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17 8月 2018

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Prime Minister Theresa May says ministers will finalise the Brexit policy paper after the EU summit in June
Prime Minister Theresa May says she will hold Brexit talks with ministers at her country residence after the EU summit in June
Kilimnik, who worked with @PaulManafort on a US lobbying effort on behalf of Ukraine, also charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice.
298 empty chairs waiting for justice MH17 opposite Russian embassy .
Irish FM discussed 'unsustainable' situation in Gaza with Netanyahu
Philip Hammond signals he's at peace with Brexit but compares it to a divorce that "nobody wants"
International Criminal Court acquits DR Congo's former vice president Bemba on appeal
Michel Barnier rejects key sections of Theresa May's Brexit plan but says talks go on
Four tourists have reportedly died in Georgia. Preliminary information: 3 victims are citizens of Ukraine and one local. All four died in the mountains of Adjara - the western Georgian region
2 月 前
Turkish transport minister tells Anadolu news agency that feasibility studies related to construction of Kars-Iğdır-Aralık-Dilucu high-speed two-lane railway line in the direction of Azeri exclave of Nakhchivan will commence in Q4 2018-Q1 2019.
Spokesperson for Canada's Prime Minister says that Canada's position on Russia and the G7 has not changed. (Canada would not support allowing Russian re-entry as long as it is occupying Crimea).
North Idlib: updated death toll for Russian night airstrikes on Zardana is 44. Also 80+ people were wounded.
2 月 前
The Saudi Crown Prince will visit Russia next week
First meeting of a busy day for @theresa_may @g7 - but no formal sit down expected with @POTUS - Number 10 insist that is not a snub2 月 前
First meeting of a busy day for @theresa_may @g7 - but no formal sit down expected with @POTUS - Number 10 insist that is not a snub
2 月 前
[email protected]: We will use all available tools to build new future partnership with the UK
2 月 前
[email protected]: EU respects Brexit red lines set by UK Government and wishes for UK to respect its red lines as well
"I always listen very attentiively to what he says, it's always very stimulating," @MichelBarnier on @BorisJohnson remarks. Notes a certain amount of "nostalgia" in British Brexit stance.
Canadian PM's office: Canada remains opposed to allowing Russia back in to the G7. Italy PM Conte: agree with Pres Trump that Russia should be allowed back in to the G7
Britain's Boris Johnson secretly recorded predicting 'meltdown' in Brexit negotiations, accusing elements of government of blocking the process and implying President Trump might handle it better
Britain's Boris Johnson secretly recorded predicting 'meltdown' in Brexit negotiations, accusing elements of government of blocking the process and implying President Trump might handle it better
Mattis @NATO "Threats to our collective security have not waned whether terrorism to the south or Russia's aggression and hybrid threats to the east"
Spot Report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM): Armed men near Kreminets charge weapon near SMM patrol and threaten it
2 月 前
Kremlin on Trump's call for Russia to return to G8: We are focused on other formats
2 月 前
German Public Prosecutor General issues arrest warrent for Syrian Air Force Intelligence chief Jamil Hassan for crimes against humanity - systematic toture and mass murder throughout his prison complex. First warrent of this kind.
[email protected]: EU's backstop proposal is an "exceptional offer" from the EU27 for NI to address the unique situation and cannot be applied to the whole UK
2 月 前
Michel Barnier admits what everyone knows - the EU's backstop would create a border in the Irish Sea: 'Let's go to pragmatism. Checks carried out on ferries are less disruptive than along a 500km long land border.'
[email protected] on future UK-EU relationship: UK government seems to demand continuation of status quo and benefits while leaving EU framework
2 月 前
"We are not going to be intimidated bu this form of blame game.," says @MichelBarnier "The UK has to accept the consequences" of its Brexit decision
2 月 前
[email protected]: Still many questions that UK's Brexit backstop proposal does not address and which the backstop solution in the WA does address
Trump says Russia should be back in G7 (the former G8): "I am Russia's worst nightmare that being said Russia should be in this meeting."
