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19 กันยายน 2018

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#MacronLeaks Russian security contractor Evrika appears also in metadata
A State Department official on Friday said that the Russian proposal to bar U.S. military aircraft from flying over designated safe zones cannot "limit" the U.S. mission against IS in the country in any way.
Clashes at Trudovski, West Donetsk. Reports of fires after audible explosions/hits
Roshka Georgiy Petrovich name of Russian "it-specialist", who works at "ZAO Evrika", Russian Mindef IT contractor was found in altered documents from Macron Leaks
France's Hollande promises 'response' to Macron election hack
Azerbaijani-Turkish joint tactical exercises completed
Azerbaijani-Turkish joint tactical exercises completed
Stat of #MacronLeaks : origin of many tweets are US, backing up the ideas in @DFRLab article But India?
In 2016 the highest number of land mine casualties in the world was in Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict
Drills of reservists of Ukrainian armed forces
Drills of reservists of Ukrainian armed forces
A few observations on MacronLeaks, first published just before 7pm CET, yesterday evening, 5 May
Trend Micro and Flashpoint have now independently traced MacronLeaks hack to Russian-backed Fancy Bear/Pawn Storm/APT28 cyber espionage group
63 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 5 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
[email protected]: Group of US far-right online activists behind early efforts to spread #MacronLeaks docs
Russia to deploy additional troops, air-defense, naval fleet to St.Petersburg for coming events as Economic Forum on June 1-3
#MacronLeaks goal is to foment fractures amongst democracies, break alliances regardless of the victor
Some electronic fingerprints left of account that uploaded the files #MacronLeaks
Russian tags in one of file of "Macron Leaks"
French electoral commission asks media not to report content of Macron hacks.
These Macron files were uploaded to the Internet Archive by [email protected][.]de
Bad fakes mixed in too: an old French politician using bitcoin to have drugs shipped to the parliament building
Readout of Tillerson's call with Lavrov.
Macron campaign confirms the personal and work emails of several top aides were hacked, but claims fake documents are also being shared
About 9 gigabytes of files alleged to be from the campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron have been posted online
Macron campaign says it has been the victim of a massive, coordinated hacking operation, just days before the election - Reuters
Russian positions near Yasinuvata
Another video of todays 9 may parade rehearsal in Donetsk
Another video of todays 9 may parade rehearsal in Donetsk
Numbers of rebels according to the Russian Minister of Defense. Total: 41.500 - 14.500 in Idlib, Hama, Aleppo and Latakia - 3000 in Rastan pocket (northern Homs) - 9000 in east-Ghouta - 15.000 in South Front
In east Libya, some pictures of Battalion of Protection on al-Abraq airport, receiving Russian printed cash which then is collected by Central Bank of Libya
Gen. Surawski is a candidate for Commander during the war
2 women were wounded today in shelling of Avdiivka
Military parade rehearsal today in Donetsk
Military parade rehearsal today in Donetsk
Ukrainian team is preparing to take part in NATO's "Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017" in Germany
Germany wants authority to purge servers holding stolen data and destroy servers carrying out cyber attacks
Ukraine banned entrance for Steven Seagal
Russian ships attempted to seize Ukrainian rescuers boat near Skadovsk
First Italian-built F-35B rolls out of Cameri production facility
Police on the Moscow metro tell a man that he needs permission to have a Navalny sticker on his bag
Police on the Moscow metro tell a man that he needs permission to have a Navalny sticker on his bag
US Navy's Arleigh Burke Class destroyer USS Oscar Austin DDG-79 northbound on the Bosphorus towards the Black Sea
Russian forces used 2s7 Pion howitzers near Kryms'ke
Russian Il-96 transporting FM Lavrov to Finland violated Estonian airspace
Plastics storage is on fire near Pomezia, Roma. Evacuation of near by civilians
Russian and Ukrainian military of JCCC got under fire of Russian militants near Bezimenne
Russian Kilo-class submarine Krasnodar in North Sea
In Mariupol the SBU found a cache with three kilos of C4
Russia's human rights commissioner Moskalkova talks to Putin about gays in Chechnya, suggests taking possible victims' statements in Moscow.
Al Jazeera to sue Sputnik over claim it faked Syria chemical weapons attack
Russian Mindef published video of Tu-95 and Su-35s near Alaska
A group of fans of demolishing blocks of flats in Moscow invited Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to a demonstration to call for more buildings to go.
Le Pen and Dupont-Aignan visits the Cathedral of #Reims under the insults activists
German government says it wouldn't allow voting in Germany if Turkey holds a referendum on whether to reintroduce the death penalty
North Korea says U.S. and South Korea recruited a North Korean worker in Russia as part of plot to carry out attacks
OSCE’s Hug: Threats are real and imminent; SMM confirmed 10 mine/UXO-related civilian casualties on 24-30 April, incl. 4 fatalities Ukraine
Putin discussed with the security Council negotiations with Merkel and Erdogan, the situation in Syria and preparations for the Victory Day
Germany gov. speaker: Russia-proposed Syria de-escalation zones "step in right direction" but only UN "Geneva talks can bring stability"
Czech PM reverses his resignation
Crews of Ukrainian tactical aviation brigade conducted flight training on MiG-29 and L-39
Arleigh-Burke class @USNavy destroyer USS Oscar Austin departs Aegean and transits northbound Dardanelles 15 days after deploying from Norfolk
New U.S. budget would ban aid to countries that recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Azerbaijan: Armenia violated ceasefire 117 times in last 24 hours
One Russian paper calls Emmanuel Macron a "psycopath"; another says he has "bulging fish eyes"
In Zaporizhiye saboteurs that attempted to derail a train were sentenced to 10 and 11 years in jail
Fire in Moscow now
45 vehicles and 150 firefighters on the scene of the fire in Moscow
Strong fire near FSB HQ in Central Moscow
10 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in 58 attacks yesterday
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