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25 กันยายน 2018

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Luhanske and Zaitseve under militants’ mortar strikes, - Donetsk sector press officer
#Putin Names #Korobov As New #Military #Intelligence Chief
#DonetskЖ Towards west hearing volleys and landings. Many.
Report of heavy incoming shelling near Donetsk airport-Pisky
EU Ambassador to Russia Demands Reaction to Kadyrov's 'Murder Threats'
U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt and Commander in Chief of United States Army Europe Ben Hodges visited Dnipropetrovsk
Celebrity makeup artist's home raided and mobile seized after tweet that Serbia PM Aleksandar Vučić 'should be killed'
Tribute to Kuz'ma Skrabin at Maidan, Kyiv
#ISIS #Belgian Militant Abu Shahid Threatens #US, #Russia and #France, Praises So-Called Caliphate Life
"Sounds of war" heard in Yenakieve towards Horlivka
The fourth session of the Verkhovna Rada began
Tribute to Skrybin in Kharkiv
For about 8.000 euros you can buy our own fighter yet in #Albania. Buyers are requested to use for civilian purposes
US and EU reach deal on transatlantic data transfers - European Union spokesperson
#NATO SecGen Stoltenberg welcomes SecDef Carter's proposal to greatly increase funding of US force posture in Europe
Statement by @POTUS on the FY2017 European Reassurance Initiative Budget Request
Rally against Gubarev in Yasinuvata
Explosion at a secondary school building in the Swedish town of #Karlstad, no reports yet of casualties.
It's fake
Militants accounts reporting that their "positions in Shirokaya Balka near Horlivka are under heavy shelling of Ukraine army"
A loud explosion has been heard in the centre of Karlstad in Sweden - local authorities say the blast came from inside a secondary school
#Blast reported at secondary school in #Karlstad, #Sweden
#Kharkiv. Ambulance hit city bus. There are casualties
SecDef Carter proposes $3.4bn to reinforce US support to NATO Allies; funds training, exercises, equipment and more
DNR terror group: From the decision of Kyiv to close checkpoints pensioners suffer
Searches are carried out at the houses of Crimean Tatars in Dzhankoy district of Crimea
Ulyukaev said the situation with the Federal budget is critical
In Moscow Died Yury Emelyanov, dissident and participant of protest rallies in 2012
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Lifenews reporting that police seized RPG launcher in St.Petersburg. Owner wears Ukrainian Navy uniform
#ATO forces clash with "DNR" terror group unit near #Mariupol
Residents of Yasinovataya staged a protest against the appointment of Gubarev as "mayor"
Britain's Europe minister says #EU deal 'in sight'
French recon mission over North #Libya with a C-135FR Tanker from GRV 2/91 «Bretagne» (and Rafale with RECO-NG pod)
France denies any hint of military intervention in Syria
Yatsenyuk: the economic blockade of Ukraine by Russia – failed
Shoigu now saying restarting Tu-160 production a priority
Turkish memorial in occupied Sevastopol was vandalized
Turkish memorial in occupied Sevastopol was vandalized
Tanks moved towards #Mariinka. Ranging fire in every sector
In the Kuban military tow felt from KAMAZ into the river
EU's Tusk proposes four-year migrant welfare brake, mechanism to protect euro-outs in UK deal
Groundhog day at the Gaidary, Kharkiv region
Groundhog day at the Gaidary, Kharkiv region
The headquarters of the ATO accuses the OSCE special monitoring mission in inaction
Merkel tells Putin to 'use influence' to rein in Ukraine rebels
French AF Boeing NC-135 SQUAWK 1270 is flying over #Saudi Arabia destination unknown. #FAF4020. #France
Zacharchenko appointed Gubarev as mayor of Yasinuvata
"Putin forces Ukraine to commit political suicide with Minsk protocol implementation" - Stephen Blank, American Foreign Policy Council
ATO spokesperson: UA police and SBU servicemen continue confiscating illegal armaments from caches in ATO area
Ambassador of #Ukraine to #Jordan met with Ukrainian journalists’ delegation
In Rivne region blew up a stele to the memory of Sashko Bily
Nine migrants, including two babies, drown en route to Greece
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; 2 servicemen were wounded
ATO spox: Area of most active hostilities – Horlivka outskirts: enemy opened fire all day and night long
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Enemy snipers were active near Luhanske, north outskirts of Horlivka and Avdiyivka
French Channel Canal+ despite protests of Ukraine shown propaganda movie on "Maidan"
Tucka said about possible closure of the checkpoint in Stanitsa Luhanska because of a violation of the Minsk agreements
More than 60 people were evacuated from the branch of the Central Bank in the center of Moscow because of the smoke in the server room
In Russia, the court recognized that the fighting for the separatists in Ukraine – a mitigating circumstance
BP logs $6.5bn loss for 2015 as oil prices collapse
UK's @PHammondMP tells @Guyreuters that #Putin is fanning Syrian civil war. 'Everything we are doing is being undermined by the Russians."
