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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Russia 810th Marine section leaves Sevastopol coincides w loading/sailing of Nikolay Filchenkov to Tartus Syria
Spain: Rally crash in Carral: Car flies off track and ploughs into crowd killing 6 and injuring 20
2S9 Nona Self-propelled mortar in Bairachky village
Aksyonov: there will be total purge of officials in the next month.
Frankfurt is ready to meet refugees
Approximately 150 new refugees at the Keleti station
Clashes between police and migrants continue on Greek island of Lesbos
People arrived at Biatorbagy train station about 30km outside Budapest. Promised train towards Austria
Second Migrantmarch went to the train station at Biatorbágy since there's no need to walk
The last train that will today go to Munich from Wien just arrived
Budapest Train services to Austria still suspended,but there are rough route maps for refugees to get 5km from border
Scene at the Hungary/Austria border as police help refugees and migrants abt to get on buses to Germany.
Munich police say that so far 3700 refugees have arrived in Munich today
More and more of Munich gathered on the station square, to welcome the refugee
Hungarian drivers give lifts to Syrian marchers close to the Austrian border. "I have to help them' says this driver.
A rescue helicopter has arrived to Hegyeshalom Austriaborder Nickelsdorf because of a peegnant woman Refugee
Bicske camp is almost empty - some tens remaining. Everybody running to Austria
Shift in gov policy at Budapest Keleti station, refugees now allowed to board trains to get to Austrian border
We want bus, we want bus, hundreds of migrants chant to police while walking in Hungary towards Austria border.
"All refugees I met today claim to be fleeing pro-Assad forces. "We hate ISIS" 1 said "but is Assad, Hezbollah, Iran, Putin destroying Syria" "
Those at the front of the march watch their smart phones intently following google maps to Austria.
Hour ago some refugees managed to escape camp in Roszke where they've been held for days since crossing from Serbia.
Britain urged Russia to stop supplying weapons to the militants in the Donbas
Joint march of Ukrainian and Belarus ultras in Lviv
They keep on coming...refugees on the Hungarian side almost at the border with Austria.
Austrian officials are trying to provide buses direct to Germany for the people who've come across from Hungary.
New arrivals on the steps of Keleti station Budapest - crisis far from over
Danke schön.Alles gute! AustriaInterior minister to police & refugees at Westbahnhof
At about 120 people continue towards Austria in Street number 1 (2)
Celebration of Day of Moscow
Hiding by a bush near a service station in western Hungary, found 25 Syrians. They feared they'd be sent to camps.
UN refugee agency says Hungary declined to accept assistance even at Budapest railway station where food, lodgings and water were lacking
Hungarian police giving out water
Orbán: "refugees should leave M1"
Second march of refugees from hungary waving to a tourist bus
Hundreds of wet and hungry refugees demonstrate in Ásotthalom - Hungarian police not let them
Police won't let second MigrantMarch walk on the highway, they must take another road with less traffic
Austrian town of Nicklesdorf where refugees being loaded onto trains.1 just left for Munich
2nd march reaches the outskirts of Budapest
Finnish Prime Minister says he'll open his spare house for refugees, and they can move in Jan. 1, 2016.
Special train from Austria with 450 refugees on board reached Munich
Refugees just arrived in Austria eating, resting before getting on buses that will take them to the train to Vienna
Chief of police in Hungary says buses won't pick up refugees walking to Austria, what happened yesterday won't happen anymore
Nickelsdorf, Austria waiting for the train to Germany
No trains to Western Europe from Budapest-Keleti, again.
Russia has many construction projects like this all over Crimea.
"Thank you, Austria"
Yara, 2, just arrived in Keleti after a night in detention centre
Instagram account of Russian soldier that showed his "trip" to Donetsk was deleted
Second MigrantMarch is much faster. They don't seem tired and we rarely spot women. This group of refugees is much younger also
-Polish Army training with US troops of @2dCavalryRegt in Wedrzyn, Poland
About 800 refugees heading from Györ to Austria
Refugee train from Vienna to Munich completely packed
Russia landing ship Novocharkassk loading cargo in Sevastopol days before sailing w/ sister ship Korolev to Syria
More refugees walking to the border. Just passed the river in Budapest Hungary
Toys are handed out to children at Budapest station as hundreds of new migrants arrive and start trek to Austria.
