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21 กันยายน 2018

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Pro-RU source says tank firing @ Mayorsk
Google Earth: radiolocation tower near Ukraine
Interoperability: paratroopers under British LLP and @82ndABNDiv T-11 canopies descend together on #SwiftResponse
[email protected] @82ndABNDiv paratroopers in Świdwin @Polska during Anakonda16 exercise.
Hrabovichi dumpsite is on fire again
1BCT and 82nd ABN DIV paratroopers jump into Torun, Poland as a part of #SwiftResponse
Canada standing united at opening ceremony of ANAKONDA-16
"DNR": we are ready to talk with Savchenko
Russians reporting on fighting at Eastern district of Mariupol
230 UK paratroopers jump into Poland on #SwiftResponse with @82ndABNDiv and 6BPD after mounting in USA & Germany
Navy boat is on fire at St.Petersburg shipyard
Russian forces 6 times shelling with the tank or self-propelled howitzer at Ukrainian position in Shyrokyne/Lebedynske
Arsen Avakov: a significant part of police investigators not qualified
French senators opposed the resolution on lifting sanctions against Russia
Russia did not refused from the "Turkish stream" and "South stream" — Putin
Avdiivka: as result of artillery strike one civilian wounded
As a result of shelling was wounded a local resident of Avdiivka
Putin: Poland dont want to buy our gas? Someone else will buy! Jews buy and sell to Poland
Energy efficiency measures will reduce government spending on subsidies for 3-5 billion UAH per year – Poroshenko
Netanyahu: Putin and I discussed continued miltary coordination, are focused on next 25 yrs of cooperation
RAF Tornados strike in southern Fallujah on Sunday 5 June
RAF Tornados strike in southern Fallujah on Sunday 5 June
Germany, France and UK warn of possible terror attacks during Euro 2016
Poroshenko hopes that in 2016 the deficit of "Naftogaz" will be zero
In Odesa, 50 people barricaded themselves in court after Russian Nefiodov release from custody
The recruitment to the police will be held under the new transparent principle - Dekanoidze
Putin: Will start talks to add Israel to Eurasian Economic Union's free trade agreement
"Ukravtodor" will get an additional allocation from the budget of 1.5 billion hryvnias on repair of roads
Russia attacks Ukraine on Google Earth. Near Charltyr
In Khmelnytskyi region fell helicopter, the pilot in the hospital
Ukraine ready to buy gas in Russia, but the subject to lower rates
Belgium team on the way to EURO2016
Lithuanian troops flex their muscles along with US, Polish and Croatian counterparts in EX #Anakonda16 in Poland
#SwiftResponse drills
Three people rescued as cars submerge on Manor Road in Wallington. Hackney now hit
Grushko: NATO keeps training Ukrainian armed forces and we see them moving closer to the conflict zone
#PolishAirForce during Anakonda16 exercise
Russia deploys troops westward as standoff with NATO deepens
Governor of Donetsk region said that Ukrainian lands-parts of Russia should be returned (Voronezh, Kuban)
[email protected] @82ndABNDiv paratroopers directly from Fort Bragg right into #Anakonda16 and #SwiftResponse
Agricultural helicopter crashed in Khmelnitsky region, pilot wounded
OSCE SMM can confirm that one of its local staff in Luhansk region did not return from leave as planned
#anakonda16 "is no provocation" : Hodges
Within the general framework of Anakonda16, @DowOperSZ starts exercise #RenegadeSarex
#Anakonda16 Spanish @Defensagob @EjercitoTierra forces going through decon procedures
Team Ukraine arrived at #Euro2016
USArmy signal leaders toured the Polish military's new Network Operations Center June 6 in Białobrzegi. #Anakonda16
Polish rapid reaction force arrive from Krakow in #anaconda16
#Anakonda16 All Americans in Poland- Toruń Drop Zone
Poroshenko condemned attack in Istanbul
Hundreds of paratroopers rain over Poland #Anakonda16
OSCE SMM: more ceasefire viol. in Donetsk reg; high no.of ceasefire viol., incl 266 explosions, in Luhansk reg
#SkySoldiers arrive at Swidwin, Poland kicking off #Anakonda16
USArmy paratroopers from the @173rdAbnBde jump into Poland, June 6, for #Anakonda16
For reference, here's an overview of SwiftResponse16 and @Strike_Hold @82ndABNDiv's role
Truck hit road side bomb in Krasnohorivka
Netanyahu-Putin talks begin in Moscow
In Crimea and Rostov region launched aviation drills
Today, - Putin said, -the most important is the integrity of information and truth
Militias of LNR start selling their weapons on the dark web
SBU exposed ethanol smuggling pipeline on the border with Moldova
