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23 7月 2018

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7 月 前
Midnight arrival of Antonov An-124 at East Midlands Airport
Midnight arrival of Antonov An-124 at East Midlands Airport
In Kizilyurt the policeman was stabbed, attacker wounded himself. Both in hospital
Planet Labs have a Sep 25th image, but it's not great quality, seems like it was a cloudy day
Commander of Central Military district of Russia to leave his position this week and head academy of general staff
7 月 前
[email protected]: Since the first day I took office, all you hear is the phony Democrat excuse for losing the election, Russia, Russia,Russia. Despite this I have the economy booming and have possibly done more than any 10 month President. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Rally in support of Olexander Kol'chenko an other Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia in Prague airport7 月 前
Rally in support of Olexander Kol'chenko an other Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia in Prague airport
Russian tourist in Prague, at seeing Crimean Tatars flag and tent, went to demolish it with shouts "Crimea is ours!"
Dartford update: Unconfirmed report on social media of an ‘acid attack' at Knights Manor Way in Temple Hill around 5pm. Ambulance believed to have conveyed someone to hospital. Residents reportedly told they cannot move cars until a forensic investigation has taken place.
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will deliver remarks on "The U.S. and Europe: Strengthening Western Alliances" at @TheWilsonCenter at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.
Over 20,000 marching in Bucharest this evening, around 40,000 protesters across Romania
In Odesa protest near the building of regional Prosecutor's office
7 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 3km SSE of Anton, Bulgaria
Kyiv police detained over 60 people at "organized crime leaders" meeting
Large protest in Bucharest
7 月 前
Members of a Russian troll army were quoted more than 80 times across British-read media outlets before Twitter revealed their identity and banned them, a Guardian investigation has shown.
7 月 前
@LindseyGrahamSC says he will 'push' @realDonaldTrump on Russia sanctions
New major anti-government protests in Romania tonight. Romanians are in the streets to defend the independence of the justice system and protest attempts to shrink the space for civil society
Consensus grows for German grand coalition
Bucharest Romania: over 10000 take to streets in pro-independence of justice protest, numbers rising
7 月 前
Hungary launches rail link tender as CEE-China summit starts
No Irish border deal before EU trade agreement - British minister
7 月 前
Pope Francis is preparing to visit Myanmar, a staunchly Buddhist country accused of horrifying acts of brutality against its Rohingya Muslim minority
USS James E.Williams of USnavy in transit to Black Sea7 月 前
USS James E.Williams of #USnavy in transit to Black Sea
9 days after Jeddah, Saudi Arabia port visit and Red Sea patrol, USS James E. Williams transited Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. Arleigh-Burke class AEGIS  guided missile destroyer DDG95 is not part of a larger strike group but is on her own 7-month deployment to provide presence7 月 前
9 days after Jeddah, Saudi Arabia port visit and Red Sea patrol, USS James E. Williams transited Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. Arleigh-Burke class AEGIS guided missile destroyer DDG95 is not part of a larger strike group but is on her own 7-month deployment to provide presence
Russian Mindef: flights of Su-24 in Volgograd region
Two brothers killed after a stolen car crashed into a tree in Leeds have been named by their family as 12-year-old Ellis and 14-year-old Elliott
Irish PM 'doing everything he can' to avoid election-spokesman
Sweden Democrat calls Muslims 'not completely human'
Chechen leader Kadyrov says it's time to change republic's head
Russia successfully tested an upgraded PRS-1M interceptor missile7 月 前
Russia successfully tested an upgraded PRS-1M interceptor missile
Separatists and unionists tied for support ahead of Catalan elections: poll
7 月 前
Sen. Graham urges the Trump administration to impose Russia sanctions: “If you don’t you’re creating a problem for yourself at the time we need to focus on solving problems”
Activist of the "New opposition" Olga Romanova has told, that she went to Kyiv after the interrogation in the case of "Artpodgotovka"
Macron vows to declassify documents related to ex-Burkinabé leader Thomas Sankara's assassination
"It's completely inappropriate" for the Government to increase the state pension age - Labour's @Debbie_abrahams
22 injured when a disco floor collapsed in Adeje (Tenerife)
Delegation of Russian lawmakers, representing all factions of State Duma, will visit Pyongyang Nov.26-Dec.1. MPs hope to contribute to settlement of Korean Peninsula crisis.
