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25 กันยายน 2018

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Police line at strand near Trafalgar sq #MillionMaskMarch
Reports that truck of US army collides with the train near #Freihung
Several dead in German train accident, police says
The police assume that ~50 people in the RE 3535 from Nuremberg to Weiden
Police: 28 arrests have been made for public order offences so far. 3 officers taken to hospital. 1 arrested re assaulting police #MillionMaskMarch
2 arrestees being taken up Charing Cross road from #MillionMaskMarch
[email protected] Biden congratulated President @Poroshenko on the conduct of #Ukraine's recent local elections
#MillionMaskMarch #Nov5th blocking police as they try to take someone they just arrested
There was a train accident in Bayern, Germany. One regional train has crashed into a heavy truck. Some people have apparently died
Whole of Trafalgar Square is cordoned off in sections, with protestors inside
Crowd moving at Trafalgar Square, London #MillionMaskMarch
Obama: US will spend time to determine 'exactly' what brought down Russian plane; 'possibility' there was a bomb
Protestors claim, Trafalgar Square, shutting down Charing Cross Tube
#MillionMaskMarch Protesters Set Police Car On Fire In London
MillionMaskMarch Protesters Set Police Car On Fire In London
Kicking off in Trafalgar Square again. Ppl set off fireworks. Police cordon
Protesters outside the Houses of Parliament at 21:40 #MillionMaskMarch
Arrested Suspect of #Freital who planted bomb on refugee shelter named as Tim Schulze #Germany
Rally in Barcelona "For Democracy and the rule of Law"
The militants have no chance for a massive breakthrough on our territory, – Lysenko
NATO Commander Says Russia Is Not A Partner, Russia Is A Threat
Protest spilled in to St James Park - Anons letting off fireworks
Several arrests at #MillionMaskMarch London. Wardour St
3 loud explosion in Petrovsky districy. Possible outgoing GRAD missiles
Here's a smashed-up police care near Queen Anne's Gate #Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch
A few burning embers in Oxford Circus. #MillionMaskMarch
500 or so refugees here in Serbia boarding Croatia-bound train.
Chaos and mess on Haymarket #MillionMaskMarch
Photographer hurt at #MillionMaskMarch after being hit by a car on Lower Grovesnor Place
Tonight in Belfast, Northern Ireland. #MillionMaskMarch
Police outside the BBC #MillionMaskMarch
Silent rally in the regional GOVT palace in Barcelona: "In defense of democracy and the rule of law"
Whole of Oxford Street, London locked down. Police going on militant. #MillionMaskMarch
Police have been deployed to Buckingham Palace as #MillionMaskMarch protesters gather outside.
Police car attacked, protesters now trying to burn it #GuyFawkes
Rally in Chisinau demands to unite with Romania
Chaos, police horses retreat after being pelted by fireworks #MillionMaskMarch #london
MP Teteruk hit MP Kuzhel head with a bottle
Now out of the kettle. Smoke bombs and fireworks being set off
Downing Street confirms British tourists returning from #Sharmelsheikh will only be permitted to carry hand luggage
Chaos and arrests as #MillionMaskMarch descends on London
#Lesvos, #Greece, #Europe: christians and muslims join in prayer for all dead #refugees
Anti-war demo In St. Petersburg. Girls washed blood from soldiers t-shirts
"Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for more NATO in Poland," says @NATOdsg to great applause at #WSF2015
One protester comes out with a bloodied head as crowds surge forward on Great George St
London police arrest 3 at #MillionMaskMarch #MMM
Massive explosion at a bread factory captured by DigiSport cameras during FC #Brasov - CSM Ramnicu Valcea. Brașov Romania.
Explosion followed by fire takes place at bread factory in #Braşov: 5 injured transported to hospital
Russia grounds all Boeing 737s "until joint notification from Rosaviatsia and FAA" that planes are safe.
