Map. History of Europe conflict

20 ตุลาคม 2018
In Kyiv detained "NTV" reporter Vyacheslav Nemyshev
Russia, China, Iran, North Korea - all “aggressive powers” per ex CIA Dir Goss "These are clearly things you have to worry about" #Intelcon
Picture: Zabolotniy with "volunteer of Donbass" cross
PP leader in Catalonia, García Albiol, says he and his family have received "several death threats", vows to continue.
Russian propaganda "Zvezda TV": ex-reporter of "Zvezda TV" was detained in Kyiv
On Oct. 22 Italy regions of Lombardy and Veneto will hold referendums on more autonomy
Large cache seized in Kyiv, Ukraine
Poroshenko backs Anticorruption court in new statement
Reports that SAA is 7 kms to Al Mayadin city
Russian-U.S. military cooperation continues - Russia's envoy to NATO
Russian defense ministry wants to prohibit to its employees on contract to post photos, videos and geolocation online
Video: Elevator failed as King Salman arrived in Moscow
Russian MP/Cossack leader says IS captive may have gone to Syria to defend Orthodox shrines
Warner: "I believe it is important for the public to see" the ads purchased by Russia during the election.
Saudi King Salman gets out of the plane in Moscow for historic visit.
In February 2015 Russian IS captive Grigoriy Tsurkanu posted photos of himself from East Ukraine and apparently from Syria
Burr says the committee has "hit a wall" when it comes to the Steele dossier, says that Steele won't respond to committee's inquiries.
Results of Minsk talks today: Ukraine highlighted bad security situation, need to return Debal'tseve under Ukraine control, discussed debts for water, hostages
Sen. Warner says some social media companies "did not take this threat seriously enough."
Burr says some Russia interviewees got by the media 'because you don't know who they are'.
Britain to spend 2 billion sterling more on affordable housing - PM May
Catalan independence declaration could be on Monday: regional govt source
Delhi: Diplomatic Advisor to the President of France, Philippe Etienne met PM Narendra Modi
Russia detained 2 Ukrainian border guards of Sumy border guard unit
FSB demands from family of Grigoriy Tsurkan "not to make much noise in media"
The president @KRLS Puigdemont will appear on Monday at 10 am in the Catalan Parliament to evaluate the results of 1Oct Referendum and its effects
Madrid sending logistical army support for National Police
"You cannot solve such a deep division only with a law. You need to try to understand each other," @GuyVerhofstadt on Catalonia
"Respect for the rule of law is not optional, it is fundamental," says Vize-President of EU Commission @TimmermansEU on Catalonia
EU's @TimmermansEU on Catalonia: "If law doesn't give you what you want you can oppose it, can work to change it but you cannot ignore it"
"We want our money back" - French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire says UK must settle its Brexit divorce bill
Ministry of defense of Russia: In Uzbekistan on the ground Forish started tactical exercises with the military contingents of Russia and Uzbekistan
'Time to talk' in Catalonia crisis, European Commission says
In Kharkiv region SUV was hit with RPG, driver is safe
President Poroshenko proposed Verkhovna Rada new law on Donbas reintegration
Russian Foreign Ministry is working on determining the location of the Russians supposedly captured in Syria - RIA.
Madrid sends army units to Catalonia.
Russian foreign Minister: all Russian authorities are working on the hostage-taking of Russian citizens in Syria
Two Ukrainian Border Guard are reported to have gone missing in Sumy region near the border with Russia since Tuesday evening.
Rosneft, Saudi Aramco discuss possible swaps - Novak: TASS
Irish PM prefers May abortion referendum to maximize student vote
Landmark Srebrenica trial to resume in Serbia
Russian Foreign spox Zakharova says Russian-Canadian relations likely sour after adoption of Magnitsky-type law. Threatens “mirror response”
Alexei Navalny sent a message from prison calling for supporters to step up the campaign against Putin.
