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18 December 2017
Met Police: two men and a 17-year-old girl arrested on suspicion of attempted murder over gang attack on a young asylum seeker in Croydon
Spot Report by OSCE SMM: Armed man opens fire near SMM in Sakhanka
CeSID gives Vučić 58.5% based on estimate of 51.5% of ballots
Haley: "No question" Russia involved in election hacking
Belov: I Expect victory in the first round
In Mladenovcu @belisamojako proclaimed the victory. #izbori2017
IC of Armenia received 98reports containing elements of voting rights’ violation, which is a Criminal Code offense #armvote17
First results of #izbori2017 in Serbia
About 60 were detained today in Moscow
Data shows a total number of 1918 violations registered by @CitizenObserve1 at #armvote17
Drills of Dnipro region SAM brigade
Demonstration in front of the parliament #IStandWithCEU
Exit poll: 4 political powers will appear in the parliament #Armvote17
Central Electoral Commission says 60,86% of voters took part in the elections #Armvote17
Serbia's Presidential Election turnout until 6 p.m.: 45%, one of the lowest in the last years. #Izbori2017
Thousands marching against Orban government's crackdown on Central European University
Armenia Ombudsman: Over 800 reports on violations during elections examined
Ildar Dadin was detained for protest in Moscow
Head of a Malatya polling station catches observer pressuring ppl into voting for the ruling Republican Party
More than 50% of voters already took part in armvote17 according Armenian CEC 17:00 pm data
Progressive Party accused candidate of "Enough is Enough" of threatening members of electoral commission
About 500 residents of Novosibirsk staged a picket against corruption
Russia's state TV re: protests: n"Russian police treated protesters delicately - much more tenderly than they would in the U.S. or the EU."
Small LGBT protest in St. Petersburg after 100 gay men reportedly detained in Chechnya, 3 dead
Turnout by 2 pm in OSCE CoV locations in Kosovo 20.24%
Police in Moscow today
40 detained at protests in Moscow today
3 people injured after hit-and-run outside celebrity hotspot in Essex.
Theresa May would go to war to defend the sovereignty of Gibraltar, says Michael Howard
"SERB" anti-rally protesters in Moscow
Well-known journalist Nikolai Andrushchenko is in a coma after the attack
Well-known journalist Nikolai Andrushchenko is in a coma after the attack
37 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday
Russia: Another footage of the military movement inside the city of Kaliningrad yesterday, anti-terrorist exercise.
Military blocked a part of the city to do Anti-Terrorist Exercises.
Big military convoy in Kaliningrad City yesterday
At least four critically injured in Villepinte blast
At least four critically injured in Villepinte blast
20 injured after Explosion at a carnaval celebration in Villepinte, France
As many as 30 people have been injured after an explosion at a carnival near Paris; no link to terrorism
Shooting today in Dniprovsky district of Kyiv
Shooting today in Dniprovsky district of Kyiv
Photos: Russian base in Antratsyt
Human rights watcher in Grozny: if someone reported murder of gay, we won't even consider such report
Kadyrov press-secretary- if we had LGBT people in Chechnia we'd send them somewhere of no return
Warehouses are on fire near Petrivka metro station in Kyiv
Fire at warehouses in Kyiv
Sec Mattis wraps up his 1st SECDEF visit to London
In Cheboksary at rehearsals detained violinist Andrei Osipov for his participation in anti-corruption protests
US moves a battery of Paladin M109A6 self-propelled howitzer to Poland
Smoke seen in Donetsk
US Army Logistics received equipment through a Romanian port which will be transferred to Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base
Russian opposition activist Mark Galperin was detained near his house
Ukraine rejects Eurovision call to allow Russian entry
NATO Battlegroup Poland has arrived at their final destination in Orzysz.
Krasnohorivka: damage after yesterdays shelling
And Russia's Internet censor @roscomnadzor has already blocked access to several sites promoting the #RussiaProtests.
Photos show the arrival of US forces in Orzysz, Poland
Vote for me graffiti in Yerevan ahead of #armvote17
Protest of truck drivers in Ulan-Ude, Buryatiya, Russia
Russian investigative committee opened case on calls for mass riots
Truck drivers protest in Chita
Police arrest 'antifascists' as Britain First hold anti-Islam demo in London
Zebra cross-walk with Navalny "behind bars" in Mahachkala
Zebra cross-walk with Navalny
Dashkevich and Palchevskiy were accused in preparations of riots
Police now kettling antifascists on Whitehall, seen very few Britain First etc so far
In Chechnya, Russia over 100 men detained in the last week due to suspected homosexuality. Likely to be tortured
Protest in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia today
London protest by UAF against far-right marchers from EDL and #BritainFirst
Humanitarian aid distribution in Avdiivka today
Humanitarian aid distribution in Avdiivka today
Ukrainian army practicing forest warfare
Ukrainian army practicing forest warfare
Unite Against Fascism in place already for the EDL and #BritainFirst marches
Russian National guard in the center of Mahachkala
In Makhachkala, Dagestan, up to 2,000 residents held a protest blocking the street
The marches haven't even started yet and already some tense "interactions" with the police at Trafalgar Square
Mustang Troop (A Squadron) of @LDLightCav deploying to Poland with @USArmy 2nd Cavalry Regt as part of NATO’s #eFP
After a 3 month delay, Macedonia's parliament is set to resume sessions on Monday
Briefings for EPDE internationals continue under thorough instructions from @UICArmenia and @IndObserverArm, and CEC videos. #armvote17
Chief of General Staff of Ukraine Muzhenko says Russia is preparing escalation at Donbas
Something is on fire near Yasinuvata
10 attacks on Ukrainian positions since midnight(and new ceasefire)
10:24 Makiivka: Black smoke rises between Kordon pond and Yahidka dachas community
Ukrainian military saus Russian-backed forces are breaking the latest ceasefire.
Across Russia, teachers tell students in schools and colleges not to participate in anti-corruption protests. Many students argue back.
94 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 10 soldiers were wounded
Task Force Sergeant-Major of Joint Task Force–Ukraine salutes top graduate of Ukraine's National Army Academy in Lviv, 25 March #OpUNIFIER