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24 กันยายน 2018

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Wikileaks: The US OCCRP can do good work, but for the US govt to directly fund the PanamaPapers attack on Putin seriously undermines its integrity.
Wikileaks: #PanamaPapers Putin attack was produced by OCCRP which targets Russia and former USSR and was funded by USAID & Soros.
Top official: Azerbaijan able to liberate occupied lands in short time
Pretty intense battle at Yasynuvata blockpost now, glow in the sky over that area.
Fighting in the area of Avdiivka-Yasinuvata. Artillery strikes from Makiivka, Mineral'ne, Donets'k
52.352 refugees stranded in Greecen11.280 in Idomeni campn4.761 will sleep in tents here at Piraeus port tonight
Heavy fighting at industrial area of Donetsk
Azerbaijani President: "If ceasefire violated, the responsibility for this will lie on the Armenian side"
[email protected] driver car on route from Lviv to Kyiv was probably hijacked by criminals
.@BlaBlaCar driver car on route from Lviv to Kyiv was probably hijacked by criminals
A residential house is on fire as a result of Zaitseve shelling. - "DNR"
US Ambassador: Moldovan Government took the measures needed for a new IMF agreement
Russian Parliament Deputy promises to sue Novaya Gazeta for Panama Papers investigation
Turkish Army/Air Force/Ground forces starts a 1 month military mobilization exercise in 17 cities
Ukraine-Turkey naval drills
Viktor Zolotov was appointed as head of National Guard of Russia
Ukraine MFA on Nagorno-Karabakh: All hostilities should be ceased, territorial integrity of Azerbaijan resolved
Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu: Discussed our bilateral relations and cooperation w/ FM Mammadyarov and FM Zarif
Col Lysenko: Hostilities continue round-the-clock in some sectors
Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson has resigned as PM of Iceland. #panamapapers
Putin urged Baku and Yerevan to end the hostilities in Karabakh
Entirety of LOC is now firmly back in Armenian hands according to Arm Dep Def. Minister Tonoyan
40 attacks of Russian forces today before 6pm
Spokesman of Karabakh's presidency; I believe we are capable of resolving the issue with Azerbaijan by ourselves, just like we did in 91-94
British MP Bob Blackman: UN must ensure that Armenian forces withdraw from Azerbaijani territory
Karabakh: David Babayan, spokesperson of NK's president said Turkey is the only country in the world to unconditionally support Azerbaijan
Armenian Amb spkg now in @OSCE Perm Council spec mtg on situation in Nagorno Karabakh. (I expect Az Amb to spk nxt.)
Júlíus Vífill, Reykjavík city council member for the Independence Party, has resigned. #panamapapers
Turkish official says Greece has postponed the return of the next group of migrants to Turkey under EU deal until Friday
Reports of resumed hostilities at Nagorno-Karabakh
US designates Paris attacks suspect 'global terrorist'
Putin announced the creation of the National guard
Russia must learn that “provocation against its neighbors will be met with a united Western response” [email protected]
Statement by the Minsk OSCE Group: Strongly condemn the outbreak of unprecedented violence along the Line of Contact in Nagorny-Karabakh
NKR Army releases the photos of the last destroyed Azerbaijani drone
Both Federal Migration Service and Anti-Narcotics Service being placed under Interior Ministry
DNR is against international police mission at Donbass
,@hetqArmenia Editor: Mataghis Never Captured; Combatants from Turkey Suffer Heavy Losses
FM Mammadyarov talked on phone w/ @FedericaMog High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Ru An-148-100E RA-61720 c/s RSD48 Engels air base to Vnukovo
Consequences of shelling in Martakert
Consequences of shelling in Martakert
Funeral of Private Mkrtchyan, killed in military clashes btwn Karabakh and Azerbaijan
Iceland PM asks president to dissolve parliament, president refuses
Russian troops conduct exercises in Dagestan: 1000 soldiers, 300 military vehicles
Activists burning tires near office suspected owned by Pro-Russian MP Schufrich
Tymoshenko said about exit of coalition, and that "Batkyvshyna" is in opposition now
Turkey to stand by Azerbaijan ‘until doomsday’: PM
Aliyev: Azerbaijan has a principled position.Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity is not, has never been and will never be the subject of negotiations
Azerbaijan's defense ministry agrees on a ceasefire with separatists in the Nagorno-Karabakh region
[email protected]_russia: Azerbajani MFA hold no information about cease-fire in NagornoKarabakh
Iceland's PM ready to resign and hold snap elections if coalition partners Independence party wont support his gvnmt #Panamapapers
Since 12PM, the fire on the frontline of Karabakh and Azerbaijan has been stopped from the both sides
US Amb to Ukraine @GeoffPyatt briefs Holy See diplomatic corps on current situation
Putin urged to prevent attempt to reduce role of Russia in WW2
Azerbaijani "cluster bomb" that fell on NKR last night. Patches of burned ground all around.
