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20 มิถุนายน 2018

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Canadians in #Ukraine help new police to improve skills
Gen. Staff: Today withdrawal of mortars was completed in Sec. "M". Tomorrow, same process will begin in Donetsk
Timișoara. The protest ended without incidents
'New frontier': Russian brothers' platform attracts jihadis driven from Facebook, Twitter
Detained suspects in the murder of a police officer in Moscow
Kremlin slams Charlie Hebdo cartoons on Egypt crash as 'sacrilege'
Sweden Tells Refugees To Stay In North Germany As Ikea Runs Out Of Beds
Russia has no evidence of explosion on Board A321 #7K9268
Colectiv memorial in Bucharest, Romania
Monarch Airlines says it plans to operate two flights from Sharm El Sheikh airport to Manchester airport tomorrow
Kremlin tells "certain information was shared" with #Russia by US and UK intelligence ahead of decision to suspend #egypt flights
Ministry of Emergency create a headquarters in the airport "Vnukovo", Moscow
''We must support #Ukraine's sovereignity and territorial integrity'' @VDombrovskis #RigaConf
"Rock this country" at protest in Romania
Top diplomats welcome calm in Ukraine conflict
#ISIS just released a new video regarding the crash of the #russianplane , from Wilayat Halab (Aleppo) #SinaiCrash
"#Russia is not taking the course that we hoped it would" - US SecDef Ash Carter
Georgia TV channel vows to fight back amid government pressure
The former head "Gazprom-media" and a former press
Technical fault ruled out as cause of Russian plane crash: French official
Romania. Rally in Timisoara
Day 4 on the streets fighting the corrupt Romanian's Government in Bucharest
Demo in solidarity with anarchists arrested in #Barcelona
4th night of protests in Bucharest
Sound of explosion heard on Russian plane's black box: French TV
#Lesbos. hundreds refugees arrive, many children and babies
Massive protest in Bucharest, Romania
ATO Staff: situation in the ATO zone is tense. Militants shoot at residential quarters with prohibited weapons
In Brest was detained Andrey Kovalchuk. He says policemen beat him for a t-shirt with "Pagonya"
French media claims black box data confirms Metrojet A321 was bombed over Sinai
LNR terror group representative claims Ukraine forces return withdrawn weaponry to contact line
Intercepted intelligence 'chatter' supports theory that bomb took down Russian jet, say US officials
Four of Monarch Airlines' five flights from the UK have landed at Sharm el Sheikh airport - two will fly back to UK today
The timing of the implementation of the Minsk agreements postponed to 2016 - Lavrov
Fidesz proposes law, according to which HU govt is obliged to protest against mandatory quota at EU court
Fire in Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg
#Poland is a leading power in central #Europe. It has to live up to this role and do it very wisely. - Péter Siklósi,#Hungary #WSF2015
#MSF mobile clinic at the border #Serbia - #Croatia giving relieve to people in transit. Last night' temperature: -4
Leftists rally in Kyiv.
UK flights en route to SSH are turning around or diverting
Demo against Russian repression of the Crimean Tatarsn
President Lukashenko cortage before innaguration
Putin backs intelligence recommendations to suspend Russian flights to Egypt
Putin ordered the Russian government to develop a mechanism for the return of Russian citizens from #Egypt
#RigaConf US Amb to EU, Gardner, "Nord stream 2 makes no comercial sense, its politics"
Russia's emergency minister says Russian specialists have taken samples of aircraft, luggage and soil to check for explosives
Police in Spain say they've arrested a woman at an airport as she was planning to leave the country to join ISIS
Russian intelligence chief: It "would be reasonable" to suspend Russian flights to Egypt.
'We shouldn't be defensive all the time' Ukraine's PM @Yatsenyuk_AP explains Putin to #RigaConf
@Yatsenyuk_AP: Reagan once said, "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall... Mr Putin is deaf, he decided to build a new wall. #RigaConf
"Normandy format" FM meeting started in #Berlin
Yatsenyuk talks about "large-scale offensive operation" against Ukraine, Russia "challenging leadership of free world". #RigaConf
#Russia's Federal Security Service chief says expedient to halt Russian flights to #Egypt
Start of #RigaConf with also Ukraine PM @Yatsenyuk_AP in the first panel.
The Ukrainian delegation before the next round of "Norman 4" negotiations in Berlin
Swedbank website down in hacker attack
EU asks members to investigate after VW admits new irregularities - Reuters
One broken window in a apartment. Police has left the scene of Stockholm blast
Finnish PM says government could collapse on Friday
First #British repatriation flight leaves #Sharm al-Shaikh, airport official says
U.S. official: Europe's Nord Stream 2 poses risk to Ukraine
Gas leak suspected in Stockholm blast
The Blast was heard at 11:40 near Brännkyrkagatan on Södermalm #Stockholm - report
Reports of a powerful blast in central Stockholm. Police are apparently at the location in the city's Södermalm district.
