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15 สิงหาคม 2018

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Vladimir Ruban was detained with weapons arsenal
Train with military equipment on the move in Rostov Oblast.
Reports that Security Service of Ukraine has detained Ruban, chief of "officers corps" - volunteer organization working at Donbas
Lavrov: by interfering in the internal affairs of other counties, the US seems to be pursuing neo-imperialist ambitions. We don't share such an approach
"We're not progressing because our interest there is to resolve this conflict" says @US_EUCOM Commander Gen Curtis Scaparrotti when asked if US with Ukraine is winning or losing vs Russia in Ukraine "We're more or less at a stalemate"
Su-57 at Zhukovskiy
Gen. Scaparrotti's military advice? "That we continue to develop the capabilities we have. I think we have excellent capabilities" says @US_EUCOM's commander "We need to consider what type of deterrent effect we want to have" re: Russia cyber threat
"It's a hot war" @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti "They take casualties on both sides but particularly Ukraine" with rising casualties "It's actually Russia that doesn't want to move forward [with Minsk Agreement]they certainly could do more"
US sending Javelins to Ukraine - "I wouldn't say I have zero concern, but it's not a lot of concern" per @US_EUCOM Gen Scaparrotti, pointing to Russia equipment being given to their proxies
"It strikes me that what they're doing is sort of geopolitical jiu jitsu," @SenAngusKing re Russia interference "You use their opponents strength against them, and our strength is our freedom" @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti: "I agree with your thoughts"
Russia in the Arctic - "they would have the capability in some time, perhaps 2-3 years, to control the northern sea route" says @US_EUCOM Cmdr Gen Scaparrotti, based on what Moscow is putting in place
Trump singles out Germany for criticism but suggests Australia, others may be exempted from tariffs
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 9km ESE of Ghar al Milh, Tunisia
Balancing US-Turkey and US-Kurd relationships - "It's a very difficult and complex situation" per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti "I'm hopeful we can walk this path and attain both interests"
US seeing some Russia China cooperation in specific areas - naval training ops in European theater, maybe in port in Djibouti, per @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti-but "I think they still have issues that wouldn't make them natural partners"
"We need to wrestle with it because we need to get a better definitionwhat's acceptable" @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti says of long ongoing policy debate of defining int'l standard of what is cyberwar "We've got to begin to move forward"
"Putin loves it. When Americans hate Americans and we fight with each other, Russia wins" @SenSasse tells @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti "We're nuts if we don't understand that the next round of this is going to include lots of specific economic warfare"
Worried about lack of ambassador to Belarus Belgium Iceland Ireland Sweden Turkey - "It does concern me," says @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti, saying other organizations also waiting for US ambassadors
Top US general in Europe: "I don't believe there is an effective" US response to confront Russian cyber threats - NATO Supreme Allied CMDR-Europe Scaparrotti
"In conjunction with @NATO and the other nations, we're actually employing our capabilities to get our messages out at volume" per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti re: countering Russia messaging
"Western democracies have kind of assumed that our people understood what was important about a democracy and the way that we live" per Scaparrotti "We've got to reinforce that. It needs to be donethat takes focus and that takes volume"
"We have to continue to focus on the values that democracies profess, democratic institutions, int'l rule of law" per @US_EUCOM Gen Scaparrotti "That's a very high level general statement but we've kind of left that" re Russia interference
"It can really undermine a nation because all they have to do is sow some confusion" per Gen Scaparrotti "It's subtle but it's constant" with more of it in EasternEurope
W/Russia, "Their disinformation, their social media, it is generally targeted at the undermining of Western values, confidence in that government" says @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti "They can use multiple platforms and generate great volume"
Political warfare? "It would be the attacks or efforts to spoil policy or politics within a governmentit's policies and its values" per @US_EUCOM Cmdr Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti
If had more money, @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti would look to C4ISR - "Our intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance is so important to me, particularly when you don't have the posture you want" he says
One Conservative MP said that circumstantial evidence that Russia was behind the Salisbury attack was strong and that, if its role were proved, it would be a "brazen act of war," while a Labour MP referred to the "terrorist Russian state"
Turkey deal with Russia to buy S400 air defense system topic of multiple conversations with Turkish chief of defense, per @US_EUCOM's Scaparrotti "We're in close discussion with Turkey in respect to air defense measures"
"I haven't personally seen that myself" Gen Scaparrotti says of Turkey being not helpful in the Balkans
