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19 กันยายน 2018

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US infrared satellite detected a heat flash over the Sinai at the time a Russian passenger jet went down.
Kadyrov nurturing young radicals who he claims wanted to assassinate him
Kadyrov nurturing young radicals who he claims wanted to assassinate him
Criticism of the General Prosector by Ambassador of the USA, it's not his opinion, but the position of US - Ambassador Herbst
Office of General Prosecutor Shoking was shot with sniper rifle
Report: "Horse yard" is on fire in Krasnogorivka
According to the staff of "Belaruskali" at the third "Rudoupravlenie" explosion occurred
#Crimea. FSB officers searched flats of ATR (Crimean Tatar channel) staff.
Tanks at Russian occupation forces staging area, Luhansk region
Explosions in Krasnogorivka heard in Karlivka
Stratfor: Most probable explanation for #SinaiCrash is the existence of an explosive device onboard
Romania: Polish President Duda Arrives At The Burned Club In Bucharest To Pay His respects
At school in Dagestan found improvised explosive devices and prohibited literature
Croatia's winter camp'll have 2 big heated tents for 2,000 #refugees, heated containers for families + smaller tents
1 Ukrainian soldier wounded at Butovka mine
#refugees arriving at #Sumte #Germany
Croatia. New camp near Slavonski Brod will receive first #refugees tomorrow morning.
Explosions heard in Horlivka
Estimate: Today 6000-7500 at #Pegida rally in #Dresden
Sounds of explosions in Northern Donetsk
Heavy fighting (incl 114 explosions) breaks out at #Donetsk airport despite ceasefire. Sporadic firefights elsewhere - OSCE SMM
Rally in Halle (Saale), Germany
NPD Anti-migrants march in Berlin against the refugee camp
PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachmann tells a packed Neumarkt Sq in Dresden: We are the biggest popular movement in Germany
Big PEGIDA demo in Dresden tonight. "Merkel must go!" chant the crowd.
Several hundred people demonstrate against the anti-migrants parade in Berlin
#UN: As many #refugees and #migrants arrived in Europe by sea in October as in whole of 2014 - 218,394. 25% more even than September.
Pictures of Russian militant in Shirokino
Russian military at Novoazovs'k firing range
Between Pro-Russian activists and Automaidan there was a small fight on the Kulikovo field in Odessa
Russian Mindef proposing new 6 months-1 year contracts "to fight abroad"
Evacuation of documents from MP Novinsky office in Zaporizhie. General Prosecutor office previously invited him for questioning
Gas explosion on the Caucasian Boulevard in Moscow
Reports: Two medevac helicopters with wounded from Donetsk airport to hospital
In Russia published new book of Pavel Gubarev
Korban in court
Russian military in Rostov Region with DNR "plates" and Military plates of Chuvashia region
#Kosovo marks first milestone in path towards #EUmembership. Parliament agrees SAA with EU
Boats continue to land despite rough seas
In Istanbul killed the administrator of the website "Kavkaz-center", a former Chechen field commander Abdulwahid Edelgeriev
No 'direct evidence' of terrorism in Egypt plane crash: CIA director
Column of Russia military equipment in Kerch
Column of Russia military equipment in Kerch
In Kramatorsk will be second round of elections, in Slavyansk won the representative of the Opposition bloc
Flight recorders show crashed Russian jet not struck from outside: investigator
Vatican arrests monsignor and woman in latest probe of leak of confidential documents
WWII bomb discovered at German airport, 7 flights cancelled
Albanian police are beating students, after their revolt against university policies of PM Edi Rama. #RamaEgg
Albanian students get arrested and beaten in Tirana, after they threw an egg to Edi Rama. #RamaEgg
Tuka: in Svatovo there are people urging residents to protest
Journalist on scene tells that Police officers are beating students, while they are arrested. #RamaEgg
Albanian police arrest 8 students after they "attacked with eggs" the Albanian prime minister Edi Rama. A girl threwed eggs at him.
Jose #Mourinho is to be the subject of an individual legal claim from former #Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro
Elections of the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk: Vilkul received 37%, Filatov - 35%
Geoffrey Pyatt: Delighted to meet today with Donetsk governor Zhebrivsky, following up our meeting in July.
10 long-finned pilot whales were stranded on a beach in #Calais, France. Rescue teams managed to revive 4 of them.
#Shoigu and #Parrikar held the 15th meeting of Gov .Commission of the Russian Federation and India on the military.-technical assistant
Heavy fight at Spartak
Khabarovsk was shrouded in smoke from China
Korban was brought to Chernihiv district court
Almost 220,000 migrants, a record, reached Europe by sea in October: U.N.
