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20 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Hackers steal 2 billion rubles at Russia's central bank
Donbas conflict can't be frozen. - Andrzej Duda.
A house damaged in Maryinka shelling.
There's no progress in Donbas "road map". - Petro Poroshenko.
4 children and a woman killed in fire in Odesa
Photos of Russian sappers making their way to demine Aleppo
Refugee Camp near Mount Olympus in Greece
European Council President Tusk expects European Union in January to extend Ukraine-related sanctions on Russia.
UAV getting closer to the Russian border
Dozhd reporter detained in Krasnodar Krai while looking for dacha of "Putin's chef" Prigozhin.
Russia's oil output is near a post-Soviet record as it prepares for cut
Update on the recent OSCE SMM activities and the general security situation in Ukraine
Update on the recent OSCE SMM activities and the general security situation in Ukraine
Italy FM Paolo Gentiloni: Time is running out to resolve the Libya crisis
As snow blankets Ukraine reports of accidents continue to come in with reports of deaths and dozens of injured
Since Jan, Italy has run checks on about 170,000 people for national security reasons and expelled 115 suspected extremists, including 12 imams.
Lavrov met with Italian counterpart Gentiloni in Rome
Lavrov met with Italian counterpart Gentiloni in Rome
IS fighters in Europe ready to launch attacks, warns Europol
SG @jensstoltenberg to PM @KvirikashviliGi: We're grateful to Georgia for its many contributions to NATO
Denmark has withdrawn its F-16 squadron from the USA-led operations against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Mussolini calendar at a news stand in Rome
Head of OSCE warns, Ukraine conflict is on the brink of a major escalation
Putin: You mustn't split society and lead it to tragedies like the Charlie Hebdo shootings.
Ukraine: Active battle in Staromykhailivka and Krasnohorivka West to Donetsk
Royal Saudi Air Force buys electronic warfare and surveillance aircraft from Ukraine
Pakistan Navy Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate PNS Alamgir 260(x-USS McInerney)departs Aegean and transits Dardanelles en route to Novorossiysk
RBC: IKEA contests court decision to freeze 9.3 billion roubles in its accounts in Russia.
Poland and Ukraine signed agreement on security cooperation
Azerbaijan shoots down Armenian drone
Delhi: Former UK PM David Cameron meets PM Narendra Modi
OSCE’s Hug: Urgent steps needed as 600,000 people in Luhansk region at risk of being left without water, electricity and heating
TSN: Russian warship protecting drilling rig, stolen from Ukraine, illegally extracting gas on Ukrainian shelf in Black Sea.
FSB started strange Info War asserting Ukraine hackers based in Netherlands plan attack Russian finance system.
SBU opened case against Russian actor Okhlobistin
Poroshenko meets Duda in Warsaw
ATO spokesperson: In Lviv region, NGU servicemen underwent practical training in combat engineering
Col. Lysenko: In Novoaydar district, Luhansk region, UA police found a cache with 165 artillery shells and 26 hand grenades
ATO spox: Yesterday evening, in Novotoshkivske, UA serviceman killed his brother in arm and deserted
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, near Novotroitske, UA border guards detained a militant heading from occupied territory to Mariupol
ATO spokesperson: Another UA citizen heading to occupied areas willing to enter militants` ranks was detained near Maryinka
Col. Lysenko: Over the previous day, 1 UA serviceman was killed in action, 3 UA soldiers were wounded in action
The Russian defense Minister Shoigu held a conference with the commanders of Russian army
USAF Global Hawk UAV is now over Donetsk region of Ukraine
2 US warships, 4k troops arrive in Mediterranean ‘to support maritime security mission’ – Navy release
Ukrainian army finished missile tests on the south of country
President @poroshenko started his visit to Poland
SBU found 2 caches of ammunition in ATO zone
Ukrainian soldier was killed in close clashes near Novotoshkivs'ke
Over 60 were evacuated from burning Bulgaria Embassy in Moscow
One Ukrainian soldier killed his commander and defected to enemy - ATO HQ
The FSB said that they learned about the plans of "foreign intelligence" to conduct cyberattacks against Russian banks
USAF Global Hawk UAV again patrolling Ukrainian skies
BBC found the place where the Ukrainian separatists and CyberBerkut faked videos to influence western opinion
42 ceasefire violations by Russian forces across frontline on December 1
USAF Global Hawk Drone over Central Ukraine heading east
Putin appeared remarkably subdued during an address in which he called for cooperation with Trump's administration
Melania Trump hires law firm in her native Slovenia to warn people against profiting off her name and image.
