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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Saakashvili says about the death of Georgian officer near Mariupol
Ukraine and the lenders have agreed to confidentiality and further talks
[email protected] will visit Odesa on July, 5-7
Shelling in Horlivka
Russian forces shelling Ukraine troops positions in Shyrokyne
Russian forces shelling Ukraine troops positions in Shyrokyne
Ukraine Special Forces in training
Ukraine Special Forces in training
EU is scaling up humanitarian aid to the residents of Eastern Ukraine
Ukraine and lenders will hold talks on the revision of the national debt
Golden Dawn spokesman Kasidiaris released from custody
Poroshenko has discussed with U.S. Congress delegation the options of military cooperation
Russian Deputy foreign Minister will discuss with Nuland Ukrainian crisis on July 9
EBRD is ready to help Ukraine in privatization and gas supplies from EU
Sevastopol, Crimea: final of "Victory mil patriotic game", 14-16yo teams from "all Russia"
Jaresko: we have stabilized the economy
Erdoğan submits report on abuses against Crimean Tatars to Putin.
Shelling of militants from heavy weapons in Debaltseve
Shelling from anti-air system in Horlivka
President @Poroshenko discussed reforms and further cooperation with @EBRD President
Formula for calculating gas prices, that proposed by the Russian side, is neither reasonable nor cost-adjusted, - Demchyshyn
Taxi service Uber is planning to open a representative office in Kyiv
Greek PM maintains referendum, calls on people to vote 'No'
[email protected] had deported Russian journalist of "Perviy kanal"
"DPR" is not going to take into account changes to Constitution on decentralization, - Purgin
The EU has provided Ukraine with 15 million euro on humanitarian assistance
Russian Navy ready to return 20 ships to Ukraine after peace concluded in Donbass.
A tanker with liquid soap overturned and caught fire on the highway Kyiv—Chop
Poroshenko said that he will not receive excessive powers to amend the Constitution
Avakov presented the form for new patrol
Suspect the Chairman of the Appeal court of Kyiv Chernushenko "went on vacation".
Pyatt: US support for Saakashvili and his team
Prefects will not dispose of the budgets and shall be appointed and removed by the decree of the President of Ukraine upon recommendation of the Ministers.
More than three hundreds of citizens of Dnipropetrovsk came to donate blood for wounded soldiers
Shooting of gunners held in 184 Training center of the army Academy named Hetman Petro Sahaidachny
The burning bus drove in Lviv
Fire in Drama theater in Cherkassy
"Azov" said the militants shelled "demilitarized" Shyrikyne
Poroshenko will present changes in the Constitution outdoors
SBU detained for a $ 600 bribe employee of Rivne military registration and enlistment office
"Ukrzaliznytsya" overpaid Akhmetov 2 million through corruption tender – media
Russia already wants to give their passports to the residents of Transnistria
Crimea refused Ukrainian electricity itself - Ukrenergo
A referendum on joining to Russia must be passed in the Baltic States - Zhirinovsky
Parliament abolished the cash registers for businesses with revenue up to a million on year
Austria court throws out Facebook privacy class action suit
Gas cylinde exploded In the garage in Kyiv: three victims
Armenian protestors vow to continue as crowds dwindle
France hit by extreme heatwave from Africa
Rada exempted from mobilization of teachers and researchers
Donetsk. Destroyed Iversky convent near airport
Donetsk. Destroyed Iversky convent near airport
A day in the ATO: one soldier killed, ten – wounded
Gazprom refused to supply gas to Ukraine without prepayment
The hearing Sentsov case will be held July 9 in the closed mode
Jmac became First Deputy of Saakashvili
The Prosecutor has directed to court case of leaders of "Berkut" for the dispersal of the Maidan on November 30
The court sentenced the militant, who committed crimes in Kramatorsk during the occupation
The Warsaw skyline is no longer dominated by communist era towers
Odessa citizens welcomed their countrymen – soldiers ATO
Poroshenko submitted to the Parliament the candidacy of the head SBU - Grytsak
An Austrian student's legal battle against Facebook, accusing it of helping the U.S. security service collect personal data, suffered a setback after a Vienna court rejected his case
The militants said that Shyrokyne is demilitarized zone
In the Kremlin called unacceptable ban on entry of Duma head Naryshkin to Finland
Avakov eliminated Traffic police in the Nikolaev region
The military were banned to use mobile phones in ATO
Avakov arrived with the "Peacemaker" in Mykolaiv
Citizen of Poltava was detained with an Arsenal of weapons and explosives
Italy detains 10 accused of preparing to fight in Syria
The opening of the memorials to the victims of the Holocaust in Rawa-Ruska, Kisilin, Ostrozhets, Bahov, Prohid
Russia halts gas supplies to Ukraine from July 1: Gazprom
Businessman was shot with rifle gun In Nikopol
Rus ambassador to NATO: the Best NATO's role in resolving the Ukrainian conflict would be if the NATO avoid it
Tax office was shelled with a grenade launcher in the Poltava region
Dutch prosecutor: investigators have identified potential suspects in downing of MH17.
