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24 กันยายน 2018

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RIA: Armenia push Scarab-B(Tochka-U) and Smerch MLRS to Karabakh
Azerbaijan: media says this is territory gained back by Azeri army in Karabakh
UAV French Spring
UAV French Spring
Azerbaijan MLRS near Occupied Karabakh
Heavy clashes resumed in Nagorny-Karabakh with night
[email protected]: US condemns in strongest terms large-scale ceasefire violations along Nagorno-Karabakh Line of Contact
Flashes in the area of Talakivka. Possible self-propelled artillery attack
Shelling in the area of Sartana. Ambulances are heading there
Ukrainian users are angry after NYT op-ed on Poroshenko. Remembering Op-ed of 2014 with "rebels"(when Russian troops were clear)
Minister of Internal Affairs: police won't follow judge decision to lift accusations on Ukrainian mafia leade Ivanushenko
Ukrainian minister: woods near Chornobyl that were previously radioctive, now is completely clear
Seventy firefighters tackle huge blaze at Tottenham bakery unit
"French Spring" opening
Stepanakert: Recruitment centers in the Karabakh capital are flooded with volunteers coming to sign up for frontline duties
In Brussels detained about 100 participants of protest
Armenia: Deputy Defense minister briefed Armenian ambassadors of Germany,France,Italy and representatives of the EU about the situation.
Video showing SKAD Rockets of Elbrus Systems (180km range) redeployment in Armenia
Video showing SKAD Rockets of Elbrus Systems (180km range) redeployment in Armenia
Lviv holds "Lviv in blue" flashmob to raise awareness about Down's syndrome
Opening of France culture days in Kyiv - "French spring"
Report that a group of Armenian volunteers are now gathering in Goris to go to the frontline
Horlivka: In the Northwest battle started. You can hear small and periodically heavy arms.
[email protected] Venediktov: Last year Baku spent more than $3 bln for Russian weapons, Yerevan - $200 mn.
Azerbaijan MLRS attack on positions of Armenian army
Azerbaijan MLRS attack on positions of Armenian army
Shocking moment after a car forced his way through police line in Molenbeek Belgium
Karabakh PM Harutyunyan met volunteers assembled in Stepanakert and called to be strong & calm
Russian electronic warfare system RB-314B Leer-3 in Donetsk
Small explosion at Kulikove pole in Odessa
Night fighting in Karabakh
Night fighting in Karabakh
Azerbaijan forces broke defense lines of Armenian army in Karabakh
Azerbaijan armed forces fortifying at newly gained lands
Austria will send troops to the border with Italy to prevent refugees and migrants continued progress in Europe
Interfax: President of Armenia orders preparation of agreement with Karabakh on military aid.
Aliyev thanked to Erdogan for the support
Karabakh released a video of what's left of the stricken Mi-24 Azerbaijani helicopter
Turkish coastguard halts migrants as preparations for EU deal begin
Armenia president: 18 Karabakh soldiers killed, 35 wounded
Armenia: Security council decided to fully implement mutual military assistance with #NagornoKarabakh.
Karabakh MOD: The situation remains too tense, but Karabakh army controls it. Unfortunately, we also have losses and will inform on it later
Tanks are in Nagorno-Karabakh region as the conflict escalates #KarabakhNow
Armenia: We condemn the military acts committed by Azerbaijan against infrastructures and civilian populations
[email protected]_Infantry Soldiers and Ukrainian Land Forces soldiers conduct a live-fire exercise, Ukraine, March 30, 2016
EU Statement issued by Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the escalation in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
Storm in Ukraine. In Donetsk tree hit a car
Stress relief for the people of Zagreb as Croatia takes part in International Pillow Fight Day for the first time
It's propaganda
Karabakh Pres spokesman:"Azerbaijan has tens if not hundreds of losses, as a result of Karabakh army reactions."
At drills "Spring thunder" Ukrainian military working on mistakes at Donbass
Azerbaijan army seized mount Lalyatyapa
Azerbaijan military seized hills around Talysh village and Seysulan village
Official: 12 Azerbaijani soldiers have been killed by Armenian troops source:Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan
The @OSCE Co-Chairs will meet in Vienna on Monday and convene the Minsk Group on Tuesday to address violence in Nagorno-Karabakh. #NKpeace
Co-Chairs of OSCE Minsk Group express concern over ceasefire violations along Line of Contact in NK conflict
Armenian news report shows footage from some of the fighting that occurred on the Karabakh front line.
