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23 มิถุนายน 2018

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#Kosovo PM: "We don't need any lessons from Albania, hope that you will never be in same situation."
Four men arrested in Nasakirali for suspected links to IS
In Volgograd detained killer who shoot businessman
Mac.police at #Eidomeni crossing takes a 20 min break. Refugees keep arriving
#Horlivka, mortars at work
Anthem of Ukraine by #Apocalyptica in Kyiv
Anthem of Ukraine by Apocalyptica in Kyiv
Shiites, Police Clash in #Nardaran
HU PM Orbán met Rouhani and the Ayatollah too in Tehran
HU PM Orbán met Rouhani and the Ayatollah too in Tehran
#Donetsk "a shop Domashnia_Kukhnya [home cuisine] went up in flames"
Moments from an anti-war protest, marching to the #EU offices in #Athens. #Greece
#UK will provide jets to Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase while Germany and Denmark will supply command ships to #NATO's forces in the Mediterranean
Trasnistria press: "government" plans a military coup after Sunday elections
Militants again attacked own positions near Horlivka
Militants again attacked own positions near Horlivka
Russian artists demo "We have nothing"
Russian artists demo We have nothing
This evening (20:00) militants shelled the outskirts of Hranitne with 82-mm mortars - ATO
Russian MP Zhirinovsky today in Parliament "We need only 1 nuke to hit Istanbul"
Drone captures refugee center in Finland in flames, arson suspected
Drone captures refugee center in Finland in flames, arson suspected
Crowd is getting larger and louder at #DontBombSyria
Klimkin: Russia instead DCFTA proposed Ukraine to impose sanctions on EU
Journalist of "Rain TV" Pavel Lobkov: in 2003 doctors said thay I'm HIV positive
Russian militants in Olexandrivka and Petrovsky district of Donetsk
Russian militants in Olexandrivka and Petrovsky district of Donetsk
An armenian civilian car was hit by small arms fire near #Paravakar village from the Azeri side. Car burned down, civilian is safe. #Armenia
Kosovo high school don't allow #hipsters to enter school with a beard. "Go back and shave yourself", said director.
Georgia's State Security Service detains 4 for alleged connection with ISIS
There was around 50 ceasefire breaches last night on the contact line of #Nagorno-Karabakh. Small arms only, mortars stayed silent
Turkey’s PM Davutoglu said this today: We can burn dried cow dung (as fuel) if needed instead of Russia gas and defend our borders
Liberal Democrat MPs will back airstrikes in #Syria
#Avdiivka. Volleys and explosions can be heard.
Terrorists waged full scale attack against our civilisation, HU FM Szijjártó tells
Romania celebrates #NationalDay
#NATOSummitWarsaw logo unveiled by @PolandMFA W.#Waszczykowski and #NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg
NATO Unveiled: logo for #NATOSummit #Warsaw 2016
Someone at the Stop the War protest has a pro-Assad poster.
Man kills doctor from #Izegem in #Ingelmunster
Giorgi Kvirikashvili is participating in @NATO meeting of Foreign Ministers
Police clashing with protesters in #Yerevan re opposition to #Constitutional reforms
Explosion north to Mariinka
Border patrol #Albania is increased w/ Macedonia, after several terrorist are reported to have left Syria for Macedonia by Kosovo media.
Aksyonov threatens with public execution near Lenin in Simferopol of organizers of blockade of Kerch ferry
Ukrainian positions near Hranitne were hit
Reports of explosion over Kiyvsky district of Donetsk
Police in Brescia, #Italy arrested three Kosovars suspected of 'terrorism'
Demonstrators are gathering in Parliament Square for @Stopthewar and #DontBombSyria
Reports of explosion in Donetsk, militants said that it's SAM
Organization of Chechen Diaspora in Turkey condemns statements made by Ramzan Kadyrov
Russian Agrarian Minister reassured that ban of Turkish fruits and vegetables won't impact prices
Militants attacked Ukrainian positions during day with mortars and RPGs
#Azerbaijan Deepens Crackdown On Shi'ite Stronghold
Lenur Islyamov - coordinator of Crimean blockade promises to block the ports of the Crimea,including Kerch ferry
It's propaganda
Ex-warlord Strelkov says Russian leadership may face Hague Tribunal soon
Romanian #NationalDay
Paris: Police order local Chabad Rabbi to cancel public outdoor Hanukkah ceremony, following latest security situation.
