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23 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Lithuania report: Russia is suppressing radio frequencies used by NATO pilots over the Baltic Sea
Rex Tillerson: Russia and Iran "bear great moral responsibility" for Assad's gas attack
After clashes near Maryinka Ukrainian soldiers found body of dead Russian militant in full ammunition
Anti-government rally in Belgrade ending, after protesters pelted the govt building with eggs
Shot of Belgrade tonight. Students out in droves across Serbia to protest obvious illiberal turn under Vucic.
Protests organised around Serbia, here in NoviSad, reasons: 'rigged' elections, media freedom and Vucic
Video from earlier tonight. Protesters in Belgrade occupied the city center. Demanding change, PM/president Vucic to go.
Protesters in Novi Sad shouting “Go out, go out!” in front of the building of provincial public RTV
1000s gathering on Republic square for 2nd day of protest against Vucic election in Belgrade
Day 2: Protests in Serbia organised around the country, largest one in Belgrade, reasons: 'rigged' elections, media freedom and Vucic.
Massive "anti-dictatorship" protests in Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade: Protest is massive, much bigger than yesterday. Several 1000s. Not just students, pensioners, families. Peaceful, still marching.
Spain foreign ministry denies navy patrol ship made illegal incursion into Gibraltar territorial waters.
UK PM May calls for investigation into reported Syria chemical weapons attack
Interfax: Russian senator Vadim Tulpanov Died. Supposedly "slipped in the bathtub and hit in the head"
Spanish foreign ministry says ship was in Spain's own territorial waters
Second day of protests against Vucic in Belgrade has started.
Russian TV channels refused to buy the rights to broadcast the 2018 world Cup for $120 million
Royal Navy Escorts Spanish Patrol Boat Away From Gibraltar
26 attacks on Ukrainian positions today before 6pm, 3 soldiers wounded
UN says stalled Cyprus peace talks to resume
Syria: Hollande on Khan Sheikhun: "Once again, the Syrian government will deny the evidence of its responsibility for this massacre"
India, Britain talk up post-Brexit trade prospects
Pope Francis addresses Chicago violence in letter to cardinal, saying the people of Chicago "have been on my mind and in my prayers."
President Xi Jinping arrives in Helsinki, kicking off his official visit to Finland. It's Chinese leader's 1st visit to Finland in 22 years
Government of Gibraltar says a Spanish navy patrol ship has made an illegal incursion into Gibraltar territorial waters
Cyprus leaders to resume peace talks on April 11 - United Nations
French prosecutor opens preliminary probe into far-right National Front group at Lille-based regional council - source
Senior Russian Da'ish commander, Abu Muhajir Al-Rusi, and 6 of his guards killed by shelling by Iraq's forces in central Mosul.
France and Britain request emergency meeting of the UN Security Council after dozens were killed in a suspected chemical attack in Syria
Gibraltar: incursion into British Gibraltar Territorial Waters by Spanish Navy patrol ship Infanta Cristina this afternoon
"We want to be a European Germany," says German President Steinmeier in his first speech to the EU parliament
Orzysz —According to Mayor Zbigniew Włodkowski, the town is prepared to host the newly-arrived, -led NATO @BG_Poland_eFP #eFP
Macron favorite, voter certainty rises in French election: Le Monde poll
British PM May criticized @CadburyUK for removing references to Easter in its egg hunt event
EU court: Germany can deny Iranian student visa
Russia says metro blast suspect Djalilov planted second bomb
Tusk says EU stands firm on keeping Balkan migrant routes closed
May to raise 'hard issues' with Saudi Arabia, stand up for UK interests
EU ambassador denounces Israel's West Bank demolitions policy
Three-quarters of euro zone payments made in cash - ECB
Hungary passes bill targeting Soros university
17-year-old pleads guilty in plot to shoot Pope Francis
France wants UN Security Council meeting after suspected Syria chemical attack
Polish consular missions reopened in Ukraine today They were closed since attack on consulate in Lutsk on Mar27
RuAF strategic air HF-net active
Man suspected in cyber-bullying case may be extradited to Canada: Dutch court
Spanish police stage raids targeting Assad family's assets
Flowers and votives line the front of the Russian embassy in Berlin on Tuesday following the attack in St Petersburg
Suspects in attack on policemen in Astrakhan were detained
Interfax: Head of Duma committee on security proposes bringing back the death penalty for terrorists.
