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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Russia constructing fence on border with Ukraine in Krasnodon district
Refugees on M5 are boarding buses. Police are going to bring them back to Röszke camp
Expert: Moscow prepares Ukrainian scenario for Belarus
Pegida Munich marches surrounded by police, very heavy presence today
Trilaterial meeting on EU-Kyiv Association Agreement held in "positive way" - Ulyukaev
Three buses came for refugees marching on the highway M5 to Budapest. Police want to take them back to Röszke. There is a negotiation now.
"Orban, save us!" Sign at the Pegida anti-immigrant demonstration in Munich
Air Force units of Russian Western Military District alerted within snap check
Pegida demo gathered again in Neumarkt, Dresden
Former VW dealership turned refugee center in Munich. One of 5 centers housing 600 newly arrived refugees
Pegida rally in Dresden this evening.
At least three other arrests at Nazidemo in Dortmund
Masse registration at Lesvos
Roszke: acc to approx 150 people got on the motorway, walking in the wrong direction, towards Belgrade. Police used teargas.
"We have to evaluate the capability of the Airborne Forces for long-distance deployments and their readiness for landing on unfamiliar zones" -- Shoigu
Russia is going to block PornHub:
Head of Pegida demo Dresden
Merkel's popularity in Serbia "skyrocketing" after July visit, says Prime Minister Vucic in Berlin. "Almost as high as Putin's."
"We'll never build a barbed-wire fence to Macedonia or Bulgaria," says Serbia PM Vucic in Berlin.
Defence minister resigns
"We want to be part of EU solution," Serbia PM Vucic says after talking to Merkel about refugee crisis.
Migrants break through police line at Roszke camp – VIDEOS, PHOTOS
The number of wounded in the hurricane in Kazan has risen to 19
Russian FSB detained 3 missing Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea
Pushilin denied reports about the arrest of Purgin
Hundreds of migrants and refugees left on foot from southern Hungary towards Budapest. Flanked by police.
Police trying to direct refugees from the M5 highway to a smaller road. People are chanting 'Budapest, Budapest'. The trip would be 174kms.
Hungarian Defence Minister resigns after meeting was held to discuss huge refugee inflow
Hungarian Air Force starts patrolling Baltic skies with Gripens
Around 95,000 troops and around 170 aircraft involved in snap drills in Russia
Refugees do the rest. Still no one in the buses. Denmark
Putin advertising in Crimea overpainted
Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf has dedicated the Robert Bresson Award to imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov.
Trilateral talks on DCFTA, Ukraine. EU statement: "will be provisionally applied as of 1 Jan 2016"
Project 1171 BSF Alligator class landing ship Saratov 150 transits southbound Bosphorus
Pegida protesters getting ready for the demo at Neumarkt Dresden
Putin convene security council. Discussed refugees threat to Russia
DKs minister of integration has sent this warning to refugees to scare them away:
Trial opens of 10 accused of recruiting Dutch Muslims for Islamic State
Hundreds of refugees walking across Denmark towards Sweden
In Moscow where "tractor operators & miners" from Donetsk get recruited
Denmark takes out ads telling refugees to leave their families behind
Protest staged against restructuring of Corvinus university
Railway company MAV denies refusing entry to trains carrying migrants
UK PM: Britain spending 10 times some European countries on support of refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan of Lebanon. 2nd biggest donor
Major bomb attack averted in Odesa
Militants preparing tanks for offensive
Belgian farmers protesting in Brussels today pitched into the refugees debate
A trilateral meeting of Ukraine , Russia and the EU ended prematurely, an hour after the start
ICC wants South Africa to explain failure to arrest Bashir
At meeting with ministers from EU, Ukraine and Russia decided to create blueprint on practical solutions in October.
In Crimea detained 9 suspects in extremism
Farmers confront police in central Brussels during protest against falling food prices
Tehran- Iran to send parliamentary team to Minsk, Belarus, to help it learn from "Islamic values" in shaping its laws, Majlis announces.
Several children collapse as migrants held in open field for hours and days near Röszke, Hungary
Walk to Sweden reached Holeby, Denmark
Chechnya a 'Model of Peace and Harmony' Says Kadyrov
Tens of thousands of Hasidism are traveling to Uman (Cherkasy obl.) for RoshHashanah, to the grave of Rabbi Nachman
France will launch surveillance flights against IS in Syria but plans no ground troops
Correspondent of Russia Today was forbidden to enter Moldova
Kurdish migrants face ‘prison’ conditions in Bulgaria
Brussels today; farmers attacking EU quarter in quest for more taxpayer cash
Refugee center in Munich international fair center from the inside. 1100 people slept in this hall yesterday
Hungarian PM asks migrants not to come to Hungary
People waiting to welcome refugees in Copenhagen
Tractors against police in Brussels
Austrian president says seeks to build bridges in Iran
French secret agent apologizes for bombing Greenpeace boat in 1985
Protesters set up tent city, vow 'non-stop' action in Moldova over banking fraud
France prepares for air strikes in Syria in response to terrorism and refugee crisis
The migrants continue their sit down protest. Police warn that buses can't get through if they don't move.