Channel 10's European reporter says French CHABAD asked not to light public Chanuka candles due to threats of violence
All clear given by police after a security alert near BBC broadcasting station in #London.
Report of incoming hit in Novhorods'ke
BBC Broadcasting House cordoned off in central London security scare
#Russia striking truckers appeal to the natives to support their decision to blockade #Moscow despite disinformation
Migrants stuck at #Eidomeni shout "Open the border!" #Greece
London: In wake of terror threats across EU, area surrounding BBC offices evacuated due to suspicious car
Russian border guards with shooting detained "citizens of Ukraine", seized RPGs
Great Portland Street closed. Police ushering people away from area. #London.
HU FM Szijjártó says he'll initiate that NATO should help with building defence capacities in MidEast
All clear given by police after a security alert near London bridge.
#Turkey calls for military talks with #Russia
Nobel prize winner Svetlana Alexievich harassed in Minsk
Oranges and tangerines were banned for import to Russia from Turkey
Bomb squad still operating on the van at Sofia airport
Newcastle fire brought under control after several hours - still unknown if any casualties
Protest begins in #Yerevan against #Constitutional reform.
Turchynov: Russia is getting prepared for serious and large-scale war
Reports of battle on Horlivka outskirts
Russian govt ratifies economic sanctions against #Turkey
#NATO activates new Multinational Division Southeast Headquarters in #Bucharest #Romania
Bilateral meetings of #NATO SG @jensstoltenberg with Finland, Sweden, United States and Poland
Police Evacuate Separate Areas Near London Bridge Station Due Bomb Alert
All clear given by police after a security alert due do a suspicious van parked outside the airport in #Sofia #Bulgaria
Coordinator of Russian truckers: Alexander Rostorguev was attacked by armed thugs, now he is hiding in wood
Obama on Russia: "They need to align themselves with those of us who are fighting ISIL."
President Obama: "Ultimately, Russia's going to recognize the threat that ISIL poses to its country..."
Obama: "Based on my discussions w/ President Hollande and other leaders, I am confident that we can...destroy ISIL."
Bulgaria. Sofia airport: Bomb disposal units on scene checking out the van with the suspicious device inside, area cordoned off
Bulgarian authorities say they discovered an explosive device in a van outside #Sofia Airport,airport currently evacuated. #Bulgaria
TASS: Emergency situation due to energy shortage in Crimea will be in force until New Year, says Sergei Aksenov.
Security Alert in Sofia Airport being reported on Sigma Sqwark; suitcase full of explosives appparently
Bulgarian Airport Says Parked Van Found with IED
President Poroshenko met with "Cyborg" who was released from militant captivity yesterday #Ukraine
Refugee reception centre: ~1000 sleep on concrete, no shower, 10 toilets in Malmö, Sweden.
It's propaganda
Duma's Fyodorov: truckers are 5th columnists guided by US to destroy Russian statehood
#Ukraine says it is ready to aid Turkey after Russian fruit and vegetable ban
Part of Sofia airport closed due to security concerns
Only 4 of 16 agreements between #Belgrade and #Pristina implemented, BIRN #report says
Russia refused to show evidences of involvement of Turkey in oil trade with ISIS
The latest in Russian princeling news: @navalny reveals the prosecutor general's dealings with infamous mafiosi.
Putin puts an end to Russia-Turkey student exchange programs.