Trafalgar Square already packed with #MillionMaskMarch protestors. Police had banned event starting before 6
New transit camp in Croatia at Slavonski brod
Security Council of RF: "Ukraine calls Russia enemy, but continue to pipe our gas and oil"
[email protected] wins 2015 Robert Frasure @statedept award for commitment to peace/resolving conflict
All Grounded. Aeroflot: 12 Boeing 737. Sibir: 13 Boeing 737-800. Globus: 13 Boeing-737 NG. Transaero: 47 Boeing 737. UTAir: 50 Boeings
Russian security Council: Ukraine took a course on militarization and escalation on border with Russia
Ukraine Govt: Months Of Kiev City-creditor Talks Unsuccessful
Fox News quoting #USA official: We have evidences #ISIS planted an IED on-board the #Russia|n plane crashed in #Sinai
Poroshenko met with the delegation of the European Parliament
ATO HQ: Today at 11:15, militants shelled residential area of Krasnohorivka with 82-mm mortars
MP Iryna Herashchenko: information on suspension of funding of Anti-corruption office by EU is false
Large crowds as thousands of migrants and refugees wait to be allowed to leave Slovenia and cross into Austria
Russia has deployed BUK-M2E ( SA-17 Grizzly ) SAM in Syria
President Putin thinks he's "Vladimir the Great," Condoleezza Rice says
PM Cerar to meet his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban in the border town of Lendava on Friday
Egyptian president greeted with red carpet and protests in London
EU refused to collaborate in Ukraine on Anti-corruption prosecution office
#France is to deploy aircraft carrier 'Charles de Gaulle' in the fight against ISIS in #Syria and #Iraq.
The police clashed with "Financial Maidan"
At 15.00 SBU press briefing on detention of Olena Lukash, who was wanted
#Transaero's current revenues and debts
EP Prezident following the visit to #Athens and #Lesbos
Germany says registered 758,000 asylum seekers this year
Bank of England keeps the base rate of interest at record low of 0.5% and the scale of quantitative easing at £375bn
Explosive device found on the railway near Voronezh
Ukrainian MFA Klimkin on visit in Warsaw
Putin promised to protect the interests of "compatriots" in Syria, Libya and Yemen
Ukraine's parl fails to pass #LGBT workplace anti-discrimination law today. Just 117 out of 450 vote 'yes'
Hug: Of particular worry is that at least one Grad rocket was used in Staromykhailivka (eastern #Ukraine) on 2 Nov
Two were wounded in a shooting in the market "Mill" in Moscow
RUS Aviation chief: investigation to look for signs of "possible terrorist attack" on crash plane. But stresses "too early" to establ.cause
Kremlin media suggest the A321 was shot down by a missile fired by Israeli or U.S. aircraft
ATO spox: Yesterday militants opened fire at UA positions near Horlivka and in western Donetsk: small arms and grenade launchers were used
Ukraine bans its airlines from overflying Sinai
In the Luhansk region SBU discovered a large cache of anti-tank mines
Tractor in Pulkovo broke Airliner A321 "Kogalymavia" rack mountable chassis, passengers evacuated
#Brezice camp is closed, trains now go directly from Croatia to #Dobova camp in #Slovenia
Ex. PM of Ukraine Azarov: Blame Obama, not Putin in the price of potatoes in Kyiv
Explosions at Abakumova in Donetsk
The tow truck broke the front chassis of the aircraft "Kogalymavia" in Pulkovo
Nemtsove Lawyers demand to to interrogate the former Putin security officer
The representative of the RF in SCCC: DNR has completed the withdrawal of weapons
First edition of the new, weekly @MoscowTimes under @kudriavtsev stewardship begins today
#Russian militants fired 12 times upon Ukr troops y/day between 6.50pm / 00.30. Fired from areas incl Donetsk airport
Serbia and Bosnia's premiers have held their first joint session since the 1990s Balkan wars
'Thousands' of Polish soldiers receive mysterious call from Russian number
UK Foreign Secretary Hammond says there is "significant possibility" that Russian plane crash was caused by a bomb
Reports of 3 heavy explosions in Northern Donetsk
US official: Early intelligence suggests bomb brought down the Russian airliner.
