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22 กันยายน 2018

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#Ariane5's second liftoff this year. Delivering two telecom satellites, SGDC and Koreasat-7, into planned orbits
Ariane5 rocket was launched from Guyana space center
Liftoff of #Ariane5 with #SGDC and #KOREASAT-7 satellites
Liftoff of Ariane5, sending the SGDC and KOREASAT7 satellites into geostationary orbit
A man who arrived at London Heathrow Airport on a flight from Turkey has been arrested on suspicion of preparing acts of terror - police
A group of German LGBT activists wants Merkel to speak out about persecution of gays in Chechnya
Main NATO meeting topics: the transatlantic bond, burden sharing and NATO’s efforts in the global fight against terrorism - @jensstoltenberg
NATO meeting on 25 May will express NATO unity and resolve. In times of uncertainty we need a strong Alliance - @jensstoltenberg
SG @jensstoltenberg thanks Norway for important contributions to collective defence and the strength of the Alliance
Final Macron rally in Albi - 3000 people expected, way more have showed up
NATO chief tells EU alliance needs to stay In Afghanistan
Greece rejects new extradition request for asylum-seeking Turkish soldiers
[email protected] has 1400 forces deployed to partner countries in effort to protect vs Russia aggression, per Gen. Thomas
EU's Tusk warns Brexit talks could become 'impossible'
Alexei Navalny's lawyer says he got a call from a woman who is head of the probation service, who says he'd better not leave the country.
Video of explosion of OSCE car near Pryshyb village
Video of explosion of OSCE car near Pryshyb village
President Trump’s tour will conclude with stops at a NATO meeting in Brussels on May 25 and the G7 summit in Sicily the following day
An explosion and fire at chemical factory in Madrid has injured 15
First overseas @POTUS trip: Israel, Vatican, Saudi Arabia, concluding with @NATO meet in Belgium May 25 and G7 Sicily next day.
Presence of possibly S-400 missile system at Chernyakhovsk Naval Guards Airbase, Kaliningrad Oblast
Russia 9K720 Iskander base in Kaliningrad
3 dead as Robinson helicopter crashed in Bashkiriya
Controversial Russian artist Pavlensky wins asylum in France: lawyer
Obama endorses Macron for French presidency: campaign video
U.S Air-force jets intercepted 2 Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers and 2 Su-35 fighter jets about 50 miles southwest of Chariot, Alaska.
Hungarian prosecutors charge 11 people for human trafficking,4 with aggravated murder after 71 migrants found dead in Austria in '15
Germany: Kremlin to decide whether to use hacked data to influence election
TASS: Zakharova calls plans to take down monuments to Soviet troops in Poland a "thirst for revenge".
The Trial Of Two Montenerin Opposition Leaders And 12 Others Over An Alleged Coup Attempt May Start This week
France's Macron files complaint after Le Pen's 'offshore account' claim: prosecutors
EU Parliament head rejects vote-meddling claim by British PM
Ukraine lets Yanukovych testify by video in treason trial
Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in Crimea says energy blockade by Ukrainian "extremists" is an "act of terrorism".
Heavy explosion at La Poveda poligon
Russia says Helsinki would be fitting venue for Putin-Trump meeting
Iran in talks with UK over jetliner export funding
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, UAF incurred no fatalities, 9 Ukrainian troops were wounded and injured
ATO spokesperson: In Avdiivka, militants opened tank fire between two mortar barrages
Lavrov and Finnish FM Soini hold joint press conference in Porvoo
Greek court blocks second extradition request by Turkey for soldiers who fled in July
Russia’s Defense Ministry @mod_russia rejects reports of secret equipment lifting from sunken ship
Police seized explosives cache in Mariupol
According to royal sources, Prince Philip is stepping down from public life, he will be turning 96 this summer.
The Buckingham Palace staff meeting is underway, press release statement will be issued afterwards
"ISIS supporter" arrested in Magadan Oblast.
Russian authorities arrest yet another Ukrainian, in Krasnodar on charge of smuggling weapons.
Latest reports suggesting scaling back of duties for senior royal reason for Buckingham Palace emergency meeting
Biker of "Night wolves" was deported from Poland
Turkey-Russia-China trilateral meeting in Beijing in May : Erdogan
ATO HQ: 52 attacks on Ukrainian positions. 9 soldiers were wounded
Scaparrotti confirms: "Russia overtly interfered in political processes of both Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro"
Emmanuel Macron dominates Marine Le Pen in the Presidential Election debate
The U.S. calls for an investigation into the death of Azerbaijani blogger and activist Mehman Galandarov.
Start of new Vladivostok-DPRK ferry suspended till end of May or later
Russia Today: Thousands rally in Skopje against pro-Albanian govt.
Thick black smoke was visible for miles after rubbish fire in Wimbledon Stadium car park
House of Representatives passes Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) for Fiscal Year 2017. Intel authorization "enhances efforts against nation-state competitors...including #Russia’s covert influence efforts" per HPSCI release
Macron says he will work with Trump to fight islamic terrorism
Personnel of Russian base in Armenia is on strike cause no salary for 3 months
Video: Preparation for the Ninth of May parade in Donetsk
Video: Preparation for the Ninth of May parade in Donetsk
Workers at Russia's military base in Armenia go on strike, say they haven't been paid since February
More photos from parade rehearsal in Donetsk
Tanks in Donetsk today for parade rehearsal
In heated debate, Macron accuses Le Pen of telling lies while Le Pen brands him the "candidate of the elite"
BM-21 MLRS Grad at parade rehearsal today in Donetsk
Now Macron brings Brexit into the debate. Britain will have to pay between €60-100bn.
Final presidential debate between Le Pen and Macron before Sunday's election in France tonight
A few hundred in protest in Bucharest. Romania rises against pro-corruption law.
