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17 8月 2018

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The Telegraph is reporting that one of Christopher Steele's employees is a longtime associate of the poisoned Russian double-agent. The Telegraph suspects that Colonel Skripal may have been involved in the Trump dossier.
State Department repeats that US policy on Cyprus's EEZ is longstanding and has not changed "US recognizes the right of Cyprus to develop its resources in its EEZ" @StateDept discourages any actions or rhetoric that increase tensions in the region
5 月 前
In response to my question about possible sanctions against Russia for attempting to assassinate a double agent in UK, @PressSec says Salisbury nerve agent case is "under review" by US authorities.
5 月 前
Russian Navy Perekop Smolnyy-class training ship passed Southbound through the English Channel
UK counter terrorism police chief says Salisbury incident being treated as attempted murder by nerve agent; says police officer who attended scene also in hospital
Russian ex-spy was victim of attempted murder with nerve agent, police say
@USNavy Whidbey Island class dock landing ship USS Oak Hill transits Black Sea-bound Bosphorus. LSD51 departed JEB Little Creek on Feb9 and currently is on Mediterranean and the Middle East patrol to conduct security operations.5 月 前
@USNavy Whidbey Island class dock landing ship USS Oak Hill transits Black Sea-bound Bosphorus. LSD51 departed JEB Little Creek on Feb9 and currently is on Mediterranean and the Middle East patrol to conduct security operations.
Airbus to axe 3,700 jobs in Europe: union
[email protected]: Any fragmentation of London's markets will involve significant costs for European businesses and citizens. The real beneficiaries will be NYC, Singapore, Honk Kong, making Europe less competitive
Chancellor @PhilipHammondUK: It makes sense for both the UK and EU to collaborate closely on cross-border financial services and to ensure that EU businesses and citizens can continue to access UK financial services. It is not a zero-sum game
Ukrainian authorities dismantle another online arms trafficking ring. Traffickers reportedly sold factory-built and converted weapons to clients found on Internet forums
Chatham: Ongoing incident on Chatham Hill bus involved, please credit: @Media999E
The confidence debate in Jordi Sánchez is supposed to begin at 10 a.m. on Monday morning in Barcelona. Supreme Court deadline for allegations concerning his release to attend that debate is set at Monday morning
We need a clear signal in the trade dispute with the U.S. Trump has to play by the rules, said EU parliament's trade chief Bernd Lange. Peanutbutter is among the EU's weapons of choice
Senior EU official on EU-UK FTA: "If there are diverging external tariffs and internal rules, no shared institutions or legal system, then you will have friction. There will be economic consequences."
Senior EU official describes aspirations in Theresa May's speech as amounting to Single Market and Customs Union-lite: "This doesn't and can't exist"
5 月 前
Eight members of the far-right extremist 'Freital Group' accused of attacking refugee homes have been handed sentences of up to 10 years in prison by a Dresden court
Helicopter crashed in Southern Chechnya. 3 killed
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince is received by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace
Theresa May's spokesman says the Government is looking forward to seeing the EU's final guidelines for a transition period after Brexit and hopes they provide the bloc with the flexibility to think creatively and imaginatively about the future UK-EU economic partnership
[email protected] says the cabinet will consider the final wording of referendum bill on 8th amendment tomorrow
[email protected]_Bettel: when I listened to Theresa May's speech last week I didn't learn that much more than I knew beforeI still need concrete pointsThe Irish Taoiseach still has no answers to border questions
UK government today convened a Cobra meeting, which is normally held in response to terror attacks or major crises
[email protected]: the outcome of negotiations must pass 2 key tests: 1) the test of balance of rights and obligations for example the EU can't agree to grant UK rights of Norway with the obligations of Canada
[email protected]: Because of Brexit we will be drifting apareour agreement will not make trade between UK and EU frictionless or smoother it will make it more complicated and costly for all of us this is the essence of Brexit
Tusk: "President Trump said: 'trade wars are good and easy to win'. But the truth is trade wars are bad and easy to lose. EU's goal is to keep world trade alive and if necessary to protect European by proportionate responses"
[email protected] I hope it [UK-EU deal] will be ambitious and advanced and we will do our best as we did with other partners such as Canada but it will only be a trade agreement
European Council president Donald Tusk says his guidelines for a transition period after Brexit show "we don't want to build a wall between the EU and Britain"