Ukrainian Army will soon be provided with modern missile systems which will replace OTR-21 Tochka - Gen. Horbylev
UK suspended flights from Sinai Peninsula after receiving Intel from a country in the Middle East on possible further attacks
President of Romania: "We don't want NATO to shift attention from the eastern flank"
The OSCE Also Witnessed Shelling In #Shyrokyne On 2 Nov. 2015
According to OSCE #Staromykhailivka was hit by GRADs on 2 Nov. 2015. "The projectile was fired from the north-west."
Nov 3, OSCE UAV recorded tanks and other military equipment close to contact line in "DPR"-controlled territory
And, the 1st extensive use of drones in #Romania news reporting in Bucharest demonstration in University Square.
Today's rally in Bucharest. Up to 50 000
Rally in #Bucharest. Demands dismissal of parliament
US officials believe Islamic State militants planted the bomb on Russian flight #7K9268 that crashed in Sinai peninsula
University square in Bucharest. Estimated 35 000 people today-twice as many as yesterday
Romania, protesters in Bucharest:"You don't bribe me with 2 resignations" "Corruption kills"
Colectiv Rally in Bucharest
Colectiv Rally in Bucharest
Protest at University square in Bucharest
Reports of battles in the North and in the West of Donetsk
New rally in Romania with new demands
Serbian PM Vucic visits Bosnia, snubs Dodik and meets with BiH state govt Zvizdic and RS opposition leaders #Bosic
Romania - Bucharest - 15.000 People Now, According To Police Sources
Ministers in #Trudeau cabinet are diverse like #Canada herself. Harjit Sajjan. Veteran of three tours in Afghanistan and one as a peacemaker in Bosnia.
Richard Branson praises Ireland for drug decriminalisation plan
UK say Russian airliner that crashed in #Egypt 'may well have been brought down by explosive device'
Far-left #Hungary-an activists cheer the stepdown of #Romania's Victor Pontaandhope PM Orbán is the next Victor 2 fall
The national police of Ukraine was headed by Khatia Dekanoidze
Poroshenko address concerning fate of visa-free regime with EU
Poroshenko address concerning  fate of visa-free regime with EU
#Odessa railway station is on lockdown after bomb threat call
3 killed in Cessna small aircraft crash In Crimea
Several arrests have been made at #FreeEducation rally
#Freeeducation rally in London
Council of Europe accuses #Ukraine of failing to investigate properly deaths of pro-Russian protesters in Odessa. Fire began inside building in 5 places
Riots break out on student march. #FreeEducation
#FreeEducation March currently at Downing Street
Police have kettled #FreeEducation demo near @bisgovuk
Police getting violent outside BIS. #FreeEducation
#London: 10k students for #FreeEducation with anticapitalists, anarchists and antifascists assembled. #GrantsNotDebt
Russia does not respect Ukraine peace process, sanctions review to reflect that: EU's Tusk
Labour's John McDonnell tells students government 'betrayed' them over tuition fees
Trains have begun moving #refugees from Sid, Serbia, to camp in Croatia
Sound of artillery shelling reported again in Donetsk
#Portugal's left coalition talks running out of time
EURUSD Hammered To 1.08 Handle, 3-Month Lows
Ukrainian 'plotted terror attack on Russia's London embassy' - @BBCWorld
Head of Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal has resigned
Lenin is gone In Nova Vodolaga today
Head of NSDC Turchynov: if militants will not stop provocations Army will stop withdrawal of weapons
France detains 8 for smuggling by boat to UK
#Eurozone #PPI falls 3.1% YoY in September, the second biggest drop since 2009
Ukraine's industry and export fall continues to abate, retail more slowly as locals save up to pay for winter gas.
Jeremy Corbyn: PM inviting Egyptian president to Britain shows "contempt for human and democratic rights" and threatens national security
Terror group DNR claims about shelling of the outskirts of Donetsk with MLRS GRAD
CEE and Baltic states say concerned with Russia, back NATO presence
Putin signed the law about the arrest of foreign property "on the principle of reciprocity"
Putin and Patriarch Kirill laid flowers to the monument to Minin and Pozharsky
Zakharchenko: DNR ready to resume fighting if Kyiv violates truce
Buses with military at Russian march
Zakharchenko says that the Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and Mariupol will be under control of "DNR"
Russian March on the October pole square: "Our MiGs will get in Riga! Our tanks will be in Prague!"
