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20 กันยายน 2018

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5 policemen were taken to hospital amid clashes in Sukhumi
"Abkhazian president" suspended head "head of internal ministry" amid protests
Once again Mariupol can hear incoming artillery and mortars east of the city
Russian Vice-PM Rogozin arrived in Chisinau, Moldova
Protest in Sukhumi, Abkhazia, Georgia
Jamala in Kramatorsk
This van is currently driving through London
Protesters attacked Ministry of Internal affairs of Abkhzazia with Molotov cocktails
"Any major crisis with Russia would have a strong nuclear dimension" - @BrunoTertrais interview in Le Monde
Avdiivka: UA artillery is shelling towards DFS direction
Promka: fighting intensifying
Colonel UAF Bezjasikov released from the captivity of the Russian forses
Re-election of the President of Austria is scheduled for October 2
In Sukhumi, the demonstrators demanded the resignation of the interior Minister of Abkhazia. The protesters broke the outer gate in front of his office
Poland to create 10 business support centers in Ukraine
CHOD Gen. Graziano: Italy has so far trained 4900 Peshmerga and 3900 Iraqi policemen, 36% of Iraqi Security Forces trained by the Coalition
Belarus will conduct a military inspection in Ukraine
Moscow celebrated the Eid al-Fitr
On Tuesday recorded 26 attacks of positions Ukrainian troops by Russian forses in ATO
France could unifiy its intelligence services into a single national antiterrorism agency
Crimean Tatar leaders are flying to Warsaw to meet with Polish President
During the searches in the Rivne region was found a currency, weapons, and 1.5 tons of amber
UAF received $ 60 million in international aid in 2016
British Pound falls below 1.30 for the first time since at least 1985; today's low is $1.2997
The number of complaints on wage arrears in Russia increased by 13% in June
SBU detained the Deputy of the Prosecutor of the Rivne region Andrey Borovik
SBU detained the Deputy of the Prosecutor of the Rivne region Andrey Borovik
RHCP in Kyiv
German police evacuate Turkey-bound plane after tip that dangerous luggage was aboard: magazine
LifeNews: Istanbul prosecutor charges 11 Russians with involvement in airport terrorist attack.
Cockpit vox recorder from crashed EgyptAir shows attempt to put out fire on plane before crash: investigators
McDonald's won a court in Europe for trademark MACCOFFEE
President awarded Ukrainian troops in Sloviansk
Batkivshyna party blocked Verkhovna Rada
Lyashko invited "Samopomich" to the united opposition
Lyashko invited "Samopomich" to the united opposition
Croatia scrambles MiGs to escort Israel-bound El Al 747 passenger jet in its airspace after bomb scare: TV
Russian aggression in Ukraine raises questions over security of neighboring states: UK Parliament
Torquay, United Kingdom: "EU rats go home"
The accomplice of the militants "DNR" received 8 years in prison in Lviv region
One of the world's largest company web analytics SimilarWeb opened an office in Ukraine
A company of the German military comesn to Estonia
Onishchenko wants to obtain political refugee status
A large-scale anti-corruption operation is going in Spain. Detained 12 people
President inspected repairing works of Kramatorsk TV tower
Berlusconi confirmed the sales of FC "Milan" to Chinese
The United States will provide $ 250 million to defend Ukraine
President @poroshenko visited Karachun Mountain in Donetsk region as part of his trip to ATO
Construction of Ukrainian-Russian border will cost country 220 million grivnas
The chairman of the district election commission was beaten іn Lugansk region
Lithuanian group of military instructors goes to Ukraine
Onishchenko will be not allowed in the Olympic team of Ukraine
SBU detained on bribe the chairman of the military-medical commission in the area of ATO
Chief editor of website "Еcho of Moscow" was summoned for interrogation to the FSB
Poroshenko withdrew Soviet stars from the UAF soldiers form
Russia has blocked 43 trucks and 22 wagons with Ukrainian goods
NUTstrike protest reaches Regent Street
Slavyansk liberation day
Record-low yield for first UK state bond since Brexit
The head of the Russian State Duma Committee on Defence invited Marine Le Pen to visit Russia-annexed Sevastopol on the Russian Navy Day.
Chinese-Russian Anti-terrorism drill nicknamed 'Cooperation 2016' has kicked off in Moscow.
