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19 สิงหาคม 2018

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#Austria has begun installing a 3.7 km long fence at a border crossing with #Slovenia
Turkish, Ukraine Defense Firms in Talks for Tank Upgrades
Hearing of Shelling in North of Donetsk
Body of young refugee girl washes up on a Turkish beach
Eagles of Death Metal with U2 «people have the power»
Tonight in #Paris, #EaglesOfDeathMetal on stage with #U2. #Bataclan
Rock Band 'Eagles of Death Metal' Appear on Stage in Paris
Minister of Defense of Georgia @tinakhidasheli at @CSIS discussing @NATO prospects for #Georgia, and #security in Black Sea area
Shooting heard not long ago in #Avdiivka
Owner of #Croatia's news portal, Michael Ljubas, shot and wounded by assailant in capital Zagreb: reports
Several streets in Moscow shutdown cause of explosion at bus stop
[email protected] Biden announced today $190 mln in new assistance to support Ukraine’s reform agenda
There will be some shifting in the Ukrainian government – Anders Aslund
Reports: one of the wounded at Moscow explosion is citizen of Ukraine
Reports: one of the wounded at Moscow explosion is citizen of Ukraine
Russian Investigative Committee summoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Russia just put the finishing touches on 6 Arctic military bases
#Refugees and #migrants arrive in #Lesbos.
Azerbaijani serviceman killed by Armenian fire
Police in #Moscow #Russia say the home made Bomb Attack was an Act Of "Hooliganism" and not terror related. 3 people were injured.
Luhansk. Russian soldiers in the city
Moscow police so far consider attack act of 'hooliganism'
4 injured at IED explosion in Moscow
IED exploded at bus-stop in Moscow
BiH, Montenegro sign border crossing protocol
At least 3 injured after IED explodes near bus stop in Moscow.
Initial reports say something "threw an IED" at people at Pokrovka bus stop. #Moscow
Bus Stop at Pokrovka, on which there was an explosion
Truckers protest at Khimki today
France: Two municipal police injured in shooting in #Cavalaire
Fire at power plant in St.Petersburg. Firefighters already localized the fire
Today at #Idomeni border camp
#KryvyRih: the reformed city elect commission reportedly calls on the Rada to appoint a new election there
LGBTi activists came out with pickets in defence of lorry drivers in St. Petersburg
Shooting in center of Sofia at Boulevard Cherny Vryh. There are wounded
Lufthansa #LH408 has now declared an emergency, diverting to Manchester, UK
#Donetsk. Heavy volleys to north. Petrovka very loud.
About 60% of Socar’s oil production passes through the platform
Bulgarian police looking for suspected car after shooting in center of Sofia
Uber fined 150,000 euros for misleading practices in France
OSCE #Kosovo Mission Head Schlumberger condemns incidents in Goraždevac/Gorazhdec, calls for prompt investigation
Readout from @VP's visit to #Ukraine. 'Underscored costs on Russia would rise until full implementation of Minsk.'
#Marinka, North, powerful explosions
Luhansk republic leader says Poroshenko won't launch new offensive in Donbas
#FEMEN against Le Pen
A man from Sudan reads the Koran at #CalaisJungle
Neva river flood: water raised 160 cm
Lava flows from the #MountEtna volcano on the southern Italian island of Sicily, for the first time in two years
Debris that damned the beck , flooding Braithewaite
Biden says Russia must fulfil Ukraine peace deal, hand back Crimea
Donald Tusk: Uncertainty over #Brexit is 'destabilising' the EU
Bosnian capital holds service to remember #Serb victims of 1990s #Sarajevo seige
Poroshenko: Kyiv is ready to support the coalition in Syria
EU's Tusk says expects deal in February to avoid 'Brexit'
Launch of Proton-M with the military satellite delayed
Osnabrück, Germany: Attacker is a 23 years old men from Morocco, he tried to steal a gun from a police men, at least 2 officers seriously injured
Osnabrück, Germany:Incident happend after the man was kicked out of a train for using the train without a ticket, the attacker is a refugee.
Man attacked several police officers on a train station in #Osnabrück #Germany while he shouted "IS" and 'Allahu Akbar".
Destruction in Donetsk
Police surround the Poundland store where a man was stabbed to death inside
Serbian minister sacked, after he told female report: "I like females that fall on their knees", after lowering for camera.
