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15 8月 2018

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British YPG volunteer Oliver Hall, known as Canser Zargros killed clearing mine in Raqqa
Fox now reporting KT McFarland was the one who told Flynn to discuss the Obama admin's Russia sanctions with Kislyak. Back in February, no one seemed to understand why the WH was willing to risk so much to keep her on.
OSCE SMM reporting BM-21 shelling on 29-30 November near Svitlodars'k
Bosnian Croat Slobodan Praljak died from heart failure caused by potassium cyanide, according to Dutch prosecutors
[email protected]: "Today's news was disappointing and disturbing. @GenFlynn has many decades of honorable service defending this nation and it is sad to see that he is now pleading guilty to criminal conduct."
"Our investigation is ongoing and I think what we owe the American people is all the facts." - Sen. @MarkWarner on Russia investigation
Mark Warner: "Frankly, virtually every one of my Republican colleagues acknowledges Russian intervention. The one individual that still seems to deny that this is not a major issue is Donald Trump."
Mark Warner: "My hope is that General Flynn will tell everything he knows and tell why he was having these contacts with Russians, who directed these contacts. I think it goes well beyond the fact that he just lied to the FBI."
Sen. @MarkWarner on Russia investigation: "This investigation is going to continue in its bipartisan fashion, and we're going to get the job done."
Ryanair seeks aircraft slots at Berlin-Tegel airport
Sen. @MarkWarner on Russia investigation: "My hope is that General Flynn will tell everything he knows I think it goes well beyond the fact that he just lied to the FBI."
"I'm anxious to hear General Flynn's full explanation of his contacts with the Russians. Clearly, he was willing to lie about those contacts and lied to the FBI." - Sen. @MarkWarner on Russia investigation
Mark Warner on Michael Flynn's guilty plea: "How many more figures have to be brought to justice because of their ties with Russia before we end up connecting all these dots?"
"The one individual that still seems to deny that this is not a major issue is Donald Trump, and I just kind of wonder why." - Sen. @MarkWarner on Russia investigation
"This is a story that you can't make it up. It's still remarkable to me" - Sen. @MarkWarner on Russia investigation
@NancyPelosi: The questions we need answered now: 1) What does @realDonaldTrump know about Russian meddling? 2) Why does he still refuse to take action against Russia?
@NancyPelosi: Important to note that Michael Flynn is the 4th Trump campaign official to be charged in connection with the Russia investigation so far.
@NancyPelosi: We should all be alarmed by @realDonaldTrump's consistent attempts to obstruct effort to FollowTheFacts on Russia.
@RepAdamSchiff: The guilty plea by Michael Flynn for lying to federal agents about his contacts with the Russians is another shocking development. That he admits senior transition officials were knowing of these contacts, and therefore his subsequent lies, may be even more consequential
US Department of State: The situation in east Ghouta Syria is critical. Russia must push the Assad government to allow life-saving medicine, food, and evacuations. Don't play politics with starving families- prove a ceasefire exists, end the violence, and allow unfettered @UN access now.
Another federal court filing today by the Special Counsel says that in the @PaulManafort case there is "newly-acquired information" which the "government is still examining."
German police have defused a suspected explosive package near Potsdam's Christmas market
In written statment, @NancyPelosi calls Flynn guilty plea "a dark moment in our nation's history." Further, she says "the American people deserve to know what the President knows about Russian meddling in our election and why he refuses to take action against Russia."
Meanwhile in the Kremlin, Putin meeting Oliver Stone
Unclear if Potsdam Christmas market device was a viable bomb, authorities say
Tusk: The key to the UK's future lies - in some ways - in Dublin, at least as long as Brexit negotiations continue
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says "good progress" has been made in Brexit talks on the issues related to Ireland but the UK must offer "credible" solutions
Potsdam police find explosives near Christmas market
Tusk announces in Dublin that Irish Government gets formal veto over Brexit sufficient progress - he will consult with Varadkar to sign off any move to next phase
President of the European Council Donald Tusk says the EU will refuse the UK's demand for talks on a post-Brexit transition and future trade pact if Ireland is not satisfied with its offer on border arrangements with Northern Ireland
Michael Flynn leaves courthouse following guilty plea amid shouts of "Lock him up."
"Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. Flynn," Trump attorney Ty Cobb says, noting Flynn is a "former Obama administration official."
Stocks fall sharply after ABC News report that Michael Flynn was directed by Trump to talk to Russians
Draw table for Fifa 2018 in Moscow
World Cup draw: Portugal at the top of the second group
World Cup draw: Russia at the top of the first group
Michael Flynn arrives at federal court ahead of his plea hearing in the special counsel's probe.
Spain has launched the procedure to extradite Oleksandr Onyshchenko — a Ukrainian parliamentarian who fled corruption charges at home in 2016 — back to Ukraine.
German police have evacuated a Christmas market in Potsdam due to a suspicious package
US Department of State: Secretary Tillerson will travel to Brussels, Vienna and Paris, December 4-8 for bilateral and multilateral meetings. The Secretary will attend @NATO and @OSCE ministerials, meet with @FedericaMog and his counterparts from all 28 EU member states.
In Saratov, Russia, the city authorities banned the campaign rally by opposition leader Alexey @Navalny: he had to improvise holding a rally at a kids' playground in a residential area
Lavrov: there are people in Washington wishing to provoke Pyongyang to new reckless actions
Lavrov: if U.S. wants to destroy N. Korea, it's playing with fire, making great mistake
@FBI: Plea hearing set for 10:30 EST (15:30 GMT).
@FBI: Flynn falsely stated he didn't ask Russia ambassador to delay vote on pending UN Security Council resolution and that the ambassador never described Moscow's response to his request, according to the filing.
Here is the document from the Special Counsel for the court.
@FBI: The charges stems from a conversation Flynn had with the Russia ambassador last December.
Flynn will plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI about his conversations with Russian Amb. Kislyak
8 月 前
Hungary PM Orban, U.S. financier Soros clash as elections loom
Chechen militant Akhmed Chatayev, suspected of organising the June 2016 attack on Istanbul's airport, was one of three men killed during a counter-terror operation in the capital Tbilisi last week, Georgian authorities said on Friday
A Spanish Supreme Court judge will decide Monday whether or not to release 10 separatist leaders who were jailed pending a probe into their role in Catalonia's independence drive
8 月 前
Russia to equip Belarus army in case of 'growing threat to Union State' – document
Video: visit of California National Guard troopers to Desna in Chernyhiv region
Video: visit of California National Guard troopers to Desna in Chernyhiv region
Social Democrat SPD leader @MartinSchulz responds with allergic denial to reports that starting talks on continuation of 'grand coalition' government with Merkel's CDU was agreed at meeting with President yesterday
Merkel party says wants talks with SPD on 'stable' govt
Fate of jailed Catalan leaders to be decided Monday: judicial source
Police detained man with RPG-22 in Chonhar
Police detained man with RPG-22 in Chonhar
SPD leader Schulz backs talks with Merkel on political impasse
Georgia confirms Istanbul airport attack plotter killed in security operation in capital Tbilisi
8 月 前
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants committed a total of 25 ceasefire violations yesterday, wounding in action one Ukrainian serviceman.
8 月 前
ATO spox: Donetsk sector – militants committed nine ceasefire violations in eight localities, shelled Pavlopil area with 120mm mortars.
8 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies conducted 16 attacks in 10 localities, used 82mm and 120mm mortars in Luhanske, Troitske, Krymske, Novoluhanske, and Novooleksandrivka areas.
8 月 前
28 migrants drown off the coast of Morocco last night
Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in a group photo with Heads of Delegations of SCO Member States at the Meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of SCO in Sochi, Russia on December 1, 2017
Volker plan on the peacekeepers in the Donbas agreed by Ukraine, Germany, France and USA - President administration
UK govt to stay in EU air safety body in blurring of Brexit red line
German coalition talks: Social Democrats not in a rush to partner up with Angela Merkel again for a new "grand coalition"
Office for Budget Responsibility: solving UK's productivity crisis would outweigh consequences of Brexit
Risk of "destabilising" confidence and supply agreement over Irish border issue, warn DUP
Russia Wants to Launch Backup DNS System by August 1, 2018 which will allows it to limit access to any website they wish, such as social networks when used to rally anti-government protests
Ireland says wants 'agreed wording' on Brexit border before December 14 summit
Police seized not registered arms from Kyiv man
'You're right: We're a threat,' British Labour leader Corbyn warns Morgan Stanley
8 月 前
Azerbaijan reported about 130 shellings at the contact line
8 月 前
"We are meeting in a context where the need for regional cooperation has never been greater," Ghani says in Heart Of Asia. "Great economic opportunities beckon us. Malign transnational networks and criminal organizations threaten us."
Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev says his country is committed to strengthening trade and transit ties with Afghanistan
Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has landed in Russia to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting. On the sidelines of this event, he will meet with Russian, Chinese, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan officials, the chief executive's office says
25 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj attended reception hosted by Russia PM Dmitry Medvedev yesterday for participants of the Council of Government of SCO member States in Sochi
Winter views from Paris, France this evening, Nov 30. Report: Stavros Dafis
U.S President Donald Trump's 'working visit' to the UK has been cancelled as tensions with British PM May grow over the president's far-Right retweets.- Telegraph newspaper.
Russian Cyber-Criminal Roman Seleznev sentenced to 14 years in prison for role in organized cybercrime ring responsible for $50 Million in online identity theft and $9 Million bank fraud conspiracy
Source: Russia will supply Uzbekistan with 12 combat helicopters Mi-35. Delivery will begin in 2018
Sarah Sanders says she 'doesn't believe' that Trump knew the Britain First leader whose anti-Muslim videos he retweeted.
On anti-Muslim videos retweeted by President Trump, @PressSec says the president feels that bringing up important issues of our time, like extreme violence and terrorism, are important to do.8 月 前
On anti-Muslim videos retweeted by President Trump, @PressSec says "the president feels that bringing up important issues of our time, like extreme violence and terrorism, are important to do."
Ex-Trump campaign aide Manafort in $11.65 million bail deal: lawyer
Police in Bakhmut seized an arsenal from local citizen
Ukrainian army has redeployed in Verkhn'otorets'ke
EU agrees registration rules for drones, downloads of flight recordings
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov rejects U.S. call to cut ties with North Korea, saying Russia believes sanctions pressure is "exhausted" and U.S. appears to be provoking Pyongyang.
Manafort appears to have reach a bond deal with Mueller, but the identities of the two people guaranteeing his bail for now is remaining secret
8 月 前
In Congressional hearing, Attorney General Sessions refused to say whether @POTUS asked him to hinder Russia investigation, says @RepAdamSchiff.
The two Prime Ministers agreed on the need to continue efforts to promote peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. Both the leaders underlined the importance of cooperating closely for promoting peace and stability in the region
Both sides expressed satisfaction at the deepening of cooperation in the field of defense. The Prime Minister of Pakistan extended a cordial invitation to the Prime Minister of Russia to pay an official visit to Pakistan at his earliest convenience. The invitation was accepted
Ukraine Orthodox Church denied Moscow's fake claim that Patriarch Filaret asked to return to Moscow Church
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi meets Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in Sochi, Russia.
8 月 前
Italy's Berlusconi ordered to stand trial accused of judicial corruption - legal source
AG Sessions has just left his interview with House intelligence committee re Russia. His meeting with panel lasted almost 4 hours.
France stops large shipment of radioactive Belarus mushrooms.
DUP says Brexit talks must not compromise integrity of UK market
8 月 前
Germany's Merkel tells Erdogan will speed up EU aid to Turkey: Turkish sources
Separatism has 'come to an end': Madrid envoy to Catalonia
The use of marijuana was decriminalized in Georgia
Suspected bomb explosion in Brålanda,train service is suspended
London Stock Exchange says board unanimously recommends that shareholders vote against resolution to remove Donald Brydon as chairman at the meeting
London Stock Exchange says CEO Xavier Rolet is stepping down with immediate effect in 'best interests of the company'
@RepMaxineWaters: Trump is at it again. In private, he is still claiming that Obama was not born in the US. So what are we to think about Trump and his family claiming to be from Sweden when they were of German descent. Why wouldn't he shake his German cousin Chancellor Merkel's hand?