2 月 前
[email protected] : The EU's backstop proposal "cannot be extended to the whole UK it has been designed for the specific situation of NI"
[email protected] : On Irish border issue, 2 important aspects: 1) regulatory alignment (agriculture, electricity, environment) and 2) customs issue
[email protected] Donald Tusk is in bilateral with Italy new PM @GiuseppeConteIT @JunckerEU's turn is at 9:15 (local)
US SecDef Mattis met with Turkish MOD @nurettincanikli at the @NATO DefMin to discuss defense-related issues of mutual concern, and reaffirmed the longstanding defense relationship between the U.S. and Turkey
Government spokeswoman says lifting of central government financial checks on Catalan regional government is a "gesture of normalisation".
2 月 前
Sánchez government lifts financial checks on Catalan government, "without the supervision of the Bank of Spain", says spokeswoman
Russia should be in G7 meeting, @POTUS tells reporters on his departure from @WhiteHouse as he heads here to G7 Charlevoix
2 月 前
3 big 'separation' issues unresolved: data protection for EU citizens, protection of geographical indicators (no British proposal yet apparently), fate of ongoing infringement procedures, says @MichelBarnier
2 月 前
Spanish government spokeswoman say priority for new cabinet is situation in Catalonia, and that approach will be constitutional but with dialogue: "we will try to move forward"
"The time has come today to take decisions and make choices," says @MichelBarnier at outset of his Brexit press conference
EU chief Brexit negotiator @MichelBarnier discusses 3 issues in today's press conference: 1) withdrawal ("separation") 2) NI/IRE border and 3) future UK-EU relationship
"We are still in a fight against the ISIS/Daesh caliphate," reminds US DefSec Jim Mattis, who's about to chair a meeting of the counter-ISIS coalition at NATO headquarters
"We'll see how this works out," US DefSec Mattis says about the Afghan government's ceasefire with the Taliban. He says actual number of attacks is down in Afghanistan, but acknowledges it can be difficult to see progress with so much violence
2 月 前
Taoiseach @campaignforleo welcomes yesterday's UK govt @GOVUK brexit document as "a step in the right direction" but adds that it "falls short."
"The American people remain committed to this alliance," says US DefSec James Mattis after two days of NATO meetings
Trump calls for Russia, ousted from group of leading industrial nations after annexing Crimea, to be reinstated.
New Spanish government spokeswoman says they are going to call it a "cabinet of female ministers and male ministers", because "it is really significant that there are more women than men" in it
New Spanish government spokeswoman, Isabel Celaá, describes government as deeply feminist, egalitarian, pro-European and social
Reports of MLRS Grad shelling sound in Southern Donetsk(near Cargyll plant)
"Threats to our collective security have not waned" whether those come from ISIS in the south or Russia in the east, says US DefSec Mattis after NATO meetings
Addressing a press conference in Brussels, US Defense Secretary James Mattis says the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan is committed to implementing the US strategy on South Asia
2 月 前
SecDef Mattis: For nearly 70 years the NATO alliance has served to uphold the values upon which our democracies are founded.
U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis press conference at DefMin.
2 月 前
SecDef Mattis: We will be unrelenting in our effort to target ISIS around the globe.
2 月 前
SecDef Mattis: We have had key discussions in preparation for the upcoming NATOSummit that will ensure our Alliance is fit to fight. DefMin
Theresa May still has confidence in Boris Johnson, says Downing Street in wake of leaked Brexit bombshell recording of Foreign Secretary
US SecDef Mattis was greeted by @USNATO Ambassador @KayBaileyHutch and @NATO Secretary General @JensStoltenberg at the new NATO building in Brussels, Belgium, for the meeting of the NAC. While there, he took the time to speak with @USMC Marines and key personnel
We encourage the Afghan government to continue the path of reform, maintain its fight against corruption and to uphold the human rights - @jensstoltenberg
We aim to strengthen the Afghan security forces and create conditions for a peaceful solution: an Afghan-led and owned peace process is essential. NATO will continue to do all we can to support that process - @jensstoltenberg
NATO Allies and partners aren't just maintaining their contributions to @ResoluteSupport. They are increasing them – @jenstoltenberg
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: The government of Afghanistan has taken steps toward reconciliation. It's up to the Taliban to see if they really want peace in Afghanistan.