20-years old man died in Donegal car crash
A voice on a tannoy tells the migrants in English that buses will come soon. They are not convinced.
The Russian foreign Ministry confirmed the fact of supply of military equipment to Syria
[email protected] on Russian state TV (!) Kostroma speaking against "mafia gov't"
Boat just landed in Lesvos. Smiles, tears and an incredible sense of relief
Clashes between refugees and police in Roszke Hungary
Crimea: "Su-30SM fighters of Black Sea fleet aviation made ground target bombing at first"
Frustrated migrants waiting for bus to Budapest rush the police lines. Roszke
SBU detained truck with vodka on the way to "DNR"
Farmers protest in Brussels
Greece says considering U.S. request to deny airspace to Russia for aid flights to Syria
Police fire rubber bullets at refugees after violence breaks out at detention centre in Spain
A spitfire has made an emergency landing in Kent
LifeNews camera crew detained in Chisinau
Over 5,000 border violators apprehended over weekend
Embassy of NATO will be in Ukraine
Brussels riot police carrying gas masks. Farmers Protest
Black smoke over Schuman square Brussels
France's Hollande now says he will visit Lebanon soon to "open new camp" for Syria|n refugees there
Water cannon in Brussels
MFA of Ukraine Klimkin invited the Secretary General of NATO to Ukraine,
Reports suggest around 60,000 refugees heading from Serbia into Hungary - parts of the border are closed, but there is much open.
[email protected] will visit Ukraine on September 10
Hungary "holding field" close to Serbia border
Without united EU migrant policy Schengen 'will collapse': Hollande
Refugees on Hungary border
Police surrounded refugees in Roszke so they won't block the street again. Refugees complain of being cold
Asylum processes. UNHCR 2014 stats
Col. Lysenko: At the military facility in Dnipropetrovsk region, mechanized brigade trains before going to ATO area
The meeting of @PavloKlimkin with NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
New refugee quotas. Germany 31443. France 24031. Poland 9287. Slovakia 1502. Lithuania 780. Latvia 526. Estonia 373
France will take in 24,000 refugees over next two years: Hollande
Holland: I don't have to contain the waves of refugees and the right of asylum is guaranteed in the Constitution of the French
Holland: terrorism, refugees constitute a major challenge to mankind all of humanity
In Keleti this morning the numbers of refugees have dwindled. Many refugees blocked from coming north.
NATO will open office in Ukraine
Foreign Minister of Ukraine will Visit NATO Headquarters today
Refugees blocked at the Serbian-Hungarian border
The trial of Kernes will start any minute
In Roeszke Hungary police blocked refugees
Refugees in Lesbos shout slogans like "no no mytilene" & "we love Merkel"
Soldiers from Latvia US Lithuania raising interoperability during exercises"Simple Strike2015" in Adazi
Rozske. Parents have been asking for medical help as many of the kids have high temperatures and appear to have colds.
RPG-22, f-1 grenades and RGD,cartridges of 5.45 mm, 7.62 mm, 12,7, VOG-17 were found in forest near Uzhgorod
Protests in Chisinau continues
Greek authorities have seized 5,000 shotguns and half a million rounds of ammunition found aboard the Haddad 1, which was heading from Turkey to the Libyan city of Misrata.
The mayor of Bucharest, was arrested on suspicion of corruption
Russian Spies in Czech Republic Focus on Nuclear Sector & building network in Europe, similar to Soviets
Green men met Belarus ultras at home
366,402 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe this year, with 2,800 killed or missing en route, UNHCR says
Poroshenko: one of Donbas solutions is offensive up to Moscow
Trains carrying migrants from Serbia denied entry into Hungary
Military are looking for fans at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border
Hungary says it started handing out leaflets south of the border saying that crossing the border illegally can/ will result in imprisonment
Russian army air defence battalion with SA-13 south of Luhansk
Russian army air defence battalion with SA-13 south of Luhansk
Road, rail traffic running uninterrupted in Hungary
UNHCR provides constant aid for migrants at border
Austrian drivers of Cars of hope, Refugee convoy counting how many people they have space for
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Hungary keeps all EU Rules In Handling Migration
Refugees near Roszke
The convoy is getting closer to Budapest.