British police charge 13 people over attack on asylum seeker in London
[email protected] Secretary General @jensstoltenberg urges European nations to boost defense spending
President Poroshenko in Latvia today
Putin fired governor of Udmurtiya Solovyov
We will look at it like, more trade arrangements and engagement between two countries with UK post exit from EU: Indian Union Minister Arun Jaitley
Extradition request for Vijay Mallya been made by India. Will be proper for ministries to discuss it: UK Chancellor of Exchequer P Hammond
German president Steinmeier at the @Europarl_EN: "Populists paint the world black and white and turn fears into political capital."
ATO spox: Yesterday, 2 soldiers were KIA, 5 were WIA. Also, the soldier, wounded on March 2 in Avdiivka, died in hospital in Kyiv
ATO spox: Invader opened mortar fire in Avdiivka and near "Shakhta Butovka" position
Russian Investigative Committee says blast that killed 14 in St. Petersburg metro was caused by a bomb; bomber has been identified
Spain's high court orders money laundering investigation into family members of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad
US President Trump spoke with Russian President Putin by phone following St. Petersburg attack, the White House said
No mention of St. Petersburg in this morning's IS radio bulletin.
Le Pen says banks will not quit France if France quits euro
Putin just banned money transfers to Ukraine via foreign systems.
Hungary readies vote to rein in Soros-founded university
May must prove 'no deal is better than a bad deal' - committee
Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping sends condolences to his Russian counterpart Putin over the deadly metro blast that kills at least 11 in St. Petersburg
The head of Udmurtia detained, in a criminal case on abuse of authority - the source
48 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were killed, 5 wounded. Army replied to enemy provocations
Spain tells Britain to calm down over war threats
2 policemen shot dead in Astrakhan. 4 suspects on the loose
High alert in Kyiv metro until 15th of May
Trump has called Putin to express his condolences over the St. Petersburg bombing; both leaders vowed to fight terrorism together - Kremlin
Russian press is now identifying an alleged 'suicide bomber' as a native of Kyrgyzstan, citizen of Russia, Akbarzhon Akramzhanovich Jalilov.
Moldova President Igor Dodon signs cooperation agreement with the Eurasian Economic Comission
After explosion, relatives on social media looked for Maxim Aryshev, a student from St Petersburg who logged in minutes before explosion
German court sentenced to life in jail jihadist who plotted a failed bomb attack at Bonn train station in 2012
The suicide bomber is being named as 22-year-old Maxim Arishev from Kazakhstan.
Chernishevska metro station is closed due to suspicious package
Suspected suicide bomber in St. Petersburg connected with "radical Islamist groups banned in Russia," says Interfax.
Blackwater’s founder secretly met a Putin confidant in the Seychelles to form a back channel between Moscow, Trump
Putin arrived at the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg: the President laid flowers at the national memorial near the metro station "Technological Institute"
Canada and Ukraine signed defense cooperation memorandum
Moldova chooses electricity deal with Ukraine over Russian supplier in Transnistria.