Turkey also active in the Balkans, per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti: "Turkey primarily enters most of these countries in the Balkans with a humanitarian approachThere are some who have said this influence isn't helpful"
Serbia is a particular area of concern in the Balkans with Russia interference/activity, says @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti "I've seen an increase in the year and a half I've been on the job"
"That's one way they determine whether the West is serious about their desire to be a part of the West" says Gen. Scaparrotti of need to engage Balkans population with diplomacy
"Russia's at work in the Balkans and I think we've kind of taken our eye off of the area," per Gen Scaparrotti "It's an area where in terms of diplomacy we have to put some focus in my opinion" and continue with security reform
Russia-"They're involved in just about every aspect of Europe in on way or the other," per @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti "The area that I'm concerned about today is the Balkans"
5 month ago
If Russia role in nerve attack proved, Britain will respond: PM May
Russia's ZAPAD exercise in late 2017 "reinforced what we believed was their direction in terms of their doctrine," per Gen Scaparrotti "They incorporated what I would call a whole of society approach" developed over past 10 years
If US fails to modernize, Russia will be able to challenge US military in just about every domain by 2025, warns Gen. Scaparrotti
"Given their modernization and the pace that it's on, and what we are aware of they're doing, we have to maintain our modernization," warns @US_EUCOM Gen Scaparrotti "so we can remain dominant in the areas that we are dominant today"
US "whole of government" response to Russa cyber not enough, per @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti - "I don't believe there's an effective unification across the interagency"
Cyber ops center for @US_EUCOM "has been reinforced substantially" per Gen. Scaparrotti at SASC "I also, upon my request, have the authorities I've asked for in regards to Russia
"We're trying to map that out" says @US_EUCOM Gen Scaparrotti of Russia's cyber ops infrastructure "We're getting a better understanding of it. I would not characterize it as a good picture at this point"
SASC's @JimInhofe: US forces in Europe "outranged, outgunned and outmatched" by Russia? @US_EUCOM Gen. Scaparrotti: "If you look at it it in a concentrated way on the border of Eastern Europe and only on the ground force, I would agree with that statement"
SASC Chair @JimInhofe: are US forces in Europe "outranged, outgunned and outmatched by Russia|n ground forces"? @US_EUCOM Gen. Scaparrotti: "If you look at it it in a concentrated way on the border of Eastern Europe and only on the ground force, I would agree with that statement"
"Russia's increasingly modernized military is operating at levels not seen since the ColdWar," warns @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti
"Russia is carrying out a campaign of destabilization to change the international order, fracture @NATO and undermine US leadership around the world" says @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti, hammering on a familiar @DeptofDefense theme
"Russia is carrying out a campaign of destabilization to change the international order, fracture @NATO and undermine US leadership around the world" says @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti, hammering on a familiar @DeptofDefense theme
"We have much work to do as we execute our national defense strategy" per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti, citinf Russia and militants
Europe "an increasingly complex and competitive security environment," SACEUR/@US_EUCOM Commander Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti tells SASC in opening statement
"It's very difficult to understand they're not important today" - Journalist @evabelmonte on male colleagues response to the massive numbers of women journalists who have joined Spain's first WomenStrike for IWD2018
5 month ago
Britain's top domestic security official describes the nerve agent used in the attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter as "very rare."
Protest for Women's Day in Madrid's Puerta del Sol
Lavrov held talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Zimbabwe, Sibusiso Moyo.5 month ago
Lavrov held talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Zimbabwe, Sibusiso Moyo.
In Kyiv, Ukraine, hundreds joined a demo to demand gender equality, including on pay: IWD20185 month ago
In Kyiv, Ukraine, hundreds joined a demo to demand gender equality, including on pay: IWD2018
5 month ago
UK 'will do all we can' to pursue those behind ex-spy poisoning: minister
5 month ago
Russian Embassy in UK says Sergei Skripal was actually a British spy, working for MI6
5 month ago
Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman says the nerve agent attack in Salisbury was an "appalling and reckless crime"
5 month ago
Germany looks to revise social media law as Europe watches
5 month ago
UK police officer harmed by nerve agent talking - minister
5 month ago
Germany to get new foreign minister as Gabriel loses job
5 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister says former PYD co-chair Salih Muslim in Stockholm, TR has sent Sweden diplomatic note for his arrest
5 month ago
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine summoned the Ambassador of Hungary for exceed his powers
5 month ago
German Parliament decides to increase its troop levels in Iraq from 140 to 800. Training mission will expand from just training Peshmerga to include Iraqi Federal Forces. Training will focus on counter terrorism and removal of mines.