Russian anti-corruption activists show ties of General Prosectutor Chaika with mafia
Russian anti-corruption activists show ties of General Prosectutor Chaika with mafia
According to reports in France,#Parisattacks terrorist Samy Amimour was trained to shoot at police gun club in the city of #Paris
Col. Lysenko: UA security services prevented “LPR” attacks in Rubizhne who were going to use grenade launchers, TNT
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants use slave labour. SBU operatives found a man who fled Horlivka after being tortured
ATO spox: One Ukrainian serviceman KIA, one was wounded in action. The incident occurred in Mariupol sector after anti-tank mine explosion
#Ukraine says it will bring in 250,000 tonnes of South African coal to bypass #Russia's coal blockade. #Crimea still without mainline power.
Judith Gough: #DCFTA Good For #Ukraine And Good For #EU. Key To Communicate Opportunities For Local Businesses. UK Ready To Help
#Russia Interior Ministry says 2,000 Russians fighting on side of #ISIL in #Syria
Turkey's blocking of YouTube violated freedom of expression: Europe rights court
Traffic police advices to go to Tula, not Moscow
Grenade explosion in Rivne
#Kosovo minister says attempted bombing of Serbs in #Gojbulja village 'terrorist act with aim of intimidating' them
Russian State Duma instead law on suspending "Platon" proposed law on ban of protests on the roads
Convoy of truckers stopped near Kashira
Source says that even more attacks after #Paris were "ready to go."
Bomb tossed at Serbs, but doesn't explode, outside village shop in #Kosovo village of #Gojbulja, reports say
Nadiya Savchenko today in court: “I love #Ukraine so much.”
Poroshenko: with Turkey we have a common position on combating terrorism
#Croatia reports it received 4,009 #migrants and #refugees so far today, as they & the authorities adapt to the latest restrictions
Demo of Truckers at Sakhalin
Demo of Truckers at Sakhalin
Russia signed air defense deal with Armenia on Nov. 11th.
Erdogan asks if Putin is ready to resign if his accusations against Turkey are not confirmed
Demchyshyn: power to the Crimea will be supplied only with the permission of Dzhemilev
11th Armoured Cavalry Division exercise
Poroshenko accepted Erdogan invitation to visit Turkey
#Turkey shot down #Russian warplane to protect is oil trade: Putin
Citizens of Sevastopol blocked the road, police asking them to go home
Assembly of Poltava gathered to remember cruel crackdown on Maidan 2 years ago
Police arrested 42 at Vaksince. There were #refugees from #Syria, including children, activists say, indicating they fell prey to smugglers
About 200 people protest in Sevastopol, demanding to meet Mayor
Controversial MP Martynenko resigned from Rada
Lenin toppled in Lisichansk
"Open the border" chant the of 1000s of #people stuck at Idomeni on the #Greece #FYROM border for over a week
Slovyanoserbsk district. Russian militants planting landmines
Blackout in the South of Kherson region cause of emergency at substation "Kahovska"
Presidents of Turkey and Ukraine hold talks
PM Netanyahu meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Paris climate conference.
Dutch policeman held for online sale of MH17 'souvenirs'
Poroshenko met Merkel
Body of Su-24 pilot Oleg Peshkov delivered to Russia
My country is suffering from terrorism sponsored and promoted by Russia. - Poroshenko at #COP21
Court ordered to re-count votes in Kryvyi Rih
Amb Lute: US continues support for Ukraine; actively training Ukrainian forces and providing sophisticated equipment
POW Cyborg Rahman is freed
On #Ukraine, Putin and Obama discussed implementing a ceasefire in the country's war-torn east
France arrests two men who tried to join IS in Libya: judicial source
Putin and Obama talked #Ukraine, #Syria, #Turkey on sidelines of #COP21, says @WhiteHouse & @KremlinRussia
Russian emergency ministry deployed tent camp in Kerch
Presidents Obama and Putin meet at #COP21
SBU failed saboteurs plot to cut power in Mariupol
A migrant sits on rail tracks in front of part of a fence erected on Sunday at the #Greece - #Macedonia border
Some truckers at State Duma of RF
Former Maidan activist: Belarus will not surrender without fight
At "parliament elections" in Transnistria wins opposition
NATO SecGen: Decision whether to invite #Montenegro to begin accession talks to be taken and announced Wed at #ForMin
Kremlin TV in Crimea on the rolls
Rally of truckers and communists in Balakovo, Saratovo region
Kosovo's #parliament session in #Pristina reconvenes without #opposition MPs
Turkey PM scolds Tsipras after Twitter broadside
Activist Osman Pashaev: In Tankove, Crimea in lyceum burnt all Turkish books
"Belarus for EU" fliers
Paris Attack Suspect Believed To Have Escaped To Syria
France says Russian strikes in Syria must only target Islamic State
Putin met with Obama in Paris
NATO will adapt new Hybrid Strategy and discuss relations with Russia. Pushing for more notification of snap military exercises.