Interfax: bomber is 23y.o. man Central Asia origin
Putin arrived at attack site
Putin at Tekh. Institute station laid flowers
Interfax: terror attack in St.Petersburg was committed by suicide bomber, he was identified
Interfax: suspected man with beard, whose image was shared earlier came to police, says he is not an attacker
Belgrade Protest seems to be coming to an end. But people told @Mitrala they will come back tomorrow. "As long as it takes"
Putin arrived at FSB HQ in St.Petersburg for emergency meeting
Honour Guard for the arrival of Ukraine’s Defence Minister Poltorak to Ottawa
Russia conducts a massive Day/Night Air-Defence drill in Eastern district involving ~1,500 pieces of military hardware
Citizens of St.Petersburg commemorate those who lost their lives in terror attack earlier today
Photo of 2nd suspect in St.Petersburg terror attack
"Thieves, thieves" shouts a few thousand demonstrators who returned to the front of the Serbian Parliament
The protest in Novi Sad: "Elections are stolen"
He event was created by Nemanja Milosavljević, a supporter of mock candidate @belisamojako, sparking protests in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš
Column with thousands of demonstrators moving again to Terazijama, Belgrade
New protest set for Tuesday, 8pm in Nish, Serbia
Thousands take to Serbia streets after Facebook call for protests against 'dictatorship' following Aleksandar Vučić election as president
One day after serbian elections, young people took streets protesting against elected president Vucic
Gruevski appears in Parliament, SDSM accuses Mijalkov of going into business with oil
US "condemns this reprehensible attack” on St. Petersburg metro system, says @PressSec.
Demonstrators at Kneza Miloša
The column of demonstrators passing Slavija Square goes on the street of Kralja Milana
Donetsk Kalininskyi: aftermath of recent reeds blaze
Truckers in Petersburg threw strikebreakers with eggs. The strike in St. Petersburg continues.
Truckers in Petersburg threw  strikebreakers with eggs. The strike in St. Petersburg continues.
Truck that sabotaged the protest was set on fire in Kabardino-Balkariya
US Special Rep. for DPRK policy is headed to Russia for discussions on North Korea.
IMF board approves $1 billion disbursement to Kyiv.
View of crowd at protest in Belgrade
Photos: another Russian base at Donbas
Protest at Republika square in Belgrade
St. Petersburg subway: 3 out of 5 lines back online, 2 partially operational. Control strengthened at entrances.
Putin: with Lukashenko we have settled all the economic differences of our countries, have agreed how we will work over the coming years
"Absolutely a terrible thing." - @POTUS reacts to Russia subway blast
Big protest today in Belgrade against elected President Vucic
Massive protests day 36 send a message to EU "to respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Macedonia and its constitution"
"Protests against dictatorship" in Belgrade and Novi Sad now
Protest against Vucic in front of Serbian Parliament
Russian authorities are searching for 2 people in connection with the St. Petersburg bomb attack, a source has told Interfax
[email protected] security alert to French Nationals in the Sahel Region, no area considered completely safe
Rus special forces raid 'Varshavsky express' movie theater not far from where blast happened. Saint Petersburg
Flowers being laid for StPetersburg metro victims at Moscow's eternal flame, outside Kremlin.
Video: Russian militants firing on Ukrainian positions near Kominternove
Video: Russian militants firing on Ukrainian positions near Kominternove
[email protected] C130 and @13aasp deliver air despatch stores on #JointWarrior; supplying from the air extends reach of ground troops
"Military police" are now patrolling streets
2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, another 2 wounded in 23 attacks today before 6pm
Erdoğan: They say Turkey's economy is haunted by ghosts. Turkey grew by 2.9% while EU grew 1.5%. It's Europe that's haunted by ghosts
Ukrainian soldier was killed in mortar shelling near Butivka mine, south to Avdiivka
St.Petersburg explosion: Photo of suspected man
In Kyiv tightened security in connection with the bombings in the subway in St.Petersburg
Ukrainian MFA: condolence to families of victims and wounded in attack in St.Petersburg
REN-TV publishes photo of alleged St. Petersburg attacker
In Kursk region Russian military of Western Military district held drills with Tochka ballistic missiles
In Kursk region Russian military of Western Military district held drills with Tochka ballistic missiles
Alleged photo of IED defused at Ploschad Vosstaniya station
Interfax: suspected attacker was caught by CCTV
In Dagestan the correspondent of "Novaya Gazeta" were detained by police
Angela Merkel on Brexit: "We want to limit the damage. But there will naturally be some negative impact."