British PM Theresa May apologises for recent election campaign that 'fell short' and was 'too scripted'
A senior advisor to the British Chief of Staff for the Middle East, Tom Pickett, arrived in Cairo
Pope Benedict XVI takes part in a welcoming ceremony for the Holy Family's journey to Egypt, an invitation to Catholic pilgrims around the world to visit Egypt
Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that a draft Bill to put a price cap on energy bills will be published next week
Brother of IS captive Grigoriy Tsurkanu: he indeed served in "Wagner PMC", went to Syria first time in 2012-2013
[email protected]_May says the Government will "re-ignite home ownership in Britain"
Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi and a senior delegation on their way to France for an official visit.
Iraqi PM Haider al Abadi ordered a private plane from Germany to transport the late statesmen body to Baghdad and then to his hometown for burial.
TASS: Putin thinks that sectoral sanctions against Russia harm the entire world economy.
In Minsk began meeting of the Trilateral contact group
Catalan separatists call on supporters to spam MEPs with demands for mediation before European Parliament debate at 3 pm on crisis.
Russian Navy frigate Admiral Grigorovich [project 11356M] returned to Sevastopol after Med-deployment. Today 07:30Z
Ukraine refurbished An-74T for Egyptian airforce
Russian defense Ministry: MLRS "Hurricane" of CVO during the exercises transferred from the Kurgan region to the ground near Chelyabinsk
British PM says the economy is back on track
"We did not get the victory we wanted our campaign was too scripted I take responsibility for that and I am sorry," says @Theresa_May
'They were geolocating me': Russia is targeting smartphones of NATO troops stationed in Poland and the Baltic states
EU 'steps up' legal action against Hungary over NGO crackdown
Putin: The challenges of the energy markets include the convergence of all international efforts
Putin: Russia encourages the use of clean nuclear energy
Putin: Russia is still investing in improving energy competitiveness
Putin: Traditional oil still outperforms renewable sources
El País: "King calls for reestablishment of constitutional order in Catalonia".
UK foreign minister Boris Johnson under fire for 'dead bodies' Libya comment
NBC: Tillerson openly called Trump a "moron" and was on verge of resigning last summer after Trump gave his politicized Boy Scouts speech
ATO spox: Police detained an ex-militant of "Batallion Vostok" illegal armed group in Volnovakha district
Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Over the previous day of hostilities, 1 UAF service member was WIA
Colonel Lysenko: Mariupol sector: Invaders opened fire with MLRs at Hnutove and Talakivka, which resulted in fire on farm land
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, 9 cease-fire violations were registered in the Donetsk sector
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: Traditionally, Russian proxies opened fire at UAF near Horlivka, Avdiivka and Donetsk airport
Colonel Lysenko: Luhansk sector: Majority of cease-fire violations were registered near Triokhizbenka
Pakistani and Russian special forces performing Pashtun Attan (warrior's dance) after successful Druzhba drill in Russia
EU action on Apple tax decision 'extremely disappointing': Ireland
King Salman will be the 1st reigning Saudi monarch to visit Russia. oilandgas, investment and Syria on the agenda
Catalan government responds to Felipe's speech: "A republic or a republic."
Venezuela's Maduro says debt payments to Russia may be restructured
Amazon says paid full tax in Luxembourg: statement Amazon
EU orders Amazon to pay 250 mn euro Luxembourg tax bill
EU refers Ireland to top court for failing to collect Apple tax
Police seized ammunition in Dobropilya of Donetsk region
2 x @RoyalAirForce Typhoons from RAF Coningsby (Lincolnshire), likely on QRA (Quick Reaction Alert). Ryan air flight 'non-responsive'.
