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18 กันยายน 2018

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Anti-air defense of Transnistria is on battle alert
U.S. military vehicles in Moldova
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Ukrainian volunteer reporting on destroyed T-72 of militants
Several reports of resumed hostilities near Avdiivka
Secretary @JohnKerry opens US-EU Energy Council meeting with @federicamog
Preparations for parade in Rostov-on-Don: S-300, Pantsyr S-1 and more
Preparations for parade in Rostov-on-Don: S-300, Pantsyr S-1 and more
Ukrainian border guards and flowers at Kyiv memorial near Kremlin - Demo by Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow
SecDef Carter: ERI will fund additional F-15 squadron, more SOF and more submarine-hunting aircraft in Europe
The #MarineNationale Dupuy de Lôme, the most advanced SIGINT ship in any European Navy, visited Rhodes today!
Anonymous attack Greek central bank, warns others
Mazepa monument was attacked in Poltava
At the beginning of Syria talks in Berlin, FM Steinmeier meets with @SyrianHNC_en's Riad Hijab
Macedonia must postpone elections and the President must resign - Transparency International:
In response to Kremlin announcement of new buildup on western border, NATO SG @jensstoltenberg reminds that Russia moved first in Ukraine
Hundreds of millions of hacked passwords traded in Russia's criminal underworld.
#FreeSavchenko update: Russia agrees to extradition if she continues to serve her sentence in Ukraine prison
Scaparrotti: We should support Ukraine with what they need to defend their territory. Says more refined decision will come later.
The exercise on the coast near Kaliningrad landed 150 marines
@jensstoltenberg: "What we do is defensive." "We have a credible defense and deterrence." "We will continue to respond."
[email protected]: NATO's build up is a reaction to Russian actions in Ukraine. "It is a reaction to the behavior of Russia."
Poroshenko extended the moratorium on payment of the "debt of Yanukovych" to Russia
SACEUR Scaparrotti: We must "enhance our levels of readiness ... in the spirit of being ready to fight tonight if deterrence fails."
The collapse of the rock at Cape Chameleon at the Crimea
The collapse of the rock at Cape Chameleon at the Crimea
NATO @jensstoltenberg to @PMBreedlove: As SACEUR, you helped to make us more resilient, increased our readiness and strengthened deterrence
Swedish PM Löfven: "We're not interested in Moscow's opinion regarding Sweden joining NATO." Lavrov's comments are "absolutely useless".
Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu: As Turkey, we are satisfied with the point we have arrived at; our aim is full membership to EU
Russian Stocks in fall
Zacharchenko held Q&A session with Odessa region
Police drills in Mariupol'
Jamala in Stockholm
EU states refusing to take refugees to pay 250,000 euros per head: Commission
EU Commission recommends visa-free travel for Turkish citizens inside Schengen zone
US troops arrived at the training location of Dragon Pioneer 2016 in Moldova
US troops arrived at the training location of Dragon Pioneer 2016 in Moldova
No KIAs, one Ukrainian serviceman wounded in shelling near Mariinka over past 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
Peskov questioned the credibility of the Bellingcat report on the crash of the Boeing in Ukraine
Parade in Sevastopol, occupied Crimea
Parade in Sevastopol, occupied Crimea
Poland Deputy PM Morawiecki says new €500m Daimler factory "strengthens Polish-German cooperation".
