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21 กันยายน 2018

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[email protected]: What the CIA does with its hacking capacity. hacks Senators to conceal reports on CIA torture (2014) #Vault7
[email protected]: US @SenFeinstein says that the CIA has little oversight of its hacking operations #Vault7
[email protected]: CIA statement on WikiLeaks publication of CIA docs. But note that WikiLeaks "Vault7-Year Zero" does not contain references to extremism.
[email protected]: Anti-virus maker announces fix after seeing CIA attack in #Vault7
[email protected]: Even the CIA hates flying United #Vault7
Roskomnadzor demands to block book "the FSB blows up Russia"
[email protected]: Former CIA+NSA director Michael Hayden blames "millenials" for CIA leak #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: FBI sets loose alleged child pornographer to prevent an open court from scrutinizing the lawfulness of FBI hacking.
[email protected]: Tech companies are saying they need more details of CIA attack techniques to fix them faster. Should WikiLeaks work directly with them?
[email protected]kileaks: Anti-virus expert says #Vault7 is already paying dividends in discovering CIA
Drone Footage of Skopje Macedonia protests against "Soros, @USAID, @StateDept, @EU, fifth column Socialists and Albanian nationalists"
[email protected]: Google says it requires more details of CIA exploits
Germany urges Turkey to rebuild friendship
Germany urges Turkey to rebuild friendship
[email protected]: Germany has released a statement saying it is taking CIA hacking "very seriously" because "these type of issues emerge....again and again".
[email protected]: How Fox News saw #CIA #Vault7
[email protected]: Microsoft calls for a Digital Gevena Convention #CIA #Vault7
Trump campaign approved national security adviser's Russia trip during election
[email protected]: RT @ftasia: Samsung looking into security of devices after WikiLeaks report
[email protected]: Apple, Samsung, Microsoft react to WikiLeaks #Vault7. Google stays quiet about the many vulnerabilities in Android
[email protected]: RT @WSJTech: New WikiLeaks documents fuel tension between intelligence agencies and the tech sector.
Intel chairman: "I don't believe" Russia meddled in election
"Germany must decide if Turkey is a friend or not": Turkish FM Cavusoglu
Iranian Caspian Sea naval group visits Dagestan, Russia
[email protected]: Frankfurter US-Generalkonsulat soll Spionagezentrale sein #CIA #Vault7
[email protected]: View of giant covert CIA hacker base in Europe--the US "Consulate" in Frankfurt
[email protected]: Fox News or Noam Chomsky? What happens when Republicans understand the deep state works for the deep state #Vault7
Turkish Air Force A400M heading into Russian airspace
[email protected]: #Vault7 reveals that internet routers form US company Cisco are one of the top targets for CIA malware infestation
108 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 7 soldiers wounded
[email protected]: Former CIA boss Michael Hayden blames millennials for leaks #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @BazziNYU: THEY HEE-EAR! — NY Daily News front page on @wikileaks revealing CIA hacking
[email protected]: Eric Weinstein, managing director of (Peter) Thiel Capital, responding to CIA #Vault7
House Intel Chair announces first Congressional hearing to investigate Russian interference will be on March 20
Testimony before State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Subcommittee, Senate Committee on Appropriations by FM
Ukraine FM met Sec. Tillerson
Russia says in the Hague court that militants found weapons in the Donbas coal mines.
[email protected]: CIA classifies hacking document to avoid "law enforcement" attributing CIA attacks to the CIA (pdf)
[email protected]: RT @wikileaks: [email protected] We look forward to sharing great classified info about you More
[email protected]: Crowd-sourced find in #Vault7 discovers CIA tool to make Android phones bulk-spy on WiFi networks around them
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: Evidence mounts showing CIA & FBI knew about catastrophic weaknesses in the most-used smartphones in America, but kept them op…
[email protected]: RT @accessnow: #Breaking: #WikiLeaks alleged #CIA documents highlight urgent need for limits on government hacking
[email protected]: RT @nytimes: WikiLeaks release said CIA had program to use Samsung smart TVs as covert listening devices
Ambassador Piotr Wilczek: The Kremlin has a chief strategic objective: to restore superpower status lost after the fall of communism
[email protected]: RT @tagesschau: Die Plattform WikiLeaks hat umfangreiche Dokumente über angebliche Aktivitäten des US-Auslandsgeheimdienstes CIA veröffentl…
Snap check of combat readiness of army has started in Serbia - Defence Ministry
[email protected]: Germany Chancellor Merkel visits @WhiteHouse next week.
"Don't give us lessons in democracy," Turkish foreign minister tells Germany
[email protected]: #Vault7: Secret CIA table reveals Google Android & Chrome vulnerabilities/zero days
Lords defy prime minister on giving parliament final say on Brexit
UK's upper chamber of parliament defeats PM May's government on changes to Brexit bill
[email protected]: Claims that #Vault7 cracks Signal etc encryption or that Signal is safe. Neither are true. #vault7 cracks Android/iOS, bypassing Signal etc.
[email protected]: WSJ also confirms authenticity of #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: The CIA reports show the USG developing vulnerabilities in US products, then intentionally keeping the holes open. Reckless be…
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: Still working through the publication, but what @Wikileaks has here is genuinely a big deal. Looks authentic.
[email protected]: How a cashed up, expanding #CIA built its "own #NSA" #Vault7
[email protected]: That Samsung smart TV? The CIA can turn the mic on and listen to everything you say #vault7 #1984rebooted
[email protected]: #Vault7 reveals classified manuals for CIA malware to infest Windows, Linux + more 1)
New issue of ISIS' Rumiyah mag calls for murder of German Salafi preachers and Aiman Mazyek, head of Central Council of Muslims in Germany.
