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18 8月 2018

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3 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 22km SSW of Gefyra, Greece
Poroshenko met with Volker
In Zaporizhzhya, during a rally in support of LGBT, activists against rally threw a firecracker: a policeman was injured
Senate intelligence panel agrees with US intel agencies that Russia intervened in 2016 election to help Trump
3 月 前
Russian business lobby groups voiced opposition on Wednesday to a draft law that would make it a crime to comply with sanctions imposed by the United States or other countries
Iran-Deal: EU commission will present ways how to circumvent U.S. sanctions to informal summit in Sofia
No sign of illegal co-ordination among Brexit campaigners: data firm
Metropolitan Police says the 85-year-old woman who was found dead in Romford in east London after being "subjected to a cowardly assault" has been named as Rosina Coleman
"The [Intelligence Community Assessment] conclusions were accurate and on point" says SSCI ViceChair @MarkWarner "The Russian effort was extensive, sophisticated, and ordered by President Putin himself for the purpose of helping Donald Trump and hurting Hillary Clinton"
3 月 前
Putin, Erdogan express 'serious concern' over casualties in Gaza, Kremlin says
After 14 months, Senate Intelligence Committee finished looking at US intel's conclusion Russia meddled in Election 2016. "We see no reason to dispute the conclusions" says SSCI Chair @SenatorBurr "There is no doubt that Russia undertook an unprecedented effort to interfere"
3 月 前
Russia's Lavrov says 'blasphemous' to call those killed on Gaza border militants, but is also against 'extremists using civilians for protests'
Peers in the House of Lords have voted in favour of an amendment to the EU withdrawal bill demanding environmental protections after Brexit including the creation of an environmental standards watchdog
Stockholm trains at standstill after track fire
Oxfam UK chief quits following Haiti scandal: charity
[email protected] says it will withdraw from South Pars 11 gas project in Iran unless granted a waiver. French oil giant makes clear it can not afford U.S. secondary sanctions.
Security Service of Ukraine has summoned 47 people for questioning in "RIA Novosti" case
Military rocket has fallen near village in Volgograd region of Russia
First Russian tourist project in Syria was launched. Russian company will rehabilitate tourist village of Manara in Tartous Project costs about $ 90 million,5-star hotel located on the beach, including commercial markets, mall, swimming pools, children's playgrounds, villas and conference hall3 月 前
First Russian tourist project in Syria was launched. Russian company will rehabilitate tourist village of Manara in Tartous Project costs about $ 90 million,5-star hotel located on the beach, including commercial markets, mall, swimming pools, children's playgrounds, villas and conference hall
3 月 前
New round of talks on Donbas started in Minsk
SecGen Stoltenberg on the role of cyber in NATO: "cyber is a core part of our operation"
3 月 前
Italy's 5-Star, League on verge of government deal; markets shudder
Pugachevo village in Udmurtiya is being evacuated cause of explosion of military arsenal nearby
Estonian district adopts cannabis flag after online poll
Turkish General Staff of Armed Forces Hulusi Akar met with his Greek counterpart Evangelos Apostolakis in Belgium NATO meeting.
Senate panel releasing transcripts of interviews with Trump Jr., others who met with Russian attorney at Trump Tower
EU's Tusk, on an oversized stage in Sofia, launches stinging attack on Trump, accusing US of 'capricious assertiveness' and saying that some Trump decisions make him think 'with friends like these who needs enemies'
Trump Jr. told Senate panel he couldn't remember whether he had discussed Russia investigation with his father.
UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announces that the East Coast rail franchise will be brought back under government control
UK PM Theresa May warns Tory Brexit rebels voting against Government's plans risks damaging 'integrity' of UK politics
Mykolaivka village of Volnovakha district South to Donetsk was shelled today, houses damaged
UK PM Theresa May ally signals an "open mind" on the least-favored customs option for Brexit
Tusk: Looking at latest decisions of @realDonaldTrump someone could even think: with friends like that who needs enemies. But frankly, EU should be grateful. Thanks to him we got rid of all illusions. We realise that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm
NATO denounces Crimea bridge as violating Ukraine's sovereignty
Scotland Yard has said an 85-year-old woman has been found dead at her home in Romford in east London after being "subjected to a cowardly assault that left her with serious injuries"
Pope condemns Gaza killings, says Mideast needs justice, peace
3 月 前
Amal Jadou, Palestinian assistant minister for European affairs: "We highly value our relations with all EU states. Those relations are based on commitment to international law and Human Rights. Therefore, we consider the participation in this event a contradiction to such values"
Swedish airline cancels all flights after filing for bankruptcy
Putin urges reinforcement of naval component of Russia's strategic nuclear forces
Bulgaria government approves plan to buy fighter jets, armored vehicles
3 月 前
Putin says Russian frigates in Mediterranean on standby over Syria threat
FSB: terrorists prepared explosions of bombs in Moscow and St. Petersburg before the World Cup
UK PM May: We've worked hard on this and we want to deliver a Brexit that's good for the whole UK
3 月 前
Palestinians recalling their representatives from four EU countries participating earlier this week at the Israeli reception in honor of usembassyjerusalem: Austria, Romania, Hungary and The Czech Republic
The Government will fully fund the removal of dangerous cladding from tower blocks by councils and housing associations at an estimated cost of £400 million, Theresa May tells MPs
Luxembourg is joining the list of countries summoning the Israeli ambassador to protest death toll in Gaza
UK PM May: We need to trade in as frictionless way as possible. Trade isn't entirely frictionless. It won't be easy. Some will say forget about it - but that's not our position. Some will say don't worry aobut border - that's not our position. We'll publish white paper soon
UK PM May: We are working with them. We are protecting our own internal market. Welsh govt agree as well as some in Scotland. We need to respect devolution and maintain market
UK PM May: It's disappointing, we've been working hard. That's why Wales has agreed. We want to respect devolution and the internal market and it should be remembered that Scotland vote to remain in the UK
UK PM: Can I just say, we've seen company after company announcing investment in this country leading to more jobs. Yes we need to ensure customs arrangements and that's what we're working to do
[email protected]_may: EU Withdrawal Bill sets out mechanism that respects devolution while also maintaining integrity of the UK's common market Government is disappointed at Scottish Parliament not granting its consent
PM @theresa_may speaking at @HouseofCommons on post-Brexit borders/customs: Government and HMRC are making preparations for all contingencies
PM @theresa_may: There are 3 objectives for future customs arrangements: as frictionless trade as possible, no hard border in Ireland, independent trade policy White paper published soon will show how much progress has been made in the last weeks
Photo: 120mm mortars that were seized during raid near Maryinka
3 月 前
Bill Browder:: Elena Gremina, writer of play One Hour Eighteen Minutes about the murder of Sergei Magnitsky, found dead in Moscow at the age of 61. This is 6 weeks after her husband Mikhail Ugarov director of same play died. 'Heart attacks' in both cases
Theresa May insisted that the Conservative party will deliver a Brexit "that is in the interests of the British people"
All-terrain vehicle sunk in the creek in Komi - seven dead
In Yerevan, Armenia, protesters, who demand resignation of city mayor Margaryan, forced entry into the mayor's office building:
Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov, who is in prison in Russia, has started a hunger strike. "The only condition for ending it is the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners held on Russian territory," he wrote.
Russia plans to build a bridge from the mainland to its Pacific island of Sakhalin. The cost estimate currently stands at $8.7 bn
Bradley on post-Brexit customs arrangements models: both proposals could possibly work, but there are concerns with both and investigation over options available continues
Secretary of State Bradley explains there will be no new infrastructure AT the border after Brexit due to security reasons, and cannot speculate on new infrastructure being needed at some other place because customs arrangements not decided yet
Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley speaking in @CommonsEU about Irish border after Brexit: There will be no new physical infrastructure, no new cameras, no new checks at the NI/Ireland border
OPEN SKIES Intel Platform RF64525 Tu214ON again operating over Taganrog - close to Ukraine border 0929z
Iran nuclear accord not ideal, but best to stick with it: Merkel3 月 前
Iran nuclear accord not ideal, but best to stick with it: Merkel
Police are assisting @LondonFire following reports of a gas leak in Chapel Market Islington. Nearby buildings have been evacuated and road closures are in place. No reported injuries
3 月 前
Russian Foreign Ministry: Jerusalem must become the capital of two independent states, Palestine and Israel
3 月 前
Five Star Movement and League clash with EU over possible Italian government programme
3 月 前
German Chancellor Angela Merkel tells lawmakers the transatlantic relationship between Europe and US should endure differences in opinion despite US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal
Tusk doing doorstep at 1530 Sofia time (1430 Brussels) on leaders dinner which will focus on Trump-Iran-trade
Britain will not ask for longer Brexit transition period: minister
Britain really is losing the plot in its obsession with the EU customs union
3 月 前
Angela Merkel and German lawmakers discuss Germany's budget and the US withdrawal from the Iran deal
45 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 1 soldier was killed, another 2 wounded
Ukrainian Joint Forces seized 3 mortars in a raid near Maryinka
3 月 前
Heavy lift climbing out from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force An124 RA82035 RFF8065
3 月 前
Back out from Latakia, Syria Russia RuAF IL62 RA86561 RFF7335
3 月 前
RIF0001 - Climbing out from from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Tu154 RA85136
Spanish PM says will accept meeting with new Catalan leader
Erdogan's in Downing Street ahead of talks with Theresa May earlier
3 月 前
VIP IL62 from Moscow CKL heading straight to Latakia, Syria Turkish airspace. Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86561 RFF7335
Iran government spokesman quoted by @Tasnimnews_Fa saying the Islamic Republic with resume uranium enrichment to 20 percent or higher if talks with EU fail.