#Migrantmarch crossing the Danube second time. Police rarely seen
France ‘considering’ air strikes on Islamic State in Syria
Greek police wound 3 Kurdish migrants
UNHCR: We welcome Austria & Germany decision to receive thousands of refugees who crossed last night from Hungary. Leadership based on values.
German police expect up to 7,000 migrants to arrive from Hungary on Saturday
Cafe burnt in Zaporizhie
Russia(n) tanks in Rossosh near Ukraine North eastern border
Refugees about 800people heading from Györ to Austria border with kids
Austria-ns greeting refugees with food aplenty. A happy day, finally.
First train carrying migrants to Germany arrives in Munich
Rally in Donetsk in support of Purgin
A second migrant March has left Budapest station. Around a thousand people chanting as they walk
Refugees arrive in Munich
Hundreds of migrants arriving now at Budapest station.
Advice for refugees. After days of confusion in Budapest, Hungarian migration NGO now handing out this info
Hits of shells last night in Mariinka
Consequences of shelling last night in Mariinka
An F-22 takes off from Estonia after brief forward deployment.
People cleared from the outside concourse and upper level of keleti train station square this AM. Clean up underway.
Most people have left Keleti ST but more arriving from Serbia. Officials telling them they can buy train tickets to border
Bulgaria Serbia border: "If you are illegal, you are just a shadow. The legal way is the only way."
Ukrainian MP Tymchuk accuse Akhmetov in preparing of "separatist scenario" in Zaporizhie region
The leader of Donetsk People's Republic Zakharchenko said this morning that there is no alternative to Minsk Agreements.
IC540 reached Salzburg & RJ260 already crossing German border
Refugees at Westbahnhof Austria
2180 people crossed the Serbian border into Hungary. 4000 crossed into Macedonia.
Croatian FM: definitely against fences, we will not put up any fences at the border with Hungary
The volunteers at the Westbahnhof train station are in a state of readiness
Kurdish founder of Chobani Yogurt to donate $700 million dollars to help Kurdish and other refugees
In Donetsk today planned rally in support of Purgin
Austria on the way to Germany for those who were in Hungary
Budapest mayor Tarlós stopped the preparations for a central transit zone near Keleti despite thousands coming again in days.
Hung. gov underlined that buses were a one-shot solution
Russia's PM Halts Ban on Medical Imports
Some 2,500-3,000 migrants have entered Austria from Hungary in the past few hours, Austrian police say
600-800 refugees on train from Vienna, that reaches Salzburg at 8:48am
Some refugees still in Keleti, families sleeping. They will leave soon.
Hungary refugees new March of hope for about 100 people heading from Györ to Austria border with kids
First train leaving after they crossed the border.
Ukrainian President Poroshenko said Friday that Russia should be stripped of its veto power in the UN
Austrian police: 2,000 refugees at Austrian border from Hungary, figure could more than double today
This line of buses is still 60km from the Austrian border
Nickelsdorf, 6:46 am
Stop - 50 km to border
Front page of the @WSJ today: MarchOfHope
Daylight rising in Nickelsdorf
As dawn broke, hundreds of migrants were streaming in. They're headed for Germany and Vienna-bound trains.
Hungary - Austria border
Next train from Vienna Westbahnhof leads to Innsbruck (via Salzburg) on 6:30am; people board train
And the kids. They just don't complain. The rain comes down and it's cold.
"Thank you. Thank you Austria" they say politely as they cross the border.
Hungary > Austria
Islamic State ISS reveals it has smuggled over 4,000 Islamic extremist gunmen into Europe, hidden among refugees.
Austria says hello to refugees
First refugees arrived in Austria &already drinking some hot tea
The buses with the migrants are on their way to Austria
Hungarian march. More buses on the Way. Red Cross waiting in Austria.