AFP: Karabakh, Azerbaijan reach ceasefire agreement: rebels
Ceasefire agreed on Nagorno-Karabakh frontline
Azerbaijan President Aliev visits wounded soldiers in hospital
"We want to see de-escalation. We want to see a credible ceasefire return"- @StateDept
Italy says it will take measures against Egypt if truth is not uncovered in the murder of Italian student
Kremlin: Situation in Nagorny Karabakh increasing concerns
Sudden battle readiness check of Strategic Missile forces of Russia
France PM warns that extreme Islam is 'winning the ideological and cultural battle'
Trilateral meeting of FMs of Azerbaijan Turkey and Iran starts very soon @MevlutCavusoglu @JZarif
Two Ukrainian servicemen killed, 10 wounded in military hostilities over past 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
Russian proxies used mortars in Talakivka, Shyrokyne. Snipers in Maryinka – ATO Spokespers
Ukr. Intel: near Shyrokyne 1 Russian marines killed, 3 wounded
2017 will be declared the year of Japan in Ukraine. - President during his visit to Japan
Karabakh is ready to strike Azerbaijan oil communication
Azerbaihan MoD: armed forces have not applied Smerch MLRS yet
[email protected]: “I call on our neighbors in the Caucasus region, to put more efforts into the peaceful solution of tensions"
Armenian president to Berlin today, for crisis meeting with German leaders, as OSCE Chairman; interesting if Azerbaijani president goes too
Azerbaijan says its artillery fire killed 70 Armenian soldiers and destroyed 20 military vehicles, including five tanks.
Azerbaijan says at least 16 of its soldiers were killed in clashes with Armenia since yesterday.
2 Israel-made Azerbaijan Drones Hit By Karabakh Army
Iskander drills in Astrakhan region of Russia
#PanamaPapers: Ukraine's fiscal service will look into Petro Poroshenko's offshore
Another @Karabakh_MoD detailed footage shows the wreckage of an Azerbaijani drone.
2 monument to Lenin toppled in 2 villages of Kharkiv region
Azerbaijan UAV was shot down by Armenian forces
Azerbaijan UAV was shot down by Armenian forces
[email protected] Biden and PM Tsipras agree to continue working closely on European migration challenges
Another fire at Russian Ministry of Defense
Nakhchivan meets killed soldier
#PanamaPapers: Marine Le Pen allies established 'sophisticated' offshore system
RuAF strategic air force HF-net active.
Lifenews journalists were deported from Azerbaijan
List of pages in Russian press devoted to Panama. No surprise RBK and Vedomosti leading way. Kommersant: 0 pages
Vodyane. Militants attacking Ukrainian positions with RPGs and machine guns
Citizens of Druzhkivka Donetsk region appeal to the Netherlands to support the Association Agreement on 6April
Militants resumed shelling of Luhansk region: yesterday one soldier was killed, three were injured, - the press service of the Luhansk regional state administration
Azerbaijan MOD video: Destroyed Armenian tanks
Azerbaijan MOD video: Destroyed Armenian tanks
Since morning militants shelling area of Yasinuvata-Avdiivka
Azerbaijan artillery hit Martekert
USSPorter departs SoudaBay, Greece to continue its routine patrol in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations
Former officials Klyuev brothers and ex-minister Stavitsky wanted by Interpol — Ukrinform News
[email protected]_MoD: Over the night, Azerbaijan used “Smerch” multiple launch rocket system in South. It shelled settlements and strongholds. We downed a drone.
Poroshenko began his official visit to Japan
Avdiivka: Industrial zone was hit with GRAD twice last night
Donetsk airport 6:30AM Noisy, heavy machine guns, mortars.
ATO: 61 russian attacks in Donbas yesterday, near Hranitne gunmen tried to storm one of the UAF positions.
Syrian army deserter refugees in Greece say they fear they will be sent back and executed
Co-Founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian: Thinking of all my brothers and sisters in Armenia right now. May peace come soon
Azerbaijani-Americans of Washington DC protested in front of Armenia Embassy in DC today
Russian deputy Olga Li charged with incitement to enmity after criticizing Putin
France stages terror attack exercises ahead of Euro 2016
[email protected] in support of Armenian army
Supreme Commander,Gen Micael Bydén has appointed MajGen Karl Engelbrektsonnas the Chief of Staff Army
[email protected] on Russian troop numbers in Ukraine: “This is a huge contingent.”
