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18 8月 2018

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Australian Government attribution of the 'NotPetya' cyber incident to Russia
White House statement on Russian cyberattack: "In June 2017, the Russian military launched the most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history." This was "a reckless and indiscriminate cyber-attack that will be met with international consequences."
Moscow hosts big Russian "cossacks" forum
Russian Ministry of Defense: training of anti-ship missile complexes Bastion and Bal in Crimea6 月 前
Russian Ministry of Defense: training of anti-ship missile complexes Bastion and Bal in Crimea
The courts will decide about German-Turkish Die Welt reporter Deniz Yucel and I hope his trial will be conducted soon, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says
One Ukrainian soldier was killed as result of hostilities at Donbas today
Oleg Tereshenko From Krasnodar Krai of Russia was killed on 7 February near Deir-ez-Zur
Ukrainian Air Force Command: Russian aviation from Kurs'k, Millerovo, Hvardiys'ke and Saky made flights to the border of Ukraine, Tu-95 bombers from Crimea simulated cruise missile launches towards continental part of Ukraine(held drill of attack on Ukraine)
A man with a gun was detained by police near Verkhovna Rada
RUAF strategic bombers noted airborne 1656Z
PM Yıldırım warns a reporter at the news conference not to make YPG propaganda after the reporter shows fake images of the Afrin operation
German Chancellor says "we hope the case will resolve quickly within the scope of the rule of law and hope there will be an indictment soon. Turkish PM says he hopes D. Yücel will appear in court soon, each hearing is a hope, don't want this case to damage relations
Home Secretary @AmberRuddHR joins officers at Stratford today, as they work together with @BTP and @TFL as part the ongoing stop knife crime initiative
Tusk: 100 years after restoring independence. Today Lithuania stands tall, dignified and determined as member of UN, NATO and EU. Only united can European nations be sovereign and free of dependency on superpowers
Police in Odesa region detained foreign citizens gang, after assassination attempt of local man6 月 前
Police in Odesa region detained foreign citizens gang, after assassination attempt of local man
Russian energy minister Novak says current price of oil is acceptable for Russia
President Duterte meets with Norway envoy
[email protected]: Wrapped up another successful DefMin. NATO Allies moving forward on greater defense spending (but more needs to be done), modernizing command structure and increasing military readiness. SecDef Mattis: "NATO stands firm as an island of stability in a turbulent sea"
The Russian Federation has not yet confirmed the talks of the Foreign Ministers of the "Norman Four" in Munich
4 wounded in clashes with police at Solom'yanskiy district court(Trukhanov trial)
Turkish PM Yıldırım speaks en route to Germany to meet Merkel, says on Die Welt reporter Deniz Yücel "I believe he will appear in court soon, each hearing at court is a hope"
In clashes with suspected militant in Dagestan one policeman killed, several wounded
Afghan government to decide about Chinese military base: NATO
During investigation of triple homicide in Velyka Novosilka, police seized big amount of ammunition
Russian foreign ministry says Moscow has tangible evidence that Western countries have tried to interfere in Russian presidential election
EU split over expansion into Western Balkans
Odesa mayor Trukhanov released on bail by court
Clashes near Solom'yansky court in Kyiv
Clashes near Solom'yansky court in Kyiv
US with its Kurdish allies entered into an open confrontation with the army of Syria - Russian MFA spokeswoman Zakharova
Odesa mayor Trukhanov trial in Kyiv: one policeman injured with gunshot wound at rally near court building
Lavrov to visit Slovenia and Serbia on February 21-22 - Zakharova
Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman says US actions in Syria probably designed to undermine its territorial integrity
Russian Foreign Ministry: there were no Russian servicemen in the area of ​​US air strikes in Syria
Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman says "up to five" Russian mercenaries died in a US air strike last week. This is the first time Russia's confirmed losing citizens - but it insists they had nothing to do with the government
First detained at rally at Trukhanov trial
Entrance of Bandera museum in Ugruniv village of Ivano-Frankivs'k region was vandalized with IED
European Parliament on ECB candidates: "The majority of the political groups considered Governor Lane's performance more convincing. Some groups expressed reservations for Minister De Guindos appointment"
Turchynov witnessing at trial on Yanukovych high treason
Russia has found ways to minimize damage from US sanctions long time ago - Ryabkov
Special forces operation in Dagestan kills one militant in Untsukul region.