France will respond if chemical weapons are proven to have caused deaths in Syria
5 month ago
Restaurant in central Kyiv was shelled with grenade launcher
3 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
The Telegraph is reporting that one of Christopher Steele's employees is a longtime associate of the poisoned Russian double-agent. The Telegraph suspects that Colonel Skripal may have been involved in the Trump dossier.
State Department repeats that US policy on Cyprus's EEZ is longstanding and has not changed "US recognizes the right of Cyprus to develop its resources in its EEZ" @StateDept discourages any actions or rhetoric that increase tensions in the region
In response to my question about possible sanctions against Russia for attempting to assassinate a double agent in UK, @PressSec says Salisbury nerve agent case is "under review" by US authorities.
Russian Navy Perekop Smolnyy-class training ship passed Southbound through the English Channel
UK counter terrorism police chief says Salisbury incident being treated as attempted murder by nerve agent; says police officer who attended scene also in hospital
Russian ex-spy was victim of attempted murder with nerve agent, police say
@USNavy Whidbey Island class dock landing ship USS Oak Hill transits Black Sea-bound Bosphorus. LSD51 departed JEB Little Creek on Feb9 and currently is on Mediterranean and the Middle East patrol to conduct security operations.5 month ago
@USNavy Whidbey Island class dock landing ship USS Oak Hill transits Black Sea-bound Bosphorus. LSD51 departed JEB Little Creek on Feb9 and currently is on Mediterranean and the Middle East patrol to conduct security operations.
Airbus to axe 3,700 jobs in Europe: union
5 month ago
[email protected]: Any fragmentation of London's markets will involve significant costs for European businesses and citizens. The real beneficiaries will be NYC, Singapore, Honk Kong, making Europe less competitive
5 month ago
Chancellor @PhilipHammondUK: It makes sense for both the UK and EU to collaborate closely on cross-border financial services and to ensure that EU businesses and citizens can continue to access UK financial services. It is not a zero-sum game
Ukrainian authorities dismantle another online arms trafficking ring. Traffickers reportedly sold factory-built and converted weapons to clients found on Internet forums
Chatham: Ongoing incident on Chatham Hill bus involved, please credit: @Media999E5 month ago
Chatham: Ongoing incident on Chatham Hill bus involved, please credit: @Media999E
The confidence debate in Jordi Sánchez is supposed to begin at 10 a.m. on Monday morning in Barcelona. Supreme Court deadline for allegations concerning his release to attend that debate is set at Monday morning
We need a clear signal in the trade dispute with the U.S. Trump has to play by the rules, said EU parliament's trade chief Bernd Lange. Peanutbutter is among the EU's weapons of choice
Senior EU official on EU-UK FTA: "If there are diverging external tariffs and internal rules, no shared institutions or legal system, then you will have friction. There will be economic consequences."