Convoy of Armenia air defense 9K33 Osa (SA-8 Gecko) highly mobile, low-altitude, short-range tactical SAM.
The CIA had warned the Polish national security services about possible threats to Budapest
Azerbaijan AF Il-76 flight today to Israel
Nadia Murad visited Idomeni today and urged refugees to go to the camps as the situation there is unbearable
Armenia also features in #panamapapers: General Poghosyan and many businesses
Kamikaze UAV IAI Harop (or IAI Harpy 2) attack near Martakert
Kamikaze UAV IAI Harop (or IAI Harpy 2) attack near Martakert
In Zaitseve Militants captured Ukrainian ZIL and 2 soldiers
RuAF Il-76 RA78816 now turning to the Yerevan
[email protected]_MoD calls Azerbaijani reports of Mataghis being captured "propaganda tactic", a way to conceal Azerbaijani large losses
Russia 24: Mountain gave birth to a mouse: in search of compromising materials on Putin the United States attacked Panama
The Russian foreign Ministry supported the idea of gradual reform of the CIS
JoeBiden talks to Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents
Transponder off-on, and Il-76 reappeared in Caspian Sea in minute. Likely transponder failure. And on the way to Syria
Donetsk. Tank reported in airport area
Russian Air Force IL76MD RA-78816 from Vnukovo flying over Azerbaijan
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Mataghis reportedly seized by Azerbaijan troops
France: protest in Paris with #panamapapers slogans
Azerbaijan is ready to cease fire, but Armenia have to withdraw troops from occupied territories
Donetsk 22:09 Mortar shells falling one after the other at the airport, explosions.
Morocco spy chief warns ISIS are planning chemical attacks in Europe
UNHCR: 13 people deported from Chios to Turkey may have expressed their wish to claim asylum
Combat at Adviivka-Yasinuvata: machine guns, mortars
European people, you cried over the death of the child Aylan, now we are dying here in Idomeni. Dying Slowly
Karabakh President warned in a press conference that if Azerbaijan bombard Xankəndi they will launch a counter attack
On @SpecialReport, @BretBaier sits down w/@poroshenko to talk Russia, Putin, and last wk's #NuclearSecuritySummit.
Burnt body of Crimean-tatar was found in Kaynash
Bulgaria Approves $1.4B Fighter Jet, Vessel Acquisition Programs
35 attacks of Russian militants on Ukrainian positions at Donbass before 6pm(total 24 yesterday)
[email protected]: After an Azerbaijan Grad rocket fell about 300 meters away, journalists were told to get back into our cars pronto.
Turkish and Ukrainian fregats: TCG Salihreis and Sagaidachny in Odessa
Two Azerbaijan'i civilians wounded after Armenia'ns fire with artillery
An apparent Azerbaijani drone buzzing near RT correspondent. Armenian army anti-air guns firing at it
Armenia artillery position minutes before Azerbaijan shells fall nearby
#NagornoKarabakh: FM Steinmeier spoke on the phone w/ Russia’s FM Lavrov in order to coordinate efforts to de-escalate conflict
Reykjavík, Iceland: People throwing eggs at @Althingi. The view from the inside. #panamapapers
RUAF Il-76 76577 landed Pskov
Reports from ground indicate there is violent shooting in Tavush region on Armenia - Azerbaijan border
SG @jensstoltenberg and @POTUS Obama agreed that NATO remains a cornerstone of our security
S. Lavrov and J. Kerry on the phone discussed the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh
Iceland: Protest in front of Alþingi. Reykjavík
Iceland: Protest in front of Alþingi. Reykjavík
Putin's spox Peskov wife Tatiana Navka also exposed by #panamapapers
Azeri miltiary drone strikes against bus carrying Armenian volunteers, some are injured - Armenian defense ministry
Armenia: President Sargsyan, Turkey wants to incite a great war in the region. It is encouraging Azerbaijan's ambitions
Azerbaijan pounds Armenian targets with Grad missiles.