Poroshenko signed a free trade zone between Canada and Ukraine
Russia's Investigative Committee confirmed an "unidentified explosive device" struck a metro train in #StPetersburg
Russian anti-terrorism committee says it has found and deactivated a bomb at another St. Petersburg subway station.
Anti-terror agency: 9 killed, 20 were wounded in metro explosion in St.Petersburg
The Prosecutor General's Office are saying different things.
Donetsk: brush fire near Vesele village
St.Petersurg governor arrived at metro explosion site
Officials now confirm 25 people hospitalized after explosion in StPetersburg metro earlier today. Russian news agencies.
Metro train was evacuated in Moscow due to suspicious package
RIA Novosti source denied information about other explosive device found in St.Petersburg
Massive flow of Pictures like this on IS channels.
General Prosecutor office of Russia: explosion in St. Petersburg is a terror attack
As in previous attacks, ISIS supporters are taking an interest. See screengrab from pro-ISIS Gazwa channel. Image is being shared by them
Putin: security services working to find reasons of explosion in metro
Pulkovo denied airport shutdown/lockdown
Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee: Security to be tightened at all critical transport facilities after blast
Radio Svoboda: Five lorry drivers detained by police in Novosibirsk.
Witness to RBK: a man left a suitcase and went to another metro car
Lukashenko expressed condolences to Putin and the victims of the explosions in St. Petersburg metro
Pulkovo airport is closed in St.Petersburg
Sen. John McCain says there is no comparison between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan
Facebook activated safety check for St.Petersburg
Another bomb was found at Ploschad' Vosstaniya station
Crowd now near Senna metro station in St.Petersburg
All St.Petersburg metro stations are closed - press office of metro
Putin and Lukashenko are meeting just outside St. Petersburg
Rosneft to start drilling on Black Sea shelf in 2017, on Barents sea shelf in 2018 and on Kara sea shelf in 2019 - Sechin
Wounded to be brought to Mariinska hospital
St.Petersburg: Helicopter landed at explosion site
Putin discussed explosion with FSB chief: could be domestic violence or terror attack
Another metro station in St.Petersburg was closed "due to suspicious package" 10 minutes before blast
Ploschad Vosstaniya metro station was evacuated today before due to suspicious package
Gibraltar says EU's Tusk like "cuckolded husband"
Trump question's Podesta's brother's ties to Russia
Evacuation at Senna Ploschad metro station
Putin was informed about explosions, he is in Strelna now
At least 11 killed in explosion in St.Petersburg
Another video from St.Petersburg metro station as blast hit metro car
Closed stations: Park Pobedy, Elektrosila, Moskovskie Vorota, Frunzenskaya, Technological Institute, Sadovaya, Gostiny Dvor
Photos from explosion site taken at Technologichesky Institut station of the Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya subway line
St. Petersburg metro explosion aftermath.