Ukrainian intelligence claims clashes between militants with casualties
SBU detained in Mykolaiv the armed militant of "LNR" terror group
In Kakhovka a member of Parliament Hlan beat the Deputy of "Opposition bloc" with sausage
Explosion in Stockholm – street cordoned
In Chelyabinsk two thousand students lined up at the portrait of Vladimir Putin
In Chelyabinsk two thousand students lined up at the portrait of Vladimir Putin
Explosions reported in Krasnogorivka
[email protected] will travel to #Ukraine and #Georgia next week as part of broader tour of #EasternPartnership countries
#Lesvos: Babies being brought ashore in #refugees boat after at least 3 more children drown
At the railway station in Minsk the police detained the pensioners, who gathered for the inauguration of Lukashenko
Thousands of refugees pass thru Croatia's new Slavonski Brod registration centre
At least 8 dinghies w/ approx 30-40 Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Somalis each landed at Afertiti beach #Lesvos today.
Moscow is concerned over the renewed provocations at Donbas
Egypt civil aviation denies not allowing British airlines to fly repatriation flights from Sharm el-Sheikh
German asylum bureau releases new stats for last month. Albanians again second largest group
Corban claimed, that Poroshenko has banned the exchange of #Savchenko and wanted him to leave country
KLM bans checked luggage on #Cairo-Amsterdam flight
ATO Briefing: Yesterday morning, militants opened fire at residential areas: 2 mortar mines damaged residential building in Krasnohorivka
Col. Lysenko: Dog handlers of the National Guard of Ukraine performed exercises with their dogs near Dnipropetrovsk
In Nizhny Novgorod raiders shot collectors
#Latvia PM @Straujuma and #Ukraine PM @Yatsenyuk_AP unveil new Shevchenko statue just before #RigaConf
Yellow water in Donetsk
#Ukraine flag at the #MillionMaskMarch last night
In Odessa in the trash found an Arsenal of ammunition
"In the war, you don't need either bread or clothes, or reform" - #Lukashenko at inauguration
Black box from Sinai crash reportedly reveals little, recording stops abruptly like heart attack on a cardiogram:
Sharm el-Sheikh airport today
U.S.Defense bill: -Authorizes $715m in aid to #Iraq's forces. -Extends CIA torture ban. -Authorizes lethal aid to #Ukraine's forces.
Many new crawler tracks in Donetsk
All #FSA groups statement denies any arrangements or plans to sit with the Russians.
Police line at strand near Trafalgar sq #MillionMaskMarch
Reports that truck of US army collides with the train near #Freihung
Several dead in German train accident, police says
The police assume that ~50 people in the RE 3535 from Nuremberg to Weiden
Police: 28 arrests have been made for public order offences so far. 3 officers taken to hospital. 1 arrested re assaulting police #MillionMaskMarch
2 arrestees being taken up Charing Cross road from #MillionMaskMarch
[email protected] Biden congratulated President @Poroshenko on the conduct of #Ukraine's recent local elections
#MillionMaskMarch #Nov5th blocking police as they try to take someone they just arrested
There was a train accident in Bayern, Germany. One regional train has crashed into a heavy truck. Some people have apparently died
Whole of Trafalgar Square is cordoned off in sections, with protestors inside
Crowd moving at Trafalgar Square, London #MillionMaskMarch
Obama: US will spend time to determine 'exactly' what brought down Russian plane; 'possibility' there was a bomb
Protestors claim, Trafalgar Square, shutting down Charing Cross Tube
#MillionMaskMarch Protesters Set Police Car On Fire In London
MillionMaskMarch Protesters Set Police Car On Fire In London
Kicking off in Trafalgar Square again. Ppl set off fireworks. Police cordon
Protesters outside the Houses of Parliament at 21:40 #MillionMaskMarch
Arrested Suspect of #Freital who planted bomb on refugee shelter named as Tim Schulze #Germany
Rally in Barcelona "For Democracy and the rule of Law"
The militants have no chance for a massive breakthrough on our territory, – Lysenko
NATO Commander Says Russia Is Not A Partner, Russia Is A Threat
Protest spilled in to St James Park - Anons letting off fireworks
Several arrests at #MillionMaskMarch London. Wardour St
3 loud explosion in Petrovsky districy. Possible outgoing GRAD missiles
Here's a smashed-up police care near Queen Anne's Gate #Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch
A few burning embers in Oxford Circus. #MillionMaskMarch
500 or so refugees here in Serbia boarding Croatia-bound train.
Chaos and mess on Haymarket #MillionMaskMarch
Photographer hurt at #MillionMaskMarch after being hit by a car on Lower Grovesnor Place
Tonight in Belfast, Northern Ireland. #MillionMaskMarch
Police outside the BBC #MillionMaskMarch
Silent rally in the regional GOVT palace in Barcelona: "In defense of democracy and the rule of law"
Whole of Oxford Street, London locked down. Police going on militant. #MillionMaskMarch
Police have been deployed to Buckingham Palace as #MillionMaskMarch protesters gather outside.