The Scottish Parliament has passed a motion stating it does not consent to the Government's EU Withdrawal Bill by 93 votes to 30
Tusk: Good meeting with UNSG @antonioguterres to discuss Iran nuclear deal, risk of trade wars and other challenges to the rules-based international system
"It feels to me as though in lots of areas Moscow is testing the west, testing to see what it can get away with" per Britain's @MichaelHTatham "It is very important that when we're tested we show we're responding to that test"
Russia needs to know it will pay an "enduring price" for outrageous behavior, says @UKinUSA's @MichaelHTatham
3 月 前
In a phone call with Israel's Netanyahu after deadly Gaza protests, Merkel says Germany "understands Israel's security concerns. The right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly shouldn't be abused to provoke unrest. Violence shouldn't be a means to enforce political goals."
Britain's Middle East minister criticises U.S. after Gaza bloodshed
Volker: If Russia will veto the decision on peacekeepers, it means Kremlin wants to continue the war
The British Envoy at U.N.: Jerusalem must be a joint capital of the two states of Israel and Palestine
3 月 前
A 20 year old Nagorno Karabakh soldier Shamkhal Petrosyan was seriously wounded as a result of a shot from the Azerbaijani side, reported Ministry of Defence for Nagorno-Karabakh.
3 月 前
[email protected]: Can you believe that with all of the made up, unsourced stories I get from the Fake News Media, together with the $10,000,000 Russian Witch Hunt (there is no Collusion), I have my best Poll Numbers in a year. Much of the Media may be corrupt, but the People truly get it.
3 月 前
Moscow's court arrested Navalny for 30 days
Workers of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine exercised on Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex in Kyiv where the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final will be held. Almost 12k persons will provide security during the game.
Private houses were damaged in Novhorods'ke village as result of shelling
Belgium summons Israeli Ambassador and demands an international investigation into the events in Gaza yesterday
3 月 前
Merkel says European ties with U.S. set back over Iran
Mogherini's spokesperson on the opening of the Kerch bridge: "This constitutes another violation of Ukraine's sovereignty andterritorial integrity by Russia. The construction of the bridge aims at the further forced integration of the illegally-annexed Crimea with Russia
3 月 前
Russia sent a note of protest to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in connection with the detention of journalists in Kyiv
Boris Johnson: Important UNSC session on Gaza today. Vital situation is deescalated. Call on @nmladenov to bring forward proposals, including easing access and movement restrictions and support for development projects. Fully back Egypt-led reconciliation and full PA administration of Gaza Strip
EU's Tusk confirms leaders will discuss 'latest, dramatic events in Gaza' at summit dinner in Sofia tomorrow
Russian occupation forces need Kerch bridge to run from Crimea - President Poroshenko
Iran nuclear chief says EU should make up for U.S. withdrawal from nuclear deal or Tehran will enrich uranium "stronger than before": state TV
Committee of British lawmakers says Facebook has not fully answered its questions about data privacy with sufficient detail or evidence
Britain: U.S. needs better understanding of Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Ukraine Border Guards seized 26 kgs of heroin from Lithuanian citizen
Crimean bridge violates international law: Ukraine PM
Putin has opened bridge to annexed Crimea
Putin drives truck across new bridge linking occupied Crimea to Russia
To cover funding of hostile activities "MIA RIA Segodnya" used Serbian entity - SBU
SBU: Vyshinsky used his journalists to produce materials in support of terrorist organizations of DNR and LNR
The scene on Putin's bridge to annexed Crimea.
