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17 8月 2018

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4 月 前
"This is not the time for surrender but for firmness, conviction and dignity", wrote Puigdemont: "we have honest and honourable politicians in jail and in exile".
"Black Friday" in Poznań
London joins Warsaw with CzarnyPiątek protest
Massive "Black protest" in Poland
Supreme Court sends five Catalan separatist leaders back to jail on remand
Kaczynski's office right now
Police mobilization in Poznan. The black protest moves through the streets of the city. Participants go to the seat of the curia. It is possible that there will be an attempt to stop them. @OnetWiadomosci
Court has arrested MP Savchenko
Cambridge Analytica acting CEO says 'believed that the data had been obtained in line with Facebook's terms of service and data protection laws'
Water supply to occupied part of Luhans'k region is cut due to major accident on occupied side
Massive protest in Warsaw
EU leaders set June deadline for progress on key issue of Northern Ireland
Tumblr just a sent @broderick a bunch of blogs followed at some point that they've determined were linked to Russia's Internet Research Agency
Polish PM: concessions to EU will preserve essence of judicial reforms
In Ukraine, 165 books were banned: among them Dugin, Prilepin and ex-premier Azarov
4 月 前
Greece relies on EU support in case of Greek soldiers detained in Turkey: Greek PM
British diplomats left the embassy in Moscow
Russian Federation council is angry about the decision of Latvia to expel Russian diplomats
4 月 前
Serbian Foreign Minister: I warned Vucic that the West is deceiving us
Serbian Armed Forces commissions six new Lasta aircraft4 月 前
Serbian Armed Forces commissions six new Lasta aircraft
Islamic State claims attack that killed at least 3 people in Trebes #France
French interior minister says the policeman who was injured in the supermarket attack swapped himself for a hostage
The Islamic State claims Trebes attack in France
The Board of Directors of Gazprom has included Putin's nephew, Mikhail Putin, in the company's board for a period of 5 years
French policeman injured after swapping himself for hostage: minister
Russian occupation authorities in Donetsk region of Ukraine shows "shot down" Fly Eye UAV
18-year-old Ahmed Hassan has been jailed for life with a minimum of 34 years after being found guilty of attempted murder over the Parsons Green tube station bombing last September
French interior minister has named the attacker as Redouane Lakdim and says he was from Carcassonne in southern France
Clashes reported near Dokuchaevsk
French interior minister says suspect in supermarket hostage-taking killed three people
French interior minister says the attacker was known to authorities for petty crimes and was not considered an Islamist threat
Irish PM Leo Varadkar says Ireland has a small diplomatic presence in Moscow, but that had to be measured against the need for solidarity with another EU member state
Salisbury poisoning 'an attack on EU sovereignty': Macron
French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb confirms death of attacker. Says he will hold a press conference near site of the attack in Trebes
European Council president Donald Tusk says EU nations will take "more steps" against Russia over the nerve agent attack in Salisbury
On @realDonaldTrump's May 1 expiry date for steel tariff exemptions, @EU_Commission President @JunckerEU says, "it doesn't seem to me that this date is a very realistic one given the broad issues we need to discuss`'
Anti-terrorist operations will continue until the restoration of borders - the SBU
No common project for eurozone yet EUCO, but Merkel and Macron face Trump and Putin side by side. Against US protectionism and threat from Russia
Gunman in French hostage-taking killed by police: security source
France police raids on the Supermarket in #Trebes, attacker shot down
Macron confirms terrorist attack in Trebes, gendarmerie dealing with situation, he supports security services, will return to Paris after summit EUCO France terrorism
Policeman held by gunman in France siege, other hostages released: security sources
Belarus: Last night a mechanized battalion from the 11th Independent Guards Mechanized Brigade was put into combat readiness and ordered to move to Vawkavysk near the border with Poland where it blocked and destroyed an armored vehicles column of mock enemies. CombatReadiness
3 dead, 2 hurt in three separate attacks in France: security source
French Interior Ministry says two people killed, three injured in hostage situation in southwestern France
4 月 前
El Mundo reports Marta Rovira is in Switzerland
Public Prosecutor's Office petitions Supreme Court judge for international arrest warrant against Marta Rovira, after she fails to appear at bail hearing in Madrid
Same car linked to southern France hostage-taking, police shooting: security source
Hostage taker in southern France has asked for the release of Paris November 2013 attacker Salah Abdeslam - TV
EU plans tougher consumer laws for Facebook, Gmail
French police: two dead and 12 wounded in the attack in south of the country
French media reports gunman and hostage-taker in Trebes in France is of Moroccan descent and was known to authorities
French police say 2 killed, about a dozen wounded in supermarket hostage-taking in southern France
The Russian Ambassador to Ireland has said any expulsion of Russian diplomats from Ireland would be an "an unfriendly action"
4 月 前
Latvia to expel 'one or several' Russian diplomats over UK former spy attack: ministry
The French Interior Ministry does not confirm the killing of two people in the hostage-taking in Carcassonne
Sky Sources: EU leaders have discussed the possibility of UK-U.S. trade negotiations threatening a post-Brexit trade deal
Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, suspends City Council session citing "exceptional situation" in Catalan politics today
#France the hostage situation and the shooting is still unclamed by #IS. The attacker claims to act on behalf of #IS. two dead and over ten victims according to local sources.
