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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Pope Francis Surprises Survivors In Italian Earthquake Sites
'Spoil-your-vote' success boosts Hungarian spoof party
Chief of Naval Operations: We 'can fight' within Russia and China's missile defense zones
A 18 year old man, arrested on Friday in Clichy, charged and jailed
Sky Sources: Diane James has quit as leader of UKIP
Yasynuvata - tanks firing.
West to Kirovs'kyi district of artillery: single heavy artillery shots
Avdiivka: incoming artillery hits
Fighting at Maryinka, tank present
In Georgia, UNM MP's car explodes near Freedom Sq in center of Tbilisi, 5 injured, many nearby vehicles damaged
UNSC discussing draft Resolution proposed by France and Spain to halt violence in Aleppo
Protest in Odesa against troops withdrawal at Donbas
EU wants a dedicated terminal at Kabul airport to help them return Afghan migrants in the bloc
England aims to end reliance on foreign doctors after Brexit
Avdiivka Industrial zone: hits, shooting, tank
Finland and Afghanistan sign memorandum of understanding on repatriation and return of asylum seekers
Russian Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian security service plan to detain Russian officers of JCCC
Bosnia's local elections suggest that each ethnic group remains concerned primarily with its own sense of victimhood
Italian farmers cultivate Jewish tradition with fragrant citrons
[email protected]'s doping ban reduced to 15 months by CAS
What's left of car of prominent opposition MP @GiviTargamadze as his car blown up in central Tbilisi ahead key vote
Seventy years later and the Brits still haven’t got the Kashmir handle right
[email protected]_SMM recorded fewer ceasefire violations in Donetsk and Luhansk regions compared with 2 October
Aleppo protest outside the European Commission in Brussels now
Russia confirms it sends S-300 missile system to Syria to defend Tartus naval base
Cyprus returns remains of Greek soldiers killed in accident
Hungary seeks to ban 'group resettlement' of migrants
Air defense units of National Guard on drill
Russian MiG29, Su24, Su27, Su30, Su34 and ukrainian MiG29 at a Belbek airbase, Sevastopol
Russian paratroopers finishing preparations for air lift during drill
UK plans crackdown on immigration from non-EU countries, move to hit Indians
Peskov: Russia is opposed to the idea of limiting veto power in the UN security Council.
#UnitedKingdom Evacuation and controlled explosion reported in Hammersmith
Hammersmith Tube station evacuated as police investigate suspect package
There's a fighting in Promka, Avdiivka sector
Kremlin hopes 'political wisdom' prevails in Syria cooperation with US
These machines in French stations dispense short stories as you wait for your train
Kerry condemns Russia but vows to keep up Syria peace efforts
German prosecutors drop probe of comedian for insulting Erdogan
Tennis: Sharapova hails doping ban cut 'one of my happiest days'
IMF: unexpected Brexit vote has introduced political and economic uncertainties that threaten to dampen investment & hiring throughout Europe
Celebration of 100 years since the birth of arms manufacturer Mikhail Kalashnikov will cost 20 billion rubles
E3 AWACS in Poland monitoring the airspace over Belarus, Kaliningrad, and the Suwalki Gap
Poland won’t support Tusk for second term in Europe
US, Russia should not clash on Syria : Turkish def. min.
A five-year-old boy who has a rare disease meaning he can barely walk managed to stand for a hug with Prince Harry
US still ‘pursuing peace’ in Syria as Russian jets pound Aleppo
Putin to meet with Erdogan on 10 October in Turkey
Drill of Ukrainian army 72th mobile brigade
Kaczyński: Warsaw won't back Tusk for 2nd term in Brussels; calls it "risky" for EU, says Tusk could be charged.
Amber Rudd reveals plans to make renting to illegal immigrants a criminal offence
EU parliament backs Paris climate deal
[email protected]: We remain steadfast in support for stable, united and democratic #Ukraine. Moscow should have no doubt we will stand our ground.
Rada lifted criminal responsibility for persons who voluntarily gave up radioactive materials to police
Autumn military service conscription campaign launched in Ukraine
Russian Reserve Fund and the NWF lost nearly 155B rubles in September. Reserve Fund now has $32.36B & the NWF has $73.11B.