SBU exposed ethanol smuggling pipeline on the border with Moldova
1 civilian killed, 1 wounded in shelling in Petrovsky district of Donetsk
IMF to decide size of Ukraine's delayed loan tranche in July
Putin congratulated the staff of the MIA "Russia today" with the 75th anniversary of the Agency
Silvio Berlusconi rushed to the hospital in Milan due to heart failure
1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 9 wounded in action in ATO zone yesterday
PM: "Today also day campaign crystallised - three independent trustworthy experts warned on Brexit" Fed Reserve Yellen, Hitachi, WTO chief
Russian Tank drills "Tank Biathlon" in Chelyabinsk region
Seminar in Moscow today on "new journalism beyond mainstream" with Putin and Assange as speakers
Savchenko in morning radio live: Ukraine should deal with Zaharchenko and Plotnitsky as MPs
Savchenko in morning radio live: Ukraine should deal with Zaharchenko and Plotnitsky as MPs
Col. Lysenko: UA signed a treaty on joining mil unit consisting of the armies of member countries of the Visegrad 4
ATO spox: President signed Strategic Defense Bullitin – a road map to rebuild Ukrainian Armed Forces acc to @NATO standards
ATO spox: Lithunian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade participate in Anaconda-2016 war games
ATO spox: SBU detained two militants in Bakhmut area and Toretsk
Col. Andriy Lysenko: In Rubizhne, Luhansk sector, SBU found a cache with 2 hand grenades and 2 rocket launchers
ATO spokesperson: In Lviv region, UA servicemen were trained by Latvia mil experts according to NATO standards
ATO spox: Militant casualties for June 6: 2 KIAn, four WIA due to car explosion and friendly fire
ATO spox: 1 Ukrainian servicemen KIA, 9 WIA in the last 24 hours
ATO spox: Donetsk sect: Militants fired 150 mortar mines. Overall, 14 ceasefire viol. Hot spots: Luhanske, Horlivka and Donetsk airport area
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants shoot from anti-tank missile system once in Luhansk sector near Sokilnyky village
NATO has to step up and meet challenges from a revanchist Russia, says @NATOdsg at #FutureNATO
Here's the title of the Media Forum - and the man who's organised it, Dmitry Kiselev
Militants fired from mortar on control checkpoint Mayorsk
Recycling plant could be built in Mariupol
The Kremlin regrets the lack of mutual trust with NATO
10 new Ukrainian aircraft An-178 will sended to Azerbaijan
Ukraine joined the tactical combat group of EU
In Ukraine will be a new police authority – military police
In the Duma will consider the bill about the paid entrance to the city
[email protected]: Start of our short deployment with escorting a Russian Kilo-class submarine through the NL EZ
Brazilian sports minister notes importance of Russia’s participation in #Rio2016 Olympics
Kharkiv cancels Euro-2016 fan zone for security reasons
Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade began participation in exercise Anaconda 2016
SBU found 5 kgs of TNT in Bakhmut district of Donetsk
Russian forces pushing more hardware to front-line, tank unit and APCs deployed near Olenivka
NATO launches exercise #Anakonda16 in Poland
Consumer check in Saint Petersburg: Russian cottage cheese catches fire
First airdrop of #Anakonda16, much more coming today
Shish kebab cafe was shelled with RPG in Zaporizhie
32 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
#Anakonda16 drills
Artillery volleys heard in Yasinuvata
Dairy farmers protest in Munich over plummeting prices
Three ambulances destroyed in explosions at hospital.
Infographic of NATO's 5 Trust Funds for helping Ukraine
Horlivka, Stroitel: another series of salvos
Sleeping IS-cell was exposed at Nijmegen refugee camp
Pavlo Klimkin: OSCE police mission could provide real security before, during and after elections at Donbass
VADM Foggo, @STRIKFORNATO, speaks with local Finnish media at Syndale, Finland BALTOPS
Artillery volleys from Kyivsky district of Donetsk
The soldiers on the starting position of the exercise #Anakonda16
Russia has no plans to attack Poland, these claims 'completely absurd' - Grushko
Small fire breaks outside Paris' Louvre as museum is still closed
RUAF OCHISTKA comms check with bomber c/s 63331. That´s 3rd plane airborne
Erdogan: Turkey may abandon Europe after German vote on Armenian Genocide
3 America's bomber, the B-52s, flying over Swedish airspace in the NATO exercise BALTOPS where even Sweden participates
Amusing protest sign today: "A Kadyrov bridge in St. Petersburg [only] after a gay pride march in Grozny."
