnohorivka
#USSTRATCOM bombers practice key capabilities #BALTOPS2015 #SABERSTRIKE2015
In fire in Kyiv region killed at least 4
Fire in Donetsk
Rally in Poltava
Drone footage shows the extend of the fires at the oil depot
Drone footage shows the extend of the fires at the oil depot
In Estonia plant burns. There is a danger of chemical contamination
Black smoke in Donetsk
Meeting with @navalny in Kostroma
Some photos of a fire in Kyiv region
Three employees of EMERCOM died while trying to extinguish the fire, - Avakov
No toxic substances in air, — Ministry of environment
Resolution of EU Parliament: Russia is no longer a strategic partner
The high Council of justice elected Benedesyuk as head
Avakov: To eliminate fire at the oil depot should be about 12 hours
The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations: the quenching of oil depot will go another day
Militants shot a girl who had resisted them in an rape attempt in Donetsk
#Klyuyev declared in the international search, - SBU
The staff refused to continue the evacuation of people from a fire in the oil depot. Fire under control
Melnychuk didn't come to interrogation. The Prosecutor General's Office will ask for house arrest for him
The Cabinet of Ministers established a governmental Commission on liquidation of a fire at the oil depot near Kуiv
Mosaic map of Ukraine was posted on Obolonska embankment
Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against the Deputy, who did not support annexation of #Crimea
ISIS kidnap 88 Eritrean Christians from people smugglers in Libya
Peskov denied the connection "Combat organization of Russian nationalists" with the President administration
DNR and LNR called Crimea as part of Ukraine
Thousands of Russians staged pushing on #the Kerch ferry
More than 52 thousand soldiers received the status of combatants
Turchynov, Avakov, Poltorak , Shandra , Moseychuk on the elimination of fire at oil depot
Turchynov, Avakov, Poltorak , Shandra , Moseychuk on the elimination of fire at oil depot
The @RoyalNavy's helicopter carrier HMS Ocean underway during NATO #BALTOPS
Air Policing jets in international airspace above the Baltic Sea near Latvian border identified RU AF Il-20
Accident with Russian supply convoy in Voronizh region
39 Ukrainian sites were blocked In Donetsk
Loukoster #AtlasJet has received permission in Ukraine to daily flights in six areas
Hearings on the case of Savchenko will be hold In the U.S. Congress
#Arrest was extended for participant of Antimaidan Topaz
Doctors of Vasilkov asked concerned people to help with medications and donate blood
Poroshenko instructed to strengthen the protection of all manmade objects because of the fire in #Vasylkiv
People heard on TV plea for help, bear and carry water for rescuers
Fire fighting tanks sent to help extinguish fuel depot fire raging at #Vasylkiv, Kyiv oblast. #Ukraine
There were about 14 thousand tons of oil products on burning oil depot, - Turchinov
The basic version of the fire at the oil depot – arson
Russia conducts test of new anti-missile missile
Swedish officials condemn sale of Palestinian Church to illegal israeli settlers
The fire near Kyiv in these minutes
Army began to take out weapons from the military unit near the burning oil depot
14 people wounded in the fire at the oil depot. The evacuation of residents of two villages is continuing
Kramatorsk policeman was jailed for eight years for collaborating with militants
French mother sues government for letting son join Syria jihad
Plan the evacuation of the population. Most have already started to leave
Wood is on fire now near oil depot in Kyiv
Black rain went because of the fire at the oil depot near Kyiv
Donetsk. Smoke after explosion
Fire at oil depot near Kyiv
Fire at oil depot near Kyiv
"Polygon-fest" on the basis of elite combat units National guard – gunners
Ukrainian tried to take in #Poland spare parts to the tank
The fire at the oil depot near Kiev: as of 11:00 with three firefighters MIA. The fire destroyed almost 10 fire units
Police considers three versions of the fire at the oil depot near Kyiv
[email protected] will visit Kyiv on June 11
GPU said the arrest scout of "DNR" in Zaporizhya
National guard in Vasylkiv
11 injured in an explosion on oil depot were delivered to the hospital of Vasilkov
Zakharchenko ordered to attack #Marinka after meeting with a Russian General
Wrapping up a 7yr project, Canada helping to relaunch agricultural insurance in #Ukraine, with @IFC as partner.