France invites U.S. to Dec. 13 summit on boosting fight against W.African militants
"I'll take you out to dinner if @realDonaldTrump visits the UK" - @RhonddaBryant makes a bet with @KayBurley on the US President's state visit
DUP warns Government Brexit border issue could 'destablise' confidence deal
The Mossos investigates the murder of a man in Viladecans (Baix Llobregat). According to police sources death have been caused by the detonation of an explosive device placed under a car.
Germany is recalling one of its diplomats to North Korea - not the ambassador - in response to Pyongyang's latest missile launch, Foreign Minister @sigmargabriel says in Washington
8 月 前
Austrian finance minister says will not serve in new government
Jeff Sessions arrives on Capitol Hill for closed-door interview in House Intelligence Committee's Russia probe.
SBU blocked exporting of military goods from Ukraine to Russia
SBU blocked exporting of military goods from Ukraine to Russia
Department of State:Secretary of State Rex Tillerson welcomes Germany's Foreign Minister @sigmargabriel to the @StateDept for a bilateral meeting
UK ambassador to Washington: British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far right, which seek to divide communities and erode decency, tolerance and respect. British Muslims are peaceful and law abiding citizens. And I raised these concerns with the White House yesterday
UK not afraid to point out when the US gets it wrong, says @theresa_may
Speaking in Amman, @theresa_may says the organization whose deputy was the source of the @realDonaldTrump tweets is hateful and seeks to spread division
Ireland says it needs significantly more clarity from UK on Brexit border
May says U.S.-UK relationship is long-term, enduring and in both our national interests. When asked about a state visit for Trump, says an invitation has been extended and accepted
Responding to US President Donald Trump's tweets, Prime Minister Theresa May said: "I'm very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do."
When asked about Trump's tweet, May says Britain First is a hateful organisation which seeks to spread division
"By sharing it he is either a racist, incompetent or unthinking or all three," says a member of the UK Parliament about @realDonaldTrump's retweets of anti-Muslim videos
Mall is on fire in Orenburg
Greek police published the alleged far-left terrorist group DHKP-C members photos who were captured in 28 November in Athens. DHKP-C group is very active in Greece.They mostly came from Greece to Turkey to organize attacks in Turkish cities.8 月 前
Greek police published the alleged far-left terrorist group DHKP-C members photos who were captured in 28 November in Athens. DHKP-C group is very active in Greece.They mostly came from Greece to Turkey to organize attacks in Turkish cities.
Tusk: EU is Africa's biggest partner and closest neighbour. We need to act together. This is especially true in Libya. We will only be effective if people caught up in Libya and elsewhere can return safely to their homes
Fatal shooting reported at the military complex in Orzysz
Kremlin: U.S. sanctions aimed at turning business elite against Putin
UK PM @theresa_may about to give statement addressing @realDonaldTrump's Britain First retweets. Unprecedented uproar in the Houses of Parliament today. Yesterday Downing Street said Trump visit to UK still stands
La Fayette-class frigate Guépratte arrived in Odesa
@EP_President Tajani led a minute of silence in EPlenary today for the victims of the mosque terrorist attack in Egypt
EU's Tusk to fly to Dublin Friday as Brexit deadline nears
Russia mulls blocking U.S. media from Moscow after Kremlin-funded RT credentials withdrawn
Ireland's foreign minister Simon Coveney has been appointed the country's new deputy prime minister following the resignation of Frances Fitzgerald over her handling of a police whistleblower scandal
In final press conference of summit @JunckerEU states that "we didn't come her to teach the Africans any lessons"
Tusk emphasizes that he asked his European colleagues to „live up to their commitment to replenish EU Africa trust fund." Also calls for UN sanctions against human smugglers and traffickers
Police seized 2 grenades and 400 cartridges from local citizen in Torets'k
'Lethal chemical product' found in bottle drunk by Bosnian Croat: Dutch prosecutor
Autopsy soon on Bosnian Croat 'highest priority': Dutch prosecutor
Nikopol': man blown up 2 grenades inside local court. Man dead, at least 1 another dead and 6 more wounded
Russian National Security Council: Russia is ready for a conditional military withdrawal from Syria
At least 11 Chechen nationals were arrested by security forces in central Logar province on Wednesday, provincial governor said in a statement on Thursday.8 月 前
At least 11 Chechen nationals were arrested by security forces in central Logar province on Wednesday, provincial governor said in a statement on Thursday.