Several people reportedly injured following blast in #SaintPetersburg metro
Explosion in metro in St.Petersburg
Explosion in metro in St.Petersburg
Explosion in metro car in St.Petersburg
Other report suggest that explosion is In St. Petersburg, at the metro station Sennaya
Explosion in the St. Petersburg metro
EU Commission President Juncker's full letter of congratulations to Aleksandar Vucic on winning Serbia's presidency via @JunckerEU
Brush fires near Avdiivka station
Tractor hit a landmine near Verkn'otorets'ke. Driver was wounded
Explosion at Teknologicheskiy Institut metro station in St.Petersburg
USAF OC-135W open skies treaty aircraft east bound over Czech Republic
[email protected]: together with President @JunckerEU, I congratulate Aleksandar Vučić on his election as President of Serbia
Commander Boguslav at veterans Bakhmut blockade East Ukraine: weapons don't work, to win Russia we have to stop trade
Brushfire near Aviivka
[email protected]: I have no doubt that the day of the first Brexit summit will be a show of EU27 unity
Armenia vote 'tainted' by reports of 'vote-buying': OSCE observers
Israel-Europe gas pipeline could be built by 2025
Spokesman for Theresa May says will not be sending task force to Gibraltar
Turkish Navy TCG Gaziantep (F-490) and TCG Heybeliada (F-511) arrived in Odesa
2 cars were damaged as result of grenade explosion in Kolodenka village of Rivne region
Tracking south of Kaliningrad - USAF RC135W
Lithuania says Russia has ability to launch Baltic attack in 24 hours
16 wounded in grenade explosion as result of domestic conflict in Znamenivka village of Dnipro region
France - What would be the policy impact of the main candidates in the #FrenchElection2017
Security officers will check the report of Novaya Gazeta on arrests and killings of gays in Chechnya, said Peskov
German FM @sigmargabriel heading to London tomorrow for talks with UK FM @BorisJohnson on Brexit
Peskov: The decision to postpone the Direct Line with Putin at a later date was taken 2 months ago. This has nothing to do with protest actions
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no fatalities, one soldier was wounded
French FM says Paris never envisages any future of Syria under Assad control as he destroyed the country
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: three enemy mortar attacks in Avdiivka. Militants fired 35 bombs here
Col. Lysenko: Luhansk sector: 2 enemy attacks in Staytsia Luhanska and 1 in Krymske. There was quiet in Popasna district
Bulgaria's interim health minister charged with misuse of power
German embassy granted access to German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel after seven weeks of detention, Foreign Ministry confirms.
"You can see how difficult a divorce is. Let's be cool [..] and not use too harsh language," Dutch FM Bert Koenders in Luxembourg on Brexit
Russian artillery units used new Zoopark-1M radar systems for the first time
Poland charges Russian air traffic controllers with what amounts to intentional murder of 96 people in the Smolensk crash of 2010
Sovereignty of Gibraltar remains unchanged: Britain's Johnson
Poland accused the Russian dispatchers in provoking the crash of Tu-154
UN Special Rapporteur calls on Russia to immediately release peaceful demonstrators
Eurozone unemployment falls to 7-year low of 9.5% in February: Eurostat
Russia's Western Military District held over 50 sudden military preparedness tests since the start of 2017
St. Petersburg schoolkids were lined up against a wall and sniffed by a dog in lesson or real search for drugs.
International Association of Athletics Federations attacked by Russian Fancy Bears hackers
Gibraltar's leader says the territory will not tolerate being a bargaining chip or a victim of the Brexit negotiations
President Poroshenko had phone call with Merkel and Hollande
No need to lose tempers over Gibraltar: Spain foreign minister
Gibraltar's chief minister calls on EU leaders to remove reference to Gibraltar from draft Brexit guidelines
NATO recommend Kyiv to raise awareness about information security among military
Clashes between "antifascists" and police during counter protests against Front National in Bordeaux yesterday
A strong smell of hydrogen sulfide is being felt in several districts of Moscow
Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 - 161km NE of Amsterdam Island, France
UK police arrest nine over brutal attack on teenage asylum seeker
Azerbaijan: Armenian forces violated ceasefire 110 times
#Izbori2017: the Latest data from Elections comission: Vučić has 55,09% of votes
SBU exposed MDMA distribution network in Mykolaiv region
Navalny's team: "We all realise that Putin is the most corrupt person in the country, but it's very difficult to get the proof."
Theresa May would be ready to go to war over Gibraltar, one senior Conservative says
Hungary warns about growing foreign influence in the Balkans
French polling watchdog warns over Russian news agency's election report
32 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
Spain says it won't block independent Scotland from joining EU
Tillerson says US sanctions against Russia will remain until Moscow “reverses the actions” it has taken in Ukraine
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