Warriors of Ukrainian army near Konstantinovka
Avakov urgently flew to Mykolaev
Pensioners in Greece
China called for talks between Greece and its creditors to continue, after the country defaulted on a loan with the International Monetary Fund
Place of night explosion in Kharkiv
Verkhovna Rada ratified the Memorandum of cooperation in intelligence, information sharing & reconnaissance NATO-Ukraine
Beer is equated to wine and vodka In Ukraine,
Russian forces near Vasylivka, North to Tel'manove
A Russian citizen with radioactive compass was detained in Boryspil
The militants told Donetsk residents that Ukrainians commit "gas attacks"
SBU detained 11 wagons with smuggling for militants
The second day rescuers extinguish a fire in the exclusion zone
Russian "white" trucks unloading ammo and weapons in Luhansk
The Russian tank T-90 in Horlivka
Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 units underway to the Black Sea, conducting small-arms exercise shoot
Athens scrambles to pay wages and pensions after becoming the first EU country to default on its debts
The flooded area in Nefteyugansk
Russian "Humanitarian Aid Convoy" trucks unloading ammo and weapons in Ukraine
SBU detained in Mariupol informer of militants
Horlivka: removed the sign of the hypermarket "Epicenter"
Unpublished New Imagery of Russian armor on Ukraine Luhansk airfield
Germany Fire breaks out in Berlin nursing home. Unconfirmed reports of casualties
Greece defaults on debt: IMF
Greece officially defaults on its debt to the IMF, the first developed economy to do so.
Report about another explosion in Kharkiv
Militants shelling with self-propelled artillery at Shyrokyne
Turkey says 'ready to help' Greece out of economic crisis
Greece asked IMF to push back payment deadline, minister says
Novak: Russia will continue to supply gas in the Donbas
Reports about explosion in Kharkiv
"Naftogaz" suspends the purchase of gas from Gazprom
Obama: Greece situation can dampen entire global economy
Eurogroup refuses Greece bailout extension request, Slovakia says
Ukrainian drones have found Russian base inside Ukraine
Austria is preparing to ratify the Association agreement with Ukraine
At least 20,000 pro-bailout supporters rally in Athens, police say
EU to help 'frontline' Hungary cope with migrant wave
Mortar volleys in Horlivka
Plotnickiy: "LNR" will remain in Ukraine only after reforms
Gaz talks between Russia-EU-UA have ended inconclusively
Road accident with Russian APC in Dzhankoy
Lavrov: We drew attention of US: Kyiv rejects Minsk-2, distorting many points of agreement
Massive fire in Kharkiv
Russian Forces DPR unit soldier Lekha Lavronenko near Horlivka 2S1 Gvozdika and BM-21 Grad in background
Boarding school after shelling of militants in Mar`inka
[email protected] at Maidan Nezalezhnosti: We've come to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression
Merkel says Germany refuses to consider a third bailout package proposed by Athens before Sunday's referendum in Greece
Four Communist monuments were demolished in Zaporozhye region
Belgium unblocked the accounts of the Russian diplomatic missions
Guide tells U.S congressmen about Maidan
5 US congressmen came to honor Nebesna Sotnya. The plans of the visit - meeting with representatives of the Ukr.Parliament
Future military doctors learn at own expense – Amosova
Surkis became Vice-President of UEFA
Cybercriminals exploit bug in Adobe Flash software
Kvitashvili said that his resignation demand for a change of procurement of medicines
Three Russians appealed to the constitutional court of the Russian law on the annexation of Crimea
Rada agreed to arrest judge Chernushenko
It's confirmed information
Putin ratified annexation of South Ossetia
Novosibirsk Mayor said that U.S. Congress gave @navalny and Kasyanov $20 millions
Agent of FSB, who spying for the Russians fighters on the side of Ukraine, was arrested
Kurdish demonstrators expected to gather in Derby Square in anti-ISIS protest
Kerch bridge is planed to built with the Russian materials only
The regulatory Committee agreed to the detention and arrest of Klyuev
SBU detained near Severodonetsk two informants
Ukrainian guardsmen complete 1st of 5 modules during Fearless Guardian training
In Tajikistan three Russian military died
The Days of Ukrainian cinema kicked off In Berlin, dedicated to the prisoner in Russia Oleg Sentsov
Russian Jamming station R330G "Zhitel" at Donbas
Hungary interested in Turkish Stream pipeline to ensure energy independence
Lawyer of Savchenko reports about the blocking of his site because of the testimony of Plotnitsky
Our independence was gained through blood of our people.No one has the right to threaten it.Only we decide our fate, - Grybauskaite
A British man has started a crowdfunding campaign to pay Greece's debt. ~ $45K raised so far
The Russian Federation is not going to negotiate with Ukraine a discount on gas
Syrian Army killed a group of 30 Chechen snipers in Dara'a
Resumed the case against Khodorkovsky about the murder of the mayor of Nefteyugansk
Greek finance minister says Greece will not pay the IMF on Tuesday
The status of the occupied territories of Donbass will not be enshrined in the Constitution Donetsk
The militants of LNR shelled Bakhmutka, Krymske, Ekaterinovka and Stanitsa Luhanska, - Moskal
German government official says it is now too late for an extension of the Greek bailout programme.