Cable: Nick Clegg played a v big historical role in getting parties to work together in the national interest. Looking back on those 5 years, we can recognise that is good govt. It did a lot of good and stopped a lot of bad
Cable: We do not know what Brexit will look like. We may get an amicable divorce. That it looking increasingly unlikely
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: We are one of the v few NATO countries who actually spend 2% of GDP on defence
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: We can have as much market access as we want but if we cannot get into those markets, then it doesn't do us much good
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: The question is whether we will put politics above the prosperity of people This needs to be an economic Brexit not a political one
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: We've made clear what the outline is of our interests. We don't want a hard border but we will be leaving the EU and customs union . We can't get a final answer to the Irish question until we know the end state
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: If you are looking to sell products abroad, people look at us for standards and quality. We will never sell on the cheap end of the market, we sell quality
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: One of the things we have in common is that we need to have an open, global and trading economy. We have lifted 1bn people out of poverty in the past 10 years
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: If we didn't get the deal, we could trade on WTO terms which is like what we have with the US, but we'd rather not
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox: We'd rather get a deal with the EU but we're not afraid of not reaching a deal
7 月 前
Athens, Greece: Lots of police mulling around in Exarchia after an early morning raid on the Gare anarchist squat.
Davidson (Scottish Conservatives): We are not Canada, we are not Norway. We are the only country that has previously been part of the EU that will now sit outside of it
Davidson (Scottish Conservatives): I think the PM May has made it absolutely clear, she doesn't want a return to hard border nor should we anything that impacts on the territorial integrity of the UK
Police in Mariupol detained a man and seized ammunition
Davidson (Scottish Conservatives): We're headed for 2.4% of our GDP to be put in investment there's a long term commitment from the govt here
Davidson (Scottish Conservatives): The debt interest is not any higher than it was 10 years ago.. we've got investment in infrastructure long term positions that will take us forward
P Johnson: Borrowing is now where it was pre-recession the worry for the govt is that debt at about 90% of income with slow growth forecasts that debt won't come down fast
Puigdemont describes EU as "club of decadent, obsolescent countries ruled by the few".
Gardiner (UK Labour): We are not at the negotiating table. I'd be v happy if Theresa May would move over and call the elections and let us do that
Gardiner (Labour UK): What this govt has done has ruled out remaining part of the single market and the customs union we have not ruled them out. Unfortunately we are not at the negotiating table with the EU
Gardiner (UK Labour): Anybody who wants to forecast what our economy will be like in 2030 when we have no idea what the Brexit negotiations will look like would be foolish
Gardiner (Labour): After 5 years, the deficit will come down. We will grow the economy so that debt is not such a problem
Gardiner: If you are finding that you are running at a deficit, one you can cut your day to day spending. We will borrow to invest to grow the economy so as a proportion of GDP, debt is reduced
P Johnson: The most important thing about investment is how you spending the Conservatives are doing some of this. The 1997 Labour govt wanted to increase investment but they literally couldn't get the money out of the door. There are technicalities
Paul Johnson: It's about time to bring those forecasts down particularly in the level of uncertainty we have with Brexit this is the moment of greatest uncertainty that we know about it. It's just as likely to be even worse than predicted. Real incomes are falling
Oxley: It was a simplistic Budget. It was low key. It didn't raise expectations too much There is a lot to offer but they will have to articulate that offer like May did in the burning injustices speech
Parker: From the govt's point of view, spending money on NHS and public services is the wrong choice. They need to show that they can grow the economy
O'Hagan: This is a govt that looks after the really rich and ignore the poor The IFS figures on wages, terrible growth figures, these will determine politics over the next few years not the shiny headlines
Parker: If talks break down on this issue [NI border] then you will end up with a v hard border indeed
Special Advisor at UK Ministry of Defence Oxley: The public voted to take back control, Ireland is starting to play with fire here
West Yorkshire Police say two 15-year-old males are in custody
Special Advisor at UK Ministry of Defence Oxley: EU Commissioners pronouncing on UK issues is one of the reasons that people wanted to leave They didn't like the fact it cost a lot of money, they didn't like the fact that they had too much involvement and interfering
West Yorkshire Police have confirmed five males have been killed following a collision on a road in Leeds involving a stolen car
One of tents of protesters near Verkhovna Rada caught fire this morning
Russian guard trooper, 2 other men were killed in shooting in restaurant in Armavir, Krasnodarskiy Kray
Military convoy from Luhansk on the way to Donetsk. One APC has Russian flag
Military convoy from Luhansk returning to Donetsk
Iranian commander tells EU, Iran’s key ally in nuclear deal after questions over missiles: “Europeansthey should recognise our defensive power. Since we have not been threatened by Europe, we have not increased the range (of Iran’s missiles) to reach them, but we can."
2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 4 wounded in 15 attacks yesterday
In Astrakhan, Russia, ~100 residents held a protest rally demanding that the authorities keep the city trolleybus lines operational
In Chelyabinsk, Russia, up to 3,000 residents joined a protest rally today against plans to build new mining and industrial facility in the city
French President Emmanuel Macron received members of Lebanese PM Saad al-Hariri's family in Paris
Calgary's Holodomor commemoration today.  In 2008 the Government of Canada's recognited Holodomor as a genocide.7 月 前
Calgary's Holodomor commemoration today. In 2008 the Government of Canada's recognited Holodomor as a genocide.
