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18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Center for education of Special Forces of Chechnya in the city of Gudermes. Russia
Sweden PM Löfven: "We are determined to defend Swedish territory, defend Gotland and exhibit our capability to do so"
The U.S. State Department issued a travel alert for Europe.
Ukrainian Artur Panov dies at the age of 17 of a "heart attack" in a Russian prison. He was accused of planning a terrorist attack.
Istanbul Ataturk International: Sailors of Navy Liman are repatriated by Russian Military operated Tupolev
Independence investigation: Alexander Petrunko of SERB organization is the one who attacked Navalny with green chemical substance
St. Petersburg today: "The war with Ukraine is a crime with no statute of limitations."
Two civilians in Maryinka were wounded in tonight shelling
Pro-EU anti-Russian influence rally in Budapest "We won't be a colony!"
Thousands marching for democracy and against Orban government in Budapest Hungary
Likely Navalny attacker Petrunko seen leading a pro-Russian mob storming a gov building in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 2014.
#MayDay rally in Donetsk
MayDay rally in Donetsk
"Far right is a deadly threat". Not mincing words or metaphors at anti-FN march in Paris
#MayDay demo in Yakutsk
Clashes at Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris
Defense minister tours Serbia's southern border with Macedonia
Russian MP at #MayDay demo in Chisinau, Moldova
Anti Le Pen march in Paris
Unionists in Serbia marked #LabourDay with rally, demanding higher salaries among other things
Police seized TNT during traffic stop in Mykolaiv
Police seized TNT during traffic stop in Mykolaiv
First May rally in Dnipro
First May rally in Dnipro
Demonstrations in Athens divided between many left-wing groups, movements, parties etc. Protesters marched separately. Greece
#MayDay in Wroclaw: guitarists set to beat Guinness book record
Truck drivers at May Day demo
MayDay demo in St. Petersburg for academic freedom: "Threatening universities is not patriotic."
Macron: "French public extremely angry today, impatient and the dysfunction of the EU is no more sustainable."
Azerbaijan and Turkey are conducting joint military exercise in Azerbaijan, Baku.
Police announce to protesters in Minsk that physical force and "special equipment" may be used against them.
Le Pen said in her speech that two "totalitarian ideologies" threaten France - globalisation and islamism
2 hundred protesters gathered in Minsk
Barricades in Gijon #1demayo
MOE rescued from fires 8 thousand people in Siberia
Police at Petersburg May Day have detained 10 LGBT activists protesting torture and killing of gay men in Chechnya
Ukrainian authorities banned rallies on May 1-2 in Mykolaiv
Journalist Marina Drobyshevska was detained In Gomel
Arrested St. Petersburg LGBT activists on the police bus. "Putin is evil."
In Baranovichi, one of the protesters of "white sheets" demo was detained
In Baranovichi police detained a protester with "white sheet"
#MayDay demo in Warsaw
In Kherson police prevented fight between far-left and pro-Ukrainian rallies
#MayDay2017: demonstrations in Greece
Police found bag with 2 grenades and TNT near tomorrow's rally venue in Odesa
Massive #MayDay rally in Kaluga
Massive MayDay rally in Kaluga
Banners at "Monstration"
"Enough!" banner at May Day march.
Viktor Stepanov detained with sign "Putin, out!"
In St.Petersburg LGBTE activists were detained cause of chants "Kadyrov to Hague"
Belgian politician Raoul Hedebouw, of the PVDA/PTB party, has been attacked with a knife in Liege; injuries are minor. Suspect arrested: RTL
Socialists at #MayDay demo in central Kyiv
#MayDay demo in occupied Luhansk
"Neo Nazis" throws molotovs and set fire 'Eyup Sultan' mosque in Frankfurt Germany. Authorities alerted.
Azerbaijan and Turkey start joint tactical exercises
British ISIS defector says 300 UK fighters still in Syria and Iraq, fears of plot attacks after several foiled
"Monstration" rally in Novosibirsk: "Are you my mummy?"
Rally in Kyiv demands from government several "steps"
"Monstration" rally in Novosibirsk
3 women have been arrested in London, UK on suspicion of terrorist acts
Helsinki #mayday marchers still yelling "down down USA imperialist" like during '80s
Rally in Kharkiv today
Massive police presence in Kyiv amid #MayDay demos
Monstration rally: "Big brother is watching, and he is get bored"
1 May demo in Simferopol
Kharkiv: 1 aggressive 1 May demonstrator was detained by police
#MayDay rally in Kharkiv: most of protesters - elder people
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 7 were wounded in 54 attacks of Russian forces yesterday
France kills more than 20 militants on Mali, Burkina border
RenTV airs video of last week's attack on Navalny, perp's face the only one that's blurred
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 6 were wounded in 28 attacks today before 6pm
Grigory Baevsky's yacht Rahil transited BlackSea-bound Bosphorus yesterday. Baevskiy works for Arkadiy Rotenberg, listed by @USTreasury OFAC
WHCD jokes about Trump and Russia: 'The leader of our country is not here. And that's because he lives in Moscow'
H.R. McMaster: US relationship with Russia not better or worse
Ukrainian soldier was killed in mortar shelling in Katerynivka, Luhansk region
Popasna: Apr28 ~22:00 VRZ cemetery was shelled with Grad MLRS, 21 graves ruined
Rally today in Mariupol
Russian Anna News video of clashes at LNR group checkpoint
Russian Anna News video of clashes at LNR group checkpoint
McMaster on Russia relations in 1st 100 days:We can shift relationship so there is room for cooperation in key areas where there’s overlap.
McMaster on US-Russia relations in Trump's first 100 days: "I don't think they have gotten either better or worse"
Lt Gen H.R. McMaster on U.S.-Russia relations: “I don’t think they’ve gotten either better or worse.”
Rehearsal of military parade in Donetsk
UK PM May braces for difficult Brexit talks after EU adopts tough stance
Donetsk Schorsa: wedding car with mil. plate "Chechen";covered Kamaz;Kamaz with Vasilek;more trucks in background
Damage in Avdiivka after shelling
SBU detained provocateur with propaganda leaflets, a citizen of RF on his way to Odesa
54 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were killed, 4 were wounded
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