U.S. commanders concerned over recent outreach between Russia, Egypt
Horlivka: Shyroka Balka - shooting since 40 minutes
2 civilians and 1 militant wounded in the last 24 hours. - DNR group
France's deeply unpopular Socialist president, Francois Hollande, won't seek re-election
Russia: Reportedly view from Biysk on falling Progress MS-04 unmanned spacecraft footage
Russia: Reportedly view from Biysk on falling Progress MS-04 unmanned spacecraft  footage
Starohnativka "The war is in full swing, all village is shaking"
French President Hollande won't seek reelection
March of Azov in Dnipro city
Heavy clashes in Laspa - Novolaspa area, artillery pounding the area
French President Hollande says he will not run for re-election
Ukraine police closed the scam / phishing cyber network Avalanche. Its leader arrested in Poltava.
Ukraine police closed the scam / phishing cyber network Avalanche. Its leader arrested in Poltava.
Paris institutes two-day pollution alert amid thick smog blanketing the city.
The Prado Museum's director will step down and return to Bilbao
Russia's space agency confirms malfunction has caused an unmanned cargo ship to crash minutes after it blasted off.
Rally of nationalists in central Kyiv
Explosion was reported at one of Italy's biggest oil refineries some 40 km south of Milan, residents warned to stay indoors
Russia still banned from international athletics: IAAF
Operation underway "to seize, block and sinkhole more than 800,000 malicious domains" associated with Avalanche, says @TheJusticeDept.
Emercom of Russia searching for Progress debris ear Ishtii-Hem village of Tuva republic
Serbian Minister admits quitting Warsaw summit was ‘Mistake’
Armenia government to renew contract with US company on Vorotan Cascade of hydropower plants
Progress MS-04 crashed in Tuva Republic of RF
Rally of Ukrainian nationalists organizations at Bankova street
The Ministry of Defence announced that 2022 is planned to purchase 16 multi-role helicopters Raven
Stéphane Dion : Moving discussion with Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadiya Savchenko. Commend her strength, courage while illegally detained in Russia
Putin discussed with the Security Council humanitarian assistance to the residents of eastern Aleppo by Russian military
Group of German, Turkish lawyers file suit against Assad in Berlin
Progress MS-04 spacecraft may have already crashed in China or Pacific
Romania Launched a program multirole corvettes
Which supplies are carried by #ProgressMS04
Europol announces 5 arrests in 'unprecedented' operation against avalanche cybercrime group
NASA video of a spectacular blastoff of Russia’s Progress MS-04 launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome
NASA: Russians investigating inconsistent telemetry data from Progress cargo ship, which launched at 9:51 am ET
Most intense shelling in the Mariupol sector took place in Novohryhorivka - MoD
Russian mission control examining data after losing contact with space station cargo craft on launch
During telemetry interruption at L+383 seconds, #ProgressMS04 was performing powered flight on 3rd stage of Soyuz rocket.
RosKosmos says it's lost connection with Progres ship
In Krasnodar the armed robber tried to rob the Bank
Video: the liftoff of the Progress MS-04 spacecraft
Video: the liftoff of the Progress MS-04 spacecraft
"Right Sector" and "OUN" gathering at Maidan, will go to Presidential Administration
Pavlodraskyi bridge (between Lysychansk and Severodonetsk) is restored and to be open on Dec 06
The first German edition of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo hits German newsstands
RosKosmos: telemetric signal lost with Progress MS-04/ Soyuz-U rocket. 393 second of flight
NASA now indicates earlier-than-planned separation of #ProgressMS04 from 3rd stage. The fate of the ship unknown
Black Sea border guard, coast guard chiefs sign co-operation memorandum
Executive director of Roskosmos was arrested
Böheimkirchen: Police say 3 children are dead, a girl has reportedly shot and killed her parents and her siblings
Liftoff of Russia’s Progress MS-04 supply ship with more than 2.6 tons of food, fuel and supplies for space station.
Austrian authorities say they have found six bodies inside a house in Böheimkirchen Austria
Putin: the majority of government employees are honest, decent people
Russia's new foreign policy concept says US efforts to restrain Russia are undermining global stability
Croatian ruling party reportedly plans to oust Zagreb Mayor
Russian Novak: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Oman, Bahrain may also join cut. OPEC holding relevant consultations
Russian woman Oksana Sevastidi has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for treason for texting in 2008 about military heading for Georgia
Singapore recognised Kosovo as a sovereign and independent State today and we established diplomatic relations. 113 diplomatic recognitions
Around 350 victims have reported child sexual abuse within UK soccer clubs, National Police Chiefs' Council says
Moscovici: Still work to be done for deal on Greek reforms next week
Prince Harry announces a scholarship to serve the royal family
Video: Surface-to-Air missiles launches by Ukrainian Anti-air defense
Video: Surface-to-Air missiles launches by Ukrainian Anti-air defense
Ukraine launched 16 missiles today, and finished until tomorrow
Russian media claims 2 Russian MiG-31 had to make emergency landing. One had pressure issues in braking system
SAM deployed in Yevpatoriya
In Astrakhan, Fire in high-rise building
The Serbian government adopts 2017 budget bills, lowest-ever deficit
Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev said on the withdrawal of Russian military bases from the territory of the country
Putin approved the new foreign policy concept of Russia
Turchynov: "Missile systems being tested today are capable of engaging both air and surface targets"
Putin: We see that difficult political events are taking place in Abkhazia. We are very much hoping the situation will come under control
Putin meets the president of Abkhazia, one of the quasi-states created by Russia to ensure permanent instability in former Soviet countries
Russia's Putin to meet Japan foreign minister Friday.