The Taoiseach has said the conditions are not right for a Border poll. Says too that UK Technical Note on avoiding a hard border falls short
NATO will decide on extending of funding to the Afghan forces in July, Stoltenberg says
"When I want to know what the view of the British government is, I ask the Prime Minister" - Taoiseach on Boris Johnson's tail-wags-dog complaint
NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg says he is confident that they will agree to extend funding for Afghanistan's Security Forces to 2024
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: An Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace process is the way forward. The international community should support that. All countries in the region should play a constructive role in Afghanistan.
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: NATO Allies and partners are increasing their support for @ResoluteSupport mission in Afghanistan, a sign of our long-term commitment.
CNN: Renowned chef Anthony Bourdain found dead in France while working on CNN program
British Prime Minister Theresa May, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Italy's new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte arrive in Canada for the G7 summit
Suspect in murder of German teen caught in northern Iraq
UK's May has confidence in Johnson after Brexit meltdown comment: spokeswoman
Taoiseach arrives at the Orange Order HQ in Belfast where he is welcomed by the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
2 月 前
Dissident lawyer freed from Vietnam jail, in Germany, official says
Afghan CEO Abdullah seeks UK support in global market exploration for Afghan products
Two arrested after phone theft victim in Edgware left fighting for her life
2 月 前
Germany urges European unity in face of trade tensions with U.S.
Putin: Pyongyang told us it's ready to work constructively
More than one million NHS workers in England will receive a three-year pay deal worth 6.5% after votes in favour by 13 unions, they have announced
Bulgarian parliament approves plan to buy fighter jets and armored vehicles
2 月 前
Finland open to plans by ex-Angry Birds executive for China funding of Estonia tunnel: minister
Scottish Economy Secretary Keith Brown has been elected as the new depute leader of the Scottish National Party
"We appreciate very much the cooperation with the EU" on improving military mobility, says @jensstoltenberg. NATO has shared its infrastructure requirements with the EU; revisions will be ever more critical with this new "four 30s" plan that could require mass movements
"There are disagreements between NATO allies but at NATO we stand together," @jensstoltenberg says. "We see the US and Canada increasing their presence in Europe." (He must be so tired of answering "transatlantic tension" questions.)
2 月 前
Hug: Avdiivka will be out of drinking water in coming days. Parts of Yasynuvata and Donetsk city too. The sides have it in their hands to prevent this.They need to agree with no delay on plan and action for safe and secure access for DFS workers. SMM ready to facilitate any proposal
"It's unlikely, but anything is possible," said Paris, responding to whether he thought Trump could skip the G7.
2 月 前
OSCE SMM Hug: For every cause, there is an effect; failure of sides has consequences on real people; sides must create security, allowing people to live without fear of violence. It's time to stop the dominoes from falling Zero Civilian Casualties
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: There are disagreements between Allies, but in NATO, we stand together. Differences do not weaken NATO's ability to unite around our core mission. NATO has proven again and again that the transatlantic bond is strengthening. DefMin
3 suspected militants were killed, 1 surrendered in counter-terrorism operation in Nazran'
NATO and EU are increasing presence in Iraq. EU focusing on civilian security sector and NATO on capacity building: training Iraqi defence and security structures – @jensstoltenberg
On military mobility: I shared with EU counterparts and NATO Allies our infrastructure requirements for transportation to move across Europe as quickly as we need to – @jensstoltenberg
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: NATO and EU are working together in Iraq. NATO is focused on capacity building to ensure that ISIS cannot return.
