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18 กันยายน 2018

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Thousands of Romanians protest against judicial reforms
Woman was killed as result of gas explosion at Donet'ka street in Kyiv10 month ago
Woman was killed as result of gas explosion at Donet'ka street in Kyiv
Damage in Donetsk after shelling
Damage in Donetsk after shelling
22:25 renewed shelling of Avdiyivka reported
10 month ago
Over 30 people were detained in Kyiv after football hooligans clash
Protest in Bucharest today
The column of protesters in Bucharest. Photo by Dan Mihai Balanescu
ATO HQ says 247 GRAD missiles hit Opytne and Avdiivka today
Video from Donetsk earlier today - heavy clashes audible
#ParadisePapers reveal Wilbur Ross has business ties with Putin’s son in law and other Russian oligarchs
10 month ago
Queen Elisabeth inflictied in Paradise Papers
Yandare attack: 2nd policeman succumbed of his wounds in hospital
Timisoara, Romania - at centre of 1989 revolution - central square now full of people demanding no weakening of anti-corruption laws.
Suicide bomber hit police checkpoint in Ingushetiya, 1 policeman killed, another wounded. Counter-terror operation declared
Prosecutor Lutsenko: man who was murdered last night in Kharkiv, connected to Voronenkov assassination case
It's propaganda
DNR reports a child killed by UA military fire attack - Interfax
Turkish Communist Party leader Erkan Baş's passport has been confiscated at the airport while on his way to Moscow.10 month ago
Turkish Communist Party leader Erkan Baş's passport has been confiscated at the airport while on his way to Moscow.
10 month ago
Report: artillery audible in Debal'tseve
Historic event in Dnipro: Ukraine Orthodox Patriarch Filaret visiting Jewish Community. At “Menorah”, Europe’s largest Jewish center.
A protest is happening in Bucharest against parliament's attempt to weaken anti-corruption laws.
It's propaganda
Russian propaganda ZvezdaTV reporting that Ukrainian army shelled Donetsk with MLRS GRAD
Donet'sk: Bus stop was damaged as result of shelling
Report: artillery hits near Hvardiyka
10 month ago
Ukrainian artillery started to return fire on sources of shelling near Avdiivka
Clashes in Northern Donetsk tonight
10 month ago
Reports of MLRS Grad shelling near Avdiivka
NBC News has learned that Robert Mueller has enough evidence to bring charges against Michael Flynn and his son
Warner on AG’s knowledge of Papadopoulos’s interactions with Russia: Giving AG "benefit of the doubt" but "a picture’s worth 1,000 words.”
Former Pence spokesperson Marc Lotter says Russia probe "not coming up in the day-to-day operations" at the White House.
Sen. Warner calls Russian use of social media in 2016 part of a “dark underbelly that’s been created.”
Warner on future of the Senate Intelligence Russia investigation: "I think there are going to be more stories to be written"
Sen. Warner on Russians offering Trump campaign Clinton oppo: “Question is did Trump campaign return in kind.”
[email protected] tells AG Jeff Sessions he needs to tell everything he knows about Russia and should come back to testify.
10 month ago
Russian police detain 380 at anti-Putin protests: monitors
Sen. Feinstein on AG Sessions' testimony about Russia: "I think he should come back and clarify it"
Lebanon: US an France and Saudi Arabia vacate their embassy staff in the Lebanese capital Beirut.
[email protected] on Russia Dossier: We were discovering that as well through our investigation and FBI has finally been releasing those documents.
House Minority Leader Pelosi: "I hope the President goes into the meeting (with Putin) really informed"
Brussels prosecutor says ousted president of Catalonia has turned himself following Spain’s issuing of arrest warrant.
Puigdemont and 4 former ministers were detained in Brussels
Another 20 people detained in Moscow's Pushkin Square. OMON riot police trying to clear it of activists.10 month ago
Another 20 people detained in Moscow's Pushkin Square. OMON riot police trying to clear it of activists.
Gvardiyka: possible GRAD-P launches towards Butivka mine
North Makiyivka: Reports of howitzer shelling from area: Yasinuvata cokecoal plant
10 month ago
Number of venues with "bombs" supposedly in them in Moscow sharply increases - source/TASS.
10 month ago
Six big shopping centres and a museum in Moscow being evacuated due to bomb threats.
The crowd in Kemerovo now at Alexei Navalny's rally. Authorities even cancelled public transport to the location in an attempt to stop it.
Ukraine held air-defense drill in Kherson region with Buk, Osa and S-30010 month ago
Ukraine held air-defense drill in Kherson region with Buk, Osa and S-300
Google reverses its decision to stop publishing FAN - a Russian news site ran by the so-called Petersburg Troll Factory - on Google News.
10 month ago
In Moscow and other cities across Russia the police detained ~235 opposition activists today
Ukrainian truck was hit with ATGM yesterday. All onboard alive
Leonov Vyasheslav from Ulan-Ude fought in Ukraine, was killed in Syria on October 18
Man with masks, fireworks, axe and knife was detained in St.Petersburg amid calls for violent protests
Puigdemont and exconsellers will be arrested in the next few hours to appear before a judge for the euroorder
Dnipro: Suspected robbers thrown 2 grenades into group of policemen. 5 wounded
2 people shot in Uppsala, near Stockholm
The Brussels Prosecutor's Office says that at 2:00 p.m. we could have news about the judge assigned to the euroorden against Puigdemont
Kharkiv: driver was killed as his Audi car was shot with AK rifle last night
5 wounded in shooting in central Khmel’nytsky
10 month ago
About 100 members of “Artpodgotovka” movement were detained by police - leader Maltsev says
25 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded10 month ago
25 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
Military spokesman: Greek defense minister and commander of Egyptian naval forces witness joint air-to-air training "Medusa-5"
Military spokesman: Greek Defense Minister and Commander of the Egyptian Maritime Forces witness the main stage of joint air-to-air training "Medusa-5".
25 detained at nationalists Russkiy Marsh in Lublino, Moscow10 month ago
25 detained at nationalists "Russkiy Marsh" in Lublino, Moscow
In St.Petersburg detained two protesters who supports migrants
Protest camp near Verkhovna Rada10 month ago
Protest camp near Verkhovna Rada
Germany: Thousands of people march through Dusseldorf against fascism + freedom for Öcalan and all political prisoners in Turkey.
Anti-coal protest in Bonn. Still downtown, march should start soon
10 month ago
German military considers the disintegration of the EU and the West over the next few decades a possibility
Belgium's justice minister says his government will have no influence over the future of ousted Catalan leader
From Brussels, Puigdemont calls for joint electoral list: "For Catalonia, for the freedom of political prisoners and the Republic"
10 month ago
Russia responds to Canada sanctions over rights violations with 'mirror-image' measures
29 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 3 soldiers were wounded
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