More searches at Crimeantatars in Simferopol'
"National Druzhyni" gathered near Solom'yanski court building where Odesa mayor Trukhanov process ongoing
The Irish government have published their Brexit impact report on the Irish economy, conducted by Copenhagen Economics
One suspected militant was killed in Dagestan in counter-terrorism operation
The Kremlin denies an accusation by Britain that the Russian military were behind last year's "NotPetya" cyber-attack that started in Ukraine and Russia before spreading globally
EU tells Facebook, Google and Twitter to 'do more' for users
EU agrees common defence is NATO 'mission alone': Mattis
6 月 前
Greece says won't tolerate challenge to its rights after Turkish collision
On "the 2%", US Defence Secretary Mattis, saying he's confident Germany will continue moving in "right direction" in funding. Says EU defense cooperation must and will make clear that common defense is a "NATO mission and a NATO mission alone."
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says NATO and America stand with Turkey on legitimate security concerns; says Syrian crisis must be resolved within the UN framework
Ireland, Britain to seek to re-establish Northern Ireland talks
Westminster involvement in Northern Ireland governance 'inevitable'
Spain to announce new measures in Catalonia as regional government crisis continues, El País reports
Turkey "has an insurgency inside its own borders" and US stands with Turkey, says US Defence Secretary Mattis, and says "we are finding common ground" in northern Syria. Says it's among most complicated fight he's ever seen, but communications are marked by honesty, transparency
[email protected] may have deleted two posts related to @navalny's Deripaska/Prikhodko investigation despite his plea not to do so
US Defence Secretary Mattis says Iran is present "every time there's a problem in the Middle East"
US Secretery of Defence Mattis: It has been excellent two days; a lot of work has gone into this DefMin. We're making progress. It's an ongoing effort, but it's going in the right trajectory
US Defence Secretary Mattis: We are committing more funds, cooperating more closely, and implementing a culture of readiness. Combined, this makes us strong
KRSC Chancellor @masrour_barzani travels to Germany to participate in Munich Security Conference #MSC2018
US Defence Secretary Mattis: Our collective dedication to NATO creates collective strength as we fight threats from the east and the south, and defend our values
"The American people have demonstrated their commitment," says US Defence Secretary Mattis, emphasizing the Trump Admin expects more from European
Main Greek opposition party leader Mitsotakis blasts PM Tsipras over foreign policy choices and for appeasing Turkey in Aegean Sea6 月 前
Main Greek opposition party leader Mitsotakis blasts PM Tsipras over foreign policy choices and for appeasing Turkey in Aegean Sea
SecDef Mattis: We have broad and deep support for SecGen @jensstoltenberg's initiative to modernize Alliance and provide ready forces responsive to NATO's political direction.
6 月 前
ATO spox: Donetsk sector - militants committed 10 ceasefire violations, used 82mm mortars near Pisky and Shakhta Butovka, and 120mm ones near Shakhta Butovka, Novotroitske, and Vodiane. Hostile attacks were recorded near Krasnohorivka and Kamianka as well.
Russian authorities banned Navalny website
"We have just agreed to start planning for a NATO training mission in Iraq." - Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
The UK Government judges that the Russian Government, specifically the Russian military, was responsible for the destructive NotPetya cyber-attack of June 2017. The attack showed a continued disregard for Ukrainian sovereignty
Greek PM Tsipras shows support to CoastGuard and message to Turkey by visiting Shipping Ministry6 月 前
Greek PM Tsipras shows support to CoastGuard and message to Turkey by visiting Shipping Ministry
Portugal Minister of National Defense José Azeredo Lopes speaking to the press on the margins of the NATO Ministerial Meeting
Kremlin calls accusations against Russia of involvement in NotPetya virus Russophobia
2 marines killed 4 their own comrades in 36 marines briaged
Separately from the Russians killed in the US attack, 15 Russian "security staff" are said to have been killed in an explosion at a weapons depot in Syria.