In July I plan to sign a new joint declaration with @eucopresident Donald Tusk and EU Commission President @JunckerEU continuing to address most pressing security challenges – @jensstoltenberg
2 月 前
Hug: DFS women men have shown courage; they've done more than was expected. SMM monitors have fulfilled their obligations too. The only ones that have not fulfilled obligations are sides; sides are fully responsible if over 300k civilians are with out drinking water
NATO and EU have made substantial progress on hybrid and cyber, maritime operations, fighting terrorism, exercises and military mobility – @jensstoltenberg
2 月 前
Hug: Last week SMM recorded at least 600 ceasefire violations in 15km radius around Donetsk Filtration Station. As a result of non-compliance by the side, the DFS had to be shutdown this week
Brace for a possible "Brexit meltdown" but don't panic, UK's Johnson cautions
2 月 前
OSCE SMM Hug: The worsening security situation in May resulted in the death of 43 confirmed civilian casualties – 11 deaths and 32 injuries, more cases are pending verification Zero Civilian Casualties
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: NATO and the EU have achieved unprecedented levels of cooperation. Working together on defense against hybrid and cyber warfare as well as marine operations and countering human smuggling.
2 月 前
Hug: SMM saw multiple launch rocket systems – in violation of agreed withdrawal lines – in non-gov-ctrl 48 and gov-ctrl 22, each capable of firing unguided salvos of up to 40 rockets with over 3,000 fragments per rocket, often landing anywhere within a rectangle of 54,000 m2
2 月 前
OSCE's Hug: Last week SMM recorded over 5,300 ceasefire violations; in May 28,000 CFVs recorded with at least 2,248 caused by weapons that should have been withdrawn in accordance with Minsk
2 月 前
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug
British Brexit backstop plan welcome, with caveats: Irish foreign minister
2 月 前
Turkey slams 'anti-Islam', 'racist' Austria move to expel imams
May: Brexit-related legislation to return to House of Commons before mid-July
Boris Johnson: We risk ending up in an "anteroom of the EU"
New EU research and development project will be open to British participation post-Brexit, Commission says
French Finance Minister to respond to Merkel's EU reform proposals today
At least five migrants killed in northern Greece road crash
Man disarmed, wounded and detained robbers during armed robbery of currency exchange shop in Dnipro city
2 月 前
PM Orban flags big changes to Hungary's constitution
Theresa May's compromise Brexit might just work - and many of her MPs agree
2 月 前
Greek police say smuggling vehicle carrying 16 migrants crashes on northern highway; 6 dead.
Russian President Putin arrives in China for a state visit
2 月 前
Austria to expel up to 60 'Turkish-funded' imams: interior minister
2 月 前
Moscow and Washington discuss possible Putin-Trump meeting: RIA
G7 leaders set to clash with combative Trump over tariffs, trade
2 月 前
"Parallel societies, political Islam and radicalisation have no place in our country," Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced on Friday
2 月 前
Near Zmiiny island on June 2 Ukrainian An-26 identified Russian Navy small missile boat
2 月 前
The @gulag_museum has learned that Russia is destroying records on people who were sent to the camps, under a secret 2014 order. The loss of those prisoner cards is the loss of all official memory of those who were repressed
Leader of Crimean Tatars Mustafa Jemilev met with Turkish MFA in Ankara2 月 前
Leader of Crimean Tatars Mustafa Jemilev met with Turkish MFA in Ankara
Irish PM in NI to meet civil society groups from nationalist and unionist communities
2 月 前
South Korean president to make state visit to Russia from June 21-23
A detained man who shot his wife in Sanok. He was at the hotel
Ghani's announcement of truce a concrete step: EU
2 月 前
Vietnamese human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai has been freed from prison and flown to Germany, activists and a diplomat said on Friday, two months after he was convicted of attempting to overthrow the state and given a 15-year jail sentence.
Back the bill, urges UK's May as Brexit law faces crunch test
Abolaji Onafuye, 54, Koffi Kouakou, 54, and Abdelkarim Rekaya, 28, have been charged with fraud offences linked to the Grenfell Tower fire, the Metropolitan Police says
Four people have been charged by officers investigating fraud offences linked to Grenfell Tower
Counter-terrorism operation in Nazran: 2 suspected militants blocked by police
37 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas, 4 soldiers were wounded
2 月 前
[email protected]: Why isn't the European Union and Canada informing the public that for years they have used massive Trade Tariffs and non-monetary Trade Barriers against the U.S. Totally unfair to our farmers, workers and companies. Take down your tariffs and barriers or we will more than match you.