Senators grill potential Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over President Trump's possible ties with Russia
[email protected]: RT @Publico: Wikileaks revela ferramentas de espionagem informática da CIA
[email protected]: RT @nytimes: WikiLeaks release said CIA managed to bypass encryption on popular services such as Signal, WhatsApp and Telegram
[email protected]: RT @dwnews: [email protected] documents reveal the city of Frankfurt was used as a remote hacking base for the CIA
Democrats use the Senate confirmation hearing for Sessions' potential deputy to grill him on Russia issues
[email protected]: CIA tips for its hackers going to the covert CIA hacking base hidden in the US consulate in Frankfurt #Vault7
Tomorrow the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine will visit NATO HQ
[email protected]: How the CIA built a vast cyberweapons arsenal--and then lost control of it #Vault7
[email protected]: #CIA hid ability to #hack smart phones and TVs worldwide from makers, despite #Obama pledge to reveal #Vault7
[email protected]: WikiLeaks #Vault7 reveals "one of the most astounding intelligence own goals in living memory," according to editor @JulianAssange
[email protected]: CIA hackers celebrated what they saw as the financial largesse of Obama towards them with "Make It Rain"
[email protected]: WikiLeaks #Vault7 confirms CIA can effectively bypass Signal + Telegram + WhatsApp + Confide
SBU detained militant of "DNR" near Horlivka
SBU detained militant of DNR near Horlivka
[email protected]: CIA organizational chart partly re-constructed by @WikiLeaks #Vault7
[email protected]: Jointly developed CIA+MI5 malware infests Samsung smart TVs to turn them into covert microphones #Vault7
[email protected]: CIA steals other groups virus and malware facilitating false flag attacks #Vault7
[email protected]: U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base
[email protected]: CIA negligence sees it losing control of all cyber weapons arsenal sparking serious proliferation concerns #Vault7
German Finance Minister says Greece must decide if it wants to stay in euro zone
[email protected]: CIA hacker malware a threat to journalists: infests iPhone, Android bypassing Signal, Confide encryption
WikiLeaks publishes global hacking capacity of the CIA
Gen. Dunford, @thejointstaff, Gen. Akar, Gen. Gerasimov pose for a photo during discussions on deconflicting ops in Syria.
[email protected]: RELEASE: CIA Vault 7 Year Zero decryption passphrase: SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds
USAF KC135 leaving the scene over Poland after refuelling a NATO E3 Sentry AWACS
May clear she wants Brexit bill to pass unamended - spokesman
Pentagon says US's mission in Manbij is to deter violence between Turkish, Russian and other forces
Battle in the area between Olenivka-Oleksandrivka now, incl. with heavy artillery.
No victims in French Alps avalanche: ski resort
FM Çavuşoğlu: "Today I travel to Hamburg, and tonight I meet with our countrymen in Hamburg."
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: major hostilities continued at the frontline stretching from Chermalyk to Shyrokyne
Col. Motuzyanyk: In Kamianka, Donetsk airport area and Nevelske, militants applied small arms provoking UA servicemen
ATO spokesperson: Avdiivka town remains without electricity; repair works cannot start due to threat of enemy shellings
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: In Avdiivka, Russian proxies actively applied mortars all day and night long
ATO spox: In the Horlivka perimeter, militants opened fire at UA positions all across the frontline
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: At Svitlodarsk, militants performed several armed provocations in the afternoon
ATO spokesperson: In Popasna area, yesterday, militants shelled UA positions in Novooleksandrivka and Troitske
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: Krymske was major hotspot in the Luhansk sector - heavy weapons were largely applied by the enemy
Bad weather is hampering the rescue operation with reports of up to 30 people being trapped under the snow
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine March 7, 2017, 00:00 EET
At least 4 people dead after an avalanche hits the French ski resort Tignes, rescue operation ongoing.
Two killed in Stockholm violence, four suspects have been detained. - Expressen
An avalanche has hit Tignes in the French Alps, Rescue teams have been sent to the area with reports of many trapped.
Avalanche hits French ski slope, engulfing many skiers: police
Hungary parliament approves detention of all asylum-seekers
Turkey military says chief meeting U.S., Russian counterparts on Syria
May should call an early election to cope with Brexit - Hague says
The European Court of Justice has ruled that refugees do not have to be granted humanitarian visas to the EU
[email protected]: RT @X_net_: EU #copyright reform threatens our freedom of expression #Meme #Gif #Parody... Stop #CensorshipMachine spread & act!
[email protected] Gen. Dunford meets with Turkish and Russian military leaders to discuss deconflicting ops in Syria at Antalya, Turkey today.
Liftoff of the Vega rocket at Guyane space center with Sentinel-2B satellite
Putin pardoned Sevastidi, convicted of sms to Georgia
Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Paris IL, Marshall IL, Casey IL until 3:00 AM CST
US Air Force Lockheed U2 Tracking over Scotland at 70,000ft
[email protected]: ANNOUNCE: WikiLeaks press conference in six hours at 9am ET / 1pm UTC / 14:00 CET. Streamed live. #askWL
Russian militants "15 division" at Avdiivka Promka
122 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 5 soldiers wounded, 1 was killed
Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Baraboo WI, Portage WI, Berlin WI until 12:00 AM CST
[email protected]: Trailer for new @KimDotcom documentary [Kim shares the same Alexandria, VA prosecutor with Assange, Snowden]
[email protected]: How to unarchive a ".7z" (7zip) file: Use a 7zip program. Many are available for Windows/Mac/Linux. Internet search for "7zip".
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