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21 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Interfax source also confirms Karen Karapetyan as next prime minister and Vigen Sargsyan as foreign minister
Donetsk near airport: some new "local Yakuts"
Russian soldier geotagged photo in Instagram in Debaltseve after Alabino, Russia
Army-2016 exhibit near Moscow
RUAF Il-76 76720 Ryazan - Taganrog
Vekhnetorets'ke: 2 civilians heavy wounded as result of shelling
State dept spox Toner: Kerry talked for 45 mins with Lavrov on Syria by phone. No confirmation of meeting tomorrow in Geneva
Advertising in Kherson region: Ukrainian travelers going to Crimea please photo all radars, military equipment
Russia says jets intercepted US spy planes 'according to rules'
It was not the first attempt by @NATO planes to approach the Russian airspace to spy after the 'Caucasus2016' drills - @mod_russia
NATO Georgia Commission just met in Tbilisi.
Russians say the American planes had their transponders switched off.
Russian Su-27 was flew from the airbase after approaching reconnaissance aircraft USA
Today Russian ships approaching UA gaz platforms were met with a Ukrainian patrol boat, a Russian Su-24 circled over the boat many times.
Russian Mindef Zvezda News: Su-27s from Crimea intercepted U.S plane approaching RF border
Lavrov expressed indignation over the new sanctions attacks of US against Russia under pretext of Ukrainian crisis
In an accident near St. Petersburg seven people were killed, including two children
Russian Su-27 came within 10 feet of US Navy spy plane in Black Sea today. Classified photo of incident has not been downgraded for release
U.S. Defense officials say Russian SU-27 jet came within 10ft of a US Navy p-8 in international airspace over the Black Sea today
US defense officials calling latest Russian intercept of US Navy plane over Black Sea today "unsafe and unprofessional,"
Russian Su-27 intercepts US Navy P-8 over Black Sea
Minsk meeting today: nothing agreed
Russian SOF operation in Dagestan. Armored car truck ZIL Karatel
Russian SOF operation in Dagestan. Armored car truck ZIL Karatel
Today some Russian ships were sailing near Odessa Gas Field while US P-8 was patrolling the same area.
Website of Levada Center now blocked
Aeroflot changing lots of flights to Southern Russia and Crimea tomorrow due to "military drills"
UK to begin building anti-migrant wall in Calais France later this month
Secretary General @jensstoltenberg: NATO-Georgia partnership is strong and getting stronger"
Russians don't see the difference between protest against corruption&Russian protectorate and impudent attack against democratic government – Klimkin
1/2 the Russians in the Council of Europe compared the Maidan coup attempt in Turkey – Klimkin
1/2 the Russians in the Council of Europe compared the Maidan coup attempt in Turkey – Klimkin
OSCE SMM 6/09: higher no. of ceasefire violations in Donetsk reg (incl 62 explosions) and in Luhansk reg (incl 42 explosions)
Russian Air Force Tu-154 from Chkalovsky to Rostov
RuAF Il-76 Vnukovo - Yeysk
Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine O.Zerkal met with NATO Legal Adviser S.Hill
Russian Mindef video: night flights during Kavkaz2016 drill
It's propaganda
LifeNews: "DNR" soldier killed in Ukrainian attack on Donetsk
2 Police Officers Attacked With Knife In Molenbeek, Brussels; Attacker Arrested
Iraqi Kurdistan Region President @masoud_barzani arrived in Paris
In Georgia US Ambassador to NATO, on panel of peers, says enlargement is an obligation of Alliance #TbilisiConf
OSCE monitoring at Line of Contact passes without incident
Alternative 2016 Paralympics games opened in Russia
Picture of the car with 7 gas canisters found near Notre Dame Cathedral Paris; 2 people arrested
Georgia has arrangements for the preparation for accession to NATO — Stoltenberg
Building collapsed in Moscow, possible people trapped
Building collapsed in Moscow, possible people trapped
Putin government finance ministry proposes cut funding for Rosatom - Fennovoima project from welfare fund
DefMin @Macierewicz_A signed the Letter of request related to procurement of 8 Patriot SAM system batteries
Georgia has all practical tools to prepare for NATO membership and NATO is committed to helping Georgia on this path – SG @jensstoltenberg
Defense Secretary Ash Carter rebukes Russia. "We will not ignore attempts to interfere in our democratic processes."