Hungary March makes it to austria. First bus load.
Not far from Bicske, buses being boarded - that's the trail; first bus arrived to Hegyeshalom
Refugees Form bus1 are sitting in a safer room in Austria.
And thse are my photos at Keleti station Budapest
People didn't have much time to gather their belongings. Budapest Keleti station
Several North Caucasus Human Rights Organizations Labeled ‘Foreign Agents’
Seems police have done a good job keeping any threat of violence away, all roads around Keleti closed, calm for now
People packing up at Budapest-Keleti expecting buses to Austria.
First bus has gone. To the border. Taking first Hungarian refugees to Austria.
The first refugees are already in the Bus to the Hegyeshalom
Hungary March first bus about to depart with refugees on it for Austrian Hungarian border
First Hungary bus about to leave with refugees on it.
Refugees bed down alongside highway w Hungary govt buses behind
Historian Simon Schama on Newsnight: "Europe is entering a kind of meltdown, it's entering an extraordinary moment of disintegration."
Clashes between police and Hooligans near city Park Budapest
Unknown location
Multiple reports of explosion in Donetsk
Group of men standing in line to protect the camp. Keleti. Budapest
Heavy teargas attack at the stadium. Ultras pushed back riot police a good 100 meters.
Austrian Cancellor: "We will not let the refugees alone in this situation." Austria wants to let refugees in
Riot police taking up different positions around Keleti, to shield the station from hooligans if they come.
Kaleti station trying to get some rest Budapest
Slovakian dep PM Miroslav Lajcak: "We can accept quotas knowing that in 2 weeks all these people will be gone [to westrn Europe]"
Hungarians cooking warm food for refugees by the highway. Incredible
Hungary March. Buses have turned up at roadside.
Refugees sending everyone down to safe place. They look very frightened. It is said hooligans are getting closer.
And more riot police, blocking off another street. Budapest
Police blocking off nearby street, helicopters circling overhead. Budapest
In front of station Keleti, about 250 Riot Cops to protect the Refugees if Nazis attack
Refugees sleeping on the Hungary highway curb. Police making sure they are safe.
7 buses lined up near Keleti station Budapest - speculation that they will take refugees to Austria border
For today night RefugeeMarch has stopped at Herceghalom (exit 27 on M1 highway). People are exhausted, local civilians bring food&water.
Riot police in armour before the Keleti train station. This time not against the refugees, but the ultras
Children are watching @MrBean at Keleti Budapest
Riot police in front of Budapest Keleti station
Refugees on alert at Keleti cooperating with police making defense lines to keep away hooligans
Refugees in park near Keleti station scared stiff, someone went around saying the ultras will kill them
Battle intensifies in area of Mariinka
Street fight in Kharkiv. National guard and police on the site
People trying to get refugees to bottom floor in anticipation of nationalists , very tense
M1 march right now
Guy with one leg in wheelchair at the highway in Marchofhope is showing this picture of Merkel
After walking 30 km down motorway from Budapest refugees bedding down. Buses arrive tomorrow to take them to border
The head of the people's Council of DNR declared wanted
DNR source confirms Purgin has been replaced. Future of DNR leader Zakarchenko, not present at crucial vote, seemingly under question
Marchofhope is resting at the right side of the highway near Herceghalom. Hungarian people are coming with food
Huge queue at kaleti to get dinner. A truck came to deliver food for free
Pushilin was appointed an acting Chairman "of the Parliament DNR"
Guys on motorbike warns: "We will only go into the busses if they bring us directly to Vienna"
Hungary will provide 100 buses to the Austrian border for refugees in Budapest, announced János Lázár.
Russian airborne troops occupied Donetsk cityhall today
There are a lot of armed people in the building of Donetsk city council
Just not ending: MigrantMarch
DNR may return to hryvna - militants media
In Kaleti station, people are scared of the hooligans so they are moving underground
Hungary minister Lazar says they are offering refugees on M1 and at Keleti station some buses that will take them to the border.