Three people killed, nine injured as passenger train collided with freight train in Belgium
NATO troops landed on Finland’s coast
#Anakonda16 Bulgaria Air Force @ Malbork air base
RUAF bomber HF voice net noted active 1734Z
Poroshenko had a phone call with Merkel and Hollande
USS Porter transits Bosphorus
USS Porter transits Bosphorus
#Koverhar steel works (to be dismanteled) on the #Baltops exercise area in Finland. In front a Dutch #Cougar copter
Fighting heard in Petrovsky district of Donetsk
500 residents of St. Petersburg, Russia protests against a city bridge being named after Kadyrov Sr. of Chechnya
USSPorter has entered the Black Sea
Intense artillery shelling in Petrovsky district of Donetsk
OSCE SMM: more ceasefire violations in Donetsk region both on 4 and 5 June as compared to 3 June
#TurkishNavy type209/1400 Gür class submarine transits Bosphorus towards Black Sea shortly after USS Porter's transit
Self-propelled artillery 2S1 Gvozdika hit a nightclub in Szubin, Poland
Rally in St.Petersburg against Kadyrov(Snr) bridge
[email protected] just arrived in Moscow
Crimean Tatar Mustafaev, arrested yesterday by Rus police, released on undertaking not to leave
Opening ceremony of exercises ANAKONDA16 on the ground in Wędrzynie
Donetsk: Fighting in the area of Spartak: mortars and machine guns
Sputnik: BALTOPS exercises "provoking, vexing" Russia
USS Porter racing with dolphins northbound in the Bosphorus
Russia to Finland - We will respond to NATO Baltics activity
EU HR Mogherini 2 UNSC: EU will continue 2 stand 4 UA terrt intgrty, no recognition of Crimea illegal annexation
3 Ambulances On Fire At Surrey Hospital After Loud Explosions
Fire breaks out at Surrey hospital after 'loud bangs' heard
A second video - looks like an explosion as the fire is tackled East Surrey Hospital.
Ukrainian troops repel assault attempt on strongpoint in Mayorsk – Colonel Lysenko
Fire at East Surrey Hospital
The SeaRAM @Raytheon fires RAM missiles, lightweight, supersonic, self-guided weapons to destroy close-range threats
[email protected] troops land in Finland for the first time ever #BALTOPS
USS Porter is armed with @Raytheon SeaRAM new sophisticated system pinpoints its target and fires RAM missiles
Chiefs of LTU, LVA and EST special operations forces: joint cooperation will continue
Armenian FM discusses key international issues at meetings in Tehran
France braces for intense security around Euro 2016 championship
In Poland over 25,000 Soldiers from more than 20 countries kick off #anakonda16
Belarus is interested in developing cooperation with the EU
Poroshenko approved the strategy of restructuring of the defence sector to NATO standards
US Navy ArleighBurke Class Destroyer USS Porter (DDG78) transiting the Bosphorus northbound towards BlackSea
Lavrov: Kyiv is not ready to move on any of Minsk-2 points
Lavrov: Moscow has the right to respond to the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia
"DNR MFA" revokes his statement on Motorola injury
Armenia FM has met Iran president, speaker of parliament, FM and Secretary of SNSC in Tehran since yesterday.
Czech foreign min @PragueSummit: "Some think sovereignty means strength. But think of North Korea, the most sovereign nation of all" #brexit
Russian infantry drills in Abkhazia
Russia, Kyrgyzstan sign agreement on duty-free supplies of oil and petroleum products
Putin's spox Peskov: there are no Russian troops at Donbas
Venue ready for Anakonda16 opening ceremony at @AkademiaON
Thousands of refugees living in tents evacuated in Paris
NATO exercises in June: #Anakonda16, #BALTOPS and #SaberStrike
VKontakte hacked, 100 million user accounts for sale for 1 bitcoin
French ELINT vessel Dupuy de Lôme, in Rhodes, Greece
Planned housing for 14 unaccompanied child refugees burnt, Insjön, Sweden. Completely destroyed. Police label arson.