Dutch MP refuses to shake @netanyahu 's hand
Reuters: EU extends sanctions against Russia for 6 months
Russian Defense Ministry signs over $2 billion worth of contracts at Army 2016 Forum
Essex: First pictures of Grain chimney being demolished
Suspects arrested in Paris terror probe are a 34-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman; both are known to intelligence agencies
Car containing gas cylinders but without a detonator found near the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris; 2 arrested in terror probe - Le Figaro
Peskov: extension of anti-Russian sanctions by U.S is against that Putin talked with Obama
Polish PM @BeataSzydlo announces Innovation Congress June 2017: "We want to learn from you. We are good at politics but not at start-ups."
U.S military helped to repair school in Starychi, L'viv region
Area closures in effect in Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea during Exercise KAVKAZ-2016
SecDef Carter: US does not seek cold, let alone a hot war with Russia. But make no mistake, we will defend our allies and principled world order
SecDef on Brexit: decision does not change all that we have to do together, whether in response to Russia or ISIL threat
SecDef in @UniofOxford speech: US and UK continue to stand together on behalf of "principled international order"
Medevac Humvees, provided by US already at ATO
ATO spox: Intel: RU soldiers in Eastern Ukraine: Navruzali Kasumov, Aram Ashurbekov, Konstantin Titov, Ivan Pletnyov
ATO spox: 1 Ukrainian serviceman was wounded in action, no fatalities on Sep 7
Meeting of Minsk contact group just begin
Peskov: After "sabotage in Crimea", relations between Russia and Ukraine reduced to minimum, no meetings between Putin and Poroshenko in plans
"He's a great mind, businessman and human," Kirkorov on Trump
Several in custody after police discovered an abandoned van with 6 cylinders of gas in central Paris
[email protected] begins his visit to @coe for exchange of views on Turkey with @MevlutCavusoglu and other colleagues
SBU seized cache of ammunition in Starobil'sk district of Luhansk region
In Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russian security forces proceeded with extrajudicial killing of 3 suspected
Mark Feygin: I've flown to Crimea. Umerov has just been released from the psychiatric centre in Simferopol
SBU prevented terror attacks in Lisichansk, 2 detained, explosives seized, organizer is in Russia
A Russian court has sentenced four Crimeans to prison for ties with Hizb ut-Tahrir in the Crimea
[email protected] Secretary Carter is in UK
Deployment of aviation of Southern military district of Russia
Evacuation due to bomb threat at Pulkovo airport
[email protected] to visit Berlin
Earthquake M3.4 in Central Italy
NATO-Georgia conference #Tbilisiconf discussing Russia threat
3 astronauts from International @Space_Station back on Earth Tuesday after 172 days in space. Landed in Kazakhstan.
13 years old boy shot dead in St.Peterburg. Possible suicide. His father was "activist of war at Donbas"
"Europe should understand that the EU needs Ukraine. Calm, safe and independent Ukraine is a safe Europe."- @BeataSzydlo at @Economic_Forum_
Russian Kavkaz2016 drill continues: mechanical infantry
Grenade exploded near Volnovakha city hall last night, no wounded
Military equipment demo at Army2016 forum in Kubinka, Moscow region of Russia
21 ceasefire violations on September 6 in ATO zone, Russian forces used 80mm, 120mm mortars on Talakivka
Yest evening OSCE SMM vehicle in Ivano-Frankivsk was set on fire. No injuries. Police is investigating
Artillery from France is arriving at the frontlines in the war against Islamic State in Iraq and a French aircraft carrier is preparing to leave for the Middle East in advance of the operation to retake Mosul, the French Defense Minister announced on Tuesday
Every 2nd bank closed in Crimea in last 2 years
The Russian Ministry of Defense has signed a contract for 100 T-14 Armata tanks.