Police car attacked, protesters now trying to burn it #GuyFawkes
Rally in Chisinau demands to unite with Romania
Chaos, police horses retreat after being pelted by fireworks #MillionMaskMarch #london
MP Teteruk hit MP Kuzhel head with a bottle
Now out of the kettle. Smoke bombs and fireworks being set off
Downing Street confirms British tourists returning from #Sharmelsheikh will only be permitted to carry hand luggage
Chaos and arrests as #MillionMaskMarch descends on London
#Lesvos, #Greece, #Europe: christians and muslims join in prayer for all dead #refugees
Anti-war demo In St. Petersburg. Girls washed blood from soldiers t-shirts
"Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for more NATO in Poland," says @NATOdsg to great applause at #WSF2015
One protester comes out with a bloodied head as crowds surge forward on Great George St
London police arrest 3 at #MillionMaskMarch #MMM
Massive explosion at a bread factory captured by DigiSport cameras during FC #Brasov - CSM Ramnicu Valcea. Brașov Romania.
Explosion followed by fire takes place at bread factory in #Braşov: 5 injured transported to hospital
Russia grounds all Boeing 737s "until joint notification from Rosaviatsia and FAA" that planes are safe.
Trafalgar Square already packed with #MillionMaskMarch protestors. Police had banned event starting before 6
New transit camp in Croatia at Slavonski brod
Security Council of RF: "Ukraine calls Russia enemy, but continue to pipe our gas and oil"
[email protected] wins 2015 Robert Frasure @statedept award for commitment to peace/resolving conflict
All Grounded. Aeroflot: 12 Boeing 737. Sibir: 13 Boeing 737-800. Globus: 13 Boeing-737 NG. Transaero: 47 Boeing 737. UTAir: 50 Boeings
Russian security Council: Ukraine took a course on militarization and escalation on border with Russia
Ukraine Govt: Months Of Kiev City-creditor Talks Unsuccessful
Fox News quoting #USA official: We have evidences #ISIS planted an IED on-board the #Russia|n plane crashed in #Sinai
Poroshenko met with the delegation of the European Parliament
ATO HQ: Today at 11:15, militants shelled residential area of Krasnohorivka with 82-mm mortars
MP Iryna Herashchenko: information on suspension of funding of Anti-corruption office by EU is false
Large crowds as thousands of migrants and refugees wait to be allowed to leave Slovenia and cross into Austria
Russia has deployed BUK-M2E ( SA-17 Grizzly ) SAM in Syria
President Putin thinks he's "Vladimir the Great," Condoleezza Rice says
PM Cerar to meet his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban in the border town of Lendava on Friday
Egyptian president greeted with red carpet and protests in London
EU refused to collaborate in Ukraine on Anti-corruption prosecution office
#France is to deploy aircraft carrier 'Charles de Gaulle' in the fight against ISIS in #Syria and #Iraq.
The police clashed with "Financial Maidan"
At 15.00 SBU press briefing on detention of Olena Lukash, who was wanted
#Transaero's current revenues and debts
EP Prezident following the visit to #Athens and #Lesbos
Germany says registered 758,000 asylum seekers this year
Bank of England keeps the base rate of interest at record low of 0.5% and the scale of quantitative easing at £375bn
Explosive device found on the railway near Voronezh
Ukrainian MFA Klimkin on visit in Warsaw
Putin promised to protect the interests of "compatriots" in Syria, Libya and Yemen
Ukraine's parl fails to pass #LGBT workplace anti-discrimination law today. Just 117 out of 450 vote 'yes'
Hug: Of particular worry is that at least one Grad rocket was used in Staromykhailivka (eastern #Ukraine) on 2 Nov
Two were wounded in a shooting in the market "Mill" in Moscow
RUS Aviation chief: investigation to look for signs of "possible terrorist attack" on crash plane. But stresses "too early" to establ.cause
Kremlin media suggest the A321 was shot down by a missile fired by Israeli or U.S. aircraft
ATO spox: Yesterday militants opened fire at UA positions near Horlivka and in western Donetsk: small arms and grenade launchers were used
Ukraine bans its airlines from overflying Sinai
In the Luhansk region SBU discovered a large cache of anti-tank mines
Tractor in Pulkovo broke Airliner A321 "Kogalymavia" rack mountable chassis, passengers evacuated
#Brezice camp is closed, trains now go directly from Croatia to #Dobova camp in #Slovenia
Ex. PM of Ukraine Azarov: Blame Obama, not Putin in the price of potatoes in Kyiv
Explosions at Abakumova in Donetsk
The tow truck broke the front chassis of the aircraft "Kogalymavia" in Pulkovo
Nemtsove Lawyers demand to to interrogate the former Putin security officer
The representative of the RF in SCCC: DNR has completed the withdrawal of weapons
First edition of the new, weekly @MoscowTimes under @kudriavtsev stewardship begins today
#Russian militants fired 12 times upon Ukr troops y/day between 6.50pm / 00.30. Fired from areas incl Donetsk airport
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