Map. History of Europe conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
Military convoy in St.Petersburg
Military convoy in St.Petersburg
Korla range of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. Egyptian, Belarussian, Russian and Chinese troops.
Military echelon with Buk at Samara
Military echelon with Buk at Samara
Main themes in Russia's potential retaliation to U.S. arming Ukraine would be OPENLY arming proxies and rejecting Minsk outright.
Accident at street races has led to arrest of grandson of Azerbaijani Vice-Premier
Military convoy in Crimea
Military convoy in Crimea
Blackout in Kerch
Ukrainian MFA on the "Cemetery of the Defenders of L'viv" on the passport: it's unfriendly step
Reports of partial blackout in Crimea again
The IFV Pizarro @EjercitoTierra deployed in #eFPLatvia MOPS improve their training at the Adazi base in Latvia
Military echelon in Sergiev Posad of Moscow region
Military echelon at Krasnodar-1 station on 5 August
Military echelon at Krasnodar-1 station on 5 August
Military echelon with artillery at Liski station in Voronezh region
Hungary's data protection chief calls the Orban -government's data collection plan a major threat to citizens' rights.
Sicily, Italy: 15 firefighters were arrested on suspicion that they set fires to get extra money.
Ukrainian soldier killed by enemy sniper near Maryinka on Monday
Members of Congress visit Poland, meet with US and PL armed forces who are training to keep NATO's eastern flank secure Fot: US CG Krakow
Spain's REPSOL is said to pull foreign field oil workers out of Venezuela
Here are Corbyn's words on Valenzuela. He is saying the protesters are as bad as Maduro
British opposition leader Corbyn says sad about loss of life in Venezuela, there has to be a dialogue to improve the situation
France condmened the dismissal of prosecutor Ortega in Venezuela,says it does not contribute to the resolve of situation
In Ireland, a Pole was brutally murdered. Stabbed 40 times
1 killed, 7 wounded in road accident with 2 buses in L'viv region
Poland ready to work with Russia despite difficulties: FM
Notorious German Holocaust denier Ernst Zuendel dies
After Russian Navy Day, Russian Aerospace Forces Day upcoming. nRehearsal for Air Parade in Moscow.
Warsaw: Police arrested three Germans. Will be responsible for insult of the Polish flag
Presidential Command Post Russian Special Flight Squadron IL96-300PU orbiting over the Black Sea
Rumors of coming oust of Polish Minister of Defense
PM @ratasjuri met with outgoing ambassador of Ukraine, Mr. Viktor Krõzanivski. Topics: Estonian-Ukrainian co-op, reform process, conflict in Eastern-UA.
Kosovo: Explosive device thrown into policeman's yard
Dmitry Rogozin: the U.S. preparing saboteurs and military special forces of the Republic of Moldova for a new war
Georgian authorities requested information about location of Michael Saakashvilli from Poland
Hug: Sides need to open more crossing points in Luhansk region for the sake of civilians who cross contact line every day
Military echelon at Minsk-Paunocny
CyberPolice in Nikopol detained a man who spread the virus "Petya.A"
Polish FM Waszczykowski: no such thing as Ukraine crisis, it is Russian-Ukrainian conflict caused by Russia
Turchynov: the terrorists are trying to break through the Ukrainian defense in the area of Bakhmut highway
PM's spokesman: it is a tragedy so many people have lost their lives in Venezuela and urgent action must be taken to stop situation worsening
Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman says the PM does not recognise the €40bn Brexit bill figure reported in the media
Russian Dep Foreign Minister says Trump's foreign policy continues some of worst aspects of Obama's foreign policy
Plan to send new "Night hunter" Mi-28UB for the tests to Syria
In Siberia (Kemerovo), a BTR-80 APC crossed a road junction on the red light and hit a car, no injuries reported
In Siberia (Kemerovo), a BTR-80 APC crossed a road junction on the red light and hit a car, no injuries reported
Murder investigation launched after man dies from stab wounds in Moseley
Destruction in Donetsk after hit during night clashes
Gay Uzbek journalist Ali Feruz in appeal against deportation from Russia: didn't apply for new passport because depressed after torture.
Colonel Lysenko: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no combat fatalities, 3 UA servicemen were wounded
ATO spox: As per UA mil intel, last week, confirmed losses of the enemy were 11 killed, 34 wounded. Also, 1 enemy UAV was downed
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Mariupol sector: Invaders opened fire with Grads against Shyrokyne
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, 9 cease-fire violations, including 6 with heavy arms, were registered in the Mariupol sector
Colonel Lysenko: Donetsk sector: Russian proxies opened fire with IFVs and small arms at Avdiivka and Pisky
West Midlands Police: a 30-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman have been found dead in a house in Oldbury after a suspected murder-suicide
In Yakutsk, Russia, police detained 2 members of PussyRiot band (including @all_mary) for unauthorised protest
Poll shows 61 percent of British voters disapprove of May's handling of Brexit talks
Berlin police detain two Chinese tourists who made Nazi salute in front of the Reichstag
Japan, Russia need to enhance trust before gas pipeline plans: Japanese minister
Azerbaijan accused Armenia of shelling with machine gun. MinDef: Armed forces of Armenia 146 times fired at positions of the Azerbaijani army
Russia Black Sea Fleet buildup continues: NEW Kilo+ Proj636.3 sub Krasnodar transited Novorossiysk-bound Bosphorus
18 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 2 soldiers were wounded. Near Shyrokyne Russian forces used MLRS
Tillerson: Russia vote meddling created 'serious mistrust'
FM Waszczykowski @kommersant: Independent, sovereign Ukraine important for Europe. We're ready to co-op, support Ukraine
Clashes in North Donetsk continue almost around 11pm. Artillery hits reported from S-W of Avdiivka
The storm reached Hungary, the extreme heat is over until the middle of the week.
Russia announces temporary electricity shutoffs in Crimea
France opens terrorism probe into knife-wielding man at Eiffel Tower: source
Donetsk: from Yasinuvata checkpoint clashes spread to Pisky and Gospodar
Clashes reported East to Mariupol
Jobbik: The ruling Fidesz party had been seeking "to exert control" over all
Clashes at Avdiivka Industrial zone area ongoing as 9:30pm
Russia's Lavrov meets Tillerson, says feels U.S. ready to continue dialogue
Clashes reported North to Horlivka
Tillerson/Lavrov agree that Volker-Surkov dialogue will be US-Russia pathway to discuss Ukraine
Exports of agricultural products and food of Belarus in 2017 could be around $6 billion
Christian Lindner: Germany should accept Crimean annexation as 'permanent provisional solution'
[email protected]_GHWB is currently doing training ops with the British to increase their carrier operation proficiency
Storm at new Zenith-Arena
Shelling in the area of Shyrokine
The corvette 'Vyshny Volochyok'[Buyan-M class] arrived in Novorossiysk to complete trials and commissioning to the Russian Navy
Banner #FreeSentsov by activists in Yakutsk
"DNR" has accused the Ukrainian army in shelling positions of the "Right sector"
Pussy Riot activists protest imprisonment of Ukrainian director Sentsov near where held in Yakutia
2 to be prosecuted for white-red-white flag at the festival of beer in Minsk
Some footage of today's flypast by @CVN77_GHWB F18s
271 militants back in France from war zones in Iraq and Syria – French minister
3 civilians were killed as result of grenade explosion in Dachne village West to Donetsk. 1 wounded
Azerbaijan accused Armenia of 146 shellings per day
Flares over Donetsk last night
Tanks of 2 army corpus of Russian forces at Donbas
3 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in 31 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday
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