Turkish Foreign Minister says Turks no longer believe in the EU
Update: Police detained 22 participants of shooting in Odesa hotel
Daldykan River in Russia's Krasnoyarsk region turns bloody red
Police detained 18 at Odesa hotel
Police stormed Odesa hotel, no casualties, investigation now
Armed Men Storm Hotel In Ukraine's Odessa, Take Hostages
Unknown armed people took hostages in Odesa hotel Vila le Premier
Daldykan River, Norilsk. Locals suspect leak of pyrrhotite concentrate from Norilsk Nickel
Police in Odesa on alert
Police in Odesa on alert
Something was shotdown over Donetsk, - SAM missile and heavy explosion in the skies due to reports
Unknown armed men seized hotel in Odesa
Rocket launched from Plesetsk exploded near Arkhangelsk on 25 Aug
Svaytoshin: Titushki burning tires to avoid storming
Days of Ukrainian culture in Istanbul, Turkey
Aircraft with six people believed on board goes missing near Veles in central Macedonia: reports
Clashes at Svyatoshino, Kyiv: locals with support of fighters of volunteer battalions storming illegal construction protected by titushki
Taganrog, Rostov Oblast Russia near the Ukrainian border. Train with military hardware including MLRS.
RUAF strategic sw net up with heavy voice traffic. Possible Tu160 and other units airborne
Suspicious package in house in Moscow. Sappers on the site
HU PM Orban agrees: "Brexit provides us with a great opportunity to review our problems... And make us reform."
Krynica PMs meeting key questions: eurointegration, transport, energy
Police in Northern Ireland have searched 12 separate locations in the Larne area and recovered a significant amount of terrorist material
Krynica, Poland: Meeting of PMs of Visegrád 4+1 Ukraine
Russian military bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Russian-occupied Georgia, have joined the exercises #Kavkaz2016
Russian military equipment exhibits at #Army2016
Russian Justice Ministry says Levada Centre got grant from Uni. of Wisconsin, "founder of which is US Defence Dept."
Ukrainian PM @VGroysman is in Poland, will meet @BeataSzydlo and Vishegrad-4
Flight RFF9007 85594 from Crimea - Russian head of general staff
Maykop, Republic of Adygea Russia: Caucasus 2016 large scale military exercise.
British radical cleric Choudary jailed for five-and-a-half years
British radical cleric Choudary jailed for five-and-a-half years
Protesters end siege of Inter TV channel after deal with Inter management
Russia's strategic threat to Ukraine: exercise "Kavkaz-2016"/"Caucasus-2016"
USAF RC-135W 62-4135 THYRO87 departed Souda Bay at 1050z - 3 hour 30 min Black Sea mission
Graham Phillips at Ukrainian checkpoint in Armyansk
Arrested the drug gang, which "earned" 4 million UAH monthly
The Federation of employers of Ukraine has elected a replacement for Firtash
German and Latvian troops have begin a joint exercise "Persistent Presence" in Latvia
Two 15-year-olds plead guilty to manslaughter of Elizabeth Edwards and her 13-year-old daughter Katie in Lincolnshire and not guilty to murder
Drunk driver hit a patrol officer in Odessa
RUAF Il-76 76738 dropped paratroopers at Opuk, Crimea, now to Tver
Bosnia arrests six Serb war crimes suspects, including one as he emerged from court in a separate case
Ukrainian Mikoyan MiG-29 jets passing over a camp in Donetsk Oblast
Shoigu opened "ARMY2016" forum in Kubinka
Russian reserve fund dropped $6B in August-September
ATO spox: Intelligence: 450 Russian regulars arrived to Donetsk via Snizhne.