U.K. blames Russia for cyber attack, says won't tolerate disruption
Russia's Putin expressed condolences to Trump after shooting in Florida school - Kremlin
Prime Minister Theresa May says "my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida and the whole of the United States" after 17 people were killed in a shooting at a school in Parkland in Florida
In the Russian State Duma, a minute of silence to those who were killed in Syria
14 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 4 soldiers were wounded
Russian border guards removing their posts in North Crimea, though passage allowed - Ukrainian border guards service
Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley says the Government still thinks devolved government is the best way forward in Stormont
US Secretary of Defence Mattis meets with NATO Alliance Ministers of Defense during the NATO Defense Ministerial in Brussels, Belgium
Sinn Fein Stormont leader Michelle O'Neill says the DUP has collapsed the power-sharing talks in Northern Ireland
@jensstoltenberg tells he did ask Turkish Defence Minister Canikli about Ankara's air-defense plans - in Russian S-400s it says it's buying - but their mtng focused more on increasing cooperation with Franco-Italian consortium whose equipment can be integrated into NATO's system
NATO won't confirm details on Russia's Iskander deployment in Kaliningrad, says @jensstoltenberg, but he calls on Russia to do it. What's obvious, he says, is that the area is increasingly militarized
Big task for NATO-EU cooperation: how to make sure the two overlapping organizations don't task their member governments with two different "lists" of capabilities. The US is concerned new European defense cooperation will drain resources from NATO. @FedericaMog comes to dinner
Netherlands Government Information Service says former Dutch prime minister Ruud Lubbers has died
20X Su-35S and Su-30M2 multi-role fighter jets have been conducting recon flights, detection of mock enemies and airstrikes on mock enemy convoys in Primorsky Krai bordering North Korea.
Chinese Foreign Ministry statement on British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson's announcement in Australia that HMS Sutherland will transit the SouthChinaSea en route back to the UK.
France says Iran's missile program must be put 'under surveillance'
DUP leader Arlene Foster has announced that there is "no prospect" of a return to devolved government at Stormont
Suspicious package was found in Central Mariupol, police cordoned off the site
Canada's Defence Minister @HarjitSajjan at @NATO HQ: "All of us are increasing our commitment and providing that unity that NATO represents."
Key suspect cleared in first trial linked to Paris attacks: court
North Ireland's Adams loses attempt to overturn jailbreak conviction
Hug: Ceasefire is being used at Donbas to prepare for military action
The German Chamber of Commerce says that United States import tariffs on steel could trigger a trade war with major trading partners.
UK's Johnson keeps hard Brexit stance in speech aimed at mending fences
US Secretary of Defence Mattis meets with defense leaders at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium
German SPD leader invokes Europe to sell coalition deal with Merkel
SecDef Mattis meets @Poland_MOD Minister Mariusz Błaszczak on sidelines of NATO DefMin, reaffirming the strong Poland-United States bilateral defense relationship
Former Russian MP Ilya Ponomarev says at trial of Yanukovych that Putin quickly made the decision to annex Crimea after his helicopter made an emergency landing in Sochi. He thought foreign security services were trying to kill him.
The government has approved a state defense order for three years
U.S. hand over 2500 Night vision devices to Armed Forces of Ukraine
The EU will continue to ban the export of weapons to Belarus
EU's Juncker says 'good chance' of rapprochement with Warsaw
Giorgio Marrapodi, Italy's director general for development cooperation, said Italy will provide 260 million euros ($321 million) in soft loans to Iraq alongside $6.5 million in grants and $5 million in humanitarian assistance.
Juncker on transnationallists: Sympathy with them, but no realistic option for 2019 elections after EP vote last week
Ukrainian army captured 2, killed 3 Russian fighters near Shyrokyne
Jean-Claude Juncker in support of Spitzenkandidat process: Makes sense that people know who could be President of the Commission
EU's Juncker says "strictly against the behavior of Turkey" after naval incident
Juncker responds to BoJo comments says: some in British political society are against the truth pretending that I'm a stupid stubborn federalist that I'm in favour of a European superstate. I am against this EU can't be built against European nations this is total nonsens
Man dies after vehicles collide at London's Heathrow Airport
Former Georgian President Saakashvili in Netherlands: ANP
Johnson: Brexit is not just a great liberal project but a project in time which can in time unite this country. So let's do it with confidence together
Johnson: I say to my remaining remainer friends (actually quite a numerous bunch) More peole have voted for Brexit than anything in the history of this country. If we had a 2nd ref, there would be a year of feuding in which the whole country would be the loser
Johnson: The crucial thing is, when we are running ourselves, we will no longer be able to blame Brussels for our woes. No one should think that Brexit is an economic panacea The success of Brexit depends on what we make of it
Cossack ataman: "the bodies are sent to Saint Petersburg," which is also where hundreds of other dead and wounded Wagner have reportedly been sent. "There is a difference between what is being said to us, and what people are telling us first-hand."