Marseille airport evacuated and cornered off by police
Some of Bank of England's Brexit concerns are being bourne out, Mark Carney says
British MPs urged to expand sanctions against Russia
ATO spox: SBU detained resident of Dnipropetrovsk region who managed separatist social media pages
ATO spox: SBU detained Kharkiv journalist Andriy Borodavka under suspicion of undermining Ukraine’s territorial integrity
ATO spox: Unrest in Toretsk: drunk supporters of Russia attempted to block Ukrainian mil hardware. Organizers detained
ATO spox: Militant casualties: 7 KIA, 6 WIA yesterday
The Verkhovna Rada has permitted the arrest of Onishchenko, who has already fled abroad
ATO spox: 3 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 13 were wounded in action yesterday
ATO spox: 3 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 13 were wounded in action yesterday
ATO spox: Complete ceasefire in the area of Dokuchayevsk because of the presence of @OSCE_SMM monitors
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Militants deployed 120 mortar mines in the area. Hot spots: Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Hnutove-Shyrokyne front
ATO spox: Militants deployed 57 artillery shells in the area of Zaitseve and Dacha village
ATO spox: Militants mortared residential districts of Troyitske from 2 pm to 5 pm
Bank of England says Brexit risks 'have begun to crystallise'
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants twice violated ceasefire in the Luhansk region. One violation featured mortars
French lawmakers propose major changes to intelligence community in light of deadly Paris attacks last year.
The police continue searches of the participants of the "amber mafia" in Rivne region
[email protected] speaking for 48% of remain in @Europarl_EN
Hungary to hold October 2 referendum on EU plans to relocate migrants among member states, which PM Viktor Orban opposes
SBU explosed another cache of weapons at Donbas
Swiss Air Force fighter jets scrambled to escort Israeli El Al plane en route from New York to Tel Aviv due to bomb threat
The President of the European Union is ruling out all negotiations on free movement.
Russian government approved the freezing of budget expenditures unti 2020
Staffers and @MGGronski observe #RapidTrident in Ukraine #StrongEurope #JMTGU #exrt2016
Russia preparing painting "Devyati val" of Ayvazovski to transport to Moscow. [update: painting is in St.Petersurg Russian museum, not in Feodosia]
[email protected] flight operations from the Mediterranean in support of OIR.
.@TheCVN69 flight operations from the Mediterranean in support of OIR.
Italian police say they have arrested a homeless man in death of U.S. student whose body was found in Tiber River
Eid al-Fitr in Moscow today
SBU has confirmed the detention of well-known Kharkov separatist Andrei Borodavka
Protest near Rada demands vote on MP Onishenko
French inquiry recommends intelligence overhaul after terror attacks
Author of controversial and impractical Russian data storage law says it doesn't involve storing any data
Polish F16s are on their way to Kuwait for reconnaissance mission within @CJTFOIR. Ready to help to DefeatDaesh.
Rapturous Reykjavik reception for Iceland's #EURO2016 heroes
Dzhemilev will meet President Duda in Warsaw
The President signed a secret decree by national security Council on defense
22:00 Toretsk: Mil vehicles were blocked by pro-Russian crowd
Donetsk Petrovka now
Detained deputy head of Rivne region prosecutor office has clock est price: $685000. Ulysse Nardin Alexander the Great
In city of Dnipro one pro-Ukrainian MP candidate refuse to run in favor of volunteer Tatiana Rychkova
Donetsk Petrovka: Multiple outgoing rounds
In Sevastopol opened criminal case against local football fans, cause they don't like Moscow's Spartak
Mariupol listen to heavy hits on the East
All of the NBP was released from the police Department of Tverskoy, Moscow
Donetsk: High-pressure gas pipeline was hit at Lidievka
"Very" loud warfare near Mariupol
Krasnohorivka still under heavy fire.
Donetsk: consequences of shelling on Makarenko 40
Russian source says a bus was hit by mortar fire in Donetsk on Stepanenka Ave, at 20.
Some heavies (shells) flying towards Maryinka
Donetsk: Trudovski
This has now been confirmed by the EU enlargement commissioner and retweeted by Serbia's PM
Ukraine wants Russia to provide information about illegally exported children from Donbas region
Collection of watches worth more than 100 000$ found during a search deputy prosecutor in the Rivne region
Jamal will give a free concert in Kramatorsk in honor of the liberation of the city from the militants
SOF one of the key element for security during the NATOSummit in Warsaw
OSCE truck in Donetsk
North to Kominternove - explosions
Poland closer to clinching $5 billion missile deal with Raytheon: minister
24 temperature records fixed for six months in Kiev
SBU detained the administrator of the separatist groups in the Russian social networks
Sweden extradite Osman "Abdulaziz" Kekić to Bosnia for fighting in a foreign country and Jihadi links.
The Beckenham house fire is now under control.
[email protected]: Ru vice-PM building "one flat to rule them all", buying via proxy a whole floor of this Stalin-era tower
Lviv: People who block the border in Rava-Ruska smashed the car of the Consulate General of Poland
OSCE PA adopted resolution on occupied Crimea: "We urge Russia to stop aggression again"
Putin signed a law that bans foreign companies from measuring TV ratings in Russia
The Court dismissed the suspect of illicit enrichment to prosecutor ATO
Players of the Cuban volleyball team detained in the case of rape in Finland
Stoltenberg: Brexit does not affect the UK's position in NATO
Russia has suspended visa-free entry of Poles in Kaliningrad
Tourist flow from Ukraine to Antalya for 6 months increased by 81%
At the NATO summit in Warsaw will adopt the decision to deploy a brigade in Romania
The state Duma announced the visit of the French deputies in the occupied Crimea
The shell of the Russian forses got to the private house in Maryinka
NATO countries will allocate an additional $8 billions for the defense
SG Stoltenberg: EU contributes to stability in Europe, complementary to NATO, cooperation is key.