Tusk: EU27 wants UK as close friend and partner and will enter talks on future with open, positive mind. But given UK red lines only an FTA is possible. It will be the first FTA in history to loosen, not strengthen economic ties. Drifting apart is essence of Brexit
[email protected]: May has confirmed UK will leave single market, customs union and ECJ jurisdiction therefore it should come as no surprise that only possible remaining model for future relationship with the UK is a free trade agreement=
5 月 前
[email protected]_Bettel: there will be no winners after Brexit, both sides will be losers minimising the losses is the challenge
[email protected]_Bettel: unity and solidarity will be the key [in Brexit negotiations,]there shall be no cherry picking Brexit
Accomplice of Paris attacks mastermind held in Poland, prosecutor says
UK PM Theresa May says the government is "rewriting the rules on planning" to help more people achieve the "dream" of home ownership
UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd says more is known about the substance which is suspected to have poisoned former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia and further information will be published by police later today
German cabinet approves to increase more than 300 troops for Afghanistan
Draft EU guidelines have leaked, below are some extracts
Peanut butter, orange juice, bourbon on anti-Trump tariff list: EU
Even if it doesn't feel that way at the moment @MalmstromEU insists: "US still our friend and ally". Also sees problem of overcapacity in steel sector. "Willing to discuss this"
Brussels plans a three-pronged approach, explains @MalmstromEU: taking case to the WTO, safeguard measures on steel/aluminum and safeguard measures on other US products to "rebalance" the trade relationship
EU commission still hoping "that US tariffs [on steel and aluminum] can be avoided", says commissioner @MalmstromEU. But EU stuck in dilemma: doesn't want to escalate situation which might lead to trade war but "can't remain silent"
[email protected] on UK response to President Trump's proposal of imposing steel and aluminium tariffs: we have expressed disappointment, but currently, the EU is in charge of trade defence policy
How can such a small import of European steel be a security threat? @MalmstromEU asks, asserting @realDonaldTrump is going to have a lot of trouble proving that point at the WTO, where the EU has every intention of hauling his administration to explain.
Ex-spy's suspected UK poisoning used for 'anti-Russian campaign': Moscow
According to @FT Brexit trade guidelines read: "The European Council has to take into account the repeatedly stated positions of the UK, which limit the depth of such a future partnership. Being outside the customs union and the single market will inevitably lead to frictions"
We'll soon learn exactly what products are on the list of potential tariff targets, but @MalmstromEU confirms some bourbon is on it, along with peanut butter and cranberries (no.). Declines to describe some items as @GeorgiGotev does: "redneck" products
[email protected] seems puzzled by @realDonaldTrump's latest threats, against cars, because she says just 2 million cars are produced in the US by European companies, which provide American jobs. She says Trump's opinion is "not based on fact."
The EU says Trump steel tariff is protectionism in disguise, not a valid security measure. @MalmstromEU says therefore EU can respond immediately, but as long as the US measures have not been taken, Brussels hopes a trade war can be averted
"Can't see how allies like the EU threaten US national security", says EU's @MalmstromEU, responding to threatened tariffs on steel and aluminum while announcing possible countermeasures
EU Trade Commissioner @MalmstromEU says @realDonaldTrump's explanation that SteelTariffs are necessary for "national security reasons" is inconceivable and "deeply unjust." EU is preparing to strike back through WTO in the long term and other measures in the short term
[email protected]: It's too early to say what a future UK-US free trade agreement will contain, but potential results include more opportunities for British businesses and "a boost to the UK economy worth tens of billions of pounds"
Russian ex-spy, daughter still critical after suspected poisoning in UK
@giannipittella announced this morning that he's stepping down as head of @TheProgressives. In spite of weak result in Italian election he appears to get a Senate seat list
5 月 前
ATO spox: Mobile monitoring group has investigated the results of militants' attack on Shchastia of March 5 (after the latest ceasefire came into effect), when Russian proxies attacked the inhabited village with 82mm mortars and small arms.
Germany charges Vietnamese man in ex-oil executive kidnapping
5 月 前
ATO spox: Russian proxies attacked Luhanske and Malynove (Luhansk sector) with heavy machine guns and mounted grenade launchers, and Avdiivka (Donetsk sector) with small arms. Ukrainian troops did not return fire. Unfortunately, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action.