Scotland Yard says a man aged in his 40s has died after two airport vehicles crashed on the airfield at Heathrow
Johnson: The cost of EU regulation is about 4% of GDP it's only by taking back control of our laws, UK firms will have the freedom to innovate
Russian deputy foreign minister agrees at consultations in Tehran to closely coordinate bilateral stances to preserve JCPOA - Russian FM
Johnson: To those who worry about coming out of the customs union and single market in the past few years, there have been many countries who have seen economic growth who export to the EU
Johnson: It's striking since the Brexit vote, the fortunes of UKIP have gone into a long deserved eclipse. I feel like people are being heard in their idea of self control
Johnson: We will be able to take back control of our borders. Not because I am hostile to immigration. We need people to work
Johnson: We would be mad to go through this process of extrication from the EU and not take advantage of what it brings
Saudi King, Russian energy minister discuss rebalancing oil markets
Johnson: We in the UK have not really felt part of such a demos
Johnson: Eurotunnel is calling on both sides for another link I say this to signal the attitudes that should inform Brexit. It's not about shutting us off, it's about going global
Johnson: For all those who want to make Britain less insular, the answer is not to submit for ever to the EU legal order
Johnson: In 2016, British people made 71m trips abroad every year this expansion of UK tourism will continue. We will continue to go on stag parties to ancient cities where we will of course receive a warm welcome
Johnson: Let's next tackle the suggestion that we might become more insular There are more British people living in Australia than in the EU. There's more than 1m who go to Thailand every year
Johnson: It makes sense for us to continue to be intimately involved in EU foreign and security policy We will continue to be Europeans both practically and psychologically
Johnson: To all those who worry about our strategic position Our commitment to the defence of Europe is unconditional and immovable. It is made real This country is the biggest spender in the EU both on aid and on defence
Johnson: All I am saying is that by going for Brexit, we can gratify the sentiments and more
Johnson: For all their power and influence, every major political party, Obama and so on, their voices did not prevail. But is this time for referendum voters to sit back and gloat?
Johnson: I run the risk of causing further irritation but I must run that risk We cannot expect the case to make itself
Johnson: Whatever the superficial attractions of these points, they can be turned on their heads. Brexit need not be nationalist but internationalist
Johnson: The economic fear that we have voted to make ourselves less prosperous People fear the disruption they associate with change and that our friends and partners in the EU might make life difficult for us
Johnson: People believe we have thrown up a figurative drawnbridge and decided to sacrifice the Europeanness in our identity
Johnson: I come across a lot of people who think Brexit has cast us adrift
Johnson: If we are to carry this project through to national success then we must reach out to those who have anxieties These fears can be allayed
Johnson: Some of the fears about Brexit do not materialise. I fear that some people are determined to stop Brexit
Saakashvili reportedly spotted in Amsterdam.
6 月 前
ATO spox: In total, Russia-backed militants fired ten 122mm artillery rounds, one hundred eighty-seven 122mm, and around thirty 82mm mortar rounds in eastern Ukraine yesterday. Fortunately, Ukrainian troops suffered no casualties.
NATO aiming to deploy 3 thousand more troops to Afghanistan: Stoltenberg
6 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies committed 14 ceasefire violations, used 82mm and 120mm mortars near Popasna, Novozvanivka, and fired over 150 82mm, 120mm, and 122mm rounds Troitske. Four other locations came under hostile light weapons fire.
6 月 前
Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen to receive the highest French order of merit
2 vehicles have crashed into each other at Heathrow Airport in a 'serious accident' on the airfield
Border guards detained deputy mayor of Odesa Pavlo Vugel'man in Boryspil
The Kremlin has warned journalists against reporting "unconfirmed" information about Russian fighters killed in Syria.
Tusk: Consultations with PM @AndrejPlenkovic ahead of the informal EUCO on MFF and institutional issues next week
Ukraine leader gives Putin condolences over plane crash: Kremlin
Japanese bank chooses City of London for new European headquarters
US Secretary of Defence Mattis joins his 28 NATO counterparts and Secretary General @jensstoltenberg for DefMin on February 14-15
Odesa mayor Trukhanov arrested by NABU on corruption charges.
"For the first time since the Vietnam war, there has been a direct confrontation between Russians and Americans." How today's Russian papers are reacting to reports that Russian mercenaries in Syria have been killed in an attack by the US-led coalition.
6 月 前
South Korean, Swedish foreign ministers to discuss ties, North Korean nuclear issue
6 月 前
Turkish and Greek army chiefs to discuss new measures in bid to ease tensions ahead of @NATO meeting in May.
14 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
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