French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said: "The information which we currently have to hand makes us believe that this is a terrorist act."
President @poroshenko at the ceremony of signing contracts with @Ryanair: Air tickets must be available for the majority of Ukrainians
Map of southern France locating Trebes, near Carcassonne, where at least two people were killed when a gunman claiming allegiance to IS group opened fire and took hostages at a supermarket, a security source told AFP
SBU seized weapons and ammunition in raids in several regions of Ukraine
No tariffs until May - happy and relieved. Window of opportunity to talk with the US about problems in world trade, says German Economics Minister @peteraltmaier
British police investigating vehicle left at London's Westfield shopping center
Major English Channel for ISIS supporters is making fun of international media for failing to call this an ISIS attack. Quotes ISIS' slogan - baqiya wa tatamaddad or "Remaining and expanding," to say that the terror group is still here and growing:
A police union official says a suspect shot one person dead and seriously wounded another inside a supermarket in the southern French town of Trebes
Two victims in French supermarket hostage-taking: mayor
In France, a man has taken a group of people hostage inside a supermarket in Trebes. The attacker allegedly claimed he was acting in ISIS' name and has already shot one victim, according to a report by @AFP
French Interior Ministry says counter-terrorism prosecutors are taking charge of the investigation and the interior minister is going to the scene after a shooting and hostage-taking at a supermarket in Trebes in southern France
White House will address Paris hostage situation later on Friday - Trump adviser Conway
All hostages have been freed, only one police officer and the gunman are still inside the supermarket in Trèbes, France
4 月 前
Greek authorities seize 11 kg of heroin at Athens airport
Police union official says a hostage-taker has killed at least one person inside a supermarket in southern France
EU says Trump putting 'gun to our head', seeks permanent tariff exemption
The mayor of Trebes says a hostage-taker is alone with a police officer in a supermarket and all other hostages have been freed
There are at least 8 hostages, and one killed so far, after at least one gunman takes hostages at a supermarket in the town of Trebes in southern France
French prime minister Edouard Philippe says the situation in southern France is "very serious"
French prosecutors say treating hostage-taking as terror incident
One or two people shot in French hostage-taking: police
Ukraine plans to buy helicopters from France: foreign ministers
Shooting and hostage-taking at a supermarket in the town of Trebes in southern France, local media say. At least one police officer shot, hostage taker claims to be an ISIS millitant
Supreme Court cpnfirms Rovira still holds passport
A French woman who belongs to Islamic State has been arrested in Jowzjan
Shooting, hostage-taking at supermarket in south France: security source
EUCO Guidelines: The Council recalls that other issues still require agreement and negotiations can only progress as long as all commitments undertaken so far are respected in full, and welcomes in this respect PM May's written assurances notably regarding Ireland/Northern Ireland
[email protected]_may: I welcome the fact that EUCO has agreed details of implementation period, which gives certainty to businesses. There is a new dynamic in negotiations, we are approaching this with a spirit of cooperation and opportunity for the future
Spanish judge announces prosecution of 13 separatists for 'rebellion'
4 月 前
[email protected]: House Intelligence Committee votes to release final report. FINDINGS: (1) No evidence provided of Collusion between Trump Campaign and Russia. (2) The Obama Administrations Post election response was insufficient. (3) Clapper provided inconsistent testimony on media contacts.
Britain, EU make significant progress in Brexit talks - May
The EUCO "regrets the decision by the US to impose import tariffs on steel and aluminium, takes note that shipments of steel and aluminium from the EU have been temporarily exempted from such measures, and calls for that exemption to be made permanent"
The EU has published its negotiating guidelines on the future UK-EU relationship
Catalan separatist politician Marta Rovira ignores court summons, says in letter she has chose 'path to exile.'
President of the European Council Donald Tusk says EU leaders have formally adopted Brexit trade negotiating guidelines which include a transition offer
Russian strikes kill 37 civilians in Ghouta's Arbin: monitor
EU leaders adopt guidelines for post-Brexit ties with UK: Tusk
Decision: EU27 has adopted guidelines for the future EU-UK relations after Brexit – Tusk
British embassy staff in Moscow seen gathering before expulsion deadline
Bank of England will consider interest rates rise in May
UK MP Jacob-Rees Mogg urges government to prepare for a no deal Brexit scenario
Irish Taoiseach: There can be no Brexit agreement unless a hard border is avoided
Kremlin 'regrets' decision to recall EU envoy to Russia in spy row
Heathrow Airport expansion on track despite election delay: UK transport minister
Belgium's @CharlesMichel is not convinced by @realDonaldTrump 's offer of a steel tariff exemption to the EU: "We have the impression that Donald Trump wants to negotiate with us with a revolver at our head," the Belgian PM said on his way into EUCO
Russia says UK forcing 'allies to take confrontational steps' over spy poisoning
ATO HQ reports 0 ceasefire violations yesterday
European capitals plan to expel Russian diplomats over alleged poisoning of former Russian spy Scripal in Britain
Dutch PM says European Union's ambassador to Moscow is being recalled for consultations over nerve gas attack.
