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20 กันยายน 2018

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Slovakia general election exit poll: ruling @smersd party set to win 27.3% of vote. Seven parties forecast to enter parliament
Idomeni. Directly on the border between Greece and Macedonia. The police man is on the Macedonian side
"The document without any sense or logic": Ukraine needs to withdraw from Minsk agreement - Yarosh
Informnapalm: "Donbass rebel" was identified as Russian Northern Fleet marines
Before 6 pm 26 attacks of Russian militants on Ukrainian positions, 50 mortar mines hit near Avdiivka
A mass brawl of students with brass knuckles and baseball bats occurred in Murmansk
EU summit draft: Schengen to be suspended until end of year, west Balkan route closed, Greece to get maximum support - Standard
Falcons Flame: Hacked accounts 147 Russian militants
EU leaders to declare on summit Balkan route for refugees as closed - standard citing secret draft
Unloading M-84 tanks, M-80 IFVs and personnel from landing craft in Lora (Split), Croatia
Militant in Staromikhailivka
2 marines killed near Mariupol yesterday in battle, some wounded
The explosion occurred at an oil field in Yamal, 1 died
People in Moscow laid flowers to Stalin tomb
The defense Ministry confirmed the reduction of expenses by 5%
Azerbaijan destroys Armenian military vehicles
3 Russian helicopters flied over administrative border of Crimean region
2 UA servicemen KIA, 5 WIA in the warzone in E Ukraine over the last 24 h
'Over 30,000' migrants stranded at Greek border, says UN refugee agency
Greece. Kilkís prefecture declared in state of emergency due to refugeecrisis at Idomeni
Idomeni: More restrictions at work. Refugees spending over 30days in Greece, Turkey not allowed into Macedonia
Turkey arrests a fishing boat from Kerch, Crimea, returns it to Ukraine, not Russia.
Today's advertising in Moscow "that one died, and this one will die"
RUAF strategic air force (Tu22/Tu95/Tu160) sw net up with voice traffic. Bears, Backfires or Blackjacks flying today
Heavy hits in Nevel'ske since morning
Since 5a.m attack on Ukrainian positions near Krasnohorivka. "testing every 10 minutes"
50 attacks of Russian militants on Ukrainian army positions yesterday, 76 mines shelled near Chermalyk
Premier Li: We’ll help to make progress in negotiations on China-US, China-EU investment agreements
Road accident: Tire of BMW of President of Poland Andrzej Duda blown up on the highway, no one injured
Road accident: Tire of BMW of President of Poland Andrzej Duda blown up on the highway, no one injured
On March 5 in some Russian cities will be held Stalin memory demos
Turkish President Erdogan has suggested that Turkey and EU should build a new city for Syrian refugees in the north of Syria
The court arrested the chief of the Kazan station
Russia blocks Swedish National Radio's ( site for "circulation of forbidden material"
Large weapons started, like a tank
Donetsk Kyivskyi ds: maybe Rapira or tank shelles just from city's edge
Romania to Boost Media Presence in Moldova To Counteract Russian Influence
Norway: German soldiers of the Bundeswehr during the Cold Response exercise 2016.
Suspected Russian terrorist Leonova will be freed without charges tomorrow
Bosnia Court Puts Radoncic Back in Detention
Poroshenko met with Savchenko mother
Ukraine:First 37 officers of the KORD have completed their training course. New UA swat trained by US instructors
Construction of solar power plant in Lviv region
2 Italian hostages (kidnapped in July) freed during Sabratha raid, day after their 2 colleagues were declared dead
Denmark plans to send 7 F-16 fighter jets to help in fight against IS in Iraq and Syria
Refugees stuck at Macedonia border exceed 10000
Spain seizes 20,000 uniforms intended for ISIS and al-Nusra militants
Drills in Mykolaiv region
Jaresko had previously agreed to lead the Cabinet
A column of armoured vehicles and  military trucks spotted in the center of Kiev, Ukraine
Tusk In Istanbul meeting with president @RT_Erdogan ahead of next week's #EUTurkey meeting on migration
Tsipras to Greek party leaders in meeting today: I cannot distinguish between (economic) migrants and refugees.
25th Polish Air Cavalry Brigade in action
In Istanbul, negotiations of Deputy Ministers of transport of Ukraine and Turkey
Serbian right-wingers stage anti-NATO rally, demanding national referendum on membership
'Can't rule out' vote-buying by Germany for 2006 World Cup: inquiry
Russian MP Pushkov: rights of Russians in Ukraine and Baltic countries should be protected
Hug: One of the SMM’s unmanned aerial vehicles spotted 11 main battle tanks in an open-air compound in residential area of Donetsk city
US ambassador to Rome says Italy will lead an international mission in Libya with 5,000 men
Poroshenko congratulated women with "International women day"
Merkel says Putin confirmed commitment to Syria ceasefire. 'Key message: only attacks on Daesh and al-Nusra Front.'
Serbia’s president has dissolved parliament and scheduled an early parliamentary election
Lukashenko said that in Belarus everyone can speak as he wants and that is for nothing
TASS: ‘Normandy Format’ was unable to reach consensus on the issue of elections in the Donbass in eastern Ukraine
US Ambassador @GeoffPyatt: Ukraine is key to the concept of ‘Europe, whole,free and at peace‘
France's Fessenheim nuclear plant 'too old', should close: Germany
Vadym Skybytskyi: It was confirmed that armed gangs of so-called “DPR” are led by RU Major general Valerii Asapov
Vadym Skybytskyi, mil intel: During previous week, RU provided 18 tanks, 36 armored vehicles, 200 tons of fuel to armed gangs in eastern UA
Vadym Skybytskyi: UA intelligence recorded 31 facts of enemy`s violation of Minsk agreement by presence of heavy arms close to the frontline
Serbia’s President Tomislav Nikilic dissolves parliament, calls early elections for April 24
ATO spox: Artillery units of UA Marines underwent combat trainings
Col. Lysenko: Canadian military experts prepared a second group of 20 UA instructors that will train UA servicemen
'Real progress' in Syria but more steps needed before talks can resume: France
ATO spokesperson: At the checkpoint in Donetsk region, UA police confiscated TNT charges, grenade fuses and ammo
This is what the East Ukraine cease fire agreement sounds like to OSCE observers.
The EU formally adopted the sanctions against Yanukovych and family for another year
UAV drills in North Osetia
2 killed as ATO veteran blown up a grenade in Ternopil region
Russian Tu-142 carried out patrol flights over Ochotsk, Japan and #SouthChinaSea waters
Russian Tu-142 carried out patrol flights over Ochotsk, Japan  and  SouthChinaSea waters
Alexander Vershbow: NATO countries cannot allow migrant/ RefugeeCrisis to become one in which our solidarity and humanity give way to division & insularity
Activists tracked Prosecutor Chaika's son stay in Russia, after 1 week flies back to Zurich
Yesterday, Mar. 3, militants opened fire 57 times at ATO forces
The helicopter of the Ministry of internal Affairs has crashed in Vladimir region
Savchenko on her strike
NSM Anti-ship and land-attack missile begin loaded on Polish Navy ORP Xawery Czernicki in Gdynia, Poland
Morning in Idomeni
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