Lithuania MFA: Recent military escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh must be stopped. Armenia and Azerbaijan must comply w commitments of non-military solution
Russian vice-PM Rogozin illegally visit occupied Feodosia
Armenian artillery on the move
Russian FM calls on Azerbaijan, Armenia to influence situation in Nagorno-Karabakh
Yerevan recruiting offices calling up military reserves -
Stepanakert, Armenian military
Stepanakert, Armenian military
Occupied Crimea, Simferopol-Yalta route today
Azerbaijan MFA: Presence of Arm.troops in occup.lands of Azerbaijan major obstacle in resolution of conflict and causes for escalation of situation. #NKpeace
Azerbaijan army reinfrorcement on the way to frontline
Azerbaijan army reinfrorcement on the way to frontline
Chios dock still occupied by #refugeesGr, who are swimming in the port and protesting
Karabakh President chaired Security Council meeting and gave orders. MoD said the army controls the situation, causing heavy losses
Karabakh map fail by Russian TV channel
Russian media: Russia defense minister had urgent talks with Armenia and Azerbaijan ministers on Karabakh situation.
Pro-militants journalist admitted that militants hit trolleybus in Donetsk on 22 Jan 2015 and killed 13, but blamed Ukraine
It's propaganda
Armenian media claims Azerbaijani losses as of 12.30 pm
Karabakh On the square in Stepanakert recording volunteers
Medical evacuation of wounded in Azerbaijan
Russian military intelligence units held exercises in the mountains of Armenia
Fighting in Karabakh
“Yerkrapah” and other volunteer regiments ready to head to frontline
Downed Azerbaijan UAV
RUS state Tu-214SR comms relay now circling further east.
Putin calls for 'immediate ceasefire' along Karabakh frontline: Kremlin
1 civilian killed and 1 wounded in Armenian shelling of Azerbaijan village
The foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation: the Russian Federation carefully examines coming from Nagorno-Karabakh information
Azerbaijan denies reports of an Azeri helicopter being downed during escalation of conflict with Armenia
Klimkin: In the Netherlands. Will do discussions and a @reddit_AMA on 3 April, 16.30 CEST. Ask me anything! #oekraïnereferendum
Azerbaijani armed forces continue to carry out large scale attacks along the Artsakh-Azerbaijan contact line.
Armenia MOD official statement: Azerbaijan launched offensive on Nagorno-Karabakh
Barda: fighting in the night, people in panic
Armenia MFA: 12 y.o child died and 2 children wounded in Karabakh as a result of Grad MM-21 shelling of school by Azerbaijan
Armenia claims to shot down Azerbaijan helicopter
Rep of NKR president says tensions have not been this high since 1994
Fierce clashes on Armenian-Azeri border
RUAF VHF traffic in Baltic Sea. Consistent with transport (IL76/AN26) in/out Kaliningrad
65 attacks of Russian militants yesterday
Russian soldier from Sochi near Yasinuvata
Russian soldier from Tolyatti in Yasinovka
Hawaii State House Speaker apologizes for resolution on Nagorno-Karabakh
Azerbaijan deputy MFA: It is impossible to comment "uncomment able" nonsense of Armenian deputy FM Shavarsh Kocharyan
Refugees cross to Lesvos now in the night. 1 boat coast SE, 36ppl, half kids. More w/ HCG to port, doctors called in. Wet, need clothes.
[email protected] met with @AndrzejDuda
In Crimea detained 35 Crimean Tatars. All detainees were taken to the Center on counteraction to extremism.
Protest against corruption continues near Odessa region prosecutor office
Ex-wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: I want a new life in Europe
White House Censors French President Saying ‘Islamist Terrorism’
Odessa earlier: Darth Vader and Chewbacca came to govern. Saakashivili to give a BBQ
Ongoing battle at Yasinuvata-Avdiivka
Wendi Deng has dinner in St. Barts after it's reported she’s in a relationship with Putin
Vladimir Kara-Murza: Called for int'l oversight of Nemtsov murder investigation at DC event with @ZhannaNemtsova. We shall not forget.