Senior EU official describes aspirations in Theresa May's speech as amounting to Single Market and Customs Union-lite: "This doesn't and can't exist"
Eight members of the far-right extremist 'Freital Group' accused of attacking refugee homes have been handed sentences of up to 10 years in prison by a Dresden court
Helicopter crashed in Southern Chechnya. 3 killed
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince is received by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace5 month ago
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince is received by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace
5 month ago
Theresa May's spokesman says the Government is looking forward to seeing the EU's final guidelines for a transition period after Brexit and hopes they provide the bloc with the flexibility to think creatively and imaginatively about the future UK-EU economic partnership
[email protected] says the cabinet will consider the final wording of referendum bill on 8th amendment tomorrow
[email protected]_Bettel: when I listened to Theresa May's speech last week I didn't learn that much more than I knew beforeI still need concrete pointsThe Irish Taoiseach still has no answers to border questions
5 month ago
UK government today convened a Cobra meeting, which is normally held in response to terror attacks or major crises
[email protected]: the outcome of negotiations must pass 2 key tests: 1) the test of balance of rights and obligations for example the EU can't agree to grant UK rights of Norway with the obligations of Canada
[email protected]: Because of Brexit we will be drifting apareour agreement will not make trade between UK and EU frictionless or smoother it will make it more complicated and costly for all of us this is the essence of Brexit
Tusk: "President Trump said: 'trade wars are good and easy to win'. But the truth is trade wars are bad and easy to lose. EU's goal is to keep world trade alive and if necessary to protect European by proportionate responses"
[email protected] I hope it [UK-EU deal] will be ambitious and advanced and we will do our best as we did with other partners such as Canada but it will only be a trade agreement
European Council president Donald Tusk says his guidelines for a transition period after Brexit show "we don't want to build a wall between the EU and Britain"
Tusk: EU27 wants UK as close friend and partner and will enter talks on future with open, positive mind. But given UK red lines only an FTA is possible. It will be the first FTA in history to loosen, not strengthen economic ties. Drifting apart is essence of Brexit
[email protected]: May has confirmed UK will leave single market, customs union and ECJ jurisdiction therefore it should come as no surprise that only possible remaining model for future relationship with the UK is a free trade agreement=
[email protected]_Bettel: there will be no winners after Brexit, both sides will be losers minimising the losses is the challenge
[email protected]_Bettel: unity and solidarity will be the key [in Brexit negotiations,]there shall be no cherry picking Brexit
Accomplice of Paris attacks mastermind held in Poland, prosecutor says
5 month ago
UK PM Theresa May says the government is "rewriting the rules on planning" to help more people achieve the "dream" of home ownership
5 month ago
UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd says more is known about the substance which is suspected to have poisoned former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia and further information will be published by police later today
5 month ago
German cabinet approves to increase more than 300 troops for Afghanistan
Draft EU guidelines have leaked, below are some extracts
Peanut butter, orange juice, bourbon on anti-Trump tariff list: EU
Even if it doesn't feel that way at the moment @MalmstromEU insists: "US still our friend and ally". Also sees problem of overcapacity in steel sector. "Willing to discuss this"
Brussels plans a three-pronged approach, explains @MalmstromEU: taking case to the WTO, safeguard measures on steel/aluminum and safeguard measures on other US products to "rebalance" the trade relationship
EU commission still hoping "that US tariffs [on steel and aluminum] can be avoided", says commissioner @MalmstromEU. But EU stuck in dilemma: doesn't want to escalate situation which might lead to trade war but "can't remain silent"
5 month ago
[email protected] on UK response to President Trump's proposal of imposing steel and aluminium tariffs: we have expressed disappointment, but currently, the EU is in charge of trade defence policy
How can such a small import of European steel be a security threat? @MalmstromEU asks, asserting @realDonaldTrump is going to have a lot of trouble proving that point at the WTO, where the EU has every intention of hauling his administration to explain.
5 month ago
Ex-spy's suspected UK poisoning used for 'anti-Russian campaign': Moscow
5 month ago
According to @FT Brexit trade guidelines read: "The European Council has to take into account the repeatedly stated positions of the UK, which limit the depth of such a future partnership. Being outside the customs union and the single market will inevitably lead to frictions"
We'll soon learn exactly what products are on the list of potential tariff targets, but @MalmstromEU confirms some bourbon is on it, along with peanut butter and cranberries (no.). Declines to describe some items as @GeorgiGotev does: "redneck" products
[email protected] seems puzzled by @realDonaldTrump's latest threats, against cars, because she says just 2 million cars are produced in the US by European companies, which provide American jobs. She says Trump's opinion is "not based on fact."