Russian plane crash: bomb most likely cause, says French aviation expert
ATO spox: At the end of Nov, UA Army will perform drills with US military instructors within “Fearless Guardian”
The police invited in for questioning Novinsky, Vilkul and Korolevska
Landmine killed woman 62 y.o. near Vonovakha
Refugee family from Syria sleeping in Samos port last night. Over 1500 persons. Very cold. Chaotic
A321 passengers reportedly died from burns, blunt trauma and internal organ ruptures
Both #7K9268 engines inspected in Moscow on Oct 26, no problems found - Kolavia
In Ukraine started the autumn conscription, which was postponed because of the elections
Russia's Kogalymavia airline: It is impossible for airbus plane to break up in the air because of technical or pilot fault.
1.2 million Ukrainians have fled to Russia from Ukraine - Lavrov
Egypt air crash: "Accident or attack? "
Europe divides migrants into worthy and less deserving before learning names or backstory at Moria camp, Lesvos
#ATO HQ: militants fired at positions of Ukrainian military near the village Pisky
Poroshenko: no one will stop on Korban. In Ukraine no one is immune - neither the new government nor the representatives of the old team.
High-profile arrest of Henadiy Korban, presiden't critic, could be the case of selective justice - @mminakov
Poroshenko: Militants won't dictate us any demands
Ukrainian jets at drills in Mykolaiv
Attack on positions near Spartak for few hours, UAVs near Mariupol
Head of #Russia aviation agency: Debris 20+ sq km, 8km long/4km wide. "Every indication destruction of the plane occurred at high altitude”
Meteor over Salgótarján, Hungary, Oct 31
#Horlivka. Zaitsevo - Small arms, AGL
Memorial at Dvortsova square in St.Petersburg
#Donetsk. Booms in airport - #Spartak area.
Basurin of DNR accused Ukrainian forces in violation of ceasefire
Basurin of DNR accused Ukrainian forces in violation of ceasefire
13 human lives lost today in #Farmakonisi and #Samos on #shipwrecks
In Kyiv held a rally of solidarity with Israel
The Monument To The Victims Of The Smolensk Catastrophe
#SBU - money. seized during the RAID in Dnipropetrovsk
Crowd at streets in Bucharest now to mourn 29dead in #colectiv fire
In Baku in a dumpster found a hand grenade #Azerbaijan
Croatian observer at Azerbaijan elections: Voting process continues in accordance with law
Romanian official says two more people have died from their burns after #Bucharest nightclub fire on Friday - 29 people confirmed dead
Explosion at Calais refugee camp
Observed groups voting in polling station no. 15, district #Yasamal Azerbaijan
#Azerbaijan #elections #2015 evidence of #ballot #stuffing +simil signatures and nxt to NewAzParty HQ PS no. 3 #Nasimi
SBU press-conference. Showing weapons seized in Dnipropetrovsk
Battle in Pisky. Attack with mortars and howitzers, Ukrainian army responding - report
At Maidan staged a mini-exhibition dedicated to ATO
Russian transport watchdog suspended suspended flights of A321 of "Kogalymavia"
Assad expressed his condolences to Putin
Grenade launcher attacks on #Pisky this morning, black smoke seen from this direction.
Hungary's symbolic radicalism regarding migration saved Europe from real radicalism, said security expert László Földi
Russian militants artillery in Komsomol'ske
People at the memorial in Pulkovo
Makiivka. Gvardeyka can hear small arms, heavier arms and mortars from #Spartak directionn#donbasreports
Reports of grenade explosion in Volnovakha night club. 2 wounded
Eleven migrants, including six children, drown off Greece: coastguards
The moment refugees rubber boat carrying 23 Syrians capsized off Greek coast
Russia's #Emercom convoy crossed #Suez Canal towards the #Kogalymavia A321 airliner's crash site
FR MP Mariani to Ukraine: "To prove I don't bear a grudge, I'll send you a postcard from my next trip to #Crimea."
Reports of explosions in Donetsk and Makiivka
Drunk driver hit police car in Kyiv. 6 wounded
No ceasefire violations at night. Sappers in Svatove neutralized 215 UXO pieces out of 681 discov - ATO press center
Rally in Minsk dedicated to killed by Soviet repressions
Mikhas Zaretsky - shot in 1937, Belarusian writer
Rally in Minsk
Rally in Minsk
#Alchevsk business school. Barricade boxes in the yard,many Russian military
Residents of #Karabakh region take active part in election processn in Azerbaijan
From Nov 1, Kremlin cancelled spec. regime for #Ukrainians for long stay in Russia
'Petrol bomb thrown' as police shut down illegal rave at Whitgift London
Lesvos -Four bodies washed up on beach - man 35 approx, woman 35, man 65, child 10
Big Rally in Mytilene #Lesbos calls for open borders, blames leaders for "Aegean graveyard"
OSCE SMM report on attack on Pisky on 31 Oct
Riot police at Whitgift Street, London
Over 80 fully autonomous Russia emergency ministry personnel land in Egypt early Sunday
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