Poroshenko invited Xi Jinping to visit Ukraine
Ukrainian Mi-24
Explosion in Odessa: Someone throw grenade/IED into parked cars
[email protected] at Nuclear Security Summit
YUVO Russian military conducted military exercises in Abkhazia
Russian forces deployed MLRS GRAD in the North of Horlivka
Moldova summons Russian ambassador after reports Moldovans being recruited to Russian army
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service says crews have now been stood down following a fire in a single cell at Winchester Prison
Avdiivka. Combat in Industrial area
Avdiivka. Combat in Industrial area
British sailor Sarah Young dies during Clipper Round the World Yacht Race
World Nuclear summit in Washington DC
Skirmish in Sakhanka, Kominternove area. Mariupol
Horlivka:Battle at Zaitsevo, incl. 120-mm mortars. Battle also near Verkhnotoretske, tank, SPG, mortars, AA-gun.
Pelevina vows to sue NTV for airing lotsa footage of sex tape with Kasyanov
Russian gov channel NTV shown sex scene with presumambly opposition leader Kasyanov and opp. activist @NatPelevina
#NSS2016 group photo
Handshake of Presidents of Azerbaijan and Lithuania during #NSS2016 in Washington
Lavrov: Attempts to sever Serbia’s humanitarian ties with Russia arenunscrupulous. I hope the @EU_Commission will draw conclusions
Poroshenko and Rutte have called for immediate release of Nadiya Savchenko #FreeSavchenko
Consequences of attack East to Mariupol last night
Consequences of attack East to Mariupol last night
Heavy clashes between National Guard and amber diggers in Rivne region
Poroshenko meeting with Prime Minister of the Netherlands
This Sunday the opening of a YPG/J office in Prague, Czech Republic.
[email protected] and Sec. @JohnKerry held a working lunch with Ukrainian President @Poroshenko #NSS2016
Terrorists seek nuclear material to kill ‘as many as possible’ – Cameron
After Croatia, Kosovo bans Šešelj from entry, a similar suggestion from some parties in Bosnia-Herzegovina too.
Delivery driver Junead Khan, 25, from Luton, found guilty of preparing to carry out terror attack on US military personnel in UK
Flowers at "Nemtsov bridge" today in Moscow
Emergency services of Russia searches for missing helicopter near Kaluga
Transit zone Roszke Hungary. refugees incl pregnant women, 45 day baby waiting 4 days 4 admission. No food, no aid
UN war crimes court 'political,' says Serbian prime minister
France Accuses Syrian Regime Of Violating Ceasefire
Police seized a grenade and drugs in Kyiv
In Donetsk killed the Director of the Centre of Slavic culture
Explosion in the direction of Pisky, possible mortar mines
Paris: police confirmed gas explosion and 5 light injured
Consequences of explosion in Paris
Paris: an Explosion in the 6. District was a gas explosion, the police and the fire brigade on the site
France: Explosion in central Paris not terror related, appears to have been a gas explosion
Explosion in Rue Jean François Gerbillon Paris
Judge Chaus canceled arrest warrant of Yuri Ivaniushenko, crony of ousted president Yanukovich. Judge is famous as loyal to Ukr. leadership
Unknown location
1st responders on scene - smoke seen from 7-story building in Paris' 6th arrondissement; no immediate word on cause
Heavy Explosion in the centre of Paris
Unknown location
Explosion in central Paris
Lukashenko met with deputy Mindef of U.S
Russian forces used D-30 and MSTA-B howitzers against Ukrainian positions yesterday
Alliance top military @PMBreedlove: NATO to switch assurance to deterrence in @NATO East
Pro-democracy activists are holding a protest outside Belarus embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine
One Ukrainian serviceman killed, 8 wounded in military hositilies over past 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
In Mariupol sector, enemy opened fire at UA positions in Maryinka, Novotroitske, area Hnutove-Shyrokyne – ATO Spokesperson
Odessa. Rally near prosecutor's office
US Marines train with NATO Allies from Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia in Platinum Lynx 16-3
President of Poland Duda met with @POTUS Obama
In Rivne a grenade was found at children playground
In Rivne a grenade was found at children playground
New improvised armoured fighting vehicle 'Azovets' built by the Azov Regiment
Shoutout in Kremenchuk overnight. 3 wounded
Clashes between National Guard and amber diggers in Rivne region
Military Echelon in Rubizhne, Luhansk region
77 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday
During the nuclear security Summit in Washington Poroshenko met @POTUS Obama
Makiivka 6:50AM "Very loud, sounds like at Butovka mine."
Famous journalist Dmitry Tsilikin found stabbed to death in St. Petersburg
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