Bucharest: protesters gathered in front of the Government Building shouting: "Thieves!"
Protesters retreat to France of Altamira square. Regrouping
Would @FBI Director tell lawmakers if Trump White House not cooperating with Russia investigation? "I won't commit to that," Comey said
RUS state Tu-214SR is providing comms support
People gathering in Bucharest- protest against pardon law for corruption offenses
Boyko Borissov, leader of Bulgaria’s ruling party, is expected to announce his new administration
Poroshenko had a phone call with @prezydentpl Andrzej Duda on Poland Constitution Day
"A big part of what the Russians did was pushing out false information, echoing it with these troll farms," per @FBI's Comey
"To counter Russia influence campaign best to "tell the American voter this is going on," says @FBI's Comey
Russian soldier Bogdan Derevitsky from Bratsk was killed in Syria, according to the press-service of Bratsk city administration.
Comey: not journalism when an org is "a conduit for the Russian intelligence services...just to push out information to damage US"
Russia "certainly is greatest threat of any nation on earth given their intention and their capability," says FBI Director James Comey
Comey asked re Trump saying DNC/Podesta hackers "could have been China." He says: intel community has "high confidence" it was Russia.
Lifecell cellular network is down in Slovyansk and Avdiivka
Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the Svitlodarsk bulge today. Their bodies cannot be evacuated yet because of strong enemy fire.
[email protected]: This is what I saw when I visited the "military-patriotic club" called "Warrior" in Chelyabinsk.
PM May: This Brexit negotiation is central to everything
Tillerson says he told Putin in Moscow US-Russia relations at lowest point since Cold War. Putin shrugged his shoulders and agreed, he said.
PM May: The choice is simple: Me or Corbyn
“I don’t know whether we can (work with Russia) or not,” says Tillerson.
Russia's Deputy PM says some restriction on tomato imports from Turkey may be in place for 3-5 years
Tillerson says he’ll have a bilateral meeting with Russia Foreign Min. Lavrov next week in Alaska.
British PM May says Brexit 'threats' timed to affect June election
Erdoğan says İdlib declared a deconfliction zone in Syria, Putin says it's up to the parties in Astana to determine future of country
Russia's Putin during joint presser with Erdoğan: Normalization process with TR complete, mutual trade stopped falling, recovering now
EU Amb Chizhov:"anti-Russian hysteria has become contagious", starting in US and spreading thru Europe. Insists no intent to destabilize EU.
Bulgarian GERB leader Borissov announced his new cabinet consisting of 18 ministers and four deputy prime ministers
NATO is adapting to a changing security environment and together with EU we are stronger - @jensstoltenberg
"In the long run it's much better to train local forces to secure their country themselves" - NATO SG @jensstoltenberg on fighting terrorism
[email protected]: I very much look forward to welcoming Montenegro as the 29th member of the NATO Alliance
NATO’s Sea Guardian support for the EU’s Operation Sophia is just one example of how we are stepping up cooperation – @jensstoltenberg
On 25 May, NATO meeting will discuss what NATO is doing to project stability, incl fight vs terrorism, and burden sharing - @jensstoltenberg
Russian court uphelds suspended 5 years prison sentence for opp politician Alexey @navalny
EU's Juncker says he has noted British PM May is a "tough lady"
In Zaporizhiye region SBU found a cache with 10 thousands of ammo and 40 grenades F-1
Interfax: Almost 70 dolphins die in the sea near Novorossiysk.
FinMin Babis arrived to Prague Castle - meeting with president Zeman at 3pm: No reason for govt resignation
Donetsk: reports of "some reactive launches"
Artillery clashes East to Mariupol
In Sumy region border guards detained a man in attempt to smuggle some chickens to Russia
Russian media: 'Russia hopes for steady development of relations with Turkey - Putin' Turkish media have a more positive narrative about this meeting: 'Russian relations with Turkey have fully recovered - Putin'
Germany defense ministry spox: 18 members of german army were discharged due to right-wing extremism from 2012-2016
Turkish Media: Putin declares in his meeting with Erdoğan today that Russian relations with Turkey have fully recovered.
Germany defense ministry spox: military counterintelligence investigating 280 suspected cases of right-wing extremism in army right now
Syria’s armed opposition delegation in Astana now plans to meet U.S. State Department reprenstative Stu Jones and UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura.
Meeting between President Erdoğan and Russian counterpart Putin starts in Sochi
Andrzej Duda: I want a referendum on the constitution next year
Erdogan arrived in Sochi to Putin: negotiations began between the presidents of Russia and Turkey
American Troops in Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria ( 29th of April 2017).
Known losses of Russian UAVs in Syria
Col. Lysenko: Over the previous day of hostilities, 1 Ukrainian servicemen was killed, 7 were injured
ATO spokesperson: Avdiivka was fired upon from several directions. As a result of shellings, Donetsk filter station was cut off current
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: The situation here also deteriorated worsened. Hostilities lasted in Svitlodarsk area, Zaitseve, and Avdiivka
Erdogan trip to Sochi, Russia accompanied by F-16
After a successful airfield seizure Czech and SkySoldiers secured the perimeter to enable 2d Cav Reg Strykers to air-land #SaberJunction 17
[email protected]: I condemn the attack on the NATO convoy in Kabul. The fight against terrorism continues. My thoughts are with all those affected
Deputy head teacher in Vladimir tells pupils they could be removed from their parents for supporting Navalny.
UK will not pay 100 billion euro EU exit bill, says Brexit minister
Russia's Federation Council ponders banning self-employed people from travelling abroad.
63 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed, 7 were wounded
These are the NGOs that Russia now considers "undesirable." Most are based in the U.S.
Erdogan to meet Putin today in Sochi
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