[email protected]: After the implementation period, the UK will take independent decisions when it comes to trade remedies. We need the TRA to be set up and operational by March 2019
Minister of State for Trade Policy @GregHands speaking at @CommonsIntTrade: The creation of the future Trade Remedies Authority will ensure the UK can provide a safety net for domestic industries after Brexit
Car exploded in Rostov-on-Don in suspected asssassination attempt
Detectives investigating the circumstances around a man and a woman taken seriously ill in Salisbury are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information to come forward
Germany's outgoing cabinet has agreed to extend six military missions - including ones in Mali, Afghanistan and against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria - in which 2,600 Bundeswehr soldiers are involved
Russian foreign ministry says claims the country was involved in the alleged poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal are designed to complicate UK-Russian relations
DUP leader: EU draft Withdrawal Agreement "was not a faithful or fair translation" of the UK-EU December joint report
EP MP Verhofstadt to UK Home Office: EU citizens registration cannot become a "bureaucratic nightmare"
International Trade Committee warns UK trade with 70 nations risks "falling off a cliff edge" post-Brexit
25 EU countries agree on first joint defence projects while casting doubt on UK's future role
Far right @afd MPs shake hands with Syrian cleric who has threatened Europe with „suicide attackers ready to strike" in front of Assad portrait. „Private" trip is publicity stunt to demonstrate how „safe" Syria is - sees @AfD close ranks with Assad supporters in Damascus
The European Assn of Motorcycle Manufacturers has urged @MalmstromEU not to retaliate vs US steel tariff threat, saying "an increase of customs duties on American exports of motorcycles would clearly be damaging to the American companies but also to European economies and jobs."
Germany and EU are threatening tit-for-tat import tariffs to retaliate against @realDonaldTrump's plan to impose a 25-percent duty on EU steel. The EU is aiming to tax Harley Davidsons and Bourbon whisky
Belgian finance minister: 'Thousands and thousands' of jobs depend on trade with Britain and the EU should strike a quick trade deal
Britain's top ministers to meet on mysterious illness of Russian double agent
5 月 前
Azerbaijan reported shelling of six villages: Armenian Armed Forces 93 times over the past day
IMF's Lagarde says nobody wins in a trade war
Ukraine begins search for Gazprom's assets in Europe in preparation for the collection of the Russian company's debt to Naftogaz
5 月 前
Berlusconi says will support League leader as Italy prime minister
5 月 前
Belarus executed a convict for killing his own children
Tuesday evening meeting of German politicians from #AfD party with Dr. Ali Haidar, Minister of National Reconciliation. Over 100,000 former enemy fighters have returned to civilian life after being granted amnesty. Reintegrated more than 100 communities and cities peacefully.
Car at Lisova in Kyiv had been blown up with grenade
Police operation after car explosion at Lisova
US Department of State: In a phone call today with President Petro @Poroshenko, @VP Mike Pence reaffirmed the United States' steadfast support for Ukraine's efforts to combat Russian aggression, improve governance, and reform its economy.
5 月 前
[email protected]: "The Russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever, but certainly there was meddlingYou have to be really watching very closely. You don't want your system of votes to be compromised in any way."
5 月 前
[email protected]: "The European Union has not treated us well and it's been a very, very unfair trade situationI'm protecting our workers. I'm protecting our companies."
On DPRK, "We have to find a dialogue. It's not easy but that's the way it has to be" says @SwedishPM "It's a very dangerous situation and we need all to be very concerned"
His country "will do whatever we can" for dialogue with the DPRK, @SwedishPM. "I believe that they trust us. We're a non-aligned country."