Czechs investigate arson attack on defense minister's house
About 70 prisoners continued to riot in Bashkortostan
In #Arkhangelsk, Russia arrested editor-in-chief who criticized local governor
Court hearing on the extension of the detention of Savchenko will be tomorrow
Romania PM says hopes crisis to end Friday
EU will extend for a year the sanctions against Crimea in the coming days
The militants shelled Stanitsa Luhansk with incendiary ammunition
Hungary's anti-immigration campaign sparks controversy
Protesters rally in Paris ahead of surveillance law vote
Three homes have burned in Stanitsa Luhanska
Drone filmed burning oil depot near Kyiv
Drone filmed burning oil depot near Kyiv
Many hours long line of cars #Ukraine checkpoint in #Artemivsk. Those who came at 4am are still waiting at the heat
Ukrainian position in the area of Opytne-Vodyane, from 21:00 to 22:00, was shelled with tanks T-72 and T-64M.
Area around oil depot is cordoned off. Everyone evacuated
Nemtsov daughter left Russia because of threats
People are evacuated
A pillar of flame reaches almost 200 meters high
Smoke over oil depot near Kyiv
Exercise #BALTOPS is underway
National guard is on the alert after explosion at the oil depot near Vassilkov
#Azerbaijan shuts down all OSCE operations in the country in larger scale crackdown on civil society
#Gubarev's capture by #Russia GRU is carefully staged by RU's MoD TV
Rinat Akhmetov humanitarian center suspends distribution of aid in occupied territories
Bulgarian MFA: War in Eastern UA and Annexation of Crimea show thatworld has changed and there are new realities volatile border
Militants say they agree on a special status of Donbas as part of Ukraine
The leader of the Hungarian Roma community under scrutiny
Militants carried out 32 attacks within 15 minutes across all separation line
The burning fuel depot is 15 km away from. photographer on this pic. A depot man wounded by explosion reportedly died.
Echelon with Russian military equipment moves in direction of Shakhty
Echelon with Russian military equipment moves in direction of Shakhty
Kharkiv citizens donated blood for wounded soldiers in a military hospital
Pavel Gubarev was arrested for shooting a sniper rifle in Donetsk
4 people injured in fire at oil depot in Kyiv region
Three monuments to Lenin felt in Luhansk region
UAV spots weapons in vicinity "DPR”-controlled Komsomolske, - OSCE
AA-gun bursts in center Donetsk
Freq volleys in the west of Donetsk
Ukrainian army near #Maryinka
Poroshenko canceled military tax when buying and selling currencies
Russia hasn't signed IAEA report due to fact that Sevastopol was designated as part of Ukraine
G7 summit: sanctions against Russia may toughen
New @AP photo of the #Russia|n army military position at #Dokuchaievsk
Oil depot is burning in Kyiv region
Headquarters of #ATO: Ukrainian army vehicle struck a mine near #Krasnohorivka, killed seven soldiers
Two people were killed when fire Tu-95 at the airport in the Amur region
Russian Tu-95 caught fire during takeoff at airport in Amur region
Russian troops continue to operate in Donbas – Obama
Today #G7 reiterated condemnation of illegal annexation of #Crimea; reaffirmed non-recognition
President signed laws on denunciation of agreements w/ Russia on transit of Rus.military troops through UA to Moldova
Northern Italian towns are ordered to stop accepting migrants
Belgian police arrested 16 people on Monday in twin terrorism-related investigations involving Chechen extremists
Russian vaccine to Ukraine will not be allowed - Kvitashvili
Russian self-propelled howitzers
Militants shelled Krymske with mortars and artillery
The informant of "LNR" was detained In the Luhansk region
Shelling in Horlivka
Shelling in Horlivka
Kharkiv. Freedom square is blocked, lot of fire trucks. This is a routine exercise
Barack Obama: We will support Ukraine economically and technically
Drunk driver ran three pedestrians in #Odessa
At #G7 POTUS calls out #Putin on key fact he has denied: "Russian forces continue to operate in #Ukraine "
The President presented the Hero's star to wife and the parents of the deceased Lieutenant
The President awarded employees of the national guard and the militia who participated in the ATO
Ambassadors of #G7 in Ukraine create a group to support reforms
Battle in Marinka ended
The bas-relief of Dzerzhinsky and the Soviet order were removed from the facade of the management of the southern railway in Kharkiv