The EU says Trump steel tariff is protectionism in disguise, not a valid security measure. @MalmstromEU says therefore EU can respond immediately, but as long as the US measures have not been taken, Brussels hopes a trade war can be averted
"Can't see how allies like the EU threaten US national security", says EU's @MalmstromEU, responding to threatened tariffs on steel and aluminum while announcing possible countermeasures
EU Trade Commissioner @MalmstromEU says @realDonaldTrump's explanation that SteelTariffs are necessary for "national security reasons" is inconceivable and "deeply unjust." EU is preparing to strike back through WTO in the long term and other measures in the short term
5 month ago
[email protected]: It's too early to say what a future UK-US free trade agreement will contain, but potential results include more opportunities for British businesses and "a boost to the UK economy worth tens of billions of pounds"
Russian ex-spy, daughter still critical after suspected poisoning in UK
@giannipittella announced this morning that he's stepping down as head of @TheProgressives. In spite of weak result in Italian election he appears to get a Senate seat list
ATO spox: Mobile monitoring group has investigated the results of militants' attack on Shchastia of March 5 (after the latest ceasefire came into effect), when Russian proxies attacked the inhabited village with 82mm mortars and small arms.
5 month ago
Germany charges Vietnamese man in ex-oil executive kidnapping
ATO spox: Russian proxies attacked Luhanske and Malynove (Luhansk sector) with heavy machine guns and mounted grenade launchers, and Avdiivka (Donetsk sector) with small arms. Ukrainian troops did not return fire. Unfortunately, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action.
5 month ago
[email protected]: After the implementation period, the UK will take independent decisions when it comes to trade remedies. We need the TRA to be set up and operational by March 2019
5 month ago
Minister of State for Trade Policy @GregHands speaking at @CommonsIntTrade: The creation of the future Trade Remedies Authority will ensure the UK can provide a safety net for domestic industries after Brexit
Car exploded in Rostov-on-Don in suspected asssassination attempt
Detectives investigating the circumstances around a man and a woman taken seriously ill in Salisbury are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information to come forward
5 month ago
Germany's outgoing cabinet has agreed to extend six military missions - including ones in Mali, Afghanistan and against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria - in which 2,600 Bundeswehr soldiers are involved
5 month ago
Russian foreign ministry says claims the country was involved in the alleged poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal are designed to complicate UK-Russian relations
DUP leader: EU draft Withdrawal Agreement "was not a faithful or fair translation" of the UK-EU December joint report
EP MP Verhofstadt to UK Home Office: EU citizens registration cannot become a "bureaucratic nightmare"
5 month ago
International Trade Committee warns UK trade with 70 nations risks "falling off a cliff edge" post-Brexit
25 EU countries agree on first joint defence projects while casting doubt on UK's future role
Far right @afd MPs shake hands with Syrian cleric who has threatened Europe with „suicide attackers ready to strike" in front of Assad portrait. „Private" trip is publicity stunt to demonstrate how „safe" Syria is - sees @AfD close ranks with Assad supporters in Damascus
The European Assn of Motorcycle Manufacturers has urged @MalmstromEU not to retaliate vs US steel tariff threat, saying "an increase of customs duties on American exports of motorcycles would clearly be damaging to the American companies but also to European economies and jobs."
5 month ago
Germany and EU are threatening tit-for-tat import tariffs to retaliate against @realDonaldTrump's plan to impose a 25-percent duty on EU steel. The EU is aiming to tax Harley Davidsons and Bourbon whisky
Belgian finance minister: 'Thousands and thousands' of jobs depend on trade with Britain and the EU should strike a quick trade deal
5 month ago
Britain's top ministers to meet on mysterious illness of Russian double agent
5 month ago
Azerbaijan reported shelling of six villages: Armenian Armed Forces 93 times over the past day
IMF's Lagarde says nobody wins in a trade war
5 month ago
Ukraine begins search for Gazprom's assets in Europe in preparation for the collection of the Russian company's debt to Naftogaz
5 month ago
Berlusconi says will support League leader as Italy prime minister
5 month ago
Belarus executed a convict for killing his own children
Tuesday evening meeting of German politicians from #AfD party with Dr. Ali Haidar, Minister of National Reconciliation. Over 100,000 former enemy fighters have returned to civilian life after being granted amnesty. Reintegrated more than 100 communities and cities peacefully.
Car at Lisova in Kyiv had been blown up with grenade5 month ago
Car at Lisova in Kyiv had been blown up with grenade
Police operation after car explosion at Lisova5 month ago
Police operation after car explosion at Lisova
US Department of State: In a phone call today with President Petro @Poroshenko, @VP Mike Pence reaffirmed the United States' steadfast support for Ukraine's efforts to combat Russian aggression, improve governance, and reform its economy.
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