#XiJinping calls for developed nations to honor commitment of $100bln #climatechange fund annually by 2020 #COP21
Donald Tusk met with #Ukraine President @Poroshenko in the margins of the #COP21 climate conference
Tear gas thrown at the Assembly hall after opposition tries to force their way inside the chamber. #Kosovo
Tear gas in the Assembly's corridor. Security put on gas masks #Kosovo
#TK1617 diverted to Nuremberg after a mobile phone was found in the cabin
#COP21. The family photo of the 150 heads of State and government this morning at le Bourget
Chonhar is opened to cars again
In Rostov-On-Don court on 6 suspected ISIS recruiter
Heavy security at Russian consulate in #Istanbul
Two Ukrainians killed, 12 wounded in bus accident in Russia, - Ukrainian Embassy
Riot police is postioned arround Parliament building Kosovo
Ukenergo finished to repair power-line Kahovska-Titan Crimea
Turkish coast guard detain at least 750 refugees headed to Greece
Demonstrators take over Kryvyi Rih City Hall to protest rigged mayoral vote
People gather at USA pavilion to listen to President Obama address #COP21
PM Netanyahu shook hands with PA President Abbas at the #COP21 conference in Paris
Russia says it will delay introduction of food import restrictions on Turkey for several weeks to ease inflationary pressure
New Kremlin head of "Donbas operation" is Dmitry Kozak - media
Police confirm they detained MP Fisnik Ismaili after finding two suspected tear gas canisters on him at parliament
#TK1617 Emergency services ready at Nuremberg
No @Eurostar trains running btw Lille and Brussels. No-one can explain what is going on.
PM Davutoglu: Protection of borders, airspace is our duty, we will not apologize (to Russia) for carrying out this duty
Poroshenko met with Prime Minister of Japan
PM Davutoglu:"violation was not only against Turkish border, but also against a NATO border"
#Kosovo MP Ramush Haradinaj smiles as parliament security searches MPs again
Roizman met with the truckers, support the demands and promised to convey them to President
Again tear gas in Parliament of Kosovo, some MPs are wearing gas masks to protect themselves
False alert cause suspicious vehicle : the access to the airport of Bordeaux paralyzed for 1 hour
Turkish Airlines #TK1617 from Istanbul to Frankfurt is declaring an emergency
Another #Kosovo Assembly session interrupted with tear gas. MPs flee the chamber.
Kosovo police special forces currently entering Assembly through back door
Police asked kids of Sergey Gulyaev where is his father this morning
Protest of mobile coffee machines at Kyiv City Hall
President of Ukraine met with President of Finland
China, US agree on 'responsibility' to act on climate change: Obama
Soros Foundation is a threat to the regime in Russia - General Prosecutor office
Reports: M4 highway to Moscow blocked by riot police
Anti-truckers protest of "NOD"
3 cars of #Aydar were burnt out last night in Kharkiv
The FSB raided the representatives of the Majlis after demolition of power pillars
Police seized documents on second car of truckers coordinator Rastorguev
London: Finsbury Park mosque targeted in Islamophobic arson attack: Molotov cocktail thrown - But didnt explode
One truck, which came to Moscow from Chelyabinsk to protest against "Plato".
Number of Russians who call Russiaa great power that has risen significantly since 2011 - from 47% to 65% now - "Levada-Center"
In Russia in road accident capsized the bus Moscow-Donetsk: there are victims
Obama just arrived at #Bataclan amid heavy security
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