Guccifer 2.0 slipped up and revealed his real ip address. Turns out be an officer of GRU working out of the agency's HQ – attribution may be hard, but opsec is harder, it seems.
European Union leaders agree it is "highly likely" Russia is to blame for nerve agent attack on ex-spy in Britain.
Ukraine's air defense forces on alert because of Russian provocations at Crimea border
Northern Italy Rocked By Double Sonic Boom As Typhoons Intercept On Air France Boeing 777. Media Sent Into A Frenzy.
MPs failed to postpone e-declarations for anticorruption activists. They haven't even included draft laws in the agenda. 40% of Poroshenko's block, 37% of Narodnyi front, 86% of Lyashko's party, 45% of Batkivchyna and almost all ex-Party of Regions MPs did not vote
A dozen MEPs have written to @JunckerEU questioning the way he congratulated Putin after his election win and noted that he missed an opportunity to remind the leader of Russia about the illegal annexation and occupation of Crimea.
In Volokolamsk, a hundred and fifty children have went to doctors cause of chemical pollution in the area
Suspended Cambridge Analytica Chief Executive Alexander Nix has been recalled to the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee which claims there were "a number of inconsistencies" in evidence he gave to MPs last month
Russian journalist Renat Davletgildeev accused Duma MP Zhirinovsky in sexual harassment against him amid scandal with MP Slutsky
Radical-Left CUP Decides Not To Vote For New Separatist Candidate In Catalonia
British Council ceases activity in Russia
Britain's media parliamentary committee recalls suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO to give evidence over previous Facebook testimony
Peskov: Putin discussed with the Russian security council "unfriendly and provocative" policy of London
British Police say a suspicious package was found near the offices of Cambridge Analytica in central London. Building evacuated.
Merkel, Macron and May to meet at EU summit on spy attack: French presidency
Man detained with explosives early today is Taras Gresik, 28y.o, member of Saakashvilli party "Ruh Novih Sil"
St. Petersburg court leaves another anti-fascist, Igor Shishkin, in pre-trial detention.
Here's the video Ukrainian prosecutors claim proves their case against Nadia Savchenko and Volodymyr Ruban. Two subjects in the video essentially discussing how to overthrow the govt in Kyiv sure do look and sound like them.
Here's the video Ukrainian prosecutors claim proves their case against Nadia Savchenko and Volodymyr Ruban. Two subjects in the video essentially discussing how to overthrow the govt in Kyiv sure do look and sound like them.
255 votes supported the Resolution on the Statement of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine regarding Ukraine's non-recognition of the legitimacy of the presidential elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine-the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol
Savchenko is being detained inside Rada, agreed to walk to SBU HQ on foot
Verkhovna Rada lifts immunity from MP Savchenko, and ordered to arrest her
4 月 前
MOD spokesperson: Eastern Ukraine was peaceful yesterday for the second time since the recent comprehensive ceasefire came into force on March 5.
4 月 前
Today the @OSCE Permanent Council extended the mandate of the @OSCE_SMM.
Kremlin calls Johnson likening Putin to Hitler 'disgusting'
The EU condemns Turkey's actions in the Mediterranean and describes them as illegal
Man with C4 and TNT was detained in Kyiv metro
Dutch referendum on spy agency tapping powers result too close to call
Russian state TV says Trump "congratulated Putin on his convincing win in the American election"
Another MP to Savchenko: "politicians are human-beings too!"
Savchenko brought pomegranates to Verkhovna Rada, says here's "grenades"(same word in Ukrainian for pomegranates and grenade)
MP Savchenko told about sexual harassment attempts from army officer and "agent of government"
Prosecutor Lutsenko: Russian military are behind Savchenko actions
MP Savchenko says that she was buying weapons from Russian militants in occupied territories to expose their channels, to know origin of that weapons
Savchenko says about acquiring weapons and bringing grenades to Rada, plans to attack Rada that it's her political protest
Sarkozy says Libya funding accusations make his life 'hell' - paper
Harpers Ferry class @USNavy dock landing ship USS Oak Hill transited Bosphorus Mediterranean-bound after participating in Romanian-led amphibious exercise SpringStorm 2018 and Batumi port visit. LSD carried HMMWVs, trucks and a desert camouflage Humvee Command/Communications vehicle4 月 前
Harpers Ferry class @USNavy dock landing ship USS Oak Hill transited Bosphorus Mediterranean-bound after participating in Romanian-led amphibious exercise SpringStorm 2018 and Batumi port visit. LSD carried HMMWVs, trucks and a desert camouflage Humvee Command/Communications vehicle
Security services foiled anti-Ukrainian actions in Chernyhiv region, explosives seized on 20 March. On 12 March searches in same case in L'viv, Dnipro, Kherson, Mykoliav regions and Kyiv
Rada committee on lifting immunity of MP Savchenko, Prosecutor Lutsenko speaks on preparations of attacks
MP Savchenko presents at committee
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