#SBU - In Shastye exposed a cache of grenades and two kilograms of TNT
The slogan: "Freedom to political prisoners", "Change Belov on Serdyukov" - Russian March in Lublino
Rally of friends of the "Novorosiya". Nazis: Russian national unity, Kolovrat, "National social justice"
Bucharest 4th district mayor, Cristian Popescu Piedone, who was supposed to prevent tragedies such as #ColectivClub also resigned.
90% of the population support Putin came to "NOD" meeting in St. Petersburg. 150 people with journalists
Rally for DNR and LNR and the "Russian world". "We are a constructive opposition"
One nationalists was detained by police
"We don't need your multiculture" - Russian march in Moscow
France : homosexuals can donate blood starting in the spring of 2016
Russian nationalists shout: "Only Rus' and only victory," "Glory to the nation", "Russia is Europe", "the Russians are coming".
"Russians against war with Ukraine". Russian march in Moscow
Just a few people on this train from Malmo to Stockholm. Station well prepared with food and clothes waiting
Safety checks at #refugees in #Wegscheid
Russian nationalists march with icons and "imperial" flags
61% of Germans and 59% of Italians believe that Ukraine is at civil war
75% of Poles think that Ukraine is at armed conflict, triggered by Russia
Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta to resign after protests over deadly nightclub fire
#Hezbollah: The cooperation between us, #Iran, and #Russia is Unprecedented
"Russian unity day" in Ugra
"Russian unity day" in Ivanovo
"Freedom!" "Putin!" - "Unity march" in Moscow
"We demand to investigate Coup d'état of 1991" - "Unity march" march in Moscow
In "DNR" a new road sign "Beware of tanks"
2 boats in trouble NOW near Sykamnia #Lesbos Refugees into the water
Finland says asylum seeker influx has slightly raised terrorism threat
10 feared dead after Russian AN-12 cargo plane crashes near #Juba airport in #SouthSudan
Flag of Syria at Pro-Putin march in Moscow
Volkswagen shares drops another 8% as emissions issues spread to gasoline cars.
Cargo plane with #Russian crew crash-lands in S. Sudan, up to 10 reported dead
Greek coast guard raises death toll to 5 in migrant boat accident; 65 rescued
"Russians of all countries to unite"
"Russian March" in Lublino
19-year-old driver of Porsche has made a massive crash on the Crimean bridge in Moscow
Vrexit: Hungarian site muses on anti-EU trends among the Visegrad 4 (exit not on agenda, but move to margin probable )
Biker "Surgeon" with banner "will gnaw for grandfather" in Moscow
#Hungary’s central bank to launch HUF 250-400 billion scheme next year to increase banking sector’s lending to #SMEs
Road accident in Mykolaiv: APC hit a car
"Unity march" in Ulyanovsk
"Russians are coming" - March in Moscow
Biden and Juncker call on Ukraine, Syria
In North Ossetia detained police, suspected of beating detainee to death
A lot of "United Russia" ruling party "supporters"
"Help Putin to restore Russia"
"Lets start the cleansing of 5th column(traitors)" - Pro-Putin/nationalists rally in Moscow
"For Putin, Sovereignty, Referendum" - rally in Moscow
Nationalist/Pro-Putin rally in Moscow: "USA is Terrorist #1"
U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership Commission - US reaffirmed commitment made in Bucharest w/regard NATO membership
The contact group confirms withdrawal of heavy weapons in the Donbass
UK internet companies will have to store details of users online activity for 1 yr under a new surveillance law
Nationalist march in Moscow
In Zhitomir unknown persons threw Molotov cocktails at a passenger bus depot
Machine gun shooting in area of Donetsk airport
#Asselborn greet #refugees leaving to Luxembourg on @aegeanairlines
Explosions heard in Petrovsky district of Donetsk
Damage caused by #Bracknell Fire
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