Jordanian embassy in Paris does not believe motorbike explosion was intentionally targeting Jordan - Embassy official
Stansted airport: police at scene after Ryanair flight was escorted into land by RAF fighter jets
London Stansted Airport says a Ryanair flight from Lithuania to Luton was diverted to Stansted where it landed safely
Ukrainian consulate in Rzeszow was vandalized
Ryanair flight 2145 from Kaunas in Lithuania has been diverted away from Luton to Stansted after a security incident
Jordanian Foreign Ministry says no staff at the military attache building in Paris have been injured
QRA Ryanair jet escorted by RAF fighter jets into Stansted airport
French Interior Ministry says a motorbike exploded outside the Jordanian military attache building in Paris with the cause unknown
French media reports ongoing operation in Paris 9th arrondissement, on La Fayette Street - unclear if this is linked to blast near Jordanian military attache
Motorbike explodes outside Jordanian military attache building in Paris
Catalan police chief probed for alleged 'sedition': court
Greek court rules to extradite Russian bitcoin fraud suspect Alexander Vinnik to the United States
22 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
SBU detained 4 in attempt to launch UAV near military unit in Kherson
Boris Johnson has said Libyan city Sirte could be the new Dubai, adding, "all they have to do is clear the dead bodies away".
New US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman Meets Putin in Kremlin Visit
BBC exclusive with Catalan President @KRLS: Catalan authorities will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days
President Poroshenko enacted classified NSDC resolution on "military cooperation with some countries"
Warner spox says "yes, there will be news" coming out of this press conference tomorrow on status of the SSCI's Russia investigation.
@StateDept: US and Ukraine aim to strengthen cybersecurity cooperation, an important component of our strategic partnership.
700,000 people took part todays strike/demos in Barcelona
Podemos slams "irresponsible" speech from King on Catalonia. PP praises His Majesty's message in defence of rule of law and Spain.
Felipe VI: For some time authorities of Catalonia have breached the Constitution and its Statute
Felipe VI: I underline the commitment to the Constitution and unity
Felipe VI: it's difficult times, but we will overcome it. We will go forward
Spain's king says Catalan independence bid illegal and undemocratic
Felipe VI: the responsibility of the State to ensure constitutional order
Felipe VI: We believe in our country and we are proud of what we are
Felipe: "They have broken the principles of any Rule of Law and have divided the Catalan society"
Felipe VI: The Catalan authorities have been placed outside the law and democracy
King Felipe says Catalan society today is fractured and divided, says economic stability of Spain at risk.
Spain King Felipe VI: "We are experiencing very serious times for our democracy"
Felipe VI: They have demonstrated an impermissible loyalty to the authorities of the State
Felipe VI: We are experiencing very serious moments
Pro-independence MP Lluis Llach also makes urgent call for people to abandon demonstrations in central Barcelona and outside police hotels.
Catalan separatist leaders are tweeting urgent messages for protestors to leave demonstration outside police HQ in Barcelona.
In StPetersburg, Russia, police raided Alexey @Navalny's campaign office and detained head of @teamnavalny_spb team Polina Kostyleva
Catalonia: Sabadell during the Catalan general strike today
More scenes from central Barcelona of a rally against Catalan independence and for unity of Spain
More from Pineda de Mar, Catalonia, "We aren't fascists, we are Spaniards".
Catalonia: Manresa today, another Catalan city which sees thousands of people going out to protest
Scenes from Pineda de Mar, Catalonia, of people chanting "you are not alone" as a show of support toward Police Force.
Catalonia: the central square of Igualada today, as many other squares in the region it was filled with people today. Catalunya
Catalonia: in the town of Berga the square was packed by people coming out to condemn violence, a crowd unseen for such a town
Russian forces shelled areas near Mariupol with MLRS GRAD
Russian forces shelled areas near Mariupol with MLRS GRAD
Video of a street brawl in Barcelona earlier today.
Catalonia: a massive crowd gathered on the Imperial Tarraco roundabout in Tarragona as part of the general strike
Russian forces used GRAD 3 times near Mariupol, set fields on fire - ATO HQ
Damage in Maryinka after shelling on 2 October
Russian Il-76MD-90A "Candid" Modified To Support Special Operations Conducts Flight Test Over The Black Sea
Catalonia: general Catalan strike in the town of Vic
King Felipe to address the nation on Catalan crisis at 9 p.m. (TVE).
