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24 กันยายน 2018

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Border guards seized almost 60kgs of hashish in a smuggle attempt in L'viv region
Femen protest against Erdogan is discussed on Turkish TV. The hosts say Turkey has to take action against this "immorality"
Lawyer: Activist of Femen Diash was detained by SBU, now at police station
Spain Madrid - During tonight's Espana Italia football match, threats were spread on jihadi Telegram channels - to attack a game with bombed UAV
The FBI in the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco
Russian MFA: Video of FBI searches in Russian Consulate
Senior State official confirms US officials entered vacated Russian properties in DC, NY and SF, denies claim US threatened to break down door.
BMD-2 company from 98th Airborne Division deployed possibly to Pechenga
MLRS Uragan driving in Lepiel city, Belarus
Russia deputy prime minister Dvorkovich Saturday: Russia likely to back OPEC deal extension
Russian FM considers illegitimate inspection of Russian diplomatic premises in U.S. in absence of Russian officials aggressive action
Military echelon at Filino railway station in Yaroslavl' region
The Russian trade mission in Washington is reportedly being inspected by the U.S. authorities right now.
FEMEN broke into a football field during a football match protesting against the Turkish president Erdogan.
Russian trade mission in Washington closed: Russia’s US embassy spokesman said, adding the US @StateDept is in charge of search
Currently Police is at the site of Russia Trade HQ in Washington
Loading of cruise missiles "Caliber" to the submarine "Novorossiysk" in Sevastopol.
Military deployment to Krakovets border point where Saakashvilli promised to return to Ukraine
Moscow summons US diplomat to protest search of closed compound
Ukraine security service head wants to ban MPs, politicians and public figures from traveling to Russia; "criminal responsibility" for doing so
Putin will not take part in the UN General Assembly - Peskov
In Moscow detained one of the sponsors of PARNAS party Musa Sadayev. The son says that Sadayev had been beaten during the arrest
Politically-motivated vandals set fire to United Russia HQ in a town in Krasnoyarsk Krai, destroying furniture and computer equipment.
Essex Fire Service say they're dampening down hotspots after a large fire at an industrial unit in Braintree this morning
Serious incident at Angel, someone on the track. Tube closed
An-2 plane has crashed at air show in Balashiha, 2 killed
Ex-Odesa governor Mikheil Saakashvili claims his brother David, a Kyiv resident, has been detained by Ukraine police
UK provides $3,8 million for S. Sudanese refugees in Sudan
The international community should consider a post-war Syria that doesn't involve Assad, France’s FM says
One person confirmed dead in mudslide near Mt. Elbrus, 208 tourists needing rescue.
Joint patrol between French Foreign Legion and Brazilian Army on Oyapok river (border between French Guiana and Brazil)
Belgian media: plane evacuated at Brussels airport due to bomb alert. Now all cleared
Looks like a RAF Typhoon had a little excursion on to grass at Pardubice Airport yesterday.
20 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. No casualties
The fire in back of about to-be-closed DC Russia trade rep building
Netherlands Utrecht - Driver caused an accident and fled the scene. Caught by police. They found a possible hand grenade.
Turkey detains two Germans in relation to Gulen probe
Ukrainian authorities thwart attempt to illegally export firearms to Europe and North America
Aerial view: Black smoke seen pouring from Russian consulate in SF day after Trump administration ordered its closure
SF firefighters now say Russian embassy 'had a fire alarm' but no fire despite video showing black smoke
Consulate staff say firefighters which came to suspected fire, - we have no problems
Video They're not just burning paper. Bitter, acrid smoke coming from Russia Consulate in SF
Black smoke billows from a chimney on the roof of the Russian consulate in SF a day before the occupants must vacate.
Smoke seen pouring from chimney at Russian consulate in San Francisco after Trump administration orders its closure.