Obama w NATO secgen: continue to be united in supporting Ukraine in the wake of Russian incursion into Ukrainian territory
Azerbaijani students celebrate "liberated" territories outside Baku State Uni after renewed fighting with Armenia
Azerbaijan puts troops on full combat alert, readiness to Xankəndi
Azerbaijan says it is prepared to attack Xankəndi, the capital of Nagorno Karabakh, if fighting continues
RUAF Il-76 78815 Gvardeyskoye, Crimea -Pskov
Norwegian D82648 from Gatwick to Catania has declared an emergency and diverting
Karabakh Mindef: Based on our confirmed sources, Azerbaijan army has instructors and considerable armament from Turkey
RUAF Il-76 78831 from Crimea heading possibly to Pskov
Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict underscores inadequacy of the unarmed OSCE ceasefire monitors - @LaurenceBroers
President Erdoğan: Karabakh will surely be returned to its rightful owner Azerbaijan one day
Armenia Pres Sargsyan visited hospitals to see the wounded soldiers of Karabakh
ATO:Ukrainian Armed Forces incur no losses in the last 24 h, 3 troops wounded, 2 fall prisoner near Horlivka
Simferopol, Crimea: 60 tons fuel tank w/gasoline capsized
UA MP initiates impeachment of @poroshenko following offshors discovered by #panamapapers
Poroshenko on #panamapapers
Lavrov: Russia doesn’t blame any specific outside forces for provoking the current crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh. This goes for Ankara as well
Azerbaijan: 30 Armenian soldiers killed and 3 Armenian tanks destroyed
Azerbaijan artillery hit Armenian positions
Fire at Krasnodon, another video
Fire at Krasnodon, another video
At Moria camp now - @hrw team was kicked away by the police from interviewing ppl locked in through the fence
Protests in Moscow: "Putin. Offshore. Impeachment"
Armenia T-72 tank fires on the front line in #NagornoKarabakh
Russian military vehicles at firing range at Donbass
Russian military vehicles at firing range at Donbass
Kremlin says that #panamapapers is Putinophobia
400 Russian soldiers parachuted near Dzhankoy
Prez Sargsyan says "addressed stmnts", robust OSCE mission, monitoring devices, direct talks btw AZ/NKR needed.
After PanamaLeaks Kremlin spox says no reason to sue over "information attacks" on Putin
[email protected]: After panamapapers I and my colleague @mefimus call for start special parliamentary investigative commission re Ukrainian public persons
Two UAF servicemen taken POW near Horlivka by RU forces.
Ukrainians run 65km Hague-Amsterdam marathon in support of Association Agreement
MP Hrant Bagratyan proposes the recognition of NKR by Armenia as an agenda item for the session of the RA National Assembly
It's propaganda
Azerbaijan brought mercenaries wanted by many countries to frontline, says NK Ministry of Defense
Fire after explosion at Krasnodon station
Armenia MOD: Azerbaijan army division completely destroyed at the southern front
Fire after explosion at Krasnodon, Donbass
Karabakh MOD: Azerbaijan used ТОС heavy artillery the first time, no losses. Besides, it used 3 striking drones, which were shot downed by army
President Sargsyan meeting with OSCE ambassadors to Armenia in his residence
A group from Izmir welcoming refugees and migrants in Turkey (after Dikili residents protested refugees in weekend)
Protesters in Lesvos against sending refugees back to Turkey say it is not safe, call #EUTurkeyDeal shameful
Surkov believes that the heads of LNR and DNR will certainly works until 2018
Kharkiv. Activists demand reform of prosecutors system
The delegation of @verkhovna_rada on Interparliamentary relations with Latvia arrived in Riga
President Poroshenko is against termination of diplomatic relations with Russia – interview to leading TV channels
South MD helicopter regiment (Krasnodar region) to get 20 new Ka-52 helicopters this year
3 Azerbaijan’s tanks destroyed in morning Karabakh battle – Armenia’s MoD
President: @OSCE police operation will ensure security guarantees and ceasefire in Donbas
First Syrians arrive in Germany from Istanbul under a EU-Turkey migrants pact
Protesters blocked Prosecutor's office in Odessa
UN: 33 killed, over 200 wounded in clashes in Nagorny Karabakh
Turkish Navy TCG «Salihreis» and TCG «Bartin» in Odessa
FRANCE24: Homes in Palmyra 'looted' by victorious Syrian govt soldiers
Smoke in Yasinuvata
Overnight, Azerbaijan continued shelling Karabakh positions and bordering settlements with artillery. Since 7AM it has been intensified.
@PACE_President called 4 w/drawal of all Armenian troops from occupied territories of Az in compliance w/ UNSC res-s
Militants attacked Ukrainian positions 23 times yesterday
First boats carrying people from Greece back to Turkey under EU deal depart Lesbos
VIDEO: Armenia-n army shelling Azerbaijan positions on Sunday afternoon
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