#migrants Demonstration at the Greek-Macedonian border near Idomeni
Biden: "I talk to the president of Ukraine more often than with my wife. I think both of them are not satisfied with this"
EU/Armenia @FedericaMog And Minister Nalbandian Open Negotiations For New Relations' Framework
Stateless on #Lesvos :A new #film by #ReelNews about the incredible work being done on Lesvos
Stateless on Lesvos :A new film by ReelNews about the incredible work being done on Lesvos
[email protected]: Ukrainians expectations are very high. Ukrainian corruption must stay in the past – @JoeBiden and @Poroshenko
#Russian court sentences Ildar #Dadin to 3 years under new #anti-protest law
Anti-terror drills in Finland. Display for foreign ambassadors
How are refugees moving on within #Europe
Today we are able to defend Ukraine – President Poroshenko
@VP meets with members of civil and government reformers in Ukr. Top: Corruption
Charles de Gaulle carrier has crossed the Suez canal
[email protected] Amb Lute in #Slovakia on #NATO's current focus: It's Back to Basics - we're reminded of fundamental mission of collective defense
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
"Cloud" after heavy explosion in Staroetrivs'ke near Enakiyeve reported
Report: DNR pushing tanks through Korsun' to Panteleimonovka and Krasnyi Partyzan
In the Moscow region declared a storm warning — wind up to 23 m/s
Hungarian Police don't find bomb on Egypt-bound plane from Germany
Restarted hostilies in Horlivka
Head of Rus Parliament Naryshkin: Kyiv can bet on any new confrontation in the Donbass
Police on scene say they are searching for one student, Police are down-playing rumours he had a knife and threatened students.
Kerch' today
Man armed with a knife threatens students at a School in Hofors #Sweden, School is on lock-down with students in their classrooms
SWAT detains activists after the conviction of opposition leader Dudin
In #Ivanofrankovsk railway station and bus station is on lockdown after bomb threat
Latest UK flood warning map
Yatsenyuk: Ukraine has fulfilled all conditions for visa-free regime
Russian Satellite Set To Crash Back To Earth
800 tons of oranges and lemon leaving #Latakia today to #Russia, replacing #Turkey usual vegetable and fruits supply after sanctions.
Syria: London Mayor Boris Johnson says the UK should work with Russia and Assad in #Syria to combat ISIS
Berlin-Hurgada diverted to Budapest after bomb threat
Latvian PM Laimdota Straujuma resigns, says need for 'new ideas'
#Putin´s spox: not interested in Navalny´s #Chayka investigation. "Not about attorney general but his adult sons"
Vice President Biden honored the memory of the Heavenly Hundred
An Algerian warship in refit suffered an explosion in Russia
Leytonstone knife attack: First picture of accused Muhaydin Mire
London Tube stabbing suspect had IS images on phone: court
#Kosovo #massacre village angered by #Serbian army chief's visit to Pristina
Mujenko: new unit of the armed forces of RF entered Ukraine
Marine Le Pen: "The French people have been wanting to try the National Front"
A group of migrants pray after their arrival on a dinghy from the Turkish coast to the Greek island of Lesbos
Met @VP Biden,A/S Nuland and @GeoffPyatt and raised Qs of #freeSavchenko, climate change&energy-efficiency and Donbas
No servicemen were killed in the ATO zone for last day, 8 soldiers were injured - Lysenko
Russia: Prosecutors To Inspect TV Rain For Violations Of Extremism And Labour Laws
A rescue is underway in the #Mediterranean where the #Argos is assisting ~120 #people from a rubber boat
Vice President Biden and Poroshenko hold a bilateral meeting
Engineers from Electricity North West have restored power to all but 300 customers in Lancaster, Morecambe and the surrounding area
The new trafficking route into Europe from Nigeria
#Ukraine defense Ministry signed an agreement with European defence Agency
Economist extraordinaire Timothy Ash predicts at least 2% growth in 2016 for #Ukraine
Economist extraordinaire Timothy Ash predicts at least 2% growth in 2016 for Ukraine
Lenin monument was removed in Hlukhiv
Ruban: In process of talks on phone Karyakin (representative of LNR) got a text from Medvechuk with q. abt Savchenko
Britain deploys army to rescue #StormDesmond flood victims
Explosion at Algeria Navy ship on repairment at St.Petersburg shipyard
Front of Novaya: teenager killed by 6 masked staff members in youth prison screaming abuse about Ukrainians at him
Armenia says voters approved sweeping constitutional reform
Germany records 964,000 asylum-seekers since Jan: ministry
Drone footage of #Chernobyl New Safe Confinement
Sky sources-FAI report into Glasgow #binlorry crash: driver Harry Clarke "deliberately misled" doctors over his medical history
USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group enters U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations
Latvian news agency LETA speculates that PM Straujuma will resign this morning.