Shyrokyne DNR positions
Shyrokyne DNR positions
Shevchenko says that the fire at the Chernobyl forest poses no threat to the Chernobyl NPP and in not exclusion zone
The Belarusian President will be elected on October 11
Materials for production of military helmets released from duty and VAT
During the last day in the area ATO wounded 3 soldiers, 0 died – Lysenko
The militants left 65 thousand people near Donetsk without electricity
Airborne drills "Peacemaker" starts in Ul'yanovsk
The Ukrainian came in SBU after FSB recruited him
Mujenko: Five thousand militants are preparing an offensive on the forces of ATO
A citizen of Ukraine detained for grazing on the territory of Belarus
Russian Prosecutor General's office will check the legality of the recognition of the independence of the Baltic republics
Suicide bomber attacks NATO convoy in Afghan capital
Ferry passengers stranded amid Calais strike action
Kharkiv. Rymarska street blocked because of bomb threat
Consequences of the shelling in Horlivka. The shell exploded on the ground floor
EU to end mobile roaming charges within 2 years&allow travellers to pay the same price for calls, text messages and data anywhere
Militants have deployed a military base two kilometers from the demarcation line
Militants have deployed a military base two kilometers from the demarcation line
The U.S. justice Department asked to block the accounts of MTS and Vympelcom
Riots & clashes with the police in the overcrowded migrants' camp in Debrecen
The UK economy grew by 0.4% in first quarter of 2015 compared with the earlier estimate 0,3%
Lawyers of Savchenko began to publish the materials of the case.The first document - testimony of Plotnitsky
Preparations for the entry of Ukraine into NATO will last at least 6-7 years, - Poroshenko
The formation of the "DNR" disconnected the supply of electricity in the Chermalyk near Mariupol, - Abroskin
Ukraine's Interior Ministry identified 30 militants of Givi's "Somalia battalion"
Nikos Kotzias assures Chinese ambassador that Greece will not leave the euro zone
The front door to the Polytechnic university in Donetsk
The Kerch bridge project is finished
OSCE_SMM confirms NO fire targeted at monitors yesterday in Bezimenne. Though we heard shelling in vicinity of Shyrokyne
Patients of Paul hospital weave protective mesh for the military.
Ukrainian Yuzhnoye presented a proposal for a U.S. rocket engine
Duma has proposed developing retaliatory sanctions against Canada.
Top Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselev supported the introduction of same-sex civil unions in Russia
Nefteyugansk flooded oil
Extraordinary criminal probe claims Tambov syndicate leader in Spain tied to senior Russian officials.
Counter-terrorist operation regime declared in Nalchik, in North Caucasus
'Paralysed' police let gunman run amok for half an hour
Greek government official confirms Athens will not pay €1.6bn to IMF today, becoming first developed nation to default to IMF.
Gathering in Prokhid at the forest site where Jews were murdered in 41-42. Dedication of Protecting Memory memorial.
6,5 thousand people killed in the East Ukraine, 5 million need of aid – UN
Norwegian F-16 identifies Russian aircraft during the Baltic Air Policing
Norwegian F-16 identifies Russian aircraft during the Baltic Air Policing
Kharkiv citizens escort company "Shidnyi korpus" in the area of the ATO.
Kharkiv. Fighters of "Shidnyi corpus" are singing a hymn before they are sent to the zone of ATO
Fire burns in Stanytsia Luhanska yesterday after Russian mortar shells hit the area
Fire burns in Stanytsia Luhanska yesterday after Russian mortar shells hit the area
The militants shelled villages near Mariupol with the tanks and artillery
Rally of entrepreneurs near the Rada
Fire in the Chernobyl exclusion zone
Rogozin: with the extension of sanctions against Russia, Canada "killed" prospects of its aviation industry
The Constitutional Court of Ukraine recognized constitutional bill on lifting the immunity of MPs and judges
Serhiy Klyuyev is located outside of Ukraine – the Prosecutor General's office
Apartment in Lviv was set on fire with "Molotov cocktail"
German(Siemens)-Russian joint venture delivers turbines four Crimea power station despite sanctions.
Russia'n stand-up comedian tells "joke" on MH17
Russia'n stand-up comedian tells joke on MH17
130ha of dry grass,bulrush r on fire in Chornobyl exclusion zone. 24vehicles, heli extinguish
Russian militants shelled Zolote with MLRS Grad
Destroyed Vuhlehirsk
Destroyed Vuhlehirsk
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