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20 กันยายน 2018

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The "Coca-Cola" Company expressed its official apologies for the publication.
Foxes in Kharkiv
Unknown location
Russian «Pantsir» #Airdefense Systems and «Redut» Costal #Missile Systems deployed in the #Arctic
Christmas "Vertep" in Kharkiv metro
Russian Murmansk is out of natural gas supply
Putin visited the Christmas service in the village Turginovo of Tver region
Readout of @HouseForeign @RepEdRoyce briefing from @AmbJamesWarlick on #Karabakh
#NATO will have a new #SACEUR: General Curtis Scaparrotti, former DOD Joint Staff Director and Korea Forces Commander
Symantec: We confirmed Disakil #malware is linked to Ukraine power outages
Merkel Calls for EU Unity in Preserving Freedom of Movement
21 violations of ceasefire today: small arms, snipers, RPGs
Militants attempt to cut Avdiivka of natural gas- the press center of ATO staff
5 suspects in #Cologne, 4 of which are identified, 2 in custody after violent new year night
The Kurdish community in London gathered in front of the BBC and marched to Picadilly Circus to condemn the Turkish Government actions
Russian ruble exchange hit 75 rubles for 1 USD
Shooting in Mariinka
Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic says that #Serbia will maintain good relations with Russia and the EU
#Estonia buys from #Norway 37 infantry combat vehicles chassis CV9030N
"Transnistrian scenario" launched in Kherson region — Islyamov
#Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov Wed condemns #DPRK’s nuclear test as “flagrant violation” of int’l law and UN’s resolutions
Masha Drokova, 'girl who kissed Putin,' ex-Nashi spox, fears rise of nationalism in #Russia and new Nashi-like orgs.
Tensions had been high as the Serbs brought their 'badnjak' or yule log to church in the town of Đakovica/Gjakova
Can't call it Sovetskoye "Champagne" any more in Ukraine, so now it's Sovetovskoye
Heavy police presence as protesters against displaced marking #Serbia Xmas Eve in #Kosovo hurl eggs and firecrackers
#Donetsk now: It sounds like combat is on in the airport - #Spartak area. Shooting, mortars.
Ukraine strengthened border with Belarus cause of Russia' actions
USS Ross conducts operations in the Mediterranean Sea to support regional maritime security
#Nemtsov was killed on the third try, offenders
Ukraine MFA condemned PDRK nuclear test
The cost of #Skopje's festive decorations is expected to tally up to at least €430,000
#Iran and #Russia DFMs Amirabdollahian & Bogdanov had a phone conversation over the quality of implementing recent agreements on #Syria.
Train with coal to the Russia from occupied Makiivka
Police in #Köln #Germany identified 3 suspects in connection with sexual assaults at the train station which led to national uproar
ATO spox: UA intelligence servicemen neutralized Russian device blocking UA signals at areas at the frontline
ATO spox: Enemy shelled UA positions near Maiorsk (8 mines against UA fortifications there)
ATO spokesperson: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, no single UA serviceman was killed
Ukrainian intelligence found 3 TOS-1 Buratino near frontline at Donbass. Reported to OSCE
German police say nothing found in package at Chancellor #Merkel 's Berlin office, all clear given
EU says N.Korea nuclear test 'grave violation' of UN resolutions
At the Donbas #SBU detained an illegal cargo of diesel fuel and 600 litres of cognac
#Germany recorded 1.1 million asylum seekers in 2015: ministry
The runaway assassin of Paris was in Hungary twice
Norway wants to deport 860 migrants to Hungary
Police in #Berlin evacuated German Chancellor Merkel office after a suspicious letter was received
#Cologne Protest against the sexual violence committed against women on 31 December. 118 complaints
Police say suspicious object found during a routine security check at entrance to Chancellor Angela #Merkel's office in #Berlin
Only 14 violations of ceasefire yesterday. Most of cases near Horlivka-Svitlodarsk
A comparison of P-waves from four N Korean nuclear tests shows very similar waveforms
Stratfor: The death of the military intelligence chief almost certainly has implications for the power struggle between Russia's security and intelligence services.
Almost 23 thousand residents of Dudinka left without electricity, heat and water. -18C outdoor
Protesters gather in Cologne over claims 1,000 men targeted women in New Year attacks
For two decades, the US “hugged the bear” in Europe, but that has to change. Commander of U.S. European Command said
Russian tanks at Bugaivka near Alchevsk
Serbia says however that Kosovo will only get an extension to its own +381 code as agreed in an EU-brokered deal agreed on August 25
In Zaporizhie detained separatist with weapons and drugs
Explosion reportedly heard in center of Donetsk
Teenagers Destroy Christmas Tree In Brussels While Shouting Allahu Akbar
Serbian police playing snowballs with refugees kids
Serbian police playing snowballs with refugees kids
[email protected] flatly dismisses claim by Russia that its actions and expansion constitute a menace for Russia's security
#Spain’s @EjercitoAire arrives to #Lithuania for #NATO Baltic Air Policing mission
FM #Steinmeier: "We need accountable actors in the region who behave responsibly – in both #SaudiArabia+#Iran.“
OSCE on situation in Kominternove
Rus to reinforce its aviabase Erebuni (Armenia) w/ overhauled MiG-29s (4?) and 1 transport Mi-8 in 2 half of 2016 - MOD
Notice to journalists at a refugee camp in Calais
#Ukraine power outage on 23.12 was caused by Hackers: World's First Power Outage w/ #Malware
Council of Europe @coe Human Rights Commissioner urges #Poland president @AndrzejDuda not to sign media takeover law
Clashes at Cologne railway station on New Year Eve
In Cologne 1000 migrants celebrated New Year on the streets with riots and with sexual harassment of more than 80 women.
21 #people have died trying to reach #Lesvos
#Russia appealed to #Hezbollah and urged it to calm the situation with #Israel
Russian gas not supplied to Genichesk and not supplying now, - "Naftogaz"
ATO spokesperson: Near Opytne, enemy fired at UA positions with rocket launchers and sniper rifles
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: militants fired for an hour at UA positions near Marinka with small arms
ATO spox: Yesterday, flights of 1 enemy UAV and a scout jet plane were recorded at the administration border line with the Crimea
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; no single UA soldier was wounded in action
Coca-Cola violating international laws and shows Crimea as part of Russia
134 detained after clashes at Zhitomir candy factory. Several wounded
Russia plans to send new supply convoy to Donbass in 2nd part of January
Turkey: Bodies of at least 9 refugees wash ashore on #Turkey’s Aegean coast
Open source investigation @bellingcat leads to names Russian soldiers who possibly downed flight #MH17
20 violations of ceasefire yesterday: Airport, Pisky, Opytne, Luhans'ke, Zaitseve, Troitske, Novhorodske
Russian media angry that Google Translate from Ukrainian translate Russia as Mordor
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