Map. History of Europe conflict

21 November 2017
"Hunt for the new Jihadi John"
Denmark arrested the crew of a Russian vessel for being drunk
Catalan separatists appear incapable of forming a government following divisions over region's future president
New ISIS Execution Video Threatens UK Invasion
Large waves for NE Scotland this evening. Just offshore waves could be taller than 2 double-decker buses at 9 metres
#Belgium: Doel NPP reactor is shutdown due to unknown cause
Iranians rallying today in #Paris condemn +2000 executions in #Iran under Rouhani
Jihadist's propaganda found at computer of Valence motorist
Anti-Isis hackers claim responsibility for BBC cyber-attack
Syrian refugees from Manchester were helping again with flood relief in Mytholmroyd today
Soldiers open fire on car as it tried to ram mosque in Valence, France
#French soldiers open fire on car ‘attempting to ram mosque’ in Valence
German police lift alert of imminent attack in Munich
Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' to be republished in Germany next week
Amsterdam’s #Schiphol Airport Evacuated after ‘BombThreat'
#Munich The 7 suspects are Iraqis. They had to blow themselves up in trains
Chief of #Munich police says there was "very concrete tip" that a suicide attack was planned for midnight on New Year's Eve
German police hunt for seven Iraqis as Munich terror theat still active
London said #Hello2016 last night
Munich police chief says according to intelligence, 5 to 7 suicide bombers were to take part in attack - Reuters, quoting German media
2016 In Paris
Berlin rings in the New Year as Munich remains on high alert following reports of an 'imminent attack.'
Empty train station in #Munich following terror alert
Steps from #Munich railway station that had been evacuated by police: #Syrian #Refugees hold signs thanking #Germany
Police in #Munich have called in Off duty police officers to deal with the terror alert - sweeping train stations for explosives.
Munich police tweet that there are indications of a planned terror attack, ask people to avoid crowds and train stations
#Munich: two train stations have been evacuated due to terror threat
German police warn of imminent terror attack in Munich
Brussels cancels New Year's Eve fireworks event. Security concerns and safety a priority
#France's president says terror risk level remains high, new plots being foiled in wake of #ParisAttacks