Harjit Sajjan: Canada and Ukraine are close defence allies. We have deployed our @canadianforces to Ukraine to deliver training and capacity building programs, and we continue to strengthen this relationship with ongoing initiatives. Good to speak with Minister Stepan Poltorak
[email protected] for Macedonian issue:The U.S. continues to support ongoing UN-led talks on resolving the Macedonia name issue. We are encouraging the leaders to find a mutually agreeable solution, in the interest of Euro-Atlantic integration, economic prosperity, peace, and security
2 月 前
Turkey has said it is refusing to recognise Russia's annexation of Crimea, supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
And here's the foreign secretary on Putin, Russia and May's proposal to the G7 for an international rapid reaction force
Royal Navy Trafalgar Class submarine passing Gourock inbound for Faslane this morning2 月 前
Royal Navy Trafalgar Class submarine passing Gourock inbound for Faslane this morning
Toomas Hendrik Ilves: Yes, I can confirm, I have been informed that I have joined my friends Senator @SenJohnMcCain and Ambassador Michael @McFaul and been banned from visiting Russia. As I was in the 1980s, back in the USSR.
Shelling at North-East of Mariupol
"National Druzhini" destroyed Roma people camp at Holosiyivskiy forest in Kyiv
National Druzhini destroyed Roma people camp at Holosiyivskiy forest in Kyiv
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: Despite differences, we have been able to unite around our mission and strengthen our alliance. NATO is united.
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: We seek a better relationship with Russia, but the sanctions send a clear message that when Russia violates the rules, there are consequences. DefMin
2 月 前
[email protected] SecGen: New Joint Force Command for the Atlantic will be based in Norfolk, VA. to assure we have the right forces in the right places at the right time.
@OSCE_SMM visited the village of Chyhari today and confirmed that about 25 persons (including 4 children) are still permanently residing there. Main needs are food and electric power. 13 houses are burned down. All the private vehicles have been taken out of the village.
2 月 前
Alexander Hug, the Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), will hold a news briefing on Friday video link from eastern Ukraine ⤵️
The European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt says it is "difficult" to see how the UK's backstop proposal for the Irish border after Brexit will deliver a "workable solution"
2 月 前
Explosions heard in Tartus are a result of Russian Navy training off the coast of the city.
RAF Typhoons will be based in Iceland for the first time next year for an air-policing deployment, @GavinWilliamson has announced
The Armenian parliament approved Nikol Pashinyan's government program with 62 in favor and 39 against votes.
Russia making inroads also in Agentina and in Peru with sales of vehicles due to "some very unhelpful propaganda that came out of Russia" says @ADMKurtWTidd "It's competition that's going on and we've got to be on the field of play"
"China especially but also Russia are competing in that space to offer deals at prices that undercut the type of equipment that we would be interested in providing" says Adm Tidd on arms sales to LatAam "Everybody's got budget challenges"
Poland says US ambassador nominee's words are not acceptable
Latin American countries watching out for Russia influence campaigns "They have very serious concerns" per @southcomwatch's Adm Tidd "Our partners throughout the region who have elections, very important elections, both recently and in the future, all are very concerned"
2 月 前
Putin on Western officials who complain about US hegemony: "A few months ago, former German finance ministry publicly said that German Federative Republic has never been a fully sovereign state after 1945".
Divided by Trump, NATO seeks unified front against Russia
"We also see very, very aggressive efforts to sell military hardware in the region" @ADMKurtWTidd says of Russia in Central/South America "Oftentimes those types of deals come without the sort of typical strings attached in terms of end use"
"We can't wage a trade war between friends," says @EmmanuelMacron, adding he'll try with other G7 members to convince @POTUS to normalize trade relations
"Right here, far closer to home there is competition going on" @ADMKurtWTidd says of Russia China "It's competition for influence and the singlemost important thing we can do is compete ourselves"
EU's Barnier to speak on Brexit talks on Friday
2 月 前
While Navalny is in prison, his colleagues break the story on Leonid Slutsky, a senior Duma MP on foreign affairs committee. A serial sex abuser, he appears to be owning a luxurious penthouse which he received as a bribe, according to developer who built the apartment block.