SBU conducts 5 searches on "RIA Novosti Ukraine" activities
General Prosecutor office accusing employees of "RIA Novosti" in treason, waging hybrid war against Ukraine
Crowd waiting for Putin to arrive and open the bridge to occupied Crimea
Putin has arrived to open the bridge to Crimea with his childhood judo buddy Arkady Rotenberg, who built it
UK general: "War's brutal and if you want to fight in cities, everything is heightened. The idea you could capture a city like Mosul or Raqqa without civilian casualties is frankly a fools errand"
UK's Johnson: we should not pursue government change in Iran
Britain calls for an independent investigation into the events in Gaza
[email protected] calls on Irish government to expel the Israeli ambassador and to enforce trade sanctions against Israel
[email protected] began building its pipeline in Germany this morning.
Iran's Rouhani asks EU to stand against U.S. 'illegal and illogical' actions: IRNA
Seven Afghans, including three children, have drowned while trying to cross into Greece3 月 前
Seven Afghans, including three children, have drowned while trying to cross into Greece
UK Air Commodore Johnny Stringer: Most complex airspace any of us can remember, full stop. At the height of my time the Russian hotline was being used around 15 times a day
UK Air Commodore Johnny Stringer: Our Sentinel stand-off radar provided about 25%-30% of the overall coalition contribution
@JZarif after meeting with @FedericaMog: "I believe that we are on the right track to move forward in order to ensure that the interests of all JCPOA remaining participants, particularly Iran, will be preserved and guaranteed."
UK general: We were able to put everything we had into it (intel gathering). One of the key UK contributions has been quality and number of intelligence analysts we've put into this
Jens Stoltenberg: Always a pleasure to be in Paris and to meet President @EmmanuelMacron. I value your strong personal commitment to the transatlantic relationship and the significant contributions France makes to NATO. I look forward to welcoming you to our summit in Brussels in July
Navalny published his new video, - on Russian propagandist Aram Gabrelyanov, owner of Life News. Exposing his luxury apartment in Paris, Gabrelyanov earlier denied any property abroad
Navalny published his new video, - on Russian propagandist Aram Gabrelyanov, owner of Life News. Exposing his luxury apartment in Paris, Gabrelyanov earlier denied any property abroad
UK Major General @rupertthjones about Mosul air operation: "Other nations look to the UK to follow our lead to some degree. The Air Force relative to its size has not operated at this tempo since 1945. What the UK can bring is in the quality of its people. The more the Iraqis have got back into their stride its been them dictating the pace"
RA64520 new Airborne Command Post on order from Kazan Aviation Factory - Tu214 PU-SBUS. Flight testing in area of Kazan 1006z
Iran's Zarif says had constructive EU meeting over nuclear deal: Tasnim
Prime Minister Theresa May attends the launch of the UK team for the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 at the Horse Guards Parade
France - At least 6 Chechens arrested for suspected links to the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks in August 2017. -
Both Bassiani nightclub and cafe Gallery still closed, owners don't know when authorities let them open, talk about huge losses
German Economic Affairs and Energy Minister @peteraltmaier is in Moscow today to negotiate the implementation terms of Nord Stream 2.3 月 前
German Economic Affairs and Energy Minister @peteraltmaier is in Moscow today to negotiate the implementation terms of Nord Stream 2.
Theresa May's Brexit plans labelled 'undeliverable' by former head of the civil service
Georgian MFA Mikheil Janelidze: Existence of fascist groups in the country is unacceptable, the state will resort to all means to avoid radicalization
3 月 前
MoD spox: Donetsk sector – the enemy made 25 attacks using small arms and light weapons in Pisky, Vodiane, Pischevyk, Hnutove, Maryinka, Avdiivka, Talakivka, Opytne, Lebedynske, Shyrokyne, and Shakhta Butovka areas. Near Pisky militants used 82mm mortars as well.
3 月 前
MoD spox: Luhansk sector – militants delivered 17 attacks, used 82mmand120mm mortars in Zaitseve, Zalizne, Zolote, Troitske. Hostile provocations involving small arms and light weapons recorded in Katerynivka,Novozvanivka, Zaitseve, Luhanske, Svitlodarsk, Zalizne, and Krymske areas.
3 月 前
The Moscow City Court today announced that the decision to block Telegram has not yet entered into force
Latest E. Ukraine: water treatment staff under fire again After a night of shelling Donetsk Filter Station staff had to take cover due to suspected sniper-fire this morning
Tupolev Tu-214SR, Communications relay aircraft from Vnukovo to Sochi to Crimea
3 月 前
Russian State Duma adopted in the first reading a draft law on counter-sanctions "in response to unfriendly actions by the US and other states"
EU leaders likely to discuss Israel, Gaza violence in Sofia tomorrow eve. Says may link to discussion of "consequences of the policies of President Trump."