Movements of Ukrainian army in Hladosove - photos by Russian forces
Monument to Stalin was destroyed in Zaporizhie
Since Mueller was appointed, more people and firms have either filed or amended registrations that make public their work on behalf of foreign interests than had done so over the same time period in each of at least the past 20 years.
Oxford Street panic created by 'perfect storm', psychologist says
Unionists in Northern Ireland reject proposals from Dublin and Brussels to the UK for unique regulations to avoid a ‘hard border’ after Brexit
7 月 前
The Afgan Government expresses its condolences and sympathy over the loss of lives in a fire in Georgia's Batumi Hotel. Our thoughts are with Georgia Government and family members of victims of the disaster
Russian President Putin signs new law allowing authorities to list foreign media outlets based in the country as "foreign agents"
7 月 前
Justin Trudeau on Holodomor Memorial Day: Today, we also reaffirm Canada’s unwavering support for the people of Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and reforms being undertaken by Ukraine’s government to bring greater security and prosperity to its people.”
Trudeau on Holodomor Memorial Day: On this sombre anniversary, I invite all Canadians to take time today to remember the victims of the Holodomor, and to reflect on the remarkable contributions citizens of Ukrainian descent have made to our country.
Trudeau on Holodomor: To honour the millions of people who suffered under communist governments, Canada is building a Memorial to the Victims of Communism. This memorial recognizes Canada as a place of refuge and highlights our history of welcoming people fleeing injustice and persecution.
France's Macron unveils plan to curb violence against women
The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued the following statement today on Holodomor Memorial Day: We stand with the victims of the Holodomor and their descendants to remember and condemn this unconscionable act. Remembering history is our best hope against repeating it.
French minister believes banks had 'good reasons' to close National Front accounts
Navalny presidential campaign rally in Nizhny Novhorod
Russia President Putin signs ‘Foreign Agents’ media law.
In Slutsk, Belarus, activists held a rally to commemorate the 1920 Slutsk anti-Soviet uprising
Britain purchases Iron Dome technology from Israel for NIS 365 million (£78m)
UK PM Theresa May facing Tory rebellion over possible defence cuts
The Ambassador of Ukraine in Czech Republic: I hope that next year the Czech Parliament will recognize the Holodomor as genocide
"I'm fed up with men complaining about strong women. That's so oldschool." says head of Greens @cem_oezdemir to liberal FDP who blames Merkel for failed coalition talks
During their political convention, Germany's GreenParty leader Özdemir @cem_oezdemir criticizes the liberals. Yet, "this not a crisis of state", he says
Ministry of Education of Krasnoyarsk region issued recommendations of setting up educational process during military times
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement on Holodomor Memorial Day: Today, we commemorate one of the darkest chapters in human history: the Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932-33. This systemic and horrific genocide, undertaken by a totalitarian Soviet regime, killed millions of Ukrainian men, women, and children by starvation. It was a failed attempt to destroy the identity and will of the Ukrainian people.
Russian positions in Staromykhaylivka
Photos: Ukrainian army distributing aid in Hladosove and Travneve villages north to Horlivka
Nagorno Karabakh accused Azerbaijan of using mortar
British Transport Police says two men aged 21 and 40 attended a police station voluntarily and were interviewed following the incident at Oxford Circus in central London yesterday
The memory of The #Holodomor victims was honored near Strasbourg, France
7 月 前
ATO spox: Update Two servicemen, who were considered dead during a clash near the Krymske were able to escape from the zone of enemy defeat and return to their units.
Kramatorsk honored victims of The #Holodomor
Puigdemont: Elections must "ratify" Catalonia's will to be an independent state
Federal police officer shot a man at the Berlin Central Station with his service weapon. The backgrounds are unclear. The homicide squad is investigating.
Elections must 'ratify' Catalonia's 'will' to be independent: Puigdemont
Germany's Merkel vows to get government in place quickly
Merkel at CDU regional party conference: "Germany must have a stable government, but one which also pushes the country forward. I think to say ‘vote again’ is simply wrong"
French minister believes banks had 'good reasons' to close National Front accounts
UK Defence minister Tobias Ellwood is prepared to resign if massive cuts to the Army are given the go-ahead
Armenia and EU sign expanded partnership agreement
ATO HQ: we are ready for Russian military provocations in Donetsk region
US Navy P-8A 168998 PS256 departed Sigonella at 0811z - Black Sea mission7 月 前
US Navy P-8A 168998 PS256 departed Sigonella at 0811z - Black Sea mission
Security Service of Ukraine confirms arrival of additional forces of PMC Wagner to Luhansk
3 wounded in grenade explosion in Luhansk
17 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties. 2 soldiers believed to be KIA the day before returned to their units alive
Ukrainian Air force reporting about infiltration attempt of unknown men on unit in Vinnitsa region, was foiled
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