Police opened Highway again. Refugees walking in Highway next to bypassing cars
New numbers: police chief says 1,200 are walking on the M1 hoghway and 300 on the rails from Bicske
Canadian Forces setting up at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre in Yavoriv, Ukraine last month
Putin: Entry into force of "law on special status" for Donbas a basic condition for political settlement with Ukraine
DNR now holding an emergency session of ruling council, cause of "coup"
Hungary March continues
People are tired, MigrantMarch stopped somewhere between Herceghalom and Biatorbágy
Hooligans vs refugees: Clashes at Budapest train station
Stand-off in Biscke is now over. Final refugee taken off train in the last hour
After a longer break, march went on in highway, direction Vienna. Police now closed the highway
Air Policing jets on 4 SEPT in international airspace above the Baltic Sea near LV border identified RU AF 1X Il-38.
Kiskunhalas Hungarian refugee camp. 1 migrant called it 'worse than Syria'
Many refugees of Migrantmarch near Gastland M1 Hotel. Possible will sleep here
Hungary March in darkness.
Hooligan's attack in Budapest on migrants. Even a child fell down
MigrantMarch to Austria refugees debating over a map as they have a short rest
Police in Hungary say: those marching to Austria are around 800. More than 2000 refugees stayed in Budapest station
Sun setting on 1st day of MigrantMarch. Refugees vow to continue.
One of our NGO workers taken to police station assumedly on suspicion of having connections with radical islam. Gevgelija Macedonia
One fatality on Bicske train already. Fears there will be another as darkness starts to fall. Paramedics on scene
Purgin is detained and taken to Donetsk
Hungarian police warning marchers as night approaches that they need light coloured t shirts. Black won't be seen.
RespectRefugees by National Football team of Austria
PM Orbán asks Germany to give visas to refugees, migrants in Hungary, then Hungary can let them out.
In Minsk agreed on the final document about the diversion of arms under 100 mm. Will be signed on 8 September
UN says 5,000 refugees crossed from Greece to Macedonia yesterday. Notes a "marked increase in the number of women and children."
Shoreham pilot Andy Hill thrown clear of jet during crash
Children and disabled people forced to walk for miles in Lesvos to register
The map of Europe's refugee crisis from @Reuters
The standoff at Bicske. 200 migranst refusing to leave the train since yesterday
[email protected]_SMM observed 1 explosion in Donetsk region & recorded no ceasefire violations in Luhansk region
Bicske refugees - about 140 remains on board. Mostly children women left the train.
Ultras heading to Hungary-Romania football match in downtown Budapest
MigrantMarch refugees on the move to Austria.
Refugees fighting a holligan who attacked them in Budapest
Refugees and migrants saying thank you for the food and water they are being given
Pakistan refugee dies trying to escape from Bicske train station
Huge freight train blocks view of cameras of migrant train in Bicske
Hungary-ians giving out water to MigrantMarch refugees. Budapest to Austria
Refugees defy Hungarian police as EU remains divided over crisis
Village of Torokbalint waits for refugees march with water
Longest Polish river reveals secrets amid drought
More hooligans gather in budapest after attack on migrants at railway station
Refugees in Gevgelija arrive in a camp outside town. UNHCR now building showers.
A refugee man in his 50s died at Bicske. Fell at the rails and wounded his head
Keleti refugees sayin no to provocations and violence of Hungarian nationalists
The ultras meeting at Kiraly utca, but police bringing them away
Police fired tear gas against 2800 refugees protesting at Roszke camp Hungary
Clashes at Keleti Station in Budapest after ultra nationalists confronted refugees
Steven Seagal gets an audience with his friend, Vladimir Putin.
Tourists & refugees in Kos
How Keleti train station looks like even as thousands of refugees have left
There are thousands of people on this road from Budapest
Aylan Kurdi's father buries him in Kobani today
Hungary: Around 300 refugees escape from Bicske train station & are back in the railway
Macedonia joins 'fight against refugee crisis'
Alcatel's Go Play smartphone is built for underwater photos and could be great for social gamers
One group of refugees flying a European flag. Budapest, Hungary
Officers from California are training with Ministry of Interior instructors + cadets
Alcatel's Go Watch is a rugged smartwatch that claims to measure your mood
These young men hold a sign asking a simple question: why? Hungary
The walk #MigrantMarch
Khaled from Homs, making his way in the MigrantMarch from Budapest to Austria.