ATO spox: 115 Russia-backed militants arrived to Crimea for joint drills with Russian Marines
ATO spox: SBU blocked channel of financing the militants, confiscated 10m rubles, $100,000
ATO spox: 1 Ukrainian serviceman KIA, 2 soldiers and 1 policeman were wounded on Sep 5
ATO spox: Ukrainian troops detected 5 militant drones yesterday
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Militants opened fire on the Azov Sea coastline. Fired 90 mortar mines by Talakivka, Shyrokyne
Inter: blocked workers staing without replacement two days
Interfax: half of all SAM S-300 shipped to Iran
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine September 6, 2016, 00:00 EET
Ukrainian National Police started the competition for vacant positions in the patrol police in 5 cities
USAF RC-135U 64-14849 HAGI60 departed Souda Bay at 0823z - 3 hour 30 min Black Sea mission
Ukraine has received $15 billion in losses via trade war with Russia
Poroshenko said that will launch changes to the Constitution regarding Donbass
Schaeuble Says Russia Engaged In ‘Propaganda War’
Russia has created a media network in Ukraine aimed at the destabilization of the situation in country
Lviv is sucked in smoke. Rescuers are unable to say from where it comes
Miners and doctors are picketing the Verkhovna Rada
Crisis gave us opportunities to strengthen Ukraine as a democratic nation – President’s address to @verkhovna_rada
Russia uses Reserve Fund to cover budget deficit third time this year
One Ukrainian died, another wounded as a result of the collapse of parking in Israel
Poroshenko: I'll not permit the state budget without scholarships
The second day of the siege: Inter have called the critical situation with the blocking of the telecentre
Theresa May rules out an immigration plan that Brexit backers espoused
Poroshenko: 26 districts and 987 settlements has thrown off the сommunist name
Putin in Samarkand paid honor to Karimov
The French prime minister criticized a New York Times article giving voice to Muslim women
"Our exports to Russia fell by half", - Poroshenko.
Poroshenko said laid more than 2 thousand employees of SBU for 2 years
UK to hold extraordinary meeting about Syria in London tomorrow
IT became the third sector in Ukraine in terms of exports, reaching $ 2.5 billion, which forms 3% of GDP
Infographics by General Staff on Russian forces in Donbas
Poroshenko: 38500 Russian fighters now at Donbas
We don’t rule out, must be prepared for Russian full-scale invasion. Then expect defensive lethal weapons – President’s to @verkhovna_rada
Muzhenko met with Karber and general Breedlove
Poroshenko to Putin: Crimea is Ukraine, question is not closed
Poroshenko: the temperature of the conflict is now below as in previous years
Poroshenko: I don't want mobilization or martial law
Our strategic goal is NATO membership — Poroshenko
Our strategic goal is NATO membership — Poroshenko
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Pro-Russian account in Horlivka tweets that "helicopter down, felt near me". If aircraft possible some UAV/drone(OSCE UAV?)
Flights disrupted at London City Airport after protesters got on to runway - 'Black Lives Matter' claiming responsibility for incident
Putin arrived in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Barzani will meet Franso Holland this week in France 2 discuss the fight against ISIL and Kurdistan referendum for Independency
Russian riot police commit searches in Simferopol mosque
Cache of weapons seized in Bezginove village of Luhansk region
London City Airport flights disrupted after protesters occupy runway
The ruling party in Serbia, SNS, Will not be accepted into the European People's Party (EPP) today. Decision postponed to November
Rally near Verkhovna Rada
Commission accepts that Germany sends migrants back to Greece
This Infographic shows how directly Russian army participates in events in Eastern Ukraine.
Putin is going to visit Caucasus-2016 drill
Ukrainian HQ: 21 ceasefire violations on September 6 at Donbas
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