While Navalny is in prison, his colleagues break the story on Leonid Slutsky, a senior Duma MP on foreign affairs committee. A serial sex abuser, he appears to be owning a luxurious penthouse which he received as a bribe, according to developer who built the apartment block.
US Southern Command worried about Russia-China across LatinAmerica "We can't just pay attention to what they're doing in Europe or in the SouthChinaSea" @southcomwatch Cmdr @ADMKurtWTidd tells reporters
Macron says perhaps Trump doesn't care about being isolated but 'we as a G6 represent a real force'
US tariffs will have adverse effects on American workers: Trudeau and Macron
G7 leaders must not be afraid to reach agreements without US, Macron says
2 月 前
Turkey suspends migrant readmission deal with Greece, Hurriyet reports, days after Greece released from prison four Turkish soldiers accused of being involved in the 2016 coup attempt
@USNATO: Important meeting on Ukraine today. Russia's illegal invasion and annexation of Crimea and its decapture campaign to destabilize Ukraine must stop. US welcomes Ukraine NATO membership aspirations and urges Kyiv to continue progress in its reform agenda
2 月 前
Russia's Putin says all Russian plans in Iraq's Kurdistan are in accordance with law
2 月 前
Syria Express - airborne from Moscow CKL heading to Latakia Air Base Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86561 RFF7335
2 月 前
Putin warns Ukraine against military action in Donbas during World Cup
@MichelBarnier: I welcome publication of UK proposal on customs aspects of IE/NI backstop. We will examine it with 3 questions: is it a workable solution to avoid a hard border? Does it respect the integrity of the SM/CU? Is it an all-weather backstop?
Joint Forces Press Center: during blast of explosive device civilians were wounded at occupied Holubivka village. Calls it a provocation from Russian occupation forces
2 月 前
Putin: I'm on first-name basis with most world leaders: I use informal "ty" with Abe, Merkel, Macron; formal "vy" with Zeman, he's older than me.
Ikea sets new goals to cut greenhouse emissions even further by 2030 and to make products only from recyclable and renewable materials
2 月 前
Turkey says it is suspending migrant readmission agreement with Greece.
2 月 前
Announcement comes after Greece released from prison four Turkish soldiers who fled there after 2016 attempted coup
2 月 前
Russia won't exchange Crimean political prisoner Sentsov for Russian reporter - Putin
US Secretary of Defense Mattis has arrived at NATO Headquarters for Defense Ministerial meetings. He will meet with Defense Ministers of other NATO countries and discuss critical issues related to Transatlantic security in preparation for the NATO summit
TV host Kirill Kleymyonov asks Putin What advice from your father would you pass on to your grandchildren? The answer - Not to lie,2 月 前
TV host Kirill Kleymyonov asks Putin "What advice from your father would you pass on to your grandchildren?" The answer - "Not to lie,"
The European Parliament will debate and vote on a resolution on human rights in Russia and esp the case of Sentsov on 14 June - the day the #2018FIFAWORLDCUP starts
2 月 前
Putin says Russia not yet planning to withdraw from Syria
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says Brexit backstop agreement cannot be time-limited by a date
During World Cup 2018, Russia can stage terrorist attacks to blame Ukraine - Hrytsak
2 月 前
"The West does not recognize Assad. Why do you recognize Poroshenko?" Putin: An interesting question.