3 月 前
Kremlin urges countries to avoid action destabilizing Middle East
Senior EU official says visit of @MAC_europa to Tehran this weekend is confirmed. Will send political message that "cooperation with Iran in the energy sector" will continue.
Volker arrived at Donbas and met with commander of Joint Forces Nayev
Ireland summons its ambassador from Tel Aviv to consult after the events in Gaza
UN human rights spokesman says the organisation is extremely concerned about what may happen in Gaza later today and has called for an independent investigation into the "appalling deadly violence" following the deaths of 60 people during protests against the U.S. embassy opening
Ireland summoned Israeli ambassador to express "shock and dismay" at death and injuries in Gaza
"We are not in a panic here," says senior EU official on how to respond to Trump Iran deal move. Clear that all options for protecting firms have "deficiencies," person says. But "no need to take decisions on specific" measures at Sofia EU leaders meeting Weds evening.
3 月 前
Kremlin calls Ukrainian raid on Russian media 'scandalous'
Juncker and Mogherini will also brief EU leaders on 'options to shield European economic interests in Iran', official says
'Key message' from EU leaders to Trump at Sofia pre summit dinner is to 'leave no doubt that if Iran respects previsons of nuclear deal the EU will also respect deal', senior official says
EU High Representative @FedericaMog is meeting Iran's foreign minister @JZarif right bilaterally. She'll see the E3 tonight around 18:30 and then they'll all meet with Zarif to see about saving the Iran deal
PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez says after his meeting with Rajoy on Catalonia that he "completely rejects" Quim Torra's "xenophobic way of thinking".
Ahead of cabinet, @simoncoveney summoned the Israeli ambassador to Ireland to Iveagh House this morning 'to express Ireland's outrage at the level of death and injury yesterday on the Gaza Strip and to call for restraint from Israel in the hours and days ahead.'
3 月 前
24 y.o Crimeantatar Edem Seymanov is missed from Izyumivka village for 1 week
3 月 前
Russia says; Iran will have to make sacrifices in order to save the nuclear deal
3 月 前
Viktor Orban's crackdown on NGOs claims a major scalp
3 月 前
Medvedev wants to spend 25 trillion rubles ($400 billion) over next 6 years on domestic projects, financed by raising retirement age.
3 月 前
Russia insists it is impossible to maintain Iran's nuclear deal without concessions from Tehran
3 月 前
First version of "counter-sanctions" bill is meaningless as Kremlin believes it will hurt Russia more than US.
New Macron-Putin call, discussed Syria, Iran deal and coming visit of French President to Russia
SBU conducts search in office of RIA Novosti in Kyiv
3 月 前
Join OSCE Café in Kramatorsk - an informal meeting with the OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug and other Monitoring Officers. More details ➡️
Security Service of Ukraine detained reporter of Russian "RIA Novosti" Kyryl Vyshynskyi in Kyiv
On 13 May OSCE UAV was targeted with small arms at Dovhe village of Luhansk region, monitors were able to land UAV successfully
NATO has 3 key roles in cybersecurity: to drive progress across the Alliance; act as a hub for information sharing, training and expertise; and to protect our networks - @jensstoltenberg at Paris conference
In 2016, NATO leaders agreed to the Cyberdefence pledge - as a result, almost every Ally has upgraded their cyber defence. France is leading the way: @jensstoltenberg at Paris conference
Some are using software to wage a soft-war - with very real and potentially deadly consequences: @jensstoltenberg at NATO Cyberdefence pledge conference in Paris
OSCE SMM reports GRAD missiles hit South-East to Svitlodars'k on the night 12-13 May
UK PM Theresa May shifts Brexit focus to Ireland, leaving cabinet war to rage
Joint Forces press center briefing: decreased intensity of clashes, 42 attacks yesterday. No Casualties among Ukrainian forces
3 月 前
Soros foundation says leaving Hungary over government's 'repressive' policies
3 月 前
Germany's economy grows at weakest pace in more than a year, expanding 0.3% in first quarter
Four NATO ships conducting a port call in Poti, Georgia
A Russian company accused by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of funding a propaganda operation to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election is asking a federal judge for access to secret information reviewed by a grand jury before it indicted the firm
Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs advised against vising World Cup in Russia cause of security concernes
3 月 前
The next ceasefire monitoring exercise will be conducted on the Line of Contact (LOC) of the armed forces of Azerbaijan and Armenia
3 月 前
Soros foundations' office to pull out of Hungary
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