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23 กันยายน 2018

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Novorosiysk submarine in Sevastopol
ATO HQ: Russian forces shelled Mykolaivka from Dokuchaevsk
@GeoffPyatt: US Congress declares importance of extension of sanctions against Russian
"Green men" in Donetsk
Serbia, acting on Croatia Interpol notice, arrests Bosnia Serb army major at airport for suspected war crimes
Russians dislocated 56 tanks, 50 artillery systems, and 37 Grads along front line, - MOD
Russian military avia show in Crimea
Russian military avia show in Crimea
Russian military echelon in Voronezh region
St.Petersburg against Kadyrov bridge "Russian blood on his hands"
Russian terrorist Motorola reportedly wounded in Ukraine, taken to Russia for treatment
Black smoke at Donetsk-Makiivka
Abo Omar al-Dagestani who was emir of Jaish al-Muhajirin wal Ansar was killed yesterday while leading JN assault on Khan Touman warehouses
Border guards and marines drills in Mariupol
5 Ukrainian servicemen WIA in ATO zone. - Andriy Lysenko.
#UnitedKingdom: The Coldstream Guards during Exercise Rapid Plume 2016, a rigorous 24 hours exercise.
USSPorter will conduct routine operations in the BlackSea. #OperationAtlanticResolve
Lenin monument blown up in occupied Makiivka
German Town of Steinhorst in the Gifhorn Area is on lockdown due to an epidemic alert, entire town is on lockdown
Russian jets over Crimea
Armenian genocide charges used as 'blackmail' against Turkey: Erdogan
French PM Valls says Seine river stable after floods kill four
3 PARA to mount from @RamsteinAirBase for #SwiftResponse jump into Poland from @RoyalAirForce and @usairforce C130s
MP Nadia Savchenko about Ukrainian parliament's work: "We are ....... people every day"
MP Nadia Savchenko about Ukrainian parliament's work: We are ....... people every day
China, Georgia eye greater cooperation on Silk Road Economic Belt initiative
Lavrov in phone call w/ Kerry expresses concern about attempts 2 delay resumption of Stria talks "under various pretexts":Russia FM said
2 Ukrainain marines were wounded near Mariupol
2 Ukrainain marines were wounded near Mariupol
Frenchman carrying weapons and explosives for planned attack in France was arrested on Ukrainian-Polish border
Russia is ready to agree to let observers in the Donbass have weapons, Lavrov said
Interoperability of Polish and US recovery vehicles at LSA Torun
Militants shelled Pervomayske, Donetsk region w/ artillery. 1 civilian was killed - Donetsk police office
New poll: Russians see USA, Ukraine and Turkey as main enemies
Russian military echelon at Matveev Kurgan
MH17 investigators say criminal probe at "very advanced stage."
Medvedchuk about Savchenko swap:This may be the beginning of a new relationship between Russia and Ukraine
Consequences of night shelling in Donetsk
49 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
2:30 am: fighting continues in the area of Dokuchaevsk
Floods in Paris
NASA's Antares Rocket Hot Fire test.nThe first stage designed, manufactured in Ukraine by Yuzhnoye
NASA's Antares Rocket Hot Fire test.nThe first stage designed, manufactured in Ukraine by Yuzhnoye
Two Irishmen suspected of belonging to drugs trafficking gang are arrested in Majorca
Polish 7th Coastal Defence Brigade is on the Road to #Anakonda16
Navalny: Russia Run by 'Mafia' System
Square du Vert-Galant under the water #ParisFlood
Mona Lisa set to be moved as Paris floods threaten the Louvre for first time in decades
Manchester United hope to complete the signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic before Euro 2016
"KOD" demos planned on this weekend in U.S
On July 23rd 2014 Russian MSTA-b shooting into Ukraine can be seen on this position
In Avdeyevka in the shelling injured civilian
Anakonda16: Soldiers from @25BKPow move to Wędrzyn
Kosovo wins first match, since they are recognized by FIFA and UEFA, with 2-0 against Faroe Islands
Fire inside Liverpool city centres furniture store
Kyiv mayor breaks silence, backs 'tolerance', expresses hope for peaceful #KyivPride2016
Another @OSCE_SMM image over Russian-separatist territory. Another UAV brought down. All flagrantly against Minsk.
Preparations for drills at Shiroky Lan
President Poroshenko expressed confidence in the necessity of the Crimean Tatar autonomy within Ukraine.
President Poroshenko calls publication of personal data of journalists "a big mistake". "No one will stand in their way in Ukraine".
Zakharchenko denied entry to the DNR for the former elite of Donbass
Lawyers say former FIFA chiefs Blatter, Valcke, Kattner awarded themselves pay rises, bonuses totaling $80 million over 5 years.
#Anakonda16 in Poland: US C-5
Swiss authorities have raided the FIFA headquarters in Zurich Switzerland and seized documents and data.
Press-conference of Poroshenko in Kyiv now
"Amber shooting" in Zhitomir region: 3 wounded
Mil intel spox: Militants return heavy arms to the frontline, fire from heavy arms, attempts of assault actions
Al Waad Media linked to Libyan Islamic State. A video-threat soon to be released: "The deadline Rome"
Wooden Ship with an estimated 700 people on-board capsized off Crete. 4 bodies have been recovered so far and 342 have been rescued so far.
Libyan navy spokesman says more than 100 bodies of migrants retrieved after boat capsized off Libyan shores.
MP Tymchuk is ready to publish a list of 282 companies and businessmen, who sponsor DNR/LNR orgs
Vadym Skybytskyi, mil intel: Militants continue actively shelling Ukrainian positions
Anti-terror drills at Khmelnytsky NPP
ATO spox: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 8 UA servicemen were wounded in action
The Seine. Riverside walkways submerged. Both the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay closed
[email protected] uses mobile bridge to cross Naab River,DEU #DragoonRide
In Maryinka several buildings hit in the night shelling, a lot of damage to power lines, city w/o electricity
UAF shot down enemy drone near Sievierodonetsk
Night shelling of Ukrainian positions by Russian forces at Donetsk
Night shelling of Ukrainian positions by Russian forces at Donetsk
We are quite concerned about the exposure of journalists' personal exposure on Myrotvorets website Ukraine - I.Šimonović,UN
W/o secure environment of course there can't be any elections - I.Šimonović,UN
Floods in Kerch
Floods in Kerch
Armed groups keep denying access to int'l orgs to persons that were deprived of freedom - Ivan Simonovic Assist UN Sec Gen on human rights
Respect for human rights in the occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk region may bring them closer to elections - I.Šimonović,UN
I urge Supreme Court of Russia to abandon decision of banning the Mejlis-I.Šimonović,UN HumanRights
Our report marks 2 years since Russia extended its rule over the annexed Crimea, situation deteriorated - Šimonović,UN
We notу an increase in casualties over the past 3 months, intense around Avdiivska and Yasynuvata Ukraine - Šimonović, UN
Up to 2000 civilians have been killed in the Ukraine - I. Šimonović, UN
Polish 12th Mechanized Brigade on the road to Lithuania for exercise Iron Wolf 16
Command Ship USS Mount Whitney in Port of Tallinn about to launch for Baltops exercise
Boat packed with migrants capsizes in Med: Greek coastguard
Arrival of @USNavy 6th Fleet Flagship USS Mount Witney to Tallin #BALTOPS16
Attorney General Lutsenko handed over to NABU case of Kuchma
Russian airdrills "Aviadarts"
Near "Oshchadbank" thundered the explosions at night in Slavske, Lviv region
24-hours in ATO: militants 49 times fired at the positions of Ukrainian military
Column with ACS and truck with militants in Donetsk
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