Drivers dashed fines of 3 million hryvnia during the first hours of video fixation
Finland President Niinistö to attend NATO Summit in Warsaw
Tomorrow in Kiev will be started a municipal bike rental
SecGen @jensstoltenberg: We will agree on a comprehensive assistance package for Ukraine at #NATOSummit
The interior Ministry plans to install more than 3 million cameras for fixation of traffic violations
15-year-old athlete died during a workout in the Lviv region
About 500 security forces conducted a special operation to identify militants and their accomplices in Lugansk region
Ukraine will respond to Russia with a mirror transit sanctions
Media reported about the unknown UAV which recorded the NATO exercises in Sweden
About 1.79 million internally displaced persons are registered Ministry of Social Policy
1 Ukrainian POW was freed from Russian captivity
Training with the experience of military psychiatry began in Croatia for Ukraine
The Deputy from "Opoblock" who assaulting a pensioner, can go to prison for 4 years
Farage Meets Rupert Murdoch on Sunday, resigns on Monday morning.
ATO spox: @poroshenko assigned a combat landing ship “Kirovohrad” a title "Yuriy Olefirenko" honoring a fallen hero
Dmitry Peskov said that Russia has not yet entered into formal negotiations over access to the Turkish Incirlik air force base.
ATO spox: UA warship to carry the name of Yuriy Olefirenko, Marine commander killed during defense of Mariupol on Jan 16, 2015
ATO spox: President @poroshenko awarded Ihor Voronchenko, new commander of UA Navy, a rank of Vice Admiral
IDS says 'he's never been as excited about a candidate' as Andrea Leadsom
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk policemen trained how to perform duties in combat conditions while undergoing heavy drills
ATO spox: Rapid Trident 2016: Ukrainian paratroopers and heli pilots jointly eliminated enemy stronghold #ExRT2016
Col. Lysenko: Recently, US government donated 14 anti-artillery radars for the needs of Ukrainian Armed Forces
ATO spox: Avdiivka police detained a militants. Another juvenile militant agreed to cooperate with Ukraine’s law enforcement
ATO spox: Russian Colonel Aleksandr Bushuyev was killed near Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region. Two bodyguards were injured
Toretsk hospital: 1 killed, 5 wounded soldiers were brought this morning
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: Militants used artillery by Zaitseve, Pisky; mortars near Horlivka, Avdiivka, Donetsk airport area
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants violated ceasefire 2 times near Novooleksandrivka, Luhansk region. Sniper fire spotted on Bakhmut road
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Militants fired 80 artillery shells on Talakivka-Shyrokyne front. Ceasefire holds in vicinity of Dokuchayevsk
ATO spox: Two Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in action, no fatalities
ATO spokesperson: Mariupol sector: Enemy fired at UA positions at the front line Talakivka – Shyrokyne over 80 artillery shells
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: 3 enemy attacks at UA positions, including an attack of sniper at Bakhmut road
Nigel Farage will remain an MEP for next two years
The level of shadow economy in Ukraine declined to 40%
Maryinka under fire. Mines are falling 800 m away from the queue at the the checkpoint.
Horlivka today: Hornopromyslova, 1 MT-LB chassis mounted, the rest - tanks
Heavy engineering equipment of the armed forces involved in the battling of wildfires in Irkutsk region
UKIP leader Nigel Farage resigns after Brexit vote
Pro-Brexit MEP Nigel Farage quits as UKIP leader
Bridge repair between Rozdol'ne and Vasylivka
Meeting of MFAs of Armenia and Russia
4th of July trolling in Moscow. Fearless world leaders who defied the US for their independence
Media published photos and data of the Italian mercenaries are fighting for the "DNR" and "LNR"
Putin signed the law on the National guard
"Ukrzaliznytsia" wants to introduce a ban on wagons without air conditioning
A storm warning declared in Ukraine
PM Groysman congratulated US on independence Day
Rapid trident drill: Attack of air-borne troops and aviation on fortified district
Russia is preparing to supply Iran with the second batch of SAM s-300
After DNA tests of the remains of the crew of Il-76 will send to Moscow
Russian forces are shelled residential areas of Toretsk
The Kremlin turned the Crimea into a military base without tourists
Russia imposed additional restrictions for the transit of Ukrainian goods
Oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov looking to sell all his Russian assets after FSB raids, Vedomosti says
Pushkov wished US in independence Day "understand the choice of Crimea"
61 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
The bodies of the victims of the plane crash in Russia were found
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