Due to increased Russian shelling at night, the #Zaytsevo checkpoint in closed for entry/exit.
ATO Press Center advises 56 violations in #ATO yesterday including use of 120mm mortars with the most intense fighting in #Horlivka
French demolish makeshift church and mosque used by migrants in Calais jungle
Danish protesters decry new law allowing seizure of asylum-seekers' assets
Dagestani Muslims in Khasavyurt protests against closure of "North mosque"
Dagestani Muslims in Khasavyurt protests against closure of North mosque
Russia is due to conduct observation flights over Turkish territory on Feb. 1-5, under the framework of the Treaty on Open Skies, the Turkish General Staff has announced.
Russian magazine @the_newtimes cyber-attacked and fined after article on Putin's daughter
France is spending nearly $1 million euros a day on the heightened security
Da'ish released a picture report featuring pictures of the #French #SCALP cruise missile
Kadyrov now accusing "dogs of America" of censorship after Instagram removed his post w/ activists in crosshairs.
US has officially extended Magnitsky List sanctions to 5 Russians, none very important.
In Zaporizhye honored the memory of Chechen commander Isa Munaev killed last year in Debaltseve
800 #people at #Idomeni camp and ~1500 more at #Polykastro gas station wait to cross the border into #FYROM.
Tuesday's FT front page: Putin lines up sell-offs as oil plunge sparks cash crunch
Kadyrov on Instagram deletion of his post: It's about U.S freedom of speech
Steve Nikandros, CEO, Frontera Resources: #Georgia has 5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas
292 civilians were killed in Deir Ezzor in Jan: 215 by Russian strikes, 37 by ISIS, 30 by Assad govt
Ukraine to close checkpoints on contact line - DNR terror group
Kadyrov removed death threat video from Instagram
#Poroshenko's block speaker Kononenko says party intends to raise issue of resignation of @AvakovArsen, @aivaras_aivaras and @KyrylenkoVyach
Intense shooting near Novhorods'ke
Horlivka: howitzer shots heard
[email protected]_SMM observed sharp increase in the number of ceasefire violations in Donetsk region on 30-31 January
Petro @Poroshenko and Angela #Merkel discussed fulfillment of Minsk agreements
The operation of the plant in Elektrostal suspended due to radioactive threats
Excellent meeting with my counterpart @PavloKlimkin, on #Ukraine’s security and stability – Min Dion
Heavy fire in industrial area of Cergy, France
A Berlin teen who claimed she was gang-raped by migrants has admitted she made up the story
Russian Navy Auxiliary Fleet’s cargo vessel Vologda-50 carried cargo container boxes above the deck en route to Syria
Strong statements by #Merkel re #Ukraine:"No complete ceasefire "OSCE must get full access "Minsk not fulfilled,sanctions vs #Russia remain
Poroshenko: Russia continues supplying weapons, ammunition and troops to Donbas
Demo train Europe-China arrived on Chinese border
Flight of Russian Su-24 bomber recorded over Kherson-Crimea regions border
Fire in high-rising building in Biryulevo
Stopped the movement of trucks on the Russian border with Poland
The President of Ukraine @poroshenko arrived in Berlin
It's propaganda
Pushkov: Paris won't cancel the film about Ukraine, even if the Ambassador is going to jump from the Eiffel tower
Former PM Kasyanov says Putin shares personal responsibility for Ramzan Kadyrov's action
Russian Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov says @mod_russia has obtained video of #Turkey shelling civilian areas in #Syria
In Crimea security forces seized the company "SimCityTrans", which is associated with Lenur Islyamov
Russian investigative Committee ordered General Prosecutor office to check Navalny investigation on General prosecutor Chaika
Foreign office: We now advise against all travel to the city of #Diyarbakir, #Turkey
Russian def min spokemn says claim by Turkey that Russian warplane violated Turkish airspace a "premeditated provocation"
Russian strikes destroy a terrorist training camp in #Syria with CIS fighters - @mod_russia
SBU anti-terror raid in Schastye
SBU anti-terror raid in Schastye