2 月 前
Putin: The hypersonic missile "Kinzhal" and the laser complex are already in service, in 2019 they will deploy the hypersonic missile "Avangard", in 2020 - ICBM "Sarmat"
The British government has proposed ending a temporary customs arrangement by 31 December 2021
2 月 前
Putin: Russia should simplify the acquisition of Russian citizenship for residents of "LNR and DNR"
The Metropolitan Police says it could consider health and safety breaches over the 'stay put' policy used by the London Fire Brigade during the Grenfell Tower Fire
No UK ministers will be resigning over Brexit backstop - BBC
We'll also meet with our @ResoluteSupport partners: we are stepping up our support for Afghanistan – with both forces and funding – @jensstoltenberg
On NATO - EU cooperation: we are working together to identify and remove obstacles to the rapid deployment of forces in Europe – @jensstoltenberg
We will discuss our progress in cyber defence, maritime security + our efforts to achieve more defence spending - @jensstoltenberg
The remains found in Vilnius cemetery have been confirmed as that of Adolfas Ramanauskas – Vanagas, the leader of Lithuanian partisans who fought a guerrilla war against the Soviet occupation in 1944-1953
DefMin will discuss NATO summit preparations and decide on an increase in personnel and the locations for 2 new commands + a NATO Readiness Initiative - @jensstoltenberg
2 月 前
Putin calls the war he fomented in eastern Ukraine "a great tragedy" and tells a woman who says she fled the war-torn region to Russia's Rostov that the government will try to solve the citizenship problem for her and others.
2 月 前
And again Putin says Russians and Ukrainians are "practically the same people."
Senior fire officers could face charges over the 'stay put' policy that advised people to remain inside the Grenfell Tower, the Metropolitan Police has said
France warns Donald Trump it won't sign a joint G-7 statement unless he backs down on several issues
6 reportedly wounded as minibus got under shelling near Holubivka of Luhansk region
Ukrainian parliament votes to dismiss respected finance minister
Theresa May's 'backstop' customs plan would result in 'Hotel California' Brexit, warn Tory Eurosceptics
Ukraine's parliament has voted for Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk's dismissal.
Nine arrested over Grenfell Tower fire fraud allegations
2 月 前
Putin says Russian businessmen being persecuted in countries like Britain
Workers on South Western Railway are to stage a three-day strike from June 21 in the long-running dispute over the role of guards, the Rail, Maritime and Transport union says
David Davis has been called back to see Theresa May for crisis talks on Brexit, BBC reports
David Davis is ex SAS He's trained to survive. He's also trained to take people out
British Prime Minister Theresa May has held "constructive" talks with Brexit Secretary David Davis and expects him to remain in his role
Stockholm lorry attacker jailed for life after killing five people
2 月 前
Ilham Aliyev:Nagorno-Karabakh is an inalienable part of Azerbaijan. The whole world recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
Russian Military OPEN SKIES RF64525 TU214 surveillance platform operating close to the eastern border of Ukraine, over Taganrog
Ukrainian Minister of internal affairs: Minsk process is dead
2 月 前
Putin on the Skripals: it couldn't have been a military grade nerve agent because they've survived. Russia still wants consular access to them.
2 月 前
Putin about the provocations at the Donbass during the World Cup 2018: This will not happen. And if it happens, it will have serious consequences for the Ukrainian statehood
13 US military wounded as result of road accident near Kaunas, Lithuania
2 月 前
Putin replies to Prilepin that if Ukraine starts military actions then there will be a threat to its sovereignty.
Russian writer and terrorist Zakhar Prilepin calls into Putin's direct line to say that Ukraine will start active military measures during the World Cup.2 月 前
Russian writer and terrorist Zakhar Prilepin calls into Putin's direct line to say that Ukraine will start active military measures during the World Cup.
2 月 前
Putin says Kyiv doesn't want to end or solve the conflict in eastern Ukraine because they dont' want voters in Luhansk or Donetsk.
Verkhovna Rada voted to create the Supreme Anticorruption Court. 315 MPs voted fot it
315 for. Ukrainian parliament votes for Supreme Anti-Corruption court
2 月 前
Russia's Putin says "we want consular access to Yulia Skripal" and requests to take part in the investigation
2 月 前
Putin: "The US itself imposed sanctions against Canada and Mexico. And did they really annex Crimea? As many of our partners say about us."
First official photo of new Spanish government meeting King Felipe at Zarzuela Palace this morning
2 月 前
AfD urges German government to prevent euro zone becoming liability union
Pablo Iglesias is not happy with Pedro Sánchez. Says PSOE has forgotten about Podemos "in less than 24 hours".