Irish SMEs 'lagging behind' on the internet
Hiqa highlights 'significant risks' at residential centres for disabled
Open Russia: Nemtsov's driver Ageyev says he never saw any of the defendants before.
David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz share Nobel Physics Prize for theoretical discoveries of topological phases of matter
Chaos in Belgrade as up to 200 migrants leave main bus station in Serbia's capital and march for Hungary demanding open borders
Azerbaijan will buy Iron Dome system in Israel
#russiannavy Launch of SS-N-18 submarine-launched ballistic missile scheduled for Oct 8-12
Armenian IL-76 delivering humanitarian aid to Syria. Photos from Hmeimim AB in Latakia. Aid to be delivered to Aleppo.
Leopard from Mariupol zoo is on the loose
British pound slumps to 31-year low versus US dollar
Russian forces ordered back to frontline in Petrivske, troop withdraw failed.
Russian forces ordered back to frontline in Petrivske, troop withdraw failed.
32 ceasefire violation yesterday in Eastern Ukraine
The U.S. says it has "run out of patience" with Russia and has suspended contact with the Kremlin over Syria
Italy Prepares For "Impact From Hypothetical Worsening" Of Deutsche Bank "Crisis"
US halts Syria talks with Russia as air strikes destroy major hospital in Aleppo
NATO's Standing Naval Maritime Group 1 SNMG in Sognefjorden Norway Sunday
'Open Mosque Day' in Berlin seeks to overcome Islamophobia as Muslims encourage
SYRIA: UN Syria envoy De Mistura ‘deeply regrets’ US suspension of Syria talks with Russia
UPDATE: US suspends Syria ceasefire talks with Russia
Putin arrived in Astana to meet with Nazarbayev
Merkel greeted with shouts of 'Get out' in Dresden
Bulgaria's Georgieva makes pitch to lead UN
Russian Ministry of finance wants additional 680B rubles($11B) for "secret spending"
Over 6,000 migrants plucked from sea in a single day, nine dead
Over 5,600 migrants plucked from sea in a single day, nine dead
RuAF IL-76 78830 on an unusual flight path from Armenia heading to Syria
Maryinka - skirmish ongoing, small arms.
White House "disappointed" after Russia leaves plutonium deal
Russia hasn't carried out successful strike on ISIS in more than 7 months, "reduced to claiming credit for successful US ops"-WH
Irina Yatsenko in Moscow: "No to war! The children of Ukraine and Syria want to live!"
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte: RF should stop spreading nonsense about an investigation into the crash of Flight MH17
Protesters clashed with police in Poznan
Protesters clash with police in Poznan. A few people took the ambulance, the police also used gas
Partial blackout in Crimea: Simferopol, Yalta, Hurzuf
Photos show US sending military vehicles and equipment towards Slovakia.
NATO warships sailing through the Sognefjord in Norway.
Hungary sends 20 police to Serbia to help control southern border - in anticipation of "new wave of migrants"
Russian foreign ministry assured that military-grade plutonium won't be used for weapons
Russian Foreign ministry accused U.S in derailing of Russian economics
DNR group says they returning to frontline at Petrivske
Counterfeit alcohol death toll hit 40
ATO HQ: Russian Militants failed the withdrawal of troops in Petrivske
Lavrov on plutonium agreement: You cannot talk to Russia with position of force
Donetsk: heavy fighting at Promka
Tens of thousands of Hasidic pilgrims gathered in the Ukrainian city of Uman to celebrate the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.
Putin ride ATV four wheeler
Lifenews: Putin released horses into the reserve
Russia also wants U.S to cancel Ukraine-linked sanctions against Russia
"DNR" group announced the withdrawal of its weapons and equipment from Petrovske
Russia wants U.S to cancel all sanctions and reduce troops from NATO countries to resume plutonium agreement
Russia will resume plutonium agreement if U.S will cancel Magnitsky law
#czarnyprotest in Kyiv
Bulgaria becomes latest EU country to ban burqas
President Tomislav Nikolić says Serbia will have to close its border to migrants if it becomes a bottleneck
The 76th Guards Air Assault Division of Pskov which has been involved in the annexation of Crimea is fully mobilized
Russia:5,000+ paratroopers and 900+ pieces of combat hardware are involved in exercises in Pskov near Estonia-Latvia and Ivanovo Regions.