Portuguese and Spanish Fly by at the Baltic Air Police Mission
Russia to form 3 new divisions to counter NATO buildup - Defense Minister
Orlando Bloom visited Donbass as part of UNICEF program for kids
In Moscow's Gorky Park man shot and wounded 3 people
Russian forces at firing range in Luhansk region
Rehearsal of 9 May parade in Kaliningrad
Saryusz-Wolski: NATO needs to talk about Nord Stream 2. It is an element of a hybrid war
Ukrainian forces destroyed DNR positions near Donetsk airport
Ukrainian forces destroyed DNR positions near Donetsk airport
Explosion at coal mine in Maloivanovka killed 9
S-300 in Kerch
6 violations of ceasefire yesterday
"Special police" show in occupied Luhansk city
Special police show in occupied Luhansk city
[email protected]: The Lost Digit: Buk 3×2 MH17
Stolen Lamborghini in Donetsk "DNR"
Pegasus Airlines PC327 continuing to Stuttgart at reduced altitude of 8,000ft
Pegasus Airlines PC327 has declared an emergency inbound to Stuttgart
After a glider crash in Bautzen Young pilot dies in the hospital
Arson ruled out in fire that destroyed Serbia Orthodox cathedral in New York on Easter Sunday
Military parade in Voronezh today
Strela-10 SAM in Donetsk today
Spanish court seeking arrest of top Russian officials also found mafia boss Petrov is in Putin's dacha collective
Antonov and Reliance signed MoC for India's Multi-role Transport Aircraft
OSCE SMM continued to observe low No. of ceasefire viol: 73 explosions in Donetsk reg, 2 in Luhansk reg
Yelchenko: Fully support UK request for an urgent UNSC briefing on Aleppo Syria
Ukraine is among > than 80 cosponsors of UNSC momentous resolution 2286 on health care in armed conflict
France, Britain seek UN Security Council meeting on Aleppo
Russian militants on 1 May
Local "7 Channel" journalists were attacked with shotgun in Odesa. 1 badly wounded
Local 7 Channel journalists were attacked with shotgun in Odesa. 1 badly wounded
France calling for urgent meeting of UN Security Council on Aleppo
Donetsk, maintenance holes welded up, Russian lamebrain way "to prevent raider group attacks"
Donetsk today, "victory parade" rehearsal
Heavy military vehicles paraded in Donetsk now
Russian Minister told Chinese counterpart that Russia could turn Siberian river flow over to Xinjiang province
Military convoy in Kerch
Unconfirmed reports suggest a western volunteer from the UK fighting with the Peshmerga died during the ISIS attack north of Mosul
MH17 shot down by Buk missile of Russia’s 53rd Brigade - BellingCat
Norway says 60 special forces soldiers will train anti-IS fighters in Jordan
Head of Ukrainian Gen. Staff Muzhenko met with NATO instructors
Marines fire stinger simulation rounds aboard USSWasp in the AtlanticOcean for an amphibious exercise
13 Ukrainian medics freed by ISIS in Libya
Poland PM, cabinet, military leaders and a few oiks like me in the Presidential palace gardens for 3 May celebrations
Activists blocking US military convoy on the entry to Moldova
The government of Armenia will discuss the bill on recognition of independence of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
Kosovo joins UEFA
Russian 122mm howitzers at warehouse at Donbass
Ukrainian military intelligence: Russia basing latest weapons in Crimea, including subs armed with cruise missiles.
Poland President @AndrzejDuda at ceremony for 225th anniversary of 3rd May Constitution
Russia will parade ships of Black Sea fleet in Occupied Sevastopol on 9 May
New @US_EUCOM head: pivotal moment w resurgent Russia, terrorism, challenges w refugees
Turkey grants visa-free travel for EU citizens
General Curtis M. Scaparrotti accepts command of EUCOM
Pro-Russia|n activists in Moldova blocked the road where NATO vehicles were moving for joint exercises
U.S. military convoy enters Moldova
@PMBreedlove: challenging 3 yrs; very different Europe - new security environment
Putin signed a law on the simplification of obtaining citizenship for Russian-speaking foreigners
SecDef: US "is taking a strong and balanced strategic approach to address Russia's aggression." Door open to coop where interests align
SecDef: "... you are helping to strengthen one of history’s strongest and most capable alliances." #EUCOM2016
SecDef speaking at @US_EUCOM credits Gen. Breedlove for leaving behind a NATO force "stronger than the one he inherited"
SecDef and official party arrives for @US_EUCOM CoC #EUCOM2016
#EUCOM2016 Change of command currently happening
3 killed as Robinson-44 helicopter crashed at Kamchatka
Bulgaria and Croatia have history in common - we both were under communism, said FM Miro Kovac after a meeting w/ @DanielMitov
Hague Prosecution Appeals Against Vojislav Seselj Acquittal
Lozančić, head Croatia's Intelligence Agency, stepped down months after @KolindaGK removed trust. Reasons unclear
UK Ministry of Defence signed a £415m contract with Pentagon to buy 20 UAVs Protector to replace 10 MQ-9 Reapers
EU enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn call for new Macedonia talks.
PHOTO: Russian Navy Buyan-class corvette 018 «Volgodonsk» seen at the Volga river
5 violations of ceasefire by Russian militants yesterday
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