Hungary Parliament votes extraordinary laws: police can enter homes without warrant in refugee crisis
Two US F-22 Raptors landed in today in Ämari Air Base, Estonia
Migrant March moving again towards Austria. Budapest
Russian SSBN Dmitry Donskoy, world's largest submarine, has left Severodvinsk to take part in exercises
Unknown location
Police tries to stop the Marchofhope, blocking the road with cars
Marching refugees holding an EU-flag on their way to Austria
#MigrantMarch towards Austria
Ämari AFB: @usairforce F-22s, A-10s, C-130s + @Luftwaffe Eurofighters
Egyptian billionaire offers to buy an island off Italy or Greece to rehouse refugees
In Budapest's Keleti station, three-day-old Sadam begins her life
Police now say ca 300 migrants broke out of Röszke camp this morning - some have been caught and brought back
Column of refugees, young and old marching with all they have left
British PM bows to pressure, agrees to take in more asylum seekers
Refugees coming from Turkey land on the shores of the Greek island Lesbos in an inflatable boat
Mohammad Bakkar, Refugee who pulled family onto rails,: "I wanted us to be dead."
Hungary shuts border crossing after migrants escape
MIA: In Dzerzhinsk exploded unknown thing, 2 people injured
Migrants on abandoned truck had oxygen for only 1½ hours
Saakashvili "I consider myself to be deceived..." 1,5 years of lack of reforms in Ukraine
Saakashvili I consider myself to be deceived... 1,5 years of lack of reforms in Ukraine
Cossacks-combatants, from 2016, will begin to patrol the streets of Moscow
Little Aylan Kurdi was buried together with his brother and mother in Kobanê today
Austrian police: Migrants found dead in truck last week included Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans
1,000 migrants crossing Elizabeth bridge walking to Austria
EC VP Frans Timmermans in Kos: People with no claim to asylum must be returned; Europe without borders cannot survive
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Claims in Militants groups that "there is coup in DNR, Purgin is blocked at Uspenka. Orginized by Pushilin"
Bus load of refugees arrive at the camp in Bicske but in protest vault fence out
20 or so bussed into camp from refugee train. Immediately jumped gate and walked away.
Vandals wreak destruction in central Budapest ahead of Hungary-Romania soccer match
Vandals wreak destruction in central Budapest ahead of Hungary-Romania soccer match
Refugees were throwing stones at police in Lesbos. Tear Gas Deployed
Russia's Far East development a chance to integrate into Asia-Pacific: Putin
In Kyiv said goodbye to volunteer Andriy Glushchenko
PM E.Kopacz, @TomaszSiemoniak at launching ceremony Kormoran. PL new minehunter.Till 2020 Navy will get 3 ships.
PM: Today I can announce that we will accept thousands more Syrian refugees under existing schemes, which we'll keep under review Syria
Military vehicles of militants in Donetsk
Military vehicles of militants in Donetsk
MIA: resident of Novotroitsk wounded with landmine
Azov drills
Rivne region prosecutor's office has been undermined by a grenade
Latest jets SU-30SM will be based In the Crimea
Migrants protest at Bicske station, demand to go to Germany
SBU has detained militants of "DNR" in Slovyansk
Russian news agencies TASS and (international) Russia Today to merge.
Russian militants in Bezimenne
Last night, thugs shouting "go home" attacked refugees on Kos, as well as activists. They threatened Amnesty staff.
Military exercises of Ukrainian army
Ukraine @Bus_Ombudsman and @EBRD at 16th Anti-Corruption Forum in Malasia speak on anti-graft efforts in Ukraine
Putin wants Ukraine changed the Constitution for militants
Preparation in Uman for Rosh Hashanah
Station Keleti Budapest in these moments. All international trains cancelled.
Military school opened in Donetsk
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