"It was a pity that strategic negotiations ended" between US and EU, adds @SwedishPM
@SwedishPM says he understands @POTUS view, but for his small export dependent country "open and free trade" is critical
"The European Union has been particularly tough on the United States. They make it almost impossible for us to do business with them," says @POTUS and reiterates his threat to put a big tax on European cars=
"The trans-Atlantic link is strong and it remains crucial to responding to global security challenges" says @SwedishPM "We greatly value our broad security and defense cooperation with the United States"
Asked about the tariffs @POTUS replies: "I don't blame the countries, I blame our leadership for allowing it (trade imbalance) to happen."=
"I am convinced that tariffs will hurt us all," says Swedish PM Löfven during the joint conference with President Trump
"Sweden may not be big but it supports directly and indirectly one million jobs in the United States," says @SwedishPM
A $3 billion deal will send Patriot missile systems to Sweden, says @POTUS, adding "this is just the beginning."=
"They're investing tremendous amounts of money in the United States," @POTUS says of Swedish business leaders
Before the two leaders take questions they're reading prepared statements. @POTUS thanks Sweden for help in freeing Otto Warmbier from the DPRK=
Secretary Tillerson discussed "Russia's disinformation efforts and malicious cyber activity" with the foreign ministers of the three Baltic states, according to a readout. They "agreed to deepen their cooperation to combat" these activities
President Trump meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Löfven in the Oval Office
Seven EU countries face unprecedented criticism from Brussels for "aggressive" tax policies that undercut other member states
5 月 前
Some background on the arrests of suspected Combat18 Hellas members today in Greece: (1)The group was active during the last three years in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. It took responsibility for incendiary attacks against squats, refugee housings and leftist centers
The ex-Kremlin spy apparently poisoned in Britain had links to the man who wrote the explosive Trump Russia dossier
UK Prime Minister Theresa May has chaired a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss the case of former spy Sergei Skripal
The Russian Embassy says authorities in the UK should step in immediately to "end the demonisation" of Russia accusing the media of an "anti-Russian campaign"
"Our concern would be their [Russia's] ability to influence and be on the southern flank of @NATO" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser "and also for them to squeeze us out, if you will, by them taking a prominent role"
Mnuchin says Trump supportive of Treasury work on Russia sanctions. Says to expect sanctions in next "several weeks". On February 27, he said to expect action with in 30 days.
President Poroshenko has approved sanctions against four banks with Russian capital
[email protected]: There is already a border in Ireland, but it is invisible. The UK government seeks to keep it that way. A pragmatic and unique solution can be found
[email protected]: We cannot move onto the next step in negotiating the Irish border solutions until we negotiate the future trade relationship. It's like putting the cart before the horse
A spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry says Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's comments over the illness of former spy Sergei Skripal are "wild"
[email protected]: A responsible government has to be ready for a no deal outcome as a matter of good practice
[email protected]: European Parliament Brexit coordinator @guyverhofstadt met with a team from the Home Office today and Home Office officials will go to the EP to discuss EU nationals' status with MEPs
[email protected]: the provisions relating to the rights of EU citizens will be in a treaty. The UK government values the contributions of EU nationals and maintains its commitment to their rights in the long term
5 月 前
Italy's League leader says is only possible PM candidate for center-right
Brexit Secretary David Davis: UK will explore the idea of remaining in some EU agencies. It can be possible to reform the agencies to allow for third party participation. If the political will (from both sides) is there, this is technically achievable
Scotland Yard says the National Counter-Terrorism Policing Network is taking over the investigation into what caused former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal to fall critically ill in Salisbury
Brexit Secretary @DavidDavisMP speaking at Commons European scrutiny committee: Most free trade agreements have independent arbitration mechanisms, we expect a similar mechanism in the future UK-EU relationship, not CJEU arbitration
Johnson even threatens to pull out of World Cup if Russia behind Skripal poisoning
Germany to examine Turkey's request for extradition of Syrian Kurdish leader Saleh Muslim. "We will send this request, as always, to the justice ministry and they will examine it on constitutional ground," said German FM @SigmarGabriel after meeting his Turkish counterpart
Xi congratulates Armen Sarkissian on being elected as president of Armenia
Social media firms are like irresponsible landlords - UK counter-terrorism police head
Russian transport plane crashes in Khmeimim, Syria. 26 passengers and 6 crew dead – MoD
5 月 前
No reinstatement for Russia yet: Athletics world body
Woman 'murdered' in London and family found dead in Sussex
Britain's foreign secretary says if Moscow's involvement proven in ex-Russian spy illness case, UK will respond 'appropriately and robustly'
Boris Johnson says too early to speculate as to the precise nature of the crime or attempted crime that took place in Salisbury
Icelander YPG militant Haukur Hilmarsson (32) announced killed in Afrin on Feb 24
Police car from cortège, of reportedly Poroshenko, hit 88-year-old man: he is in hospital
The President of Poland refused to answer a call from US Secretary of State Tillerson
Police Service of Northern Ireland are saying that they are trying to establish the circumstances in which "a car caught fire" on the A2 between Belfast and Bangor this morning
Catalonia parliament to vote next Monday on new regional chief
The Court of Appeal in Athens rejects Turkey's request to extradite DHKP-C organisation member Sadi Naci Ozpolat5 月 前
The Court of Appeal in Athens rejects Turkey's request to extradite DHKP-C organisation member Sadi Naci Ozpolat
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of France Emmanuel Macron to visit Varanasi on March 12th
The military operation of the United forces in the Donbass may begin in the near future, Poroshenko's decree is needed(according to law on reintegration of Donbas)
Boris Johnson to answer urgent Commons question on Russia following suspected spy poisoning
More than 200 thousand refugees have returned to Aleppo recently with the assistance of Russia - the Ministry of Defense
[email protected] Foster: the car went on fire, but we do condemn utterly those who would seek to bring violence back to NI. They failed in the past and of course they will fail again in the future, and we urge everyone to work with the PSNI to bring these people to justice
[email protected] Arlene Foster on bomb attack: We've just received news from NI which is very disturbing that a booby trap bomb has exploded a female police officer's car. Thankfully she wasn't in it at the time
EU says hopes for positive outcome in case of Greek soldiers arrested in Turkey
Wiltshire Police says former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal who were found unconscious in Salisbury remain in a critical condition and all but one of the emergency services staff who were assessed have been released from hospital
Man killed in stabbing attack in Central Kyiv
5 月 前
NOW: Why is proper land management important for community development, and how does community trust and desire to live in it increase through formation of the social policy foundations?" UCMC initiative "Spokespersons of Communities" Live
5 月 前
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants committed three ceasefire violations yesterday. Ukrainian troops did not return fire. Unfortunately, one Ukrainian serviceman was wounded in action.