In St. Petersburg office center Nevskaya Ratusha is on fire
A memorial to the victims of totalitarian regimes was laid In Lviv
Petro Poroshenko signed a law on denunciation of military contracts with Russia
Summit of #G7 finished
The injured military in the explosion of a boat in Mariupol were brought In Odessa
Explosion at oil depot in Rivne region
Shelling in #Horlivka. The smoke under the city. There are wounded
Shelling in Horlivka. The smoke under the city. There are wounded
G7 warns could toughen sanctions against Russia 'if necessary'
Moscow accused Kуiv of escalating the situation in #Donbass on the eve of the first summit of G7
The following local #elections will held in October — #Parubiy
Chilean president starts official visit to France
52 people were detained for trying to create in Nikolaev "Republic", - media
The British broadcaster has postponed the screening of the story of the lost Russian military because of Putin's decree
Fire in #Aleksandrovka after shelling
Flash mob of Crimean Tatars in Gdansk
#B52 crews and support Airmen are back in UK to participate in #BALTOPS and #SABERSTRIKE
The President of Ukraine has held a phone conversation with President of Finland
#SBU prevented the terrorist attacks on the gas pipeline in Sumy region
Today at #G7 Summit, @POTUS met with President Hollande to discuss Climate, Ukraine, Iran, ISIL, Libya, and T-TIP
The North-Crimean canal is destroyed
50 Ukrainian ducklings illegals burned in the Belgorod region.
Military truck collided with a passenger car In the center of Odessa
SBU said that not looking for Kluev
Military commissioners staged a raid on car market in Ivano-Frankivsk
Police have classified the demolition of tents on the Maidan as hooliganism
Caucasians tried to export from #Ukraine a flash drive with the data about Ukrainian army
Russia wants to get from Ukraine engines for military vessels via the courts
Vyshyvanka parade in London
#SBU prevented "Mykolaiv People Republic"
SBU prevented Mykolaiv People Republic
Merkel and Obama agreed that the preservation of the unity of the U.S. and the EU on the issue of Ukraine and its support in implementing reforms is a priority of #G7Summit
6 tanks of militants tried to enter in Marinka, - MP Deidei
Militants of #DNR announced the hunt for the Donetsk "majors" after the accident
Only one exit works from Donetsk
SBU announced Klyuev in search
Kerch ferry crossing is still closed because of the storm
In #Starobesheve heard the cannonade, the heavy artillery works
NATO membership supports the majority of Ukrainians – Parubiy
Media: unknowns on Mercedes kidnapped the girl in the center of Kyiv
35 military commissioners were arrested for bribery
Ukraine fulfills the Minsk agreements, and the militants - no, - Poltorak
The Cabinet approved the procedure for entry to Crimea
Mission from Great Britain to perform observation flight over territories of Russia and Belarus
The interior Ministry opened a case for "conspiracy" Firtash and "Naftogaz"
Navalny was pelted with eggs in Novosybirsk
OPEC oil considerably lost in the price - on 1,8%
One Ukrainian military was wounded of a mortar attack by militants - Moskal
Unknown in Kostroma removed Navalny outdoor advertising
State inspector shot himself in the post in Volyn region
#Marinka now: tanks and mortars work
EU extends sanctions against Klyuev, Lukash and Tabachnik
Putin has not abandoned the idea of advancing to the Crimea through Mariupol, - Poltorak
Russian forces in BM-21 #Grad "target shelling" in #Luhansk
Russian forces in BM-21 Grad target shelling in Luhansk
#Poltorak: There are 42,5 thousand of fighters and the Russian military at the Donbas
#Donetsk smoke after impacts at 4am
Czech-Slovak unit was created in "DNR" - the Slovak media
Canada will help Ukraine to restore the aircraft industry - #Ukroboronprom
Militants shelled Schaste with mortars
The national guard bought chinese SUVs for 10 million
Battle alert In Maryinka
Border guards on the boat thought it was a radio beacon, and tried to pull up, at this time there was an explosion
Patrol-boat was blown up an explosive device that was remotely guided by the militants from DNR
#Marinka is under artillery fire right now
Rally at Maidan continues without tents
Russia begins massive exercises to check emergency readiness
'Unknown' people in balaclavas take down political activists' tents on Maidan, police cordon off square
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