Poland is to take 7.7% of the 160k refugees, 4th after Germany, France, Spain
Kyiv police stopped Priest of Moscow Orthodox church on top-class Mercedes. "Think about your soul"
Kyiv police stopped Priest of Moscow Orthodox church on top-class Mercedes. Think about your soul
Serbia - Hungary. Yet in last 3 hours only one bus moved people along. 600 currently in field
2 year old twins Farrah & Mo hold hands in the line for the refugee train to Austria Budapest Keleti
Loses of Ukrainian security forces in war
"Refugees welcome" demonstration in Stockholm today
Elements of 173rd Airborne (US) & Estonian military on drills
Ukrainian juice in Latvia
More migrants and refugees have arrived in Hungary today crossing the border with Serbia
3 Ukrainian soldiers of 79th brigade are missing on Crimea border
The battalion "Sich" urgently convene their fighters to Kyiv
[email protected] speech in Galich, Kostroma region
Volunteers bring clothes, food, toys and other necessities to refugees in Spandau camp in Berlin
Sweden PM Löfven calls for “permanent and compulsory” system for sharing refugees in EU. Probably need new institutions and possibly treaty.
Tents on the square in Chisisnau
Poroshenko began the meeting with the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde
Refugee convoy has arrived in Győr - refugees get food, clothes and toys
Kharkiv today 100 children of fighters and hospital staff returned from a holiday in Austria. They are met by parents.
IMF Director Christine Lagarde arrived in Kyiv
3,000 refugees arrive in southern Germany Sunday, total 5,000 expected: police
Near Prosecutor's office protesters demand to release detainees.
Another refugee boat coming North Lesbos. Shady people on shore immediately towing rhib back to Turkey
Police starts to detain protesters
Refugee convoy
Police pulling tents of protesters
Police warned that the picketers have 5 minutes to leave the road. Chisinau
Protesters shut down Gogolya street near General Prosecutor office of Moldova
Clashes between police & protestors reported at prosecutor general in Moldova
Refugees marching to Györ - they're approximately 14km away
Chisinau. Protesters decided to stand until resignation of President. Setting up tents
Meeting Heroes of 28th brigade today in Odesa
Chisinau: Read the resolution. Demands: resignation of the President and Parliament, exemption from criminal oligarchy.
Moldovans in Ireland support anti-oligarchic protest in Chisinau.
20 busses are leaving Belgrad with refugees within the next hour, heading to the Hungarian border.
Moldova PM told protesters that he could not find the President and the speaker. In answer set 1st tent
Refugee convoy leaves Hegyeshalom. Two stops planned: 1. Györ railway st. 2. Budapest Keleti
Hungarian police making no apparent effort to detain refugees as they cross from Serbia into Hungary.
Lost child. Abdelhay Eydy, 9, from Idlib, Syria. Separated from parents on refugee trail. Now in Leros, Greece
At the Fyrom-Greek border near Gevgelija
Refugee convoy departures from Nickelsdorf Hegyeshalom border & heads to Budapest Keleti - cars honking
At Heidemannstraße refugee centre-no filming inside, not allowed to point the camera at gates or 'police will be called'
Protesters gave 40 minutes ultimatum for The President and the PM to speak at square
Chisinau, Moldova - Civil Platform "Dignity and truth" calls for early elections, reforms. On demand meeting with PM.
Pope calls for each European parish to take in a refugee family
Police in Hungary threaten Austria's "carsofhope" treating them as smugglers in case they are caught carrying refugees.
There is the hint of a better fence. But it isn't anywhere near completion, and it's only about 1km long
The protege of the Kremlin E. Shevchuk and Dmitry Rogozin in Moscow discussed the deteriorating socio-economic situation in Transnistria.
Refugees from Austria > Germany
Chisinau: rally demands the return of stolen billion, the removal of oligarchs from power
Anti-government protest in Chisinau
Protesters in Chisinau want eurointegration. To fight corruption ,
Thousands at pro-European rally in Chisinau, Moldova
During the last 24 hours 5 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded, no deaths - ATO spokesperson
150 cars, small buses from Austria coming to Hungary to pick up refugees. Space for approx. 500-600 of them
Hungary upgrade its border fence to Serbia
Orban: Migrant crisis is Germany's problem
Refugees charging phones at Vienna's west train station. Arrivals cont this morning w many heading straight to Munich
Swiss police fire rubber bullets during pro-refugee protest in Zurich
Hungary - Austria border right now. "Go back!" officer pleads.
SBU found a large Arsenal of weapons and ammunition on highway Artemivs'k- Lysychansk
Sunday morning at Budapest Keleti
Snowden criticized Russia for its attitude to homosexuals
Roszke tonight: Hundreds of refugees dumped in the middle of the field
Dortmund welcomes refugees
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