5 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies shelled Shchastia and Troitske with 82mm mortars. Donetsk sector - the enemy attacked Novotroitske with small arms and grenade launchers.
Sky Sources: Security forces say a police car has caught fire after a booby-trap bomb partially exploded on the A2 between Belfast and Bangor in Northern Ireland and the driver was not injured
Army bomb disposal officers have been called to the scene of a car fire in Northern Ireland.
Members of ISIS recruiters cell were detained in Dagestan
The BBC understands the woman in hospital alongside a Russian convicted of spying for Britain is his daughter
Activist and Labour adviser Munroe Bergdorf has stepped down from her role on the LGBT advisory board following allegations she posted offensive messages on social media
USAF RC135W with eyes on Kaliningrad
"We can't trust what the Kremlin says." Bill Browder says double agent Sergei Skripal could have been a victim of a Russian plot
Newspaper Delovoy Peterburg deletes report about the daughter of the rector of a mining university saying her father wrote Putin's dissertation.
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has accused the country's president of destabilizing the situation in Slovakia in the wake of the slayings of an investigative journalist and his fiancee
The BBC reports that Sergei Skripal's son "died suddenly" last year on holiday in Russia.
EU will respond to US trade war threats in a "firm and proportionate" manner, says EU spokesman
Financial Times: US offering Britain a more restrictive ation deal post-Brexit
Hammond: Government could continue planning for no-deal Brexit up until end of transition period
Senior EU Brexit adviser expresses doubts over Theresa May's economic partnership proposal
According to @OnetWiadomosci, the US has responded to Poland's new memory law by banning meetings between Polish president/PM and White House.
Corbin: Teresa May has a declaration of British opposition to the violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia
In Odintsovo, an entrepreneur was shot dead
First meeting between Michel Barnier and DUP gets underway in the @EU_Commission HQ in Brussels Brexit
DUP delegation arrives for meeting with @MichelBarnier in Brussels
Interfax: Duma MP Lugovoi do not rule out the use of the incident with Skripal against Russia
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov calls the incident "tragic" but says Moscow has no information on what happened to Skripal.
Kremlin officials say they are open to working with Britain over the incident involving former Russian spy Sergei Skripal
Russian state TV says the "British press is actively hyping up the story" of Sergei Skripal, the former Russian spy who is critically ill following exposure to an unknown substance in Wiltshire.
Builders of the St. Petersburg subway have declared a strike because of debts on wages
Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has flatly dismissed Theresa May's idea of arranging the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after the model of the US and Canada
Spot report by OSCE SMM: The armed man used hostile language and said, in Russian, "Leave immediately, and if you come closer, I will shoot," while continuously pointing his rifle directly at the first SMM vehicle
Counter-terrorism police say they are speaking to Wiltshire Police about the investigation of two people including former Russian spy Sergei Skripal being exposed to an unknown substance in Salisbury
Italy: Protesters overturn trash cans and damage property to denounce killing of African street vendor shot dead in Florence
Naftogaz: We delivered all transit gas to EU in the middle of gas crisis created by failing @GazpromEN despite pressure below contract
Echelon with UN-marked trucks in Novorosiysk
3 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
Russia's president Putin claimed that in 2017 Russia had export|ed weapons and defence equipment and technology in the amount of ~$15 bn:
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