Catalan: in the city of Lleida the general strike also attracted thousands of people. All major cities in the region are striking
[email protected]: Glad about regular exchange with FM of Tunisa, @Jhinaoui_MAE. Our frequent meetings show commitment of both sides to EU-Tunisia partnership
Catalonia: Catalan general strike in Tortosa today, located on the banks of the Ebro river
Aslef has announced a strike by London Underground drivers on Thursday has been called off after progress was made during talks
UK Trade minister: Unacceptable for trading nations to "pull up drawbridges"
EU's diplomatic back channel in Pyongyang goes cold
Catalonia: general strike in Mataro today. Thousands (including firemen and farmers) turned up to voince their opposition to police violence
[email protected] says new CEO had constructive meeting with London transport commissioner this afternoon
US Department of State: US deeply troubled by conviction/sentencing of Ilmi Umerov in Russian-occupied Crimea. We call on Russia to release himand vacate conviction
Captured by ISIS Russian fighter is from "Rostov cossacks" and have participated in events at Donbas
French Parliament approves anti-terrorism law
The Russian defense Ministry denied reports about the capture of Russian troops in Syria
One of captured by ISIS Russian fighters - Tsurgan G.M was in Syria already in Feb 2015, also participated in war in Yugoslaviya
UK says WhatsApp lets paedophiles and gangsters operate beyond the law
McConnell expects disaster request for Puerto Rico recovery soon, says Congress will "act quickly"
Joint Russia-Belarus-Armenia-Kazakhstan drill starts today in Russian South military district
"We respect Spain's territorial integrity" Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces, regarding Catalan Referendum.
In Zaporizhiye region police seized arsenal of weapons from local man
The Scottish government has just announced its backing for a ban on fracking in Scotland.
A Spanish court rules extradition of a suspected Russian hacker to the United States
Police in Kyiv seized arsenal of weapons
Barcelona Public Prosecutor's Office opens investigation for an alleged crime of hatred as a result of the expulsion of @policia and @guardiacivil of some hotels
Back to BlackSea in 8days - Project11356M BSF frigate Admiral Grigorovich 494 returns from Med deployment and transits Bosphorus
Serbia MoD confirms first two refurbished Mig-29 aircraft delivered from Russia - remaining four due by Fri 06 Oct
About 20 GRAD missiles hit Ukrainian positions near Mariupol
Some close details and different shots of Admiral Grigorovich of Russian Navy at Bosphorus
Reports of clashes east to Mariupol. No such reports for a long time
Barcelona right now. General strike in Catalonia.
[email protected] says 98% of customers hit by cancellations in September/October refunded or offered alternative flight
The Kremlin's "pranksters" Vovan and Lexus who pretend to be politicians talking to other politicians gave a lecture in occupied Donetsk.
Islamic State claims three of its fighters killed two Russian police officers in Kizilyurt, Dagestan
Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has signalled that the UK should increase its contribution to NATO above the minimum 2% of GDP
Vijay Mallya arrested in London in money laundering case
Catalan govt 'inciting rebellion': Spain's interior minister
Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced her intention "to drastically limit the public sale of sulphuric acid
Vijay Mallya arrested in London over ongoing proceedings; crown prosecution service confirms
DUP leader says 'there cannot be any barriers' between Northern Ireland and the UK after Brexit
Poland urged to fire publisher of works by Holocaust denier
Catalan judges marching today, in general strike in favour of Catalonia Rights and against crackdown on #1oct
"Ground-breaking" online software will identify images of child sexual abuse, and destroy them from websites, says @AmberRuddHR
2 Macedonian soldiers awarded by Polish DefMin @Macierewicz_A for outstanding service and coop with Polish soldiers during @ResoluteSupport mission in ??