US Air Force training with Greek #Allies at Souda Bay to improve interoperability
Simferopol: Masked armed men seized building of SimCityTrans transport company
Video published by Kadyrov, Kasyanov considers as a direct threat of murder
#French authorities 'detain #Hizballah money launderers' in #Paris
Savchenko in court showing place where she was captured by Russian militants
Cologne carnival committee publishes guidelines for refugees
Russia's waning influence among former "Eastern Bloc" countries
Ropucha class LSTs #Rus Navy Azov 151 and BF Minsk 127 completed their Syrian deployment in 10days
[email protected] met Minister of Foreign Affairs of @Canada @HonStephaneDion
British jihadi mother who fled to Syria with toddler to join ISIS is jailed for six years
Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr .: "The publication of Kadyrov - a direct incitement to murder"
Russia: #Russia is not reorienting to the east, says EconDev Minister
Russia: Russia is not reorienting to the east, says EconDev Minister
At least 37 people, including 10 children, drowned as a migrant boat capsized off Turkey
Col. Lysenko: As reported by UA intel, large-scale military trainings led by RU officers are going to take place near Torez town rather soon
ATO spokesperson: Militants attacked UA positions near Starohnativka with mortars
Scientists have been given permission to genetically modify human embryos for the first time in the UK
Col. Lysenko: 2 locals from Kostiantynivka got wounded in a mine trap blast near Leninske village, Donetsk region
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: Militants shelled UA positions at the outskirts of Horlivka with mortars and attacked with BMP armaments
ATO spox: For the first time after a long break, the enemy shelled UA positions at the second line of defence – to the north of Horlivka
Col. Lysenko: Mariupol sector: militants shelled UA positions near Krasnohorivka; armed provocations occurred near Maryinka and Krasnohorivka
ATO spox: Near Svitlodarsk, militants attacked Ukrainian positions with small arms
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, no single Ukrainian serviceman was wounded
In Luhansnk sector, enemy used 120mm mortar near Stanitska Luhanska – #ATO Spokesperson
One of Europe's most wanted men, Izet Ajdinović, shot and wounded in #Serbia's Novi Pazar: reports
1.5kg explosives was found in a mosque in #Drenas #Kosova. Police investigating
At 2.6% of GDP Russia's 2015 budget deficit lower than expected and compared well with other commodity exporters.
The death toll from flu in Ukraine stands at 166
US calling for immediate release of int’l religious scholar Igor Kozlovskiy, activist Marina Cherenkova among detained NGO reps in Donetsk
Connecting the Baltic and Black seas:Lithuanian port Klaipėda & Ukrainian port Yuzhny signed memorandum of cooperation
The Moscow city court upheld the extension of arrest of the accused in the murder of Boris Nemtsov
ATO veterans near Presidential administration demand to send Illovaysk case to court
«It's a fake. Our cooperation is close, but we never recieved such a request from our partners», — @MFA_Ukraine
Sanitary Epidemiological office declared an epidemic of influenza in Kyiv
Dozhd: Peskov: Kremlin doesn't look at Kadyrov's Instagram.
Polish producer who apologised to Medinsky to work in Russia.
Sweden: Swedish Police foil planned attack on immigrants in #Stockholm
ATR: Crimeans with Ukrainian passports forced to fill in migration cards.
Russian tank base at Donetsk chemical plant
Latest poll in #Netherlands: 55.5 contra, 44.5 pro AA UA-EU #referendum
Davutoglu:We warn Russia again that harm done to opposition elements and hostile attitude towards Turkey airspace aren't for benefit of Russia
Russian Electronic Warfare System «Murmansk-BN» deployed on Kamchatka
Heavy fire in Uzhgorod: "Ukraine" mall is burning
#Russian forces conducted 53 attacks on the Ukrainian line of defence on Sunday, also using 82 and 120 mm mortars in some cases
Death threat by #Kadyrov against #Russia's main opposition leaders. 11,4k like it and @instagram refuses to remove it
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