Ukraine reports in missile testing - 6 targets launched and all 6 hit. No provocations from Russian side.
In Perm, made an emergency landing of the second MiG per day
On the highway "Baikal" near Irkutsk three people were killed in road accidents
LNR group says Ukraine stopped water supply
Montenegro's membership in NATO can now be delayed
Ukrainian Mindef hasn't recorded any provocation attempts from Russian side
Gudkov said Nemtsov indifference to security issues
The pirates left the ship with the Russian hostages and disappeared in Nigeria. They took with them three crew members
Ukrainian Mindef published images of today's missile launches
4,000 US soldiers from will be deployed to Poland in January as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve to reassure NATO allies.
Foreign sanctions gave boost to Russia's agricultural sector - Putin
Serbian president starts two-day visit to UAE
Hackers stole more than a hundred million rubles from Russian Bank with
All 3 checkpoint to Crimea are closed. Reason: fiscal database is down
AFP: Ukraine launches missile drills near Russia-annexed Crimea
"We will not tolerate infringement of our interests": 12 main phrases of the Putin's message
For fighting in prison Ildar Dadin will spend six months in a cell by himself
Missile testing is our sovereign right and smthng which is needed to meet our national security interests in accordance with international law
A rally was held in Frankfurt by a PKK front group demanding the PKK be taken off the terrorism list in Germany.
Turchynov: despite hysteria our Surface-to-Air missiles successfully hit their targets
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: In Zaporizhia region, NGU servicemen underwent their first shooting training
ATO spox: In Lyman, Donetsk region, UA police found a rocket launcher while patrolling town`s streets
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces did not incur any fatalities, 2 UA servicemen were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: Additionally, one more UA serviceman was wounded in a booby trap explosion
Despite the court ban, Gudkov managed to say before the jury almost all the political motive
Counter-terror drill in Sevastopol on 29 November
Donetsk water filter/pumping station is out of power due to clashes near
Gudkov: Nemtsov because of its brightness and sharpness of the position was an easy target for the mass of threats and provocations. He became a target
Russian aggression is a "myth," Putin says
Putin at SOTU: Russian military delivered a serious blow on "fighters" in Syria, thanks servicemen. Ovation.
Jet trails over Crimea near Yevpatoriya today
Putin: We never look for enemies, we need friends, but we will build their future themselves. Without others tips and unsolicited advice!
Putin: No high position, no connection can be protected for a dishonest government officials
One dead, five injured in fast-food outlet blast in central Athens
President Poroshenko: We have first reports on successful launches of missiles
Putin: You must respond to any fact of corruption, the fight against it is of the utmost importance for the country
Putin: We purposefully changing the economic structure, increase export volume, support small business
SBU sees in the actions of Alexander Onishchenko, the signs of high treason
Putin: Until recently it seemed that agriculture - a black hole, but we were able to make it a profitable competitive industry
Ukraine missile exercise area clear of commercial flights according to @flightradar24 Regular illegal flights in occupied Crimea continue
Putin calls for a re-assessment of the February revolution.
Putin: Children everywhere in the Russia needs to study in normal conditions: it is necessary to eliminate the third and the second shift in schools
Putin: The next year, high speed internet access must be plugged in all the hospitals in the country to use telemedicine
SBU: Alexander Onishchenko(ex MP) became the citizen of the RF and working with Security services, preparing attack on Ukraine
Putin: the meaning of the whole of our policy is saving people, this is the aim of all our work
Putin reminds Russians that next year is the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, and revolutions are bad! No more revolutions please.
Russia’s First Deputy PM: No revolutions expected in Economic Development Ministry
NOTAM - Air navigation warning A3064/16 from Russian Mindef to shot down Ukrainian missiles
Russian President Putin will deliver his annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly today
Monument to victims of political repressions was vandalized near Magadan
Avdiivsky Coke Coal plant is out of power
Ukraine has launched missile drill in Black Sea,- the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation
Ukraine military: "Everything goes according to plan. No reaction from Russia yet. Military ready for any scenario."
Russian ships from the Black Sea Fleet have taken up positions to the west of the Crimean Peninsula to provide air defense (if needed).
Turkey wants high-level summit to broker visa deal with EU
Hackers target UK National Lottery players
Russian military camp in Donetsk region
With 30 attacks yesterday, total 1130 ceasefire violations in Eastern Ukraine in November, 3262 this Autumn
Russia claims they detained 2 Ukrainian deserters on the border with Rostov region
2 killed as result of gas explosion in Rostov region
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