Outrage over sexist comment about female journalist forces #Serbia Defence Minister Bratislav Gašić to apologize
Russian militants fired at the #ATO forces 51 times last night
BDK-61 Korolev (130) is bearing the Russian Navy Ensign Andreevsky and "Keep clear of me" flags. #SyrianExpress
Among 51 attacks since 6pm militants 5 times attacked Ukrainian positions in Luhansk region
Ukraine, Chile, Bolivia, Georgia, Venezuela and Brazil #MissUniverse2015
[email protected] has landed. He is to meet @Poroshenko. Feed of joint presser at 15:10 at @TheBankova
Arnold Schwarzenegger Lights Menorah at the Eiffel Tower on First Night of Hanukkah - #HappyHanukkah
Small arms fighting near Popasna
Fighting in Pisky/Donetsk airport area
Activists demo in Borispil, waiting for Biden
Some activists are being detained from the Republic Sq. #Armref15 #protest #Armenia
Some activists are being detained from the Republic Sq. Armref15 protest Armenia
#Regionales2015 In Burgundy the #FN leads
Observer Hrayr Manukyan was beaten when uncovered violations at Davitashen precinct
Far-right National Resistance Movement paraded through Helsinki with clubs and torches as police cleared the way
#Regionales2015 #FN to get more than 57% in #Marignane
Republika Srpska has challenged decision by which Bosnia state seized property at Han Pijesak, in the Serb entity
Upcoming appeal court ruling on military property at Han Pijesak could open #Bosnia's path to #Nato: report
Twitter condemns London subway stabbing with #YouAintNoMuslimBruv
#Horlivka earlier today
Horlivka earlier today
Audible fighting in #Donetsk tonight, machine guns
Audible fighting in Donetsk tonight, machine guns
#USSRoss conducting trng w/Ukrainian Auxiliary ship Balta (U811) during PASSEX in #BlackSea
Ambassador of Ukraine to Finland congratulated President of Finland with Independence Day
Loud in #Pisky volleys are flying overhead
MLePen "we are the first party of France despite not being represented at the National Assembly" this will change in 2017
Results estimates of Local elections in France
African coal arrived in Ukraine
30% of French voted for #MarineLePen Nationl Front - Exit polls leaked by @lesoir
Plain clothes officers to be deployed on tube and rail stations
#Regionales2015 Estimations nationales: #FN 29-30%, #Républicains 25-27%, #PS :22-23%
Downtown Athens has turned into an open battlefield. Molotov cocktails everywhere
#Proton will carry clandestine payload believed to be #Garpun military data relay comsat
Grenade explosion in Bucha. 3 wounded
Poroshenko about meeting with Erdogan: not talked only about tomatos and tangerines
#Athens: Clashes with police in anarchist neighborhood of #Exarchia
For me, the Crimea is Ukrainian land, the Crimeans are Ukrainians - Poroshenko
Still heavy clashes in #Exarchia lots of teargas
As of now #NO wins in a lot of polling stations in #Armenia #armref15
Heavy shelling in Horlivka
#Athens: Clashes throughout #Exarcheia following the 2nd march in memory of #AlexisGrigoropoulos
Sound of battle near Novhrorods'ke
Sound of battle near Novhrorods'ke
In Kyiv demo against Pope visit
Clashes throughout the streets in Exarchia #Athens #Greece
Nuland arrived in Kyiv
Athens center, close to Exarhia (Panepistimiou and Bennaki str)
Daughters of artist Pavlensky on the demo near FSB
Polling stations closed at 20:00, CEC says voter turnout was 50.51% #ArmRef15
Man overpowered on Lufthansa flight after interfering with door
In Syria killed jihadist who lived in Grodno, Belarus
Jordanian restrained on #Lufthansa flight after threatening to bring plane down
Heavy shelling in Donetsk
Riot police gathered in the freedom sq. #yerevan #armref15
Medical equipment for Ukrainian army arrived from UK
Rally in support of political prisoners in Moscow
Militants shelled Novhorods'ke with mortars - ATO HQ
Bloger: Dmitry Shumkov knew too much
Oath of new policemen in Mykolaiv
Armenians are voting in a constitutional referendum
#Greece: Clashes erupt during #AlexandrosGrigoropoulos rally in the city of #Thessaloniki.
The Polish defense Ministry refutes the lie of Russian mass media about the request to place nuke
#Azerbaijan state oil company says search is still on for 29 workers missing after a fire swept through oil platform in #CaspianSea
Ukrainian flag raised over Saur-Mohyla
Rally in Donetsk today
Soldiers have been providing support to the authorities in Carlisle in aftermath of Storm Desmond
Towards #Shyrokyne small arms shootout and AGL's can be heard. Now also something heavy booms. #Mariupol
UAF servicemen KIA at #Zaitseve. #Ukraine
Russian self-propelled artillery in Belorechens'ke
In Cherkassy felt billboard. 7 wounded
Open doors day at Ukrainian Navy Fregat Sagaidachny
One of 2 Russian military satellites launched yesterday from Plesetsk failed
Odessa aviation plant has presented a new Aero aircraft L-39M for the Armed forces of Ukraine
Cumbria Police has warned #Carlisle residents to stay indoors, not travel and to keep devices charged in preparation for worst case scenario
Assad says British bombing in Syria will fail, ridicules PM Cameron
French local elections: Marine Le Pen has voted at Hénin-Beaumont
National Rail says trains are not running between #Preston and Glasgow Central / Edinburgh / Barrow-in-Furness
Regional elections in France #Regionales2015 François #Hollande voted #Tulle
Grenade explosion in apartment block in Oleksijevo-Druzhkivka
ATO HQ: Militants attacked Ukrainian positions in Shirokino last night
On Dec 4, During heavy battle near Mayorsk, UAF destroyed 2 pieces of enemy equipment and 20 militants
ATO: Overnight militants continued attacks firing at UA positions near Pisky, Avdiivka, Novhorodske, Mayorsk, Zaitseve, Troitske and Shyrokyne
Donetsk. Several single volleys
Moldovan FM calls on Russia to withdraw from Transdniester
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