#CzarnyProtest on Warschauer Straße in Berlin
2 US warplanes (a P-8А Poseidon and a RC-135W) flew near Crimea and the Caucasus
Women protesting in Szczecin, Poland
#CzarnyProtest in Berlin
Krakow on "protest picnic"
#CzarnyProtest on Swiętojańska street in Gdynia
One of military wounded at Yavoriv firing range is in serious condition
People gathering for #CzarnyProtest in Katowice, start set for 16:00
Women protest in Bielsko-Biała, Poland
#czarnyprotest in Brussels against restrictions of abortion law
Reports of "artillery booms" in Yasinuvata/Makiivka/North Donetsk
Athens: Pensioners protested against new cuts. "We want meeting with prime minister!" they demanded
One Ukrainian soldier killed, two wounded due to escalation in shelling across the frontline - ATO HQ
Orbán: "Hungary can not count on the opposition in its fight vs Brussels." #Quotareferendum
Lukashenko is threatening to exit Eurasian Union
Blogger Nosik: when Russian troops are storming Aleppo, I'm on trial for supporting it
ATO spox: Situation escalates. Luhansk sector: Russia-backed militants resumed mortar shelling of Krymske, firing over 130 shells
Women in Warsaw dressed in black are holding hands as speaker talks of horrifying details of illegal abortions
Another court in Moscow today, popular blogger Nosik face 2 years of jail for post urging to bomb Aleppo
Russian singer Korneev on Syria: there are our boys on fronts as part Private military company Vagner
Novaya Gazeta are reporting there has been an assassination attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin's close ally and President of Chechnya
The US has stopped being coy about its political plans in Syria and now expresses them openly - Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov.
#CzarnyProtest at @gazeta_wyborcza office
Polish women in all-out strike against abortion ban
Turkey delegation meet with Alexander Dugin in Moscow
"No women, co country" - posters on rally against abortion ban in front of ruling party @pisorgpl HQ
"Black Monday" - women in Poland protesting new abortion law today
Ilya Yashin picketing military district court, - Nemtsov trial begins today
Massive drills launched in Russia
Massive drills launched in Russia
Suspects led into court in Boris Nemtsov murder trial. 5 men from Chechnya accused of contract killing
FSB: journalist Sushenko is a colonel of Ukrainian intelligence
EU try to send aid convoy for 130.000 people into Syria's Aleppo city
Russia suspends agreement on plutonium utilization with U.S
Head of Verkhovna Rada Parubiy proposed to impose additional sanctions against Russia, visa regime amid arrest of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushenko
Russian court arrested Ukrainian journalist in charges of espionage
Tens of thousands pilgrims arriving in Uman' for Celebration of Rosh Hashanah
Russia launched new large-scale drill, with 300 military units of all operating domains
Russia's federal security service claims it detained a Ukrainian military officer in Moscow on alleged espionage charge
Russia's MoD announced military exercises in Pskov and Ivanovo regions, involving over 5,000 paratroopers
No Vodafone cellular network in Horlivka
Turkish-American mission will perform an observation flight over Russia
Tanks and infantry drills near Nizhny Novhorod
Tanks and infantry drills near Nizhny Novhorod
Russian strategic aviation is active this morning
Airborne troops drill in Dnipro region
Police: KimKardashian was held at gunpoint inside a Paris hotel room by five armed men who stole jewellery worth several million dollars
48 attacks yesterday at ATO, Russian forces used 152mm artillery at Zaitseve
Reality star Kim Kardashian reportedly held at gunpoint by gunmen posing as cops in Paris hotel room; she was reportedly unharmed
Kanye West stops NYC concert after wife Kim Kardashian is robbed by armed, masked men in Paris hotel room
Yasinuvata: hits at night
Military neighborhood of Irkutsk - residents of house without heat write on the roof "SOS Putin, help"
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