Turkey may restrict Germany’s access to Incirlik air base - following genocide recognition by German parliament
First Lieutenant Mahmoud al-Saleh said British forces frequently crossed the border to help the New Syrian Army
A resident of the village of Plekhanovo during the demolition of the house defiantly killed the kitten
Kremlin: Berlin's decision to label Russia as rival causes regret and concern
Maria Zakharova urged American diplomats to show intelligence, speaking about Russia
Russia's foreign minister + diplomatic arm-twister-in-chief Lavrov has broken his own arm
Security Service of Ukraine head condemns absurd Mirotvorets publishing of journo data, 'terrorists' categorization
IDPs rally in Druzhkivka
Albanians footlball team expected at the airport of Lannion. The bus will take you to Perros-Guirec #Euro2016
Man blown up himself and his wife in Pyatigorsk, Russia with grenade
#Euro2016 protected by 90K staff,1 of most secured events in history actually leaving other major potential targets vulnerable in France
Video of the raid on the suspect car and the weapons of the man planning terror attack in France
Muslims pray at the start of Ramadan in Serbia's Sandžak, Bosnia's Sarajevo and Banja Luka & Kosovo's Pristina
#Euro2016 Football viewed by many intel services as a major potential target for jihadists, esp.IslamicState, taking place during Ramadan
German President Joachim Gauck announces he will not pursue a second term. Saying "I cannot guarantee I will be able to fulfill my duties".
Pictures: Ukraine releases photos of the arrest and the explosives found w/ man planning attacks in France at #euro2016
Fulda Gap as iconic Cold War flashpoint replaced by Suwalki Gap btw Poland-Lithuania-Kaliningrad-Belarus #FutureNATO
Ukraine says it has arrested French 'ultra-nationalist' who plotted attacks coinciding with European soccer championships
Brainwashing and info wars prepare battleground warns @LinkeviciusL. Witness Crimea. #FutureNATO
Lack of deterrence can be provocation. We should do our jobs and not worry about provocation [email protected] #FutureNATO
Euro2016 In Group E
Gregoire M. was arrested on May 21 at the border, admitted planning attacks against Mosques, Synagogues and government building France
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, near Soledar, Donetsk region, UA police located a cache with ammo: TNT, grenades and bullets
ATO spox: Yesterday, enemy applied UAVs for three times in the Donetsk and Mariupol sector
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Jun 5, 1 UA serviceman was killed in action, 7 other soldiers were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: Mariupol sector: hotspots: Maryinka, Novotroitske, Pavlopil, Talakivka and Shyrokyne
Col. Lysenko: As a result of enemy shelling of Krasnohorivka, a civilian woman was wounded
Pic of Buk base by Joint Investigative Team on MH17
In total french extremists planned to carry out 15 terrorist attacks in France EURO2016 - All foiled by @ServiceSsu
Ukrainian Secret service prevented terror attack on Euro-2016, French citizen arrested, weapon seized
Ukrainian Secret service prevented terror attack on Euro-2016, French citizen arrested, weapon seized
Patriot SAM arrived for Anakonda16
Russian team arrived in France for Euro 2016
Successful engagement of Russia only possible from position of strength. Russia will exploit weakness - @Janis_Kazocins #FutureNATO
Ukrainian developer has created blinds to provide the apartment with electricity
#DragoonRide arrived at Daugavpils
A petition to ban gay pride in Kiev has collected 10 thousand signatures
The militants "LNR" has forbidden residents to leave the occupied village - OSCE
Russia and Kyrgyzstan signed an agreement on duty-free deliveries of oil and oil products
Special services of Kazakhstan accused a businessman in the attempt to organize a coup d'etat
Russian General Intelligence planned to blow up a detention facility in Kiev – The head of SSU
"Ukraine is "Ground Zero" for the future of the liberal international order"- @DamonMacWilson #FutureNATO
The militants used Russian experimental weapon against the Ukrainian military - adviser head of the SSU
[email protected] crosses into Latvia. #DragoonRide
Savchenko visited ATO zone in the East of Ukraine tonight
[email protected] continues DragoonRide as they cross the Lithuania/Latvia border
Sniper fire shuts Zaitsevo checkpoint today-one of many hazards for people crossing east Ukraine's "contact line"
DragoonRide arrives in Latvia
"Color Run" in Kyiv
#Anakonda16 important dates. #Road2Anakonda
Euro2016: 82 security staff revealed to be on terror watch list
35 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbass
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