Putin takes part in a Collective Security Treaty Organisation session in Minsk8 月 前
Putin takes part in a Collective Security Treaty Organisation session in Minsk
Ukrainian citizen and shipping repair worker Sergei Sotnikov detained in Tolyatti, Russia, accused of working for Ukraine's SBU security services.
Security Service of Ukraine exposed methamphetamine lab in Dnipro city
8 月 前
ATO spox: Military radio Army FM conducted another on-site broadcast with the airborne servicemen deployed at the frontline in eastern Ukraine who shared their combat and life experience.
8 月 前
ATO spox: Officers of military-civilian cooperation delivered humanitarian aid to Hladosove and Travneve.
8 月 前
ATO spox: Donetsk sector – the enemy conducted 5 attacks, used various mortars in Vodiane and Pavlopil areas, light weapons near Verkhniotoretske, Avdiivka, and Krasnohorivka.
8 月 前
ATO spox; Luhansk sector – Russian proxies committed 13 ceasefire violations, used 120mm and 82mm mortars in Luhanske area, 82mm mortars near Novotoshkivske, and light weapons in 5 other localities.
US Army C-12D DUNA95 appears to by arriving at Boryspil (UKBB), Kyiv Ukraine.
Home Sec Amber Rudd answering urgent question on online hate speech - says US President Donald Trump was wrong to retweet videos posted by Britain First.
Interfax: B&N Bank group's negative capital on November 1 was 175 billion roubles.
Croatia president says need to admit Croats' crimes in Bosnia
Police seized grenade and cartridges in Volyn' region
The Mayor of London @SadiqKhan says the US President @realDonaldTrump "would not be welcomed" on a state visit to the UK. Downing Street said yesterday the invitation still stands. Lots of talk of protests if the visit does go ahead
Russian PM Medvedev: Russian-U.S. relations are very bad
Russian militaries hold exercises in Armenia on combating militants
French defence minister hopeful for fighter jets, armoured vehicle sale to Qatar
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on Trump's sharing of far right tweets
Germany should not follow the US request to close the German embassy in North Korea, says conservative foreign policy spokesman @juergenhardt. For a diplomatic solution, he says it would be good if Europe and the West has the German embassy as an "anchor"
UK net migration drops sharply after Brexit vote
8 月 前
Russia to deploy Radiolocation station Voronezh-SM in Crimea as part of Russian anti-missile defense
"Impeachment" tent set up near Khreschatyk metro station
Theresa May: UK is not ill equipped for Brexit talks
The Times: UK and EU close to breakthrough on Irish border issu
Russia publishes draft agreement with Egypt to allow Russian fighters using Egyptian bases
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in the Russian city of Sochi on Thursday for the 16th meeting of the Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Heads of Government (Prime Ministers)
Russia drops requirement for state companies to disclose their contractors and subcontractors, making it easier to avoid sanctions and corruption fighters.
Russia rejects US call to cut North Korea ties: Foreign Minister Lavrov
EU calls for 'equal rights' for all in Myanmar's troubled Rakhine
Lavrov: Trump policy has little differences from the policies of Obama
Pakistan PM Khaqan Abbasi leaves for Russia to attend SCO summit
Ukrainian Falcons Flame‏ hackers defaced militants "mil lnr" info website
Azerbaijan: Journalist Afghan Mukhtarli in court today.8 月 前
Azerbaijan: Journalist Afghan Mukhtarli in court today.
Emergency meeting on migrant situation in Libya (slavery) yielded results. Some migrants supposed to be evacuated within days or weeks says @EmmanuelMacron. To home countries, EU or other countries
US Air Force RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV FORTE10 is flying 53,000 feet over Estonia
Russian authorities to investigate alleged "ritual killing" of Nicholas II upon insistance of Orthodox Church. It's based on an anti-semitic idea saying there was "Jewish conspiracy" against the tsar
ATO HQ: 18 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
Saudi @KingSalman received British Prime Minister @theresa_may today in Riyadh.
Kushner met with special counsel to discuss Flynn: report
8 月 前
[email protected]: Theresa @theresamay, don't focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!
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