FBI will conduct a search in The Russian Consulate General in San Francisco - Russian foreign Ministry
Fire crews are on scene at SF Russian consulate after smoke starting billowing from rooftop. The consulate is closing today
After cancellation of tomorrow's open day at Olenya air base, @planetlabs imagery from yesterday shows increased activity there
Military echelon at Razvil'naya station in Rostov region
Russian military echelon unloading in Slonim
Military echelon in Slonim for Zapad 2017
Polish prosecutor opens up espionage case on UAV that crashed in Ketrzyn, Poland
Majority of Germans expect Brexit to hurt Britain and EU — poll
'Independent Britain will be committed to striking new free trade agreements across the world - including with the EU' says @DavidDavisMP
Ukraine introduces new border crossing rules for citizens of states which pose threat to our country
'The answer to the challenges of globalisation is not turn isolationist but to lead the world' says Brexit Secretary @DavidDavisMP
SNMG1 and SNMCMG1 sailed in formation together yesterday for a photo exercise in the Baltic Sea
Military echelon unloading today in Voronezh region
Russia cannot prevent U.S. military interference with Korean peninsula situation on its own - Lavrov
The Russian Federation transferred to the border with Ukraine the division of OTRK "Tochka-U" with additional. ammunition, communication and support:
The Russian Federation transferred to the border with Ukraine the division of OTRK Tochka-U with additional. ammunition, communication and support:
Items found in the possession of prison escapee and wanted man Uree Varswyck after he was shot dead in Linden
Chief of General Staff V. Gerasimov gave speech at the Knowledge Day ceremony in General Staff Military Academy
Lavrov: the initiators of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria want war of Russia with Ukraine and Moldova
Italian parliament to listen to Alfano on relations between Cairo and Rome Monday
Wayne Rooney arrested on suspicion of drink-driving: reports
Joint Russia-Belarus drill "Zapad-2017" could pose threat to Ukraine - Poroshenko
After shooting prison escapee Uree Varswyck dead, Joint Services are in pursuit of another
Kraków: explosion in laboratory of @JagiellonskiUni 200 people evacuated
OSCE’s Hug: For re-commitment to be more than words, actions are needed - withdrawal of weapons and disengagement must take place
Hug: re-commitment to ceasefire - encouraging political signal from signatories of Minsk. Instead of pausing violence, sides must stop it
Hug: Disengagement process remains stalled. W/ cameras and monitors SMM observes situation in 3 disengagement areas 24-7, around-the-clock
Hug: On 26/08, 2nd day following re-commitment to ceasefire, SMM saw 7 MLRS near govt-ctrl Poltavka and 18 MLRS near non-govt-ctrl Miusynsk
OSCE’s Hug: This week OSCE SMM saw heavy weapons in violation of Minsk 112 times – 47 times in govt- and 65 times in non-govt-ctrl areas
Hug: reduced lvls of violence show that sides can stop violence if they want to. This could be starting point for sustainable ceasefire
OSCE’s Hug: “School re-commitment to ceasefire”: as we saw before – initial decrease for the first few days and then again increase
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug Ukraine
Macron hopes for a diplomatic solution and an end to all forms of terrorism in Syria
Another SKYBIRD HARVARD call on 11175USB UTwente SDR. Now 45nmi offshore. Russian fighter escorts still in tow.
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: Russian proxies opened tank fire against Maryinka
ATO spox: Yesterday, 18 cease-fire violations were registered in the Donetsk area
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: Russian proxies actively delivered small arms fire at Avdiivka area and Zaitseve
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector: Russia-backed militants opened fire with grenade launchers at Krymske and Katerynivka
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no combat casualties
Russian Senator Klintsevich: Declaring Soros a terrorist would mean undermining the foundations of America's existence. Trump won't do it.
In Kyiv SBU shutdown 2 illicit drug labs
USAF RC-135U 64-14847 VELVA55 departed Mildenhall at 0727z - Eastern Poland and Baltic mission
Congress with the help of sanctions against Russia is trying to undercut Trump's administration - Lavrov
Russian RV Yantar approaching Europa Point Gibraltar Eastbound into the Mediterranean
Police officer wounded in Stockholm stabbing attack; 17 y/o assailant detained. No details released.
Russian Presidential Comms Relay Tu214SUS airborne from Anapa
PM Orbán asks EU to pay €400 million for border protection, including a newly built fence on Hungary's border with Serbia
Celebration of Eid al-Adha in Moscow was attended by 200 thousand believers
US Navy P-8A 168853 PS016 departed Sigonella at 0553z - Black Sea mission
Eid al-Adha in St Petersburg, Russia
Belarus president Lukashenko orders the construction of electric cars after testing a Tesla
24 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
Mumbai: An on-board passenger died of heart-attack on a flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai, body handed-over to family
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