2 月 前
TASS: Putin rejects a suggestion to introduce sanctions on Latvia.
Sergey Lavrov and Foreign Minister of @Armenia @ZMnatsakanyan have met in Moscow2 月 前
Sergey Lavrov and Foreign Minister of @Armenia @ZMnatsakanyan have met in Moscow
2 月 前
Putin asked: "Will there be a Third World War?" He replies: "Fear of mutual annihilation always restrained the top military powersit's time to sit down at the negotiating table, work out a plan for European security."
Residents of Makhachkala and Kaspiysk came to the building of Dagestani government demanding to stop the demolition of their houses.
Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov arrived to UAE yesterday. The visit comes after AbuDhabi CP Mohammed bin Zayed an-Nahyan visit to Russia on June 1.
Turchynov: Russia pushed troops and four missile brigades to the borders with Ukraine
2 月 前
Question social media to Putin: "Russia has a tradition: a newly elected president announces a prisoner amnesty. Will there be one?" Putin: "I don't know that tradition. I don't think we have that."
Putin warns governors not to turn refurbished stadiums into open-air markets after World Cup.2 月 前
Putin warns governors not to turn refurbished stadiums into open-air markets after World Cup.
Netanyahu: 'We have to smash Iran's cash machine'
El País: "Sánchez promises modernising pro-European government".
2 月 前
High-ranking officials detained in Belarus. They are suspected of receiving large bribes
2 月 前
Speaking about possible tax hikes, Putin says Russia needs to "streamline the tax system."
SBU denied information about explosion near their HQ in Chernivtsky, says someone thrown peace of soap into garbage bin
Explosion reported near SBU HQ in Chernivtsi region, no words on casualties
Russian TV right now: Putin appearing for his annual live call-in show with Russians. This time governors and heads of state companies are joining in what looks like a massive Google Hangout2 月 前
Russian TV right now: Putin appearing for his annual live call-in show with Russians. This time governors and heads of state companies are joining in what looks like a massive Google Hangout
Direct line with Putin begins in Russia.2 月 前
"Direct line" with Putin begins in Russia.
Spain swears in new cabinet with record number of women, most of any other place in Europe
Britain's Supreme Court says cannot rule on Northern Ireland abortion law appeal
Government will respond to Lords' amendment on environmental protection post-Brexit, says Gove
A fifth and final KC-135 Stratotanker, assigned to the 459th Air Refueling Wing, Beale Air Force Base, California, arrived at Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, Ukraine, June 7, 2018.
Inés Zorreguieta, 33, youngest sister of Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands, has been found dead in Buenos Aires of suicide.
Pashinyan is presenting the new governments program: In short he addressed how the selfish oligarchic elites have thuggishly bastardised human rights and equality, saying they have been responsible for systemic inequality in Armenia for 20 years.
2 月 前
Azerbaijan accused Armenia in 87 ceasefire violations in last 24 hours
UK Brexit Secretary David Davis's warning about the risks of launching big projects with "many unknowns"
UK ministers to meet to hammer out agreement on Brexit backstop
Britain has gone 9 days without wind power
President Poroshenko speaks at Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Dmitri Borisov has been released after a year in prison for participating in the protest in Moscow on March 26 last year.2 月 前
Dmitri Borisov has been released after a year in prison for participating in the protest in Moscow on March 26 last year.
Murder arrest over death of 100-year-old handbag mugging victim
NSDC of Ukraine to allow manufacturers of weapons and arms direct import into Ukraine - Turchynov
Donetsk Water Treatment plant is out of power again after clashes last night(at 10pm)
Tens of thousands of people protesting a suggested compromise solution over the renaming of the neighbouring country of Macedonia have rallied across 23 cities in northern Greece2 月 前
Tens of thousands of people protesting a suggested compromise solution over the renaming of the neighbouring country of Macedonia have rallied across 23 cities in northern Greece
2 月 前
Top U.S., Russian military officers to meet in Helsinki
25 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were killed, 2 were wounded
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