[email protected] says law will change so that people who repeatedly view terrorist content online could face up to 15 years in prison
[email protected] says UK faces "unpredictable threat" from terrorism, explaining seven terror plots were stopped this year by security services
General strike in Catalonia. Thousands are taking to the streets demanding independence while many others do not, worried about stability
Putin: Russia will help Zambia to create a Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology.
"If mass demonstration can change a constitution it's the end of rule of law in EU," says Senior MEP @ManfredWeber on Catalan кeferendum
Rada adopted the law, which launches judicial reform
Students protests against police violence in Barcelona. "Human rights have been violated, EU should not treat it as internal matter"
EU parliament says 'sufficient progress' not made in Brexit talks
Russia held drills in Black Sea with SU-30SM and SS-N-22 Sunburn "Moskit" anti-ship missiles
Thousands hold their hands up in silence outside central government offices in Barcelona this morning
ATO spox: Invaders opened fire with grenade launchers at Maryinka residential area. Two private homes were damaged
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: Enemy cease-fire violations were registered near Pavlopil, Vodiane and Shyrokyne
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, 10 cease-fire violations were registered in the Donetsk sector
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: Traditionally, Russia-backed militants opened fire with small arms at UAF near Horlivka and Avdiivka
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: Invaders two times opened mortar fire at Krymske
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day of hostilities UAF sustained no combat casualties
Branch of Russian "Sberbank" in L'viv destroyed after fire last night
Home Secretary says government will do everything necessary "to stop intolerable harassment of Police and Civil Guard in Catalonia".
[email protected] meets his Azerbaijani counterpart Elmar Mammadyarov
Protesters cut Avenida Meridiana in Barcelona: "Today is free, today is not working"
Video: Russian Sberbank was set on fire in L'viv
Traffic opened at AP-7 near Salt
TV3 reports 30 roads across Catalonia have been blocked this morning by separatists. Here, a tyre barrier across a motorway.
Putinists covered the door of Navalny's campaign HQ in Krasnodar with posters. Quote: "For me Russia is my whole life - V. Putin."
Crimea: wildfire near Mangup
Dozens of roads blocked in Catalonia during "total stoppage" of region called by separatists
Theresa May dodges questions over 'unsackable' Boris Johnson
EU Parliament Social Democrat leader: "Tories and inconsistencies: 500 days after ref, there is still dense fog around Brexit negotiations"
EU Parliament Brexit negotiator says negotiations didn't lead to "greater progress" and calls on Tory MEPs to support parliament resolution
Ireland’s Naval Service it says has only enough sailors for 7 crews for its 8 ships.
MFA: Ukraine considers the referendum in Catalonia illegitimate
May says does not set 'red lines' for ministers' behaviour
Please, sack Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson! EPP leader @ManfredWeber urges UK to table proposals for Brexit in Parliament
Catalonia holds general strike in protest over referendum violence
Five held after 'failed bomb attempt' in Paris
Future of EU is much more important than Brexit said @MichelBarnier at Parliament in Strasbourg
Barnier sounding not very optimistic this week: "not made sufficient progress to start negotiations on second phase"
Deep divisions on financial issues in Brexit talks said @MichelBarnier. EU will not feed UK's bill. Some progress for citizen's rights
EU s greatest asset is its unity in Brexit talks. Clock is ticking. Hard brexit will be bad: @MichelBarnier at EU parliament
Make no mistake @MichelBarnier is the only person to negotiate with warned: @JunckerEU
Time for new love affair with UK has not arrived: @JunckerEU in Parliament
We cannot talk about future with UK yet: @JunckerEU in parliament about Brexit
"His speech has been looked at, don't worry" @Theresa_May says Boris Johnson's party conference speech has been seen by Downing Street
[email protected]_May says the "senseless" Las Vegas attack "raises a number of questions"
Catalan referendum: Pro-Russian networks see 2,000% increase in activity in favor of Catalan referendum
17 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
L'viv branch of Russian Sberbank was set on fire
First 2 MiG-29’